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Monday, December 24, 2012

Our 2012 Center City Christmas Trip by the Teddy Bear brothers

Our kids are busy trying to figure out what sugarplums are, so they can see if they do dance in their heads. (We don’t know, so it’s up to them to figure it out.) Because of that, it’s up to us to tell about our adventure in Center City Philadelphia last week. It’s taking us a little longer to tell about it, because Daddy gave Mommy and us a Christmas present early—a new computer.

We’ve been playin…we mean working on it ever since, unless Mommy butts in. But, since it’s a newer Window version (Windows 7, not 8, because we don’t want to have to clean the screen so often), we also had to learn how to do things like down load pictures and videos.

So let’s talk about our trip uptown.

We took the bus up to the Comcast Building to see their cool big wall video.

We arrived early enough to go with Daddy into the Godiva Chocolate store. We can’t tell what we bought, because it’s not Christmas yet, but what we didn’t buy, we ate. We seemed to have surprised the sales people, but that’s what we do. They called the manager, so he could tell them that’s what we do. It’s always good PR to let cute little teddy bears eat all the profit when we visit, because we’re good at telling people about good food. Godiva Chocolate is good food!!!

 It takes place on a large wall in one of Philadelphia’s three tall skyscrapers—the Comcast Building, but it’s not just the huge video, the lobby is great too. Above the entrance, inside, are large steel bars going up several stories. On the bars are statues of people walking up the ramps. At first the look real, including the statue you’ll see in the video. What you won’t see is his son that he’s holding hands with. We spent some of our time trying to talk to the boy, but he wouldn’t talk. (That’s when Mommy told us he’s a statue. Oops.)

The video is so good, we forgave the guy who tossed a teddy in it. Now you know how good it is. (And, yeah, Mommy has dark brown hair, like we’re not teddy bears.)

Here’s the video—

After the movie, we walked over to the Christmas Village in Love Park.

We can’t find the pictures, but we really went. They had bratwurst. And, when we were done, they didn’t. Bratwurst! German hotdogs! Yummy!

Mommy and Daddy wanted to take us to see green Santa Claus at the Reading Terminal, but we didn’t feel so good. They say it might have something to do with eating all the bratwurst, but that can’t be it. Besides, we live with Santa and Sandy Paws, so who needs Santa Claus? So, we talked them into taking a taxi home.

A taxi! We usually go by bus or subway, so a taxi was cool too. We were a bit disappointed though. You know how city cab drivers drive really fast? That’s what we wanted. Didn’t happen. Our taxi driver was too busy texting while driving, and you can’t do that fast, evidently. Phil started crawling under the front seat to put the pedal to the medal, but Mommy stopped him. She’s no fun sometimes, but it’s Christmas Eve, so we’re not dumb enough to say that out loud.

So, it’s Christmas Eve. So that means time to tell ya, Merry Christmas from the Teddy Bear family to your family. (Is Santa ready yet?)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decorating the Christmas Tree as told by Dee, Tine and Leia

We kids were a'posed to decorate the tree all by our lonesome, but our daddies and uncles like to do it as much as we do, so we let them join in…a little.

And, we kids were a'posed to do this post together, but it's Thursday Night Football and our Philadelphia Eagles won last week (for a change), so the guys have hope of seeing another win this year. (Very depressing year. Before the season started and even into the first month, everyone was talking like our team was going to the Super Bowl, but after that we lost EIGHT games in a row. EIGHT! That hasn't happened since 1968. We feared they'd never win again, but they won last week, so maybe they can do it again. Eh. It's only football. Why are the guys yelling at us, Grandma?) So, just we girls are telling the story of how we decorated the Christmas tree.

Our dads brought it up and straightened it before we woke up, so that was a nice surprise. like snow on Christmas Day.

To celebrate, we had the decorator picture in front of the tree. Santa and Sandy Paws, their elves (Penguin, Polar Bear, and Reindeer), and Grandpa Axlerod and the family buddies--Pez and Christmas--directed operations from Grandpa Ax's sofa. They're to the right of the tree on the windowsill and radiator. (Big sofa, so it can't fit on just the windowsill.)

