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Friday, September 26, 2003

Posting problems--second try. Some times plans don't work!

Teddy: This has not been a good week! Spaulding: Now, wait a minute! We did go see RASSLIN' in our home town AND go with the kids to the Philadelphia Zoo AND go drink coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee at Hershey, so it's not allll bad!! Teddy: But we were supposed to drink coffee and find our beary buddies... Spaulding: Our new words for our stuffed animal friends we've met on the Internet.... Teddy: To go visit ALLLLL of Hershey together!!! And we were supposed to have some come with us to go see RASSLIN' with us! Spaulding: We weren't sure if anyone was coming to go see Rasslin' with us and Mommy's 'puter got sick with aaaaaa virus?! :::::::::::::Spaulding looks back at Mommy to see if he got the word right this time and sees her shaking her head up and down::::::::::::: Teddy: Do you know if the vy-rus caused us to be unable to go to our Beary Buddies message board? Spaulding: I don't think so! Mommy got her 'puter to get rid of the virus and I still couldn't get back on the message board afterwards, but still, when I sent bmails to beary buddies, including to the message board, and THAT message showed up! Teddy: I wonder if that means it's fixed?! Spaulding: We'll find out sooner or later! Teddy: Sure did miss not having our adventure at Hershey though! Made me sad for a whole day!!! Spaulding: Yeah, but it looks like we will try again next Chooseday!!! Teddy: I sure hope so! Spaulding: Rasslin' was good, but I didn't see Brock! Teddy: That's why it was good! Both: kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: We also found out that The Rock probably isn't going to rassle anymore! Teddy: We rarely got to see him on TV anyway and he's good to watch in movies! Spaulding: Can't wait for his new one to come out on video! Teddy: kehehehehehehe Is it even out in the movies yet?! Both: kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Real sad news though! Looks like Mommy might be getting a full time, out-of-the-house kinda job and she can't take me with her! She says it's too dirty there and I'd need a bath every day! Teddy: Now, don't be sad yet! She just asked her old boss today and in an e-mail.... Spaulding: Funny how we get and write bmails but people write e-mails! Shouldn't theirs' be called pmails?! Teddy: Yeah, like people are logical! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: Anyway, with Daddy going to be sick for half a year getting those treatments that are going to make him better... Teddy: See? Told you people aren't logical! How logical is it to get something done to you that will make you feel worse in hopes that after it's all over you MIGHT feel better? Spaullding: "It's true. It's true." Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding, no, but seriously, 90% of the people who get the treatment get as good as new when it's over and you know how much Daddy hates being so tired all the time, so it's good he will feel better.... Teddy: Even if it's after he feels worse! Yeah, I know! It will be good to get our old Daddy back, even though we know he will just go off and get another out-of-the-house job! Spaulding: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww! What if they both end up with out-of-the-house jobs?! ::::::::::::::::::::Both look back at Mommy, hoping for some good news out of all this::::::::::: Teddy: Ahhhh, Mommy says that if they both get out-of-the-house jobs that that would mean that they can do what we like best to do... Spaulding: Save some money!!!! Teddy: But we like saving ALL our money! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And, if they can save enough money in the next few years, Daddy can retire in a decade or so.... Teddy (shrugging shoulders): Whatever a decade is?! Spaulding (also shrugging shoulders): I dunno, but if they can save money they can retire while we're still young and spend the REST of their LIVES with us!!!! Yippie!!! Sounds good!!! Teddy (looking down in deep thought): How long is the rest of their liv......zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ ::::::::::::::Spaulding is shocked and scared at the thought, but when Teddy falls asleep, he remembers that he has to wake him up and forgets the other thought too::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding (nuzzling his nuzzle next to Teddy's ear): W A K E U P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teddy (looking embarassed): Did I think again? Spaulding: Yeah, and stop it! We can't finish our journal entry if we take a nap! Teddy: Did we tell about our zoo trip yet? Spaulding: Not yet. Teddy: Well, the idea for the zoo trip started as we were drinking our 6th cup of coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee and hoping our bearybuddies would find us even without directions.... Spaulding: My cub, Ding, and puppy, Dee, don't drink coffee. They're too young, so they were drinking NeHis. Teddy: We wake up really well with the kaff-feen in coffee... Spaulding: And Ding and Dee wake up really well with the sugar in the NeHis! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulidng: Ding had finally stopped asking if we were going yet.... Teddy: ...but went right into "are they here yet?" Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Dee, however starts thinking lots and lots of thoughts! She knew that Mawson and his family were coming over from Australia... Teddy: had to know what Australia was like! Spaulding: We're Teddy Bears, not geologist! Teddy: Wow! How did you learn that word and what does it mean? ::::::::::::::::::::Both look at Mommy questioningly::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Well, we do watch Jeopardy! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: ...but I got the word wrong...but I was close! Teddy: You sure were! Geologist study rocks, but you meant people who study countries, or study geography! Spaulding (whispering loud enough to be heard in Australia): YEAH, BUT MOMMY COULDN'T TELL US WHAT THEY ARE CALLED, JUST WHAT THEY STUDY IS CALLED AND SHE'S TOO LAZY TO LOOK IT UP FOR US! Teddy: Her words, not ours. Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Anyway, we didn't know what Australia is like other then it has some really smart Teddy Bears and stuffed doggies living there! Teddy: Well, Axlerod remembered enough to make us cur-ee-us-or-more! He said something about hopping animals with their own built in pockets... Spaulding: And birds as big as Mommy and Daddy... Teddy: ...and some kind of mixed up animal that doesn't know if it's a fish, or a duck, or a beaver.... Spaulding: ....and bears that look as cute as Teddy Bears and are the same size as some Teddy Bears...but aren't Teddy Bears!!!! Teddy: So, of course, we all started wanting to see such animals, and... Spaulding: Dee, my sweet AND smart little girl, asked if we could see these animals in the zoo. Teddy: We were all pretty tired from being up late Chooseday night, but got our napergy... Spaulding: usually telepathed from Teddy Bears to their parents to help their parents to be able to nap well when cuddling their Teddy Bear. It's also used to protect our parents when they are away from us and it is our energy also. Teddy: We knew about napergy and how we can send it to our parents, but our bestest bearybuddy, Babybear, taught us the word. Spaulding: Smart Babybear! Teddy: So we got our napergy back to normal by Thursday, but forgot about the zoo trip all together, until Mommy and Daddy decided to go down together to the huckster to get veggies and fruit. Spaulding: That's when Dee reminded us of our plan, so Axlerod froze some time for us and off to the Philadelphia Zoo we went! Teddy: We saw the beary big hopping animals called red kangeroos, which could tickle Mommy's chin if they wanted to, they are so big! Spaulding: Kelly, the Kangaroo... Teddy: Only girl kangaroos have their beary own pocket... Spaulding: ...gave us all a ride in her "pouch!" Teddy: Her children were too big to be called "joeys" anymore... Spaulding: That's what baby kangeroos are called! Teddy: And the emus is the really big bird, the second biggest bird in the world. Spaulding: ...and the plat-a-pus is the mixed up animal. Teddy: It has a pouch like Kelly, but it also lives mostly in the water and looks like a beaver but without the big slappy tail and with a duck's bill mouth! Spaulding: Although the Koala looks as cute as a Teddy Bear, it's addicted to eucalyptus leaves, so gets nasty if you bother it! Teddy: Not Teddy Bear like at all!!!! Spaulding: And, watching The Crocodile Hunter on TV (click here to find out about Stevo), we HAD to see the crocodiles! Teddy: And since we were at the Philadelphia Zoo, we had to go up in the Zooballoon! (Click here for more info about our zoo) Spaulding: Up high in the air, we could even see our house... Teddy: ...we think! Spaulding: But Daddy is home now! Teddy: He taped RASSLIN' for us, so hopefully we can watch it soon! Spaulding: Sooooooooo...until next time....

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Tough Times for the Little Guys!

Spaulding: Well, we discovered something Thursday night that we didn't know about ourselves. Teddy: It's embarrassing! Spaulding: Beary embarrassing! Teddy: If push comes to shove... Spaulding (shrugging shoulders): Whatever that means... Teddy (also shrugging shoulders): I dunno either--how about...IF there is nothing but really lousy TV on Thursday nights...? Spaulding: we are FORCED... Teddy: Yeah! Yeah! FORCED!!!! Spaulding: watch rasslin'! Teddy: Daddy said that it's expected, because it was over beary first time having our con-vick-shauns come back to haunt us! It's tough to face them when it affects us personally. Spaulding: we had to ask what that meant too! Teddy: Daddy said that most people have a set of mor-als that they say they live by, but really they only live by them when it is con-veen-ient! Spaulding: He used Rasslin' as an example for us and told us that we really did mean well when we decided to give it up... Teddy: ...and that's a good thing... Spaulding: BUT, we tried watching something else instead and there is nothing on! Teddy: Well, that show Survivor started again and there was also Extreme Makeovers, but we really hate "reality TV." Spaulding: We are more realistic then "reality TV." Teddy: Wait! We ARE realistic, aren't we? Spaulding: Oh yeah! Let's just say that "reality TV" never puts normal people in normal situations--is that better? Teddy: Yeah...but we don't watch "reality TV!" It's just so ... so ... so ... aaarrgghhhh! Spaulding: Yeah, that's it! It's just so ARGH! Teddy: So, as Daddy s'plained it, stuck with either watching nothing or Rasslin', we came face-to-face with our con-vic-tions! We had to decide if we would do the right thing and watch nothing, or cheat and watch rasslin'! Spaulding: Daddy went on to s'plain that cheating is also called sinning and there is no one on earth now who doesn't sin... Teddy: ...but that led into the concept of "are Teddy Bears in the same fallen state as the rest of the earth, or are we unique?" Spaulding: ...and, although we obviously believe in Jesus as the Savior, not so sure if we wanted to go down that road people have to travel because they belong to the real world and not to Teddy Bear world, so we kinda dropped that one all together... Teddy:...and as Daddy s'plains it, we "took the path most traveled on..." and did what most do... Spaulding: --we did what we FELT like doing and watched Smackdown! Teddy: Maybe if Vincent McMahon never find out it will be OK! Spaulding (in his loudest whisper): SO DON'T TELL VINCE MCMAHON!!! Teddy: Strangely, even though we watched it, I didn't get into it like I used to! Spaulding: We rough housed?! Teddy: Oh, I had fun, but not as much fun as I used to. Spaulding: Come to think of it, neither did I. (Mommy pauses to "s'plain" a possible reason.) Teddy: Hmmmmm, Mommy said something that might s'plain it! Spaulding: She says that feeling guilty while doing something you KNOW is wrong makes the joy of doing that thing less. Teddy: Yeah, sounds right! ::::::::::::::::::Both pause for a