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Friday, August 15, 2003

The Adventures of Spaulding, Uncle Teddy and family!

Spaulding: Hi, my name is Spaulding.... Teddy: And I'm Uncle Teddy, but everyone calls me Teddy.... Spaulding and Teddy: and we are Teddy Bears who like coming on the Internet and having lots of adventures. Spaulding: We want to tell you a little bit about ourselves, and even send you to our web site to see what we look like and where else we go online. ( Teddy: Well, if you go to our web page (actually, it's Spaulding's web page--why is that?)... Spaulding: Because Mommy said I could make my own page. Hey, you're on it often. Not like I'm hiding you and everyone else. You're my main stuffed buddy! Teddy: Oh, OK, that sounds cool! kehehehehehe Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, if you go to our web page, you do find out who we are, so we might as well get down to why we are here. Spaulding: We have many adventures away from our parents. You see, stuffed animals have their secret lives, as well as their lives around people. We don't look very lively around people, but, if you look carefully, that dead-pan expression says quite a lot! Teddy: Yeah, yeah, yeah! It does and... Valentine: Do I ever get to say anything? Teddy: You just did! kehehehehehehe Oh, sorry, forgot to introduce you! This is Valentine, my beautiful :::::::::::Valentine's face turns red::::::::::: Valentine: Stop telling everyone when I blush, Spauld! kehehehehehehehe Teddy: my BEAUTIFUL fluffy, singing bunny wabbit bride! Valentine: Hi, bunny! Hop along with me! boingboingboingboingboing Happy Springtime!!!! boingboingboingboingboing Teddy: She actually talks out loud and says that! She's the only one of us with a little voice box in her! ::::::::::::Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Bear beam a huge proud smile!::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: ANYWAY! We DO have a secret life. One out of eight stuffed animals are born with a special magical ability. They can slow down, speed up or stop time! This gives them, and all the stuffed animals around them, plenty of time to go out and have adventures without ever being caught and experimented on by human beings! (Our biggest fear is for people to find out that we are very much alive! If they do, some of the meaner people will cut us open and see our fluff! errrrrr :::::::::shivering:::::::: SCARY!) In our case, Axlerod.... Spaulding, Teddy and Valentine: Mommy's stuffed bassett hound from when she was little..... Spaulding: and my wife's father. (My wife is Lady, a beautiful stuffed cocker spaniel kinda doggy.) Axlerod is the one with these magical abilities, so we all enjoy the advantage of having him in our family. Teddy: Yeah, so we wanted to share some of our adventures and Mommy gave us this Blog to do whatever we want with! We've decided.... Valentine: We've ALL decided, Spaulding, Teddy, me, Lady, Axlerod and Spauld and Lady's two young'ns, Dee and Ding, have decided--- Teddy: :::::grabs a quick smooch from Val:::: Valentine: Yeesh! Spaulding, do you HAVE to tell everything we do? kehehehehehehehehe Teddy: anyway, we decided to keep a journal of some of our adventures on this blog, and maybe tell a little bit about us along the way. Spaulding: Yes, and because Mommy can't type for us all the time and help us out, it won't be every day, although we usually have adventures every day. You see, we have a couple of little problems: Mommy has a life apart from us---hard to believe, but true--- AND well, stuffed animals generally have ample tummies for a reason.... Teddy: Yeah! We like to eat---a lot---- Valentine, Teddy and Spaulding: Yeah! HOTDOGS! With EVERYTHING on them! But only 6-9 a meal---WITH canollis, AND coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee (Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are the best!) WITH biscottis to dunk in our coffee.... Valentine: UNLESS... Valentine, Teddy and Spaulding: UNLESS we have Tastykake pies, or muffins or something else to dunk in our coffee! Spaulding: ::::::looking at Teddy:::::::::::::: and we also looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee to eat Wabbbbbi- Teddy: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We don't eat that anymore! :::::lookng embarrassingly at Valentine::::: Valentine: (innocently) eat what? Spaulding and Teddy: nothing! :::::::Spaulding muffles a giggle:::::::::::::::: (secret spot where Valentine can't see----Spaulding in a hushed voice---we used to eat certain kinds of meat too, but can't anymore, or it would be like cannibalism to Teddy's beautiful wife! ;) ) Teddy: (eager to move on) ANYWAY....we can't keep having adventures, or it cuts into our eating time! AND.... Spaulding: AND we also have to watch rasslin' with Big Show, and Brock Lesner (I hope he isn't becoming a bad guy again) and Kurt Angle, who just became a good guy again, and the rest of those really big guys. Teddy: Big, but we could take them on....remember the power of tickle tickle tickle! kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: ANYWAY, it's close to dinner time AND we have to rest up tonight because rasslin's on late tomorrow night! 10 p.m. Way past a Teddy Bear's bedtime! kehehehehehehe (We have most of our adventures in the middle of the night, so not like we usually SLEEP at night or anything!) Teddy: But, we gotta we will start journaling and letting you get to know us in a couple of days or so! Spaulding, Teddy and Valentine: Until well, and eat lots and lots of HOTDOGS!

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