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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Vacation-- Day 1

Spaulding: We sure took a lot of stuff with us, considering we only have one change of clothes! Teddy: We had to add three more boxes to the back of our heliplaneship boxcar! Spaulding: heli = helicopter; plane = lear jet; ship = hydrofoil yacht (that can also travel on land, but we only use it off-road, since police can't decide if it's legal to drive in or not); and boxcar, is the brand we have--our box is usually a car, but can turn into all of the above! Teddy: We decided that Spaulding flies us down and I fly us back! Now Lady, Valentine and Axlerod are all old enough to drive it, but they are just in the wrong shape/position to steer it! Spaulding: AND, since Mommy and Daddy would worry about us, if we were gone all week... Teddy: And they NEED us... Spaulding: We decided to go down and come back every day, but, using Axlerod's time distorting abilities, we would leave right after Mommy and Daddy go to sleep, slow down time to 1 hour takes 3 hours... Teddy: We decided to go to Cape May, NJ, and while gone, time around us would take three times as long, but for everyone else, it would seem the same length of time! You should see how cool waves are when only moving at 33% speed! Gives us short legged animals time to run up the beach if we don't want to get wet! Spaulding: And then, we'd come home and spend the 16 hours with Mommy and Daddy, while they're awake! Teddy: So, we were lucky enough to get there at high tide... Spaulding: So we knew where to set up camp! Teddy: and we picked a spot at the landside of a jetti, used Mommy's scotchgard to make our blankets weather-proof... Spaulding: and draped them over the rocks, so we had two rooms underneath! Teddy: Yeah, there was the main room, which was a large crevice in the rock jetti, and, if you climbed up a little rock, there was a side room just big enough for two stuffed animals to sleep in! Spaulding: Since Teddy and Valentine and Lady and I all got married last Easter, we are all still honeymooners, and were happy to split nights in the spare room to be alone for a little while! Teddy: And, because Axlerod is soooooooooo OLD (just turned 39 on August 2nd), it doesn't seem fair to stick him with the kids all the time, so we also give him a night by himself in that room! Spaulding: And, because our cub and puppy want to have a pajama party, they get the room one night too. So it works out that Valentine and Teddy get the room twice, Lady and I get the room twice, Axlerod gets the room twice, and the young'ns get it once! Teddy: Whew! So we finally organized everything, got to sleep for the night, and quick as you please... Spaulding: or slow as you please, since we slowed down time! All: kehehehehehe Spaulding: Oh wait! Forgot to mention! Dee, my daughter, is with us today! Say "Hi," Dee! Dee: Hi, Dee! All: kehehehehehehe Teddy: anyway, SLOW as we please, it was morning of our first full day of vacation! Loved walking out of our little camp onto the warm sand, watching the ocean! Dee: Yeah, I could hear the waves crashing the night before and it lulled me to sleep! Spaulding: Lulled us all to sleep! Teddy: What's cool about our time distorted vacation, is that since we aren't in sinc with people, no one could see us, unless we stayed still for a long time! Dee: Might be cool to you, but I found a problem with that! Spaulding: Let's not get ahead of ourselves! Teddy: so, as we all watched the waves, our brains suddenly woke us up with an important thought--COFFEE!!!!! Spaulding: we HAD to HAVE our morning cups of coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee! Teddy: BUT, we didn't know where we could get some! Dee: Ding solved that one! Spaulding, Yes, he did! Ding is my son! Dee: We could see the blurs of people all up and down the beach, but coming to us, in the same time speed as us, was a lady Teddy Bear! Ding saw her first! Teddy: Our girls loved her sun dress too! Her name was Sarah T. Bear! She lives in Cape May, year round, so knew her way around! Spaulding: She was kind enough to take us to Cape May's outdoor mall, and showed us Rick's Cafe'... Teddy: which is where we got our coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!!!!!! Dee: and breakfast! Spaulding: and breakfast! Now our girls got to liking Sarah quite a bit! Teddy: She was quite the looker, although, being married to the two most gorgeous stuffed animals in the world, we just like Sarah, not gawked at her! Dee: Yeah, Ding did the gawking! kehehehehehehe