moment to think about that, and, as most stuffed animals are apt to do, they fall asleep from thinking so hard:::::::::::::::::::: Both: ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (Mommy shakes them to wake them up!) Spaulding: Oh! Where were we? Oh yeah, but I can't think to long on that idea! Teddy: We can tell the rest of what Mommy said! Spaulding: Like what? I forgot! Teddy: She says that most people end up doing what is wrong anyway, because it is still fun enough to not stop doing... Spaulding: Oh, yeah! AND because they keep doing what they know is wrong, their con-shunce gets hardened and they forget they are doing something wrong, or try to rash-shuan-o-lize... Teddy: Such big words Mommy and Daddy use! They s'plain the words to us, but hard for Teddy Bears to say! Spaulding: un hunh, ...rash-shun-o-lize it in themselves so it doesn't bother them so much! Teddy: BUT, good news for Teddy Bears--sorta! We are very honest, so don't lie beary well.... Spaulding: We can lie, but purposely make it obvious that we are lying.... Teddy: if we have grape jam... Spaulding: Thanks, Caboose, for teaching us about grape jam! Also good without hotdogs! if we have grape jam all over our face, and our paw is in the grape jam jar and Mommy asks what we're doing, we won't pull out our paw and try to wipe the jam off... Spaulding:, we'll make sure we get a BIG paw full of it, stick the paw into our mouths and say... Both (talking like they have a big wad of jam in their mouths): "I donno, Mowmmy, whut duu you tink wme arme du-enn?" kehehehehehehehehehe Then we will offer our paw to her so she can lick some too! kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: BUT, being so honest like that, we can honestly say that we will probably watch Smackdown! IF nothing else is on, and not bother coming up with some excuse. Spaulding: It's not a good thing we are watching it, but we... Teddy: ...our whole family... Spaulding: are watching it again! Still, as soon as Mommy has time to help me, I will fix my web den up and change that whole Smackdown! part... Teddy: You also need to update your links! We have some new friends that we want to link our den to their den. Spaulding: Yes, I'm so behind with Mommy being so busy and all! Did you know she worked on a bunch of cover letters and request letters yesterday to send out? Teddy: We both watched her print them out and stuff all those envelopes! Spaulding: Over *****20***** letters in one day!!! BORING! Teddy: Worse part is, despite all that work, she doesn't think she will get any work out of those jobs. Spaulding: She is pretty frustrated! She says that the "Work-at-home" web site that she spent money to visit is probably a scam! Teddy: It would be so good if she could work at home, but it doesn't look good! She has changed her mind and decided to apply for a couple of poor paying jobs that are away from home and will probably be hired Monday! Spaulding: At first, at least, we probably won't miss her though. She wants that midnight-4 a.m., part-time job doing data-entry at UPS to see if she CAN work. If she can then she'll get another job at that store around the corner and work her way back to good money by looking for real jobs in the want ads! Teddy: Yeah, but, if she can't work out of the house--which is why she took disability in the first place, she really thinks she can't work--we have big problems then! Spaulding: For a little while anyway. Daddy DID find out that his sickness will be curable instead of kron-nick! Teddy: Whew! That's good news, still we need to see God doing something soon or we have big big problems! Spaulding: And, I really, really like the way we live now---with Mommy and Daddy with us all day and all night! Teddy: Me too! (Mommy interrupts to explain something to them.) Spaulding: Mommy keeps telling us to stop worrying about it, God is taking care of us all. Teddy: How are we supposed to stop worrying? Is that even possible? Spaulding: Naaaahhhh! Mommy is beary good at worrying too, so knows how to pro-duck-teve-lee worry! Instead of running the same thought over and over in our little stuffing minds, all we need to do is tell God the problem and let God worry about it! Teddy: God worries? Spaulding: That's the good part! Since he's in complete control of everything, he doesn't need to worry. He worked out our problems way before the universe started and is just watching to make sure everything works out as he plans! Teddy: Cool! Does that mean we can still do what we are planning to do? Spaulding: Yup! Sounds like many of our Internet stuffed animal friends are already gearing up to come on Tuesday night (or Chooseday night, like we all choose it to be) to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania to smell and eat chocolate and to have fun at the amusement park! Teddy: Do you know if they are going to come with us to watch RASSLIN' down the street from here on Chooseday night also? Spaulding: I dunno yet. We decided to do this blog now, so I haven't checked our b-mail yet! Teddy: They might be beary sweet and don't have the personalities to watch all that violence! Spaulding: That is probably a good thing. I suspect violence is just not something common for stuffed animals to like! Teddy: Yeah, that is a good thing! Dee: I can't wait for Chooseday! (I forgot to mention...since they all came out to watch rasslin' the other night and tomorrow is The Three Stooges, the entire stuffed animal family is listening to Teddy and Spaulding as they update their journal. They are all baffled by the series of events with Smackdown!, so haven't had much to say--just listening.) Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. (Mommy pauses the conversation to remind Spaulding that kids will keep asking until they get a "yes.") All: kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: We PROMISE to tell you when it's Chooseday! Spaulding: But, for now, I still have to catch up on my b-mail, and Mommy wants to surf the Net a bit so.... Teddy: Sooooooooo...until next time....

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

A Funny Sunday Morning!

