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Friday, August 22, 2003

Vacation--Day 3

Teddy: Before we left Cape May for good… Spaulding: Well, for our vacation this year! We’ll come back some day! Teddy: OK! Well, before we left Cape May for this vacation … Ding: Sarah wanted to take us to the bird estuary for a picnic!!!! Teddy: Right, so we got up beary early this morning… Spaulding: Early enough to see the sunrise! Teddy: And it wasn’t red, which is good! Spaulding: “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.” Axlerod: That’s an old saying that means if there is a red sunset, it will be fair weather the next day. If it is red in the morning, it will rain that day! Teddy: So even if everyone didn’t get to see a beautiful sunrise, it was good! Valentine: We had to pack for the picnic. Teddy: And you can’t have a campfire, even a pretend one, in a sanctuary, which means…. All: No Hotdogs!!!!!! Lady: But, we know that bologna is really beary wide, cold hot dogs, so we are OK! Valentine: So, Lady, Dee and I made all the bologna sandwiches, … Ding: While Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Teddy and I packed the NeHis, pies, ice cream, chocolate and snacks. Spaulding: Mommy bought us a little Teddy Bear size picnic basket that she bought at A.C. Moore Craft Store for us! We packed everything in there! Ding: And I waited outside to wait for Sarah! AND, I was the first one to see her!!! All: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: Of course, our first stop was to Rick’s Café! Spaulding: Can’t go on a long hike without coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!!! Dee: And breakfast! Teddy: Then we decided to start our hike at the dunes. Lady: Then we went over a bunch of wooden bridges that crossed through the swamp! Valentine: It’s called “wetlands” now! Lady: “Wetlands.” Kehehehehehe Anyway, south Jersey is really one big swamp that was built up by pig farmers and then used as dumps and now used as housing developments, but people are smart enough to know to leave alone the swamps by the shore, since high tides, low tides and rains change water levels constantly. Ding: You should see how tall those reeds are! They even make Grandpa look short! :::::::::::::::Spaulding whispers into Ding’s ears::::::::::::::::::::::::: Ding: Wow! Daddy just told me that when he came down here with his Daddy, Grandpa John, even HE looked short compared to those reeds!!!!! Spaulding: And in the middle of this swamp was an island full of trees! Ding: Sarah had us stop there for our picnic! Valentine: We saw birds we didn’t know existed. Living in the city, we only see pigeons, starlings and sparrows, but there were all kinds of sea birds…. Dee: like ducks and geese and swans and red-winged blackbirds… Ding: And Sarah introduced us to Edgar, the Egret! Teddy: And Edgar gave each of us a ride into the air! Spaulding: He flew me for 5 minutes and took me to our campsite all the way up in wildwood and back! Teddy: That’s faster then even our heliplaneship boxcar!!!! Dee: And Ding couldn’t catch the state bird of New Jersey—the mosquito! :::::::::::::::::Spaulding whispers into Dee’s ear:::::::::::::::::::: Dee: Oh, Daddy says it’s a bug, not a bird! But it is almost as big as a hummingbird?! :::::::::::::::::::::Both bears shrug their shoulders::::::::::::::: Ding: I could have caught it, but I didn’t have a leash to make it my pet, so I didn’t ry to catch one for beary long! Spaulding: But all that was after our lunch and our nap! Teddy: Food always makes me sleepy! Spaulding: And after our hike, Sarah took us to one of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite places to go when they come to Cape May—Cape May Point! Teddy: 150 feet off of Sunset Beach at Cape May Point is the remains of a concrete ship from the First World War! They weren’t very practical, because they weighed so much, so they weren’t ever used in the war. Click here for more info! Spaulding: And Mommy likes to collect cool looking pebbles and stones that she finds when our people go on vacation. Cape May Point is the very bottom of New Jersey, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Delaware Bay, so the beach is just full of cool pebbles! Ding: Some are nice and flat, so we can skip them across the ocean! Daddy and Uncle Teddy taught me how!!! Teddy: And there are a couple of shops where you can buy stuff, including stones, but we decided to collect cool pebbles from the beach to add to Mommy’s collection! Spaulding: She liked them! Lady: We did make it home in time to nap before going out to the boardwalk! Dee: We went on some of the same rides we went on the night before. Ding (beaming with delight): And while Dee rode on the roller coaster, Sarah bought me an ice cream cone!! Teddy: We tried many of the games of chance. Axlerod: Not much of a chance the way we play! Teddy: I won a key chain! Spaulding: Everyone who played that game won, at least, a key chain! Teddy: Yeah?! All: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: But we went home early to watch “Smackdown!” Ding: And Brock Lesnar really is a bad guy! And not the funny kind of bad guy like The Rock is! Dee (sighing wistfully): He’s dreamy! Ding: Who? Brock or The Rock? Dee: Yes! kehehehehehehehe All: kehehehehehehehehe Lady: If I were Zack Gowen’s Mommy, I would have bit Brock on the ankle! Valentine: People don’t bite people. Lady: If Brock is beating up their son like that, they should! Ding: Don’t mess with my Mommy! She’s tough! Dee: I bet she could beat up The Big Show! Spaulding: I know it! Teddy: But Brock and Kurt will meet on Sunday for the Pay-Per-View to find out who wins the championship belt! We’ll have to peek online to find out who beat whom. (For anyone who reads this after Aug. 24, 2003, you can find out what happened by clicking this link.) Spaulding: Well, time to get back to camp. Who wants to say it? Ding: Mememememememe Teddy: You did it last time. It’s Lady’s turn! Lady: Until next time….

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