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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Vacation--Day 4

Spaulding: Strange thing about vacations---they’re taken to relax, but you spend so much time running all around! Beary exhausting! Teddy: Beary! So exhausting the rest of our family is in the other room sleeping on Mommy’s bed! Spaulding: Vacationing at the Jersey shore in late August is beary crowded! Teddy: BEARY crowded! Spaulding: But then comes the weekend and it makes the week look isolated! Teddy: If we stayed at the beach we would have been stepped on by someone eventually! Spaulding: Probably more then once! Teddy: We left our stuff at the campsite, and then headed over to Wheaton Village. Wheaton Village is a craft place where they blow glass… Spaulding: since 1888! Teddy: into all sorts of pretty things, like vases, and paperweights and pitchers and plates! Spaulding: It’s in Millville, which is like right in the middle of south Jersey. Teddy: To learn more about it, click here! Spaulding: New Jersey is known for its glassmaking, because most of the state is really just a beary, beary large sand barge… Teddy: And glass is made out of sand! Spaulding: And we went during its summer exhibit of “New Jersey Glass Exhibits.” Teddy: We watched the “gaffer” blow glass and talked to one after the show. Spaulding: And they have other artists there too like a tinsmith, and people who molded clay, … Teddy: And the kids loved the train ride on the half gauged train! Spaulding: Kids? I loved it! The conductor let us drive the train, since he saw our heliplaneship boxcar! Teddy: He figured if we could drive that, we could drive anything! Spaulding: And he was right!!! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: Since Wheaton Village is set in the woods, we invited our good friend, Sarah,… Spaulding: This made Ding happy! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: to go with us and have a picnic! Spaulding: They have picnic tables there! Teddy: And, because it’s rained so much this month, we were allowed to have a pretend fire! Spaulding: Once we got to talking to the gaffers though, they let us take our hotdogs on the sticks and roast them quickly in the furnace! Teddy: Really quickly! You have to make the fire beary, beary hot to melt glass!!!! Spaulding: So, we didn’t get back to our campsite until late afternoon. Teddy: Plenty of time for a nice long nap before heading to the boardwalk! Spaulding: The kids were a bit bored with the same rides though… Teddy: So we decided to go swimming at night instead! Spaulding: No lifeguards around, but we are Teddy Bears, so don’t swim so far from shore that we can’t touch the bottom! Teddy: We’re so short that we’re only in the water half the time anyway! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: Yeah, we can’t get past where the waves break! Teddy: And since the kids are so much shorter then even we are, they actually think the whole ocean is always fizzling! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: Sounds like we made a good choice in moving upstate a bit from Cape May! Teddy: Yeah! Last night Cape May was the only place in New Jersey to have a thunderstorm! Spaulding: Still. I like watching a thunderstorm! Teddy: Yeah, but I don’t know how waterproof our blankets are, even when they are Scotchgarded! Spaulding: Definitely better to watch them from the safety of our enclosed porch at home! Teddy: Definitely! Spaulding: Well, it’s nap time! Gotta go! Teddy: Until next time…

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