Teddy: Stooges are cool! Spaulding (shaking head in agreement): Uh, hunh! Teddy: And we still break out in a good ole fashion rough house session. Spaulding: And I always win! Teddy: Win? When have you ever won? (Mommy explanation time, as the two fight it out--Like their mother, the two teddy bears don't remember if or when they lose, but remember well every single win. Might be inherited...maybe just good upbringing. LOL) ::::::::::::::teddy bears return huffing and puffing::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Now, where were we? Teddy: Telling about The Three Stooges? Spaulding: Oh, yeah. It was doubly fun to watch this week! Teddy: The show was great and Mommy was equally as funny! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: We better tell about Mommy first, or we might forget. Teddy: "It's true. It's true." Both: kehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Every weekend, Mommy goes out and buys the Sunday paper... Teddy: That's where Mommy and Daddy look for jobs. Spaulding: One of the places anyway. Teddy: Daddy asked her if she was going to the store before he took his nap. Spaulding: The only symptom we can see for the way Daddy is sick is that he is really tired all the time and sleeps a lot! ::::::::::::::::::::::::Mommy explains to them:::::::::::::::::: Teddy: OK, Mommy says that for MOST people sleeping 8-9 hours a night isn't a lot, but taking a one and a half to three hour nap is long! Spaulding: But our Daddy used to sleep only 4-5 hours a night and took only a 35-45 minute nap, so it IS sleeping a lot for him now! Teddy: But out of all the ways we have seen Mommy and Daddy sick.... Spaulding: Mommy's disability is chronic pain and we've seen Mommy and Daddy with the usual assortments of colds and flus and allergies and sinus headaches and all the other stuff people get wrong with them all the time.... Teddy: We think sleeping a lot is a GOOD thing! Spaulding: We're Teddy Bears! We do three things very well--hug, sit and NAP!!!! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: So Daddy asked Mommy if she was going to the store, and she remembered she wanted to get the paper, so she said, "Yes." Spaulding: Daddy asked her to pick up some more bread and some kinda herb supplement that is good for getting him to feel better. Teddy: And, just because Mommy loves us, she also knew to buy more hotdogs and all the ingredients to go on them.... Spaulding: And enough coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee to keep Daddy, Teddy and me happy for a week.... Teddy: And snacks would be nice.... Spaulding: And NeHis are necessary.... Teddy: Particularly, grape, orange and cream.... Spaulding: And, smart as she is, Mommy remembered everything Daddy and we asked for... Teddy: ...all before The Three Stooges came on! Spaulding: BUT, she forgot to get the paper! Teddy: And our weather wasn't very cooperative on Sunday. Spaulding: Rain showers throughout the day! Teddy: AND, to add to that, poor Mommy! Spaulding: She finally made herself a winter's cap by crocheting... Teddy: She already made one for Spaulding, and me, and Valentine, and Daddy.... Spaulding: and made Daddy a scarf too, plus made two more caps and scarves for people for Christmas BUT... Teddy: She has been wanting to make herself a cap and scarf and pocketbook before it gets cold! Spaulding: But she tried out her cap the night before and it too was too big! Teddy: She had to try three times before that before making the right size for Daddy... Spaulding: The pattern is wrong! Teddy: She had to make each of ours' over 5-6 times, but thought that was because she wasn't good at dividing up the stitches enough to make it work right the other times! Spaulding: It was the books fault, not hers! Teddy: Anyway, last Saturday night she discovered her cap was too big, and so spent most of Sunday... Spaulding: In between rain storms and trips to the store... Teddy: And Monday night... Spaulding: It's hard to unfinish a crochet piece... Teddy: ...undoing the stitches to get the yarn back! Spaulding: So, she laughed with us as we watched the Stooges, and right afterwards, she saw the sun, so knew the rain would stop for a while. Teddy: The newspaper stand is only two blocks from here. Spaulding: We're not used to seeing Mommy move so fast, but she got dressed and left to get the paper beary quickly! Teddy: Beary, beary quickly, to make sure another shower didn't hit! Spaulding: About a minute after she left.... Teddy: Maybe two minutes.... Spaulding: It started to pour.... Teddy: Looked like a waterfall more then a shower.... Spaulding: Mommy says she was exactly halfway between our house and the newspaper stand! Teddy: She said that when she walked by the cigarette stand.... Spaulding: She knew she was going to be soaked, so saw no purpose in running... Teddy: As if Mommy runs anywhere! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: The woman, who runs the cigarettes stand, looked at her in sympathy and shook her head! Teddy: Mommy just shrugged her shoudlers as if to say, "Oh, well, it happened." Spaulding: She didn't take an umbrella!!! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: Fortunately, the guy at the newsstand had plastic bags for the paper, so it stayed dry. Spaulding: By the time Mommy was walking home, even after she put her glasses and watch in her pockets, she knew they were soaked! Teddy: Being a grown up, she usually jumps over puddles. Spaulding: The only difference between puddles and the rest of the place was how deep the water was. Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: But that day, Mommy... Spaulding: Just for a couple of minutes.... Teddy: Turned into a Teddy Bear wearing a magical swimsuit! Spaulding: When she came to a puddle, she slapped her foot hard into it... Teddy: see how far she could spray it, of course! Spaulding: But, when she came into the house, she became a grown up again! Teddy: She took her soaked sandels off on the porch... Spaulding: They're ruined! Teddy: And took her soaked clothes off inside the front door... Spaulding: So they wouldn't drip all over the house! Teddy: She looked like a drowned rat! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: She needed a towel to dry off and that was AFTER her clothes were off!!! Both: kehehehehehe Both (whispering loudly): SHE WON'T SAY IT BUT SHE REALLY LIKED THE TRIP! Teddy: It was beary funny! ::::::::::::::Both look back at Mom to make sure she is smiling--she is!!!::::::::::: Both: kehehehehehehehehehehehe kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe kehehehehehehehehehe ::::::::::::::feet kicking up in the air as they laugh so hard they are rolling around on the floor:::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::calming down a while later:::::::::::::::::::: Both: kehehehehe---drowned rat! kehehehehehehehehehehehe ::::::::::::::laughter starts up again for another five minutes:::::::::::: Spaulding: Anyway.... Teddy: We decided that The Three Stooges is almost as good as RASSLIN'!!! Click here to go visit a Stooges Web site. Spaulding: Almost! Teddy: They're as atheletic as rass'lers! Spaulding: In one scene, they are trying to get out of a hotel they can't pay for without being caught! Teddy: Curly gets Moe on his shoulders and Larry is hugging around his waist with his feet wrapped around Curly too. Spaulding: And then they put a blanket around them so it looks like Moe is a beary tall man! Teddy: Would have worked too if the guard didn't pull the blanket off! Spaulding: And, upon further investigation, we found out that "pick two"... Teddy: ...two fingers to poke your eyes.... Spaulding: only done with two fingers sticking out... Teddy: so there is no real choice as to which two will poke your eyes! Spaulding: So not like we loose anything since we have to do it with paws and Mommy and Daddy only have two choices too. Both: kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: And they are quite a bit like Teddy Bears too! Spaulding: We think they might be Teddy Bears in disguise! Teddy: They ask good questions of each others and give good answers, just like Teddy Bears! Spaulding: Like this... Curly: What's that monkey got that I ain't got? Moe: a longer tail! Teddy: Or like this... Moe: Did you send the girl's a wire? Curly: No, I sent them a telegram--collect! Spaulding: And they get in situations that they solve like Teddy Bears. Teddy: Like, while they were away at war, their fiances' got kicked out of their house, so they couldn't get married unto they had some place for them all to live. Spaulding: Teddy Bears like to live in big groups too! Teddy: They couldn't find a job to make money for a place to live so they made a house in a vacant lot... Spaulding: Well, they set up the lot as if it were a house with different rooms marked off, but it was still outside---not actually IN a house! Teddy: Yeah, a pretend house like we have...but ours is in a real house! Spaulding: And they had no money for food, so Larry climbed up a tree to steal some eggs out of a nest... Teddy: And we thought the only ones who would find a nest that big would be Teddy Bears! It was huge! About half the size of Larry! Spaulding: And when he tried to get one of the eggs he slipped and the egg fell down on Moe! Teddy: Splat! Right on his head!!!! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: So, Moe, smart guy that he is.... Teddy: smart as a Teddy Bear.... Spaulding: Told Larry to tilt the nest so he could catch the eggs! Teddy: OK, so Moe catches eggs like Mommy does--Mommy can't catch beary well! Spaulding: Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! ..... Teddy: SPLAT!!!!! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: So next they decide to shoot a chicken in the tree!!!! Teddy: Mommy can tell you, only old tough chickens live in trees!!!! Spaulding: So they're like Teddy Bears to have something to eat no matter what! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Of course, they have to fight on who gets the shot gun! Spaulding: The shot gun goes off just in time to kill a goose flying by! Teddy: The true luck of a Teddy Bear! Spaulding: Anyway, ends up they make a house. Teddy: It turns out just like one we would make! One room is the living room, dining room and kitchen. Spaulding: The bedroom is bearly big enough to hold the two three-tiered bunk beds... Teddy: Boys on one side; girls on the other... Spaulding: And, of course, while the three new wives go into the bathroom to get ready for bed, the boys have trouble climbing up to the top bunk and the bunk beds come crashing down...end of movie! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: And they ended the movie this week.... Spaulding: unlike last week! Teddy: And the kids really like The Three Stooges! Spaulding: And our wives politely smiled! Teddy: Mommy thinks The Three Stooges are really liked by guys and kids more then women! Spaulding: Yeah, but Mommy used to not like RASSLIN' too and I did hear her giggling a couple of times! Teddy: And Valentine giggled too and even when I wasn't tickling her!! Spaulding: I might have heard Lady laughing once, but she said it was a yawn! She was still smiling though! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Teddy: But the important part is the kids really liked it. Spaulding: Sure makes it easier to give up RASSLIN'! Teddy: And they'll really like it more if Mommy keeps coming back from trips soakin' wet like that day. Both: kehehehehehehehe :::::::::Both look at Mommy as if pleading for her to do it again, but only get a smile and her head shaking "no.":::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Looked like a "maybe" to me! Teddy: Me too! Spaulding: OK, time to go, so... Until next time....

Saturday, September 13, 2003


Teddy: OK, Mommy is taking the day off so helping us update our journal! Spaulding: Little tidbits here and there we want to cover. Teddy: Like, Mommy found out that we could lose everything we tell her in this update of our journal, if she boo boos and clicks the wrong button. Spaulding: She thought she got smart by typing it in Microsoft word first, and then copying and pasting it, .... Teddy: But, after checking out what she posted the last time, she discovered that since this is written in its own language... Spaulding: ...not regular .html.... Teddy: ....which is why we chose to Blog in the first place--its easier to do this then use .html! Spaulding: it ended up using funny symbols instead of some of the words she typed! Teddy: That's why some of our old posts.... Spaulding: As if we've been doing this for a long time! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: ...have words you might not recognize! Spaulding: so if you see stuff like &#}, try changing that into a symbol, like this '! Teddy: ...or just give up trying to translate it. Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: ALSO... Teddy: we discovered that boycotting Smackdown! is harder then it looks! Spaulding: Every time Daddy was channel surfing, he'd ACCIDENTALLY end up on Smackdown! Teddy: He was trying to negotiate another agreement with us and say we just won't watch Brock! Spaulding: Problem is, Brock was just doing what his boss told him to do... Teddy: It was VINCE MACMAHON's... Spaulding: THE PENCIL NECK GEEK! Teddy: ....fault! Spaulding: We're still boycotting, but I don't know how vigorous it will be, since Daddy channel surfs! Teddy: And the kids are confused too. Spaulding: They're upset that they didn't come out to watch RASSLIN' last Thursday! Teddy: We're hoping they'll be all right when we bring them out tonight to watch The Three Stooges tomorrow morning. Spaulding: We'll let you know how it works out! Teddy: And, as you may remember, we asked our buddy, Mawson,... Spaulding: He's from Australia, although his Daddy is originally from New Zealand.... Teddy: What Australia rule football was like! Spaulding: He answered... Teddy: He really answered so well that we like it and want to watch it with them sometime. Spaulding: Yeah, his family watched it together---Mawson, Scotland and Rumple! Teddy: And watched it upside down! So cool! Spaulding: AND...his Daddy s'plained it to Mommy... Teddy: PLUS s'plained all the other strange sports they have Down Under! Spaulding: Ever think we might be the ones with the strange sports? Teddy: Nah! We're always the normal ones, which makes everyone else weird. Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: We understood the stuff the stuffed animals told us, but not so much about what Mawson's Daddy talked about... Teddy: But we know some, who read our journal, are people, so we want Mommy to copy and paste it on over, and then we can divide it into Stuffed Animal Interpretation and People Interpretation... Spaulding: So, no matter what species you are, you can read the stuff that you will understand! Teddy: But, before we do that, we also want to tell everyone our other news! Spaulding: On our e-group we met some Teddy Bears who live near us! Teddy: BabyBear lives in Philly (not the cheese but the city) just like us... Spaulding: And Beareh lives in Delranco, NJ, a little up the river from us! Teddy: He was born in Niagara Falls, ONT... Spaulding: That's where he got his name, eh?! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: But right after his Mommy's vacation, he moved with her to NJ! Teddy: Did you know that Mommy's Daddy right now is in the same providence as the one Beareh was born in? Spaulding: Yup! He's up fishing in a little town in Ontario, Canada! Teddy: AND we're planning a trip with all our friends to Hershey, PA, so Mawson gets to find out what it's like to visit a place that smells like chocolate! Spaulding: Which smells a LOT better then CHEEEEESE!!!! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: But, for now, we went out for a smorgasbear last night! Spaulding: It had a wide variety of hotdogs, coffee, animal crackers, biscottis, cannolis and grape jam... Teddy: AND, it was all-you-could-eat! Spaulding: AND, since it was run by stuffed animals, we weren't kicked out for eating too much, like when we eat at people places! Teddy: Beary yummy! Spaulding: So, now that we caught you up... Teddy: It's time for Mommy to cut and paste what Mawson and his Daddy b-mailed us. Spaulding: Take it away Mommy! STUFFED ANIMAL INTERPRETATION OF "OZZIE FOOTBALL" Dear Spaulding, It was good to reed yor explain about the rasells. Scotland the Brave rite away went to eeF5 Rumples. But none of us could remember wot count is after 3. So we made it ef3. Rumples spun about and his ears flew around and he took off onto the sofa and landed earsside up. Scotland was going to do the ropes thing two. But Rumples upside down on the sofa sed the upside down fotball was on the flicker box. It was the best teem, the Brisbane Bears. So we all watched the Beirs being the best. There woz a lot of crashing and rasling. And we remembered to tell yoo about it. There is more than 3 Peoples in it, Spaulding. All over the place. And the ones with whistles and flags are the most fun and they always win. And somethimes the Peoples in the crowd dont like that and they are most excitable. Then the other two teems -they dont have whisltes or even a ball - well they keep finding the ball and they kick and paw and fall down and crash some more. And the ball-in-there-somwhere goes between the posts a lot. Except when it doesnt. Then the Peoples in the crowd get the most excited. Then they finish and one team sings very bad humms happily. The other one goes home. Hugs, Mawson and Rumples and Scotland PEOPLE INTERPRETATION OF "OZZIE FOOTBALL" AND OTHER OZZIE SPORTS(I didn't copy and paste everything, so used "..." to show where some was not pasted.) Dear Lynn As a bear's guardian, officially (although, of course, it's he who guards me), I have been peeking at this bmail. While Mawson is very rightly completely baffled by the game, it may be that I can slightly unbaffle you. Although, bear in mind that Mawson's description could well be the more accurate one afterall!... ...Superbowl and sometimes other American football games are broadcast here, but I have no idea how you would have heard of or seen Australian Rules Football ("Rules," "Ozzie Rules," "AFL"- that stands for Australian Football League)....The game most played by the most people, but scarcely broadcast or reported, is Netball. The next one is probably soccer. (Professional soccer here struggles due to the iron grip on the game by ethnic teams. Old rivalrys go on between old European migrant groups, and the rest of the country just can't be bothered with this nonsense. Anyway, as a spectacle, its so BORING compared to AFL.)... ...Hockey and basketball, and Rugby league and Rugby Union (Come on the Wallabies!) are the next sports. AFL comes in almost last in terms of registered players at all levels, and yet it is the most watched. Its the most talked about, most broadcast, most written about, the one that fires up people. It is bruising and gladitorial, incredibly fast, with an injury toll that debilitates all the teams within a few games. And why the huge audience? In one word- women. Women love it. At matches, half the screaming fans are women- thats little, girls, grandmas, demented females of every age. Beware the matronly female fan- if she has an opinion, just dont argue! It is more than baffling, and not only to bears, what is going on here. While men enjoy the game, it's the ladies, who go bananas at the television set and use words about the umpiring that no little bear should hear even if he is singing VERY loudly at the time! AFL seems to be an unspoken code or permission for women to go wild.... ...And why is it nearly the least played? I'ts so dangerous. Most of the very same ladies, who buy the merchandise to deck out the whole family in team colours, wouldn't let their boys play the game in a pink fit.... ...I'll have a go at explaining the actual playing of it in another mark-mail, if you like. It has been most enlightening to learn more about the wrestling. I now realise the gentlemen you have described were on TV in previous years, and also they visited Perth a year or three back, on tour probably. But they aren't broadcast anymore. Probably swallowed up by the Pay-TV fiasco here- but thats another story!... The following is in response to Mommy's follow up e-mail... Mommy wrote: As for Netball, never even heard of it before. Mawson's Daddy replied: I've had to read this several times. To grasp it. Not even heard of Netball. Probably the foremost women's game in the world (outside the USA). Played indoors and outdoors, all ages. It's the forerunner of basketball, played on a similar court. One day people (men, according to what I read) got sick of retrieving the ball, so they put a backboard behind the hoop. Then they put a basket in the net. That made it all a bit too easy, so, on reflection, they raised the height of the hoop/basket/backboard. Then, they STRETCHED the players to be seven feet two inches and 500 pounds (no, no, that's rasslin'), to be seven feet two inches with HUGE shorts. And all the seven foot people were really