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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

New Friends and other stuff

Spaulding: While looking for web sites for other people, Mommy found some important ones for us! Teddy: We've met many other Teddy Bears with their own web sites and having adventures like we do! Even met a teddy named after ME--Ted E.! Spaulding: Wellllllllll, that could have been a coincidence! Or maybe you were both named for the same reason--your parents got to know you and talked to you before giving you a name, so took our given middle name as your full name! ::::::::::::::scratching his head, thinking deeply......falling asleep::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: TED! Teddy: Whoops! Thought too hard! Well, maybe! But, I am so famous, he might have been named after me! Spaulding: That's true! Well, it's cool enough that I added the link to our first new friend, Mawson, on my web page. And, when we're done here.... Teddy: Thanks for typing for us, Mommy! Spelling and typing are so hard on our paws and minds! Spaulding: Yeah, thank you, Mommy. Anyway, and when we're done here, I'll add Ted E.'s! Teddy: Before we were born... Spaulding: Hold on, explanation time! "Before we were born" to us means "right before we were born," and describes all things that happen right before we were born, from the invention of the wheel, to the 1999 baseball season ending. Teddy: Yeah, for me, it even means missing the destruction of the World Trade Center! But right before we were born, Mommy says that she had her own business right in this very house! She used to type for other people and got paid for it!!!! Spaulding: Got paid for it? Can you imagine having to pay Mommy for typing this?! !~ no way1<-------------(side note from Mommy: that's Teddy typing for himself! He tried to type: "Give up our own money! No way!" However, being a teddy bear with paws and no fingers, it's close to impossible to type by yourself! On the other hand--no pun intended, but enjoyed nonetheless--our Teddy Bears work hard for us! They keep us company and give us hugs as needed. We have a good understanding! They work hard, and in return, sometimes they can have a little money and always they can have our love and help! Now back to blushing Spaulding and Teddy) Teddy and Spaulding: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: Anyway, Mommy and Daddy finding jobs scares me! Spaulding: Me too! Teddy: Jobs means leaving the house! Means we are alllll alone! Spaulding: I remember when Daddy used to go to work! He used to be gone ALL day! We missed him! You were born right at the end of that! Teddy: Yeah! I remember, but I was so young that I didn't understand what was going on! Can't remember it too well! Don't like the idea now! :::::::::::::::::Mommy talks to the little fellows::::::::::::::::: Teddy: Oh! OK! Mommy says that she can't go out to work, so we won't be all alone and that Daddy does come home every evening. Spaulding: And she says "jobs" is how people make money to buy important things like coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee and ... Both: HOTDOGS! Teddy: Jobs is cool, even though I still prefer it to stay like this! Spaulding: Me too! Teddy: But that's why we couldn't come on yesterday, Mommy was looking for one. Spaulding: And meeting up with our new friends and exploring their web sites has given us little time to go for adventures! Teddy: BUT, summer is almost over and we have two little cubs to consider (OK, so a puppy and a cub!), so we're going on a week long--Axlerod-distorting-time week--vacation! Spaulding: We'd take Mommy and Daddy, but they have to look for jobs and HATE the shore in the summertime, so we will go without them even noticing we were gone---by going in Axlerod time! (Axlerod time, in case we haven't explained it yet, can be stopped time, or slowed down time or speeded up time, magically created just for stuffed animals by Mommy's childhood stuffed basset hound, Axlerod. One in eight stuffed animals have this magical ability, and thankfully for us, Axlerod is one of those special stuffed animals. This gives us the ability to go anywhere and do whatever we want without Mommy and Daddy ever noticing we are gone!) (Teddy had to go help Daddy, but he said I could finish this up by myself!) Spaulding: Anyway, with Mommy being busy and with being very tired from all our adventures, we're not sure how long it will be before we can tell about our adventures, but we will try to keep up with this Blog! Until then...

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