We were responsible for the garland.

Uncle Phil, Luke and Leia's daddy, felt nervous with his kids climbing the tree without him. (We're not even one year old yet, so Daddy's a bit protective.) Tine and Tee were doing well, until Uncle Phil got tangled in the garland.

If you look carefully toward the top of the tree, you'll notice Leia and Luke are ready to help him though. (We're up on the upper left side of the tree, near the flash bulb lighting the window. No decorations yet. That's us. I'm the white bunny. My brother is the brown bear.)

Now most people have decorations for their trees. We're stuffies, so our decorations are different sometimes. It's a little scary to meet live decorations, so our dads introduced us to our relatives--the Christmas Tree Ornament Family. They spend the rest of their lives in their Box World and come out to celebrate Christmas with us.

Can you put live ornaments on your tree? Neither could we, so we let our daddies coordinate that one. It's harder than you think. Big-Bottom Mouse is married to Big-Bottom Bear, so they have to be together. And Angela, the Angel Polar Bear, is married to Scarfie, the Polar Bear. (They're right above Uncle Phil--both white, so you can see them better.) Everyone is married to someone, even Mrs. Porcupine (married to Cat Bell.)

Side story by Tine, Teddy's daughter:

Can you see the bunny rabbit on the floor under the table? She trained Daddy not to butt heads. Before I was born, when Daddy was young, he was a tough guy. If he liked you, he'd butt your head with his head. The bunny's name is Bertha. Bertha is a cast-iron doorstopper. Daddy met her and butted her head. She's cast-iron. Now Daddy is particular about whose head he butts. Whenever Daddy gets into butting heads, Bertha calls up, "Come on down here, Big Boy."

Daddy gets real quiet then. (Bertha is married to Jake, the Snake, our door cozy. His job is to keep the draft out in winter, while Bertha keeps the wind from shutting our door in the spring and fall.)

Okay, back to the tree.

We do have more decorations on our tree, besides relatives. Grandma Lynn (our daddies' mommy, and the one who types for us) used to make stained glass. She made the carousel horse in the window. She also made some tree decorations. So this is Ding and Tee guiding Luke (who is over the decoration and right next to Grandpa John's eagle, which is above the sequined butterfly for the Garden Gals, and to the right of a teddy bear coming out of a box that Uncle Spaulding and Grandma made a couple of years ago) how to dangle it just right--in front of the lights so it glows through it.

Every one of our decorations means something. This is us putting up other important decorations. Tine, the polar bear, put up a decoration our daddies gave our mommies when we were little. It's a mommy teddy bear reading a book to her cubs to remember when we were little. Meanwhile Leia is on Tine's head checking out a stained glass decoration next to the stuffed cat. This one has a mirror in it.

(Leia says) I can see myself in it. Can you see me?

Grandpa Axlerod puts the angel on the top of the tree (and then he lies down again.) So, here is the family photo with our mommies and all, in front of the fully decorated tree.

Merry Christmas. We're ready for our presents now. Santa and Sandy had to get the entire staff to read our list. It took them a month, but we should get everything we want, including the jackhammer, bulldozer, and complete new wardrobe for us and our dolls.

(Note from Grandma/Mommy/Lynn: Don't worry. They don't really get everything they want, but they like what they get enough that they never notice.)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Setting Up the Nativity Scene

Merry Christmas, everyone! We're Phil and Lee's kids, Luke and Leia. We joined the Teddy Bear Family last Easter, but, you know, Grandma has been sluffing on keeping up with our blog ever since she decided to write a novel about our family. To make up for that, (after she gave us lots of hotdogs and coffee), she's letting us tell about how we set up the nativity set.

This is the space we had to work with and that's us with our cousins. From left to right: Ding, Luke, Tee, Dee, Leia and Tine. (We're in the front row with Tee.)

First, we had to roll out the snow. The guys rolled it out, while the gals held it in place.

The guys brought in the stable. I, Luke, was in charge of the star.

Ding and Tee helped me place the star. My sister, Leia, thought she was the manager.

I was.