happy. Ok, picture basketball, but with the girls (including short girls) stopping when they have possession. You have to pass, can't hold the ball, or run with it. Thats about it. Come to think of it, but only because you mention it, Lynn, and it HONESTLY hasn't otherwise occurred to me, but those tunic hems are rather trim to the ladies' bottoms. Mommy wrote: Now Ozzie football is known in the US for two reasons: we're big into macho, work hard, play harder, rough and tough kinds of sports, so admire it AND any Australian, who starts talking sports, has got to, out of sheer pride of country (which is the quality I think the US and Australia has in common, and I always pictured the two countries as the two "liked-mindest" in the world for having LOL), tease us on our wussy version of football compared to theirs'. And, truthfully, you do have us there! Despite losing 4-6 players per professional football game due to injuries, comparatively, our football is seriously wussy like in comparison. Now I'm sure I'm supposed to come back with a "sure, you got us beat there, BUT...", however, I never could figure out what the "but" is. LOL Mawson's Daddy replied: I can just imagine fellow Ozzies in America boasting, "In our football, we dont wear armour, so there". I am in the minority among my countrymen, however, because I don't think this makes American football "seriously wussy" at all. I have watched my step son play in a local amateur American football league (if its any kind of football, he likes it). My view is the "armour" makes it more dangerous. Armour, especially helmets have been tested here in Rugby and Ozzie Rules, and the injuries went up. So the players' apparent failure to protect themselves is not entirely without reason. I think it's like this: put the players in the gear, as in American football (can I just call it AF), and tell them to charge a bus, and they happily charge the bus and knock it over. Keep them out of the gear and tell them to charge a bus, and they think a great deal as they run at it; How can I lessen the impact, can I drop my centre of gravity, maybe turn a bit at the last moment, maybe aim for the corner of the bus etc etc. Very much the skills the wresters are showing really, in making hard hitting throws or whatever look bad but actually not jarring the body so much as it looks. So in all that bonecrunching, rugby tackling and AF tackling, the players have their ways of taking the impact - usually. Ozzie Rules differs, mind you, because the players are usually off balance when struck. The struck player can't do much about it. That 4-6 players per game is a very high figure by the way. That must come from all the charging at the buses parked in the middle of the ground! Yes, all these games are very hard hitting. I was flattened as a kid and have not tried again myself and I wouldn't wish an AF or AFL or rugby career on anyone. Good to watch though! (Clarification: "Despite losing 4-6 players per professional football game due to injuries...." I did mean the total for both teams, and was thinking of the guys who also come back into the game, despite ending up with some kind of torn ligament or broken bone. Often, they come back in a play or two later, but spend their off season having surgery on their injury.) (And another one: easier still, we call our football teams, in plural, as The NFL--National--as compared to World--Football League, and actually used to have 2 separate groups, the AFL (American) and the NFL, until the NFL swallowed up the AFL. A couple of years ago, the man, who owns the major Rasslin' businesses, also tried to start another football league, with major differences--all slanted to being rougher, tougher and more busty cheerleaders, or simply, a football version of Rasslin', but that only lasted one season. You'd think a man with such talent for business would be aware of the 3-7 year start-up rule for business--always assume a start-up business won't be profitable for 3-7 years, and, so, will need to be fed money nonstop for those first few years--and would know he'd need to expect no profit for, at least 3 years! For the next few years, a business can expect to be close to breaking even, but, of course, leaning on one side or the other of that line for a few years. Good news though, if you make it that far, it does count as a "successful" business. :::::::::::::::::Off my Mommy soapbox and back to the blogging::::::::::) Mommy (Mawson's Daddy asked!):And, as for women being into it much more then guys, I have my own theory. A recent survey discovered that, if given the opportunity to get a free year subscription to Playboy magazine, 80-90% of American guys would accept it. On the other hand, if the same number of women were given the opportunity for a free year's subscription of Playgirl, not a single one would want it! Makes me understand the Chippendale craze better. (Chippendales, in case you don't know, are male strippers. Great bodes, all including the much needed six-pack, firm buns and the ability to dance well!) Get a bunch of women in a bar with Chippendales and even the middle aged and old women go crazy trying to stuff dollar bills into the dancer's G-string! It's as if the Beatles came back for a tour and all American women became teen agers again! But, did you know that most women don't dress up to please guys? We really dress up to impress other women. Not sexual, but true. Sorta like if one guy buys a Hummer, the guy next door will want to go out and buy a Hummer 2 or a Harley-Davidson 1200! I believe the whole Ozzie Rule's is about impressing other women! To be hip! However, if you act like you like a sport, you better be able to talk about it in depth or you'll be found out! Now, if you start learning about a sport, chances are good you will start enjoying the sport. What starts out as a facade, ends up becoming real. Mawson's Daddy: this is such a strange take on the phenomenom that I believe you may have hit it. Now that I think about it, there is indeed a certain amount of women going out to the games with "the girls" in a similar way to the girls doing a night out together. :::::::::::::::::shy and humble look at me from Spaulding and Teddy:::::::::::: Teddy: Did we ever mention that our Mommy really, really likes to write?! Spaulding: She also is beary opinionated about many, many subjects. Teddy: Then again, it gives you some idea where our boldness and many opinions come from! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: Well, it's night time and time for normal Saturday night TV. Teddy: Our whole family is watching TV now, ready for tomorrow's Three Stooges. Spaulding: Part of the fun is camping out. I'm the only one that goes back to the bedroom to sleep. Not like Mommy can sleep without me! Teddy: Daddy needs me too, but doesn't want to drool on me when he's asleep, so I sleep with the rest of the family. Spaulding: But it's time to spend time with the family soooooooooo.... Teddy: Until next time....

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Changes happen!

