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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Vacation--Day 2

Spaulding: Our luck! First time we decide to take an extended vacation without Mommy and Daddy, and guess what happens!!!! Teddy: Cape May beaches are closed for 36 hours due to fecal (poop) levels found in the water! How gross! Axlerod: And we didn't find out until AFTER we went swimming!!! Spaulding: Sure! Sure! They tell the people! But do they tell the stuffed animals? Teddy: Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Thankfully, we did have on our magic swimsuits, so we were immune to the potential...potential.... Spaulding: GROSSness?! :::::::::::::::::::::::mega-heave session starts among the stuffed animals:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: So, we had to relocate. We've become good friends with Sarah T., so we stayed an extra day at Cape May, without going into the water. Spaulding: Yeah, we would have never even found out, if Sarah didn't tell us! Teddy: She had gone home at dinner time, and found out on her people's TV news! Spaulding: She was nice enough to come running back! Ding (whiskfully): I love the way she runs! All the rest of the animals: kehehehehehehehehe Ding: What? Dee: Ding has a crush! Ding has a crush! ::::::::::::::::::Ding blushes!:::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: It's all right, little Guy! Falling in love comes naturally for Teddy Bears--afterall, we were made to love and be loved! :::::::::::::::::::::Ding's blush dissapates.::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Anyway, the girls wanted to spend half a day shopping at that outdoor mall that Sarah showed us yesterday! Teddy: And we started off at Rick's cafe' for more coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee! Dee: And breakfast! Lady: And we sure had a lot of fun, didn't we, Valentine? (Interruption, to explain who everyone is, since everyone is here, waiting for Rasslin' tonight! Axlerod, my stuffed bassett hound, is the patriarch of the family--father to Lady, and, therefore, grandfather to Dee and Ding. Lady is a stuffed cocker spaniel and wife to Spaulding. Dee, a stuffed puppy, is Spaulding and Lady's daughter and Ding, a stuffed bear cub, is their son. Teddy, as you know, is Spaulding's brother, and his wife is Valentine, a stuffed bunny rabbit! Now, since Axlerod is Spaulding's father-in-law, in the stuffed animal world, that also makes him related to Teddy and Valentine. They consider Axlerod, and my husband, John, "Daddy." You won't hear much from Axlerod. He's not much of a talker, although he is quick to help out when needed. The rest love to talk!) Valentine: Yes! We bought a couple of huge colbolt-blue glasses (shot glasses) with Cape May motif on them. Perfect for the kids to drink NeHi in! Lady: And we picked some flowers for Mommy, but left them at our camp, when we found out that Mommy and Daddy (John) went out for a ride today to pick their own wild flowers! Valentine: We ddn't know that they weren't going to find enough along the side of the road to bother stopping to pick! Lady: We picked ours the easy way! They were in big pots on people's porches! (Mommy stops typing for a moment to explain to them why they shouldn't have picked those flowers.) Spaulding: Whoopsie! We didn't know they belonged to someone that didn't want us to pick them! People can be so hard to understand! Dee: Daddy and Uncle Teddy showed us where they got their T-shirts from the last time they came to Cape May with their Mommy and Daddy! Ding: It was a huge store called "Cape May Teddy Bear Company" and I've never seen so many Teddy Bears! Blue ones. Green ones! Normal fur colored ones! Dee: Huge ones! Some our size! Bare bears! Dressed up bears! Even some other kinds of stuffed animals! Teddy: And we did stop off to buy some COFFEE for Daddy, cuz he always gives us coffee! Spaulding: But when we telepathically heard that they were going out for the day, we ended up drinking it! Whoops! Teddy: It would have been cold by the time he got it! Valentine: And in the afternoon, we went on a whale watching boat ride! Dee: I sure am glad that Mommy bought the Velcro! Ding: Yeah! It was so windy on the boat ride, the wind would have wooshed us off the boat! Teddy: We never saw any whales, but we did meet Polly, the porpoise! Ding: She was cool! She gave us all rides and was fast enough to get us back to the boat without it ever stopping! Dee: Sure am glad we had our magical bathing suits on! Lady: Me too! I don't know how gross the water was that far away from the beach! Spaulding: We all took a nap on the way back, and still..... Teddy: Still, we were tired from all the activity, so we took another one at our camp site! Ding: It was so cool too! We woke up when Sarah came by with a few dozen hotdogs to cook over our camp fire and a couple of dozen NeHis to drink while we ate! We just didn't want to leave her, but couldn't stay in Cape May after finding out about the water.... Spaulding: Even though the report came out that the water was OK again. Ding: Yeah, so we invited her to come with us as we relocated to Wildwood! Teddy: She's coming with us for the week, but she really started something with that cook-out! Ding: Yeah, she invited all of the lifeguard staff over to join us! Spaulding: Generally speaking, you're not allowed to have fires on the beach in Cape May, but since we are stuffed animals, creatures some people don't believe are real, the lifeguards considered it a pretend fire with pretend food, although they seemed to like it! Dee: And, Link, the lifeguard, gave us a lifeguard T-shirt! Lady: and Sharon, the Cape May Sheriff, gave us her Cape May Sheriff patch!!!! Teddy: After the cook-out, it was time to go up to Wildwood.... Ding: WITH Sarah! Spaulding: But that didn't mean our day was over! Dee: No way! We went to Mauries' Pier, and went on the merry-go-round, and ferris wheel and on a tram car ride (for free, since no one could see us in Axlerod time!) Ding: And the roller coaster, and the hell hole, where they make you spin really fast and then drop the floor away from you! And we went onto the waterslide! Valentine: And again, we sure were glad to have that Velcro on us! Guaranteed we'd have flown out from those rides as light as we are! Teddy: And late in the night, we stopped off for pizza (bet you thought I was going to say hotdogs!) All: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: And NeHis, and Philadelphia Pretzels, and cotton candy, and funnel cake and curly fries with ChezWhiz.... Spaulding: We found a new jetti at high tide, and set up our camp far enough away from the pier to sleep, but close enough to keep going back to it. This one only has one single room, but it is much bigger then our other one! Axlerod: I got lonely without everyone there! Teddy: We all did, so decided to skip the extra room! Lady: But we were all wound up from the day's adventures, so couldn't go to sleep right away. While everyone told about their favorite part of the day.... Valentine: And no one could just pick out one thing.... Lady: Spaulding and I drew a colored pencil picture of the Cape May lighthouse! Dee: It's very pretty! Spaulding: And finally we were all tired enough to go to sleep. Thanks to Axlerod, we slept as long as we wanted, with him freezing time. Teddy: And since today is Rasslin' on TV, we came home early and slept some more while Mommy and Daddy were out on thier adventure! Spaulding: We still want to visit Cape May for a hike around the estuary.... Teddy: And one more trip to Rick's Cafe'! Spaulding: But we will be spending most of the rest of the trip in Wildwood...I think! All: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: OK, who wants to say it? Ding: Memememememe!!! ....until next time....

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