Was. Just like you were the manager while we gals brought in the crèche.

The what?

The crèche. That's what they call it when it's Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manager - a crèche.

Yeah, but all you did was look at Jesus.

He's a baby. Someone has to watch him, before Mary and Joseph get in place.

Yeah, okay, well anyway.

Yeah, anyway, next we brought in all the animals.

You didn't bring in the animals. You kept watching Jesus.

Well, yeah. He's like a baby doll. Tine and Dee have baby dolls, but I don't.

You're so little, they treat you like a baby doll, sometimes.

You too.

Nah anh.

Ah hanh. And I saw you riding the donkey.

Yup. I'm on the donkey. I rode the camel too, and the bull.

I rode the sheep, before I noticed we forgot something.

The Christmas tree. I remembered the Christmas tree first.

But only cuz I was helping Tine and Dee set up the lights.

I helped you with the lights on the tree, too.

Yup. You were good. They had us do it, cuz we were the right size for the decorations.

That and we could climb the tree.

Still can't believe gingerbread men we couldn't eat.

What's up with that?

I know, right? It was a good idea to hide the wires in the snow.

Thank you. And thanks for cutting the fake snow into the right sizes.

I think we did good, don’t you?

Yup. So this is Leia and Luke signing off after success with the nativity set. On to the Christmas tree next.

I hear our parents want to do that.

Yeah, but they'll need our help, won't they?


Friday, August 24, 2012

Valentine Loves Her Garden

We were wrong. You know Valentine loves her garden if she was willing to take a b-a-t-h to talk about what a hard working Garden Gal she is.

Here's the video that proves it.
Feel free to protest Mom forcing such harsh terms. Stuffies just shouldn't ever get a b-a-t-h. We're all allergic to soap. The smell lingers.

But, hey the garden is great, right? And Val is an excellent narrator. We'll need fancy tuxes and dresses to accept our Oscars now.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ax's Birthday on Garden Update

We admit it and Mommy accepts it. She has got to be the worstest narrator in the entire world and she forces us (that's right - "forces us") to say things that we're just too smart to say.

So, although Spaulding gave a fantastic narration for our garden, we've decided to let Mommy tell more about our garden in the latest videos. (That and she says we have to get a b-a-t-h if we're to go in front of the camera. Humpphhhh!)

So here's a look at our garden this month.
And, just because we often forget out front garden is also part of our garden, here is a look at allllll of our front garden (with some cool motorcycles going by at just the right time to make Mommy's narration sound good.)
That's it.

That's the latest from the T. Bear family.
(Sorry about this, but we're busy fixing up our first novel and need Mommy's assistance. People don't have Axlerod's Magical Time Thingy. They can't stop time to do two things at once, so we forgive Mommy, since she's only a People.)

Oh. And speaking of our good buddy Ax.
(That's him partying with a lampshade on his head. He has his own lampshade now.)

Tomorrow (August 2, 2012) is his 8th anniversary of his 39th birthday. (For those who don't mind getting older and OLDer on their birthdays, that means it's his 47th birthday. But he's smart, so he never wanted to get older than 39, so he hasn't.) So wish him a happy anniversary (and he likes Dinty Morre Beef Stew, if you want to give him a gift. We like hotdogs.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spaulding Shows The Garden

We couldn't get Mom's video of our garden last month on YouTube (too long), but Spaulding could show the garden in a short enough time.

Where do stuffed animals find tuxes and gowns for our acceptance at the Oscars?

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Valentine's Carrots as told by Teddy

After Spaulding, Phil and I worked so hard on the garden for our gals, the Chief Garden Gal - my wife Valentine - and I went out for a stroll/inspection.

Val need to inspected her carrots.
 "These aren't carrots. They're tomatoes. How did tomatoes get in my carrots?"
 "I need carrots."

I found her a pot to grow the carrots.

She wanted to supervise, so I called my brothers out for assistance. Phil has a strange idea of how to assist.

We discovered it was a better idea than when he tries to help.

He thought the potting soil bag was a sliding board.

Spaulding had to save him from helping.

Valentine showed us how to add perilite, since the last of the soil didn't have the right mixture to suit her preferences.