All: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: The girls decided to make a day of checking out the mall later on, but for now, we wanted to do what you're supposed to do at the shore--- Dee: Go swimming in the ocean and make sand castles!!!!!! Teddy: For stuffed animals with beans in their bodies, we did need our magical swimming suits on! Spaulding: Can you imagine how big the beans would blow up in SALT water?! Dee: Ding and I would try to jump over the incoming waves, but we knew our real desire was to not make it and get all wet! Daddy and Uncle Teddy would hold our paws and pick us up so high to get us over the waves! Teddy: until we intentionally didn't do it one time! All: kehehehehehe Dee: and then, after we dried off a little bit on our towel, we decided to make a sand castle! Daddy said grnadma (Daddy's and Unlcle Teddy's Mommy) taught him how to make drip sand castles and he showed me, but our castle was part drip, part packed sand! It was so big, Ding and I had to climb real high to get to the top! If we could have hollowed out the inside, we could have camped in it!!! Spaulding: But, when the tide comes in, it destroys the castle, so it wasn't a good idea! Dee: Yeah, but it was fun watching the tide destroy it!!! Spaulding: In the late afternoon, we were all doing what Teddy Bears do so well....taking a nap on our blanket! Dee: That's when the scary thing happened! Teddy: It was kind of scary, but not terrifying. More surprising then terrifying! Dee: That's true, but it took me by surprised and I didn't like it at all! Spaulding: OK, so now you can tell! Dee: I might be a puppy, but having so many Teddy Bears in the family, I KNOW how to nap really well! I was dreaming of foamy waves, and Sarah and sand castles, when suddenly my sandcastle caved in on me and filled me full of sand! That's when I woke up and found myself being covered with sand, but I KNEW I wasn't really in the sandcastle, so I thought somehow I ended up in a sandy avalanche! I screamed out for help, and Daddy grabbed me quickly and pulled me out of the sand! I went crying to my Mommy, sweeping sand off of my fur, as Daddy and Uncle Teddy looked around to see what had caused it! You tell what happened next, Daddy! Spaulding: Since time is altered, and people can't see us, we have trouble seeing people easily, if we squint our eyes, we can see the people. Passing by was a man and his dog on a leash! Apparently, they only saw an empty blanket, but we were on it! The dog was running so fast that the man accidentally kicked up sand onto our blanket and it hit Dee full on! Teddy: But no one hurts our little Dee without being punished! Axlerod sprang into action and totally froze time so we could get to the man and his dog! Spaulding: With Axlerod bravely being the bottom of our stuffed animal chain, I climbed on top of Axlerod.... Teddy: and I climbed on top of Spaulding to get the leash out of the man's hand, and take off the collar from the dog! Dee: I am a doggy too, but Daddy says that dog and the dogs in our family are different species, like the difference between a panda bear and Daddy! Spaulding: we put the collar around the man's neck and the handle of the leash around the dog's running front leg! Teddy: and then we got far enough away to watch, but not get the results all over us! Dee: kehehehehehe THEN, Grandpa Axlerod let time go into regular speed for a brief moment! Teddy: Yeah, and since the dog was running, when time started again, the handle of the leash tripped him, spilling him into the sand ... Spaulding: AND, since the dog fell down, it yanked the collar forward, and made the man fall down, almost on top of his dog! All: kehehehehehehehe Dee: Grandpa Axlerod let time go normal for a couple of more seconds so we could watch the reaction of all the people watching this man with a dog's collar on, trying to figure out what happened! All: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: No one messes with my little Dee!!!! Teddy: Back home for the day, Daddy is helping us put together our pictures we took of our vacation so far! Too bad there isn't enough room on Spaulding's web page to put them all, but Daddy has set them up as a PowerPoint program and is using them for screen savers on his computer! Spaulding: We can wacth all the pictures while Mommy helps us write this on her computer! :::::::::::::::::::group yawn::::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: Well, we need some sleep before going back tonight! You say it Dee! Dee: Until next time....

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