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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Vacation--Day 6

Spaulding: With all the excitement and running around we've had during our vacation, Teddy: And now that the weekend folks have gone home... Spaulding: We decided to just relax and hang out at the beach. Teddy: Everyone loves the water, of course. Spaulding: And we got creative in our sand sculpturing today. Teddy: We all love making drip castles! Spaulding: Just in case you had a deprived childhood, to make drip castles, either make a large puddle in the sand, Teddy: Or fill a bucket with 1/3rd sea water and 2/rds sand. Spaulding: then grab some sand right out of that water, Teddy: like you would hold a pinch of salt if you were adding it to something you were cooking... Spaulding: And then hold it over the sand that you want to build the castle on! Teddy: Sorta like fast speed stalactite--or is that stalacmite? Spaulding (shrugging his shoulders): I dunno! ::::::::::::::Both look at Mommy:::::::::::::::::::: Mommy: "Stalactite hold on as tight as they can. Stalacmite try with all their might to reach the top of the cave." Teddy: OK?! Is it stalactite or stalacmite? Mommy: Stalacmite. Teddy: Sorta like a stalacmite. Spaulding: You have to keep redipping the mud, Teddy: And you have to be careful where it drips too, because it's kinda like building blocks--make it slanted and it will fall. Spaulding: We made a beautiful drip castle! Really big!!!! Teddy: Then we got adventurous again and made some sand sculptures! Spaulding: We made our three traditional ones--a doggy, a wabbit and our signature sculpture--a Teddy Bear! Teddy: We made the same three scultures out of snow last winter, but the kids drew pictures of them when we were done. Spaulding: Mommy's brother used to be the head of all the fraternities at his college, when one of the pledges went through the traditional hazing. The pledges had to make graves in the sand on the beach and then climb in. That's all they had to do! Teddy: But a wave hit when one of the pledges was in his hole and it caved it in. The weight of the soaked sand made it impossible for him to get out... Spaulding: And they couldn't dig fast enough to get to him. He sufficated. It was very sad. It stopped fraternity and sorority activity in the state of New Jersey for close to five years. Teddy: Mommy's brother wasn't there and it wasn't part of the hazing for his fraternity, but he still felt guilty about it. Spaulding: The other snow sculture we made last winter was an igloo... Teddy: But since Mommy told us that story, we are very careful to not get into any holes deeper then 1/2 inch. Spaulding: We can make it a whole inch, but the cub and puppy are only five inches high, so we have to be doubly careful with them! Teddy: And, instead of going on the boardwalk AGAIN, we decided to stay home and play games together. Spaulding: The kids like that too! Teddy: Tomorrow we want to go deep sea fishing! Spaulding: The girls are deciding which they rather do--go shopping one last time or join us. Teddy: We'll find out what they decided tomorrow morning. Spaulding: But for now, it's way past Mommy's bedtime, Teddy: And it's time for us to go back to the shore so.... Sppaulding: Until next time...

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