Teddy: Sorry about taking so long to update, but many things have happened in combination that we just have to go through sometimes. Spaulding: They don't make keyboards for Teddy Bear paws, so it's just much easier to tell Mommy what to type, then to type it ourselves. Teddy: And Mommy and Daddy are working very hard to find jobs! Spaulding: to keep us with plenty of hotdogs to eat and coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee and Nehis! Teddy: Since Mommy has to think up and write a bunch of cover letters to apply for all those jobs, her mind goes buggy and she needs to relax and play games in-between. Spaulding: Looking for jobs is BORING stuff, and she is kind enough to let me off the hook, so I can stay with my stuffed animal family instead, but sometimes I sitz with her to help her. I love Mommy bunches, but that is soooooooooooo BORING! Teddy: She takes a few days to do the work, so while she's doing that, we can't even think to ask her to help us update our journal. Spaulding: Although, we really miss updating our journal and talking to our Internet Teddy Bear friends! Teddy: Mommy's not done yet, but she needed some time off to jump start her brain. Spaulding (shrugging): Whatever that means?! Teddy (shrugging also): I dunno?! Spaulding: And Mommy and Daddy have to go grocery shopping today! Teddy (turning to look at Mommy): Don't forget HOTDOGS!!! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: AND, the worse thing ever has happened! We've decided to boycott Smackdown! Teddy: Yes, just terrible, and we don't know what to do for a new favorite TV show that gives us the opportunity to rough house! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: There is this new rass'ler on Smackdown! -- Zack Gowen, who only has one leg. Teddy: Now, Mommy is disabled too, so certainly not like we have a prejudice against disabled people! Spaulding: Mommy told us about a one legged softball pitcher she used to watch when she lived in Virginia and he was very good even at getting around the bases! Teddy: But, he was big, and in really good shape so he was able to play on the team as a regular player! Spaulding: Zack Gowen is about 5'10" and weighs about 140 pounds, if he had two legs! Teddy: Really big to Teddy Bears, but beary little for rass'lers! Spaulding: He's just plain scrawny! Teddy: He used to wrestle in high school, but never won a single match! Spaulding: He lost his leg to cancer when he was eight! Teddy: Now there are other rass'lers who are small, but none that are scrawny! Spaulding: Daddy says that some of the rass'lers take steroids to bulk up, but, since using that stuff can cause cancer, Zack isn't likely to take any! Teddy: That's a good thing! There was a famous football player... Spaulding: AMERICAN football--- Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: named Lyle Alzato... Spaulding: that's how it's pronounced, but none of us know how to spell his last name for sure! Teddy: who died young from doing steroids his whole football career. Spaulding: Doesn't stop many idiots from doing it though! Teddy: So we know Zack shouldn't take steroids... Spaulding: but he also shouldn't rassle! Teddy: He is quick and has some good moves, but he is also so scrawny that even we can tell that he couldn't knock over anyone he has knocked over! Spaulding: I don't think he could knock us over! Teddy: It's true! It's true! Both: kehehehehehehehe (Explanation: "It's true. It's true." is one of Kurt Angles expressions.) Teddy: But then again, Big Show couldn't knock us over! Spaulding: Any way, a couple of weeks ago, Brock Lesnar had a match with Zack Gowen! Teddy: Brock is about 6' 2" tall and 320 pounds of brawn!!! Spaulding: He's beary big and beary strong! Teddy: And Brock told Vince McMahon that he was going to break Zack's leg... Spaulding: And, apparently, he did!!! Teddy: He gave it a beary good try and sure looked like he succeeded, but we didn't find out until last Thursday that Zack was in a cast! Spaulding: And the way we found out is the beary reason we won’t watch Smackdown! again! Teddy: Brock kidnapped Zack and beat him up some more in Vince McMahon's office last Thursday. Spaulding: At the end of the show, we saw Brock with Zack in one of those luxury boxes that all concert domes have anymore. Teddy: Brock was terrorizing Zack by slapping him around, pushing him out of the wheelchair... Spaulding: And Zack had his mouth and hands taped up so he couldn't get away! Teddy: not to mention that his only leg was in a leg length cast! Spaulding: Ultimately, Brock took Zack to some stairs and pushed him out of his wheelchair and down the stairs! Teddy: It was beary, beary scary! Spaulding: Reminded me of that day when Mommy woke up and turned on TV to see that tall, tall tower in NYC falling down only to realize that the other one wasn't there anymore! Teddy: That was right before I was born, but it still is scary to me, having seen what happened after that! Wars are scary too! Spaulding: It wasn't really as scary as THAT day, but to see a people be so utterly mean to another people---I almost started crying, but Daddy was smart enough to change the channel for the rest of the show! Teddy: Mommy kept saying that even if it was fake... Spaulding: And she finally had to tell us that rasslin' is mostly fake, which disappointed us too... Teddy: but made us feel better that Zack wasn't really being hurt by Brock... Spaulding: but he really had to go down those stairs, even if he was grabbing the two railings all the way down... Teddy: but it felt like we were watching a too-close-to-home kinda terrorism! Spaulding: The type of meanness some people have always been to other people, even before they started with fanatical religious groups blowing up buildings and ships! Teddy: We're just little Teddy Bears! Spaulding: We don't understand people being mean to other people! Teddy: We live in a pretend world where the meanest thing we do is make stinky farts! Spaulding (with an angelic look on his face): Not that Teddy Bears can make stinky farts! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: We keep asking different people... Spaulding: and even different Teddy Bears... Teddy: Why people can be so mean to one another. Spaulding: Mommy told us all about Adam, Eve and God and how Adam's sin made people change to the bad, so we understand the idea.. Teddy: but we just don't understand people being mean to other people! Spaulding: Brock torturing Zack like that was something I wish I never watched! Teddy: What's really scary is that we might have talked other Teddy Bears into watching it too! Spaulding: We're beary, beary sorry, if that happened! We didn't know! Teddy: Mommy went to to e-mail them about how bad that was and found a page that supposedly guides parent on how to view their shows. Spaulding: It was just a bunch of marketing lies where they pretended to be concerned too since they are parents also! Teddy: If they were really concerned, they would know the difference between rasslin' and terrorism! Spaulding: Mommy’s upset too. She did try to send an e-mail through their website, but it said that it couldn't go through because they were doing maintenance on their web site. Teddy: Being as honest as we are, Mommy had to explain to us that it was probably that they just got so much bad e-mail because of the show that they just shut down the e-mail thingy! Spaulding: Boy, people can be just...soooo...aaarrrggghhh!!!! Teddy: Sure am glad we ended up with a couple of nice people for parents! Spaulding: meeeeeeeeeeeee TOO! Teddy: Daddy stumbled across some of