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Saturday, August 16, 2003

The Blackout that wasn't!

Spaulding: We have other Teddy Bear friends on the Internet! Two of them are Brownie and Holly! Teddy: Yeah, they live in that blackout area and were quite startled by it! Spaulding: Yeah, but they did what any good Teddy Bear would do! They took good care of their Daddy during the blackout! Teddy: Yeah, but it's really wierd! Holly and Brownie's Daddy actually goes out of the house often! Isn't that wierd? Spaulding: No, actually our parents are weird. Most grown up humans have to go to work, and when they aren't working, they have to run errands, and then spend time with their friends playing out of the house. Teddy: Wow, then our parents are weirder then I thought. kehehehehehehe Spaulding: kehehehehehe Teddy: I know Mommy is "disabled," whatever that means, and Daddy is sick. I'm gonna miss him when he goes back to work! Spaulding: Be glad you will! You were brought into this family, so Mommy could dress you up like Daddy, and then you were supposed to sit on his desk at work quietly forever! Teddy: Whew! That's scary! Can you imagine me QUIET?! kehehehehehe Spaulding: NO! kehehehehe Spaulding: Anyway, we live in Philly, and were supposed to get that blackout too, but... Teddy: But our utility company noticed the spike on the grid and quickly switched us over to another way of getting the electricity to us! Spaulding: Yeah, I'm impressed! That blackout took merely 9 seconds to happen and their quick action saved us from being really, really HOT for many hours! Teddy: Yeah, but we are luckier then most! We have our own little TV that uses batteries, and actually have batteries for it from that little blackout we had a month ago! Spaulding: We would have let Mommy and Daddy watch it with us! Teddy: unh, huh! And Mommy has all those pretty smelling candles around, and a laptop, so she could still play on her computer for an hour! Spaulding: Yeah! And, unlike NYC, most people in Philly live in 1-4 story high buildings! There are some high rise apartments in Center City, but they cost so much that the only people who live in them would have already been home from work at 4 p.m., or don't have to work! Teddy: Yeah, and since Mommy has those pretty smelling candles, if we're in a blackout we can still eat HOTDOGS! And, since the stove is gas, we could still drink coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!!!!! Spaulding: But poor Mommy! She would be reduced to drinking HOT diet decaf Pepsi after a few hours! Teddy and Spaulding: eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Teddy: Do you mean...:::::::::gasp:::::::::::we would have to drink hot NeHis too? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::interruption::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Whew! Mommy just told us that they would stick all their frozen food into a cooler, never to open it until the electricity is back AND would run over to the store on the next block for ice to keep soda cool for the night! We would survive for a night anyway! Teddy: Wow! Mommy "running?" Can she even DO that? She keeps saying that she has two speeds: slow and reverse! kehehehehe Can't picture her running for anything! kehehehehe Spaulding: kehehehehehe Teddy: Makes you wonder how Holly and Brownie survived! Wonder what they did? Spaulding: Remember when we went into the Sauret painting with them? Played hide n' seek around all those little giggling dots? It was nice and cool there! Maybe they took their Daddy with them to play in that painting?! Teddy: Or, better yet, take him into Ansel Adams' photo of Yosmite Park waterfalls and stay really cold in that glacier driven waterfall! Spaulding: We're very resourceful! Too bad all those hot people in that blackout can't be like Teddy Bears! Teddy and Spaulding: To all those whose lights have come back on--welcome back to the beautiful world of electrical convience! And, thanks again, Mr. Carrier, for inventing AIR CONDITIONING!!!! Teddy: Well, RASSLIN's on tonight, so we have to go rest up! Spaulding: Oh, wait, before we go, I found out how to work that hyperlinky thingy, so here's my web page link (I hope)! Click here! (Thank you, Blogger support staff, for helping us learn how! Just hope we understood! kehehehehehe Spaulding and Teddy: Until next time....

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