She had to mix in the fertilizer, too.

She ran out of carrot strips, so she added carrot seeds to the other half of the container.

Since her original carrots were now tomatoes, she wanted us to move the tomato container, so her carrot could have the best spot in the garden. My brothers were willing. (Tired, but willing.) I talked her out of that idea.

Instead of hauling two containers, we pushed the carrots next to the tomatoes. Better yet, Phil helped in his best way.

My brothers rested, while Valentine inspected. It needed one more thing.

Valentine watered. She's very brave. We let Mommy water, for fear if we get close to water, Mommy will want to give us a b-a-t-h. But, Valentine made sure it was watered properly the first time. We gave her plenty of room.

She and I admired it, while my brothers found a good place to hide rest.

When Valentine is happy, we're all happy.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

YouTube was kind enough to let Mommy post her over-15-minutes video of our garden. It's not as good as Spaulding's narration, of course, but she tries.

We're going to add it back when she first tried to upload it, so you can see how far our garden has come.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

We've Been Accepted for Publication!

If you've been wondering where we've been, we've been busy writing our own novel called "The Comfort Ban." We've worked on it since last summer, and we're thrilled to announce Randy-McNally has accepted it for publication.

We're going to New York City next week to sign papers and receive our advance.

Stay tune for more info as it comes, we're just so excited...

If only for one minor detail -- What's today's date again? April Fools! (Randy-McNally publishes maps, not novels.)

Friday, December 02, 2011

Pie Crust Art - as dictated by Spaulding

I baked pies for a few months. Mommy helped, since fruit juice stains bear fur. Anyone, who has ever baked a pie, knows slits have to be made in the crust or the steam has no way of escaping. The first few pies, I slit like normal, but that got boring and I'm a very artistic bear. I decided to make art on the pie crusts. Here are my temporary works of art.
First, I did a self-portrait on a blueberry pie, but this represents all the bears in the family.

Well, if you're making a self-portrait, it's just polite to draw family members next, so I drew a doggy on the next strawberry-rhubarb pie to represent my wife Lady, my daughter Dee, and Lady's dad Axlerod. (Okay, not so much Axlerod, because he's a basset hound, and I was drawing spaniels, but we must keep the in-laws happy too, so I included him.)

I know. Pie art is hard to see, so I've drawn the outline on it, so you can see it better.

Well, if you know anything about Teddy's wife, Valentine, you know she likes to be included. (I'm not saying she's pushy. I'm not stupid.) So, this peach pie has a bunny rabbit on it.
Again. Sometimes hard to see, so here's the outline.

Then our baseball team, The Phillies, were doing very well, so I drew a Phillies logo on the strawberry pie.

That upset the two cats in the family - Tee, Teddy and Valentine's son, and Lee, Phil's wife - so I drew a cat on the peach piecrust.

And, that's hard to see, so here is the outline again.

Which left one more family member, who needed her portrait done. I know we haven't introduced her, but we have a stick pony in the family now. Do you remember the horsey's with a stick, instead of a body? Kids used to climb on the stick and gallop around on their ponies. Santa gave us our own pony last year, but she became part of the family. Her name is Nelly, as in "Whoa, Nelly!" Here's her portrait. (To make up for forgetting her so long, I wrote her name on top of the strawberry pie, too. She liked it.) I think it came out clear enough. What do you think? If you can't see it very well, maybe I'll outline another time. She's looking left, if that helps.

About this time, Bob T. Bear alerted us it was Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day. I made a pirate to celebrate, but Mommy couldn't help me post, so it's a bit late. Yeah, this one really does need to be outlined.

Here's the outline, but I think his beard came out right, so I didn't fill in all those lines, too.

And, what goes better with pie than a cup of coffee? Mommy doesn't drink coffee, so she forgets how much we need coffee. This was a gentle hint about our need. Do you think it's the perfect artwork for our first apple pie of the year?

I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled with pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I mean I love pumpkin pie, but no piecrust on top to draw on. Oh well. We're done making pies until Christmas. Hope you liked my artwork. I hope the new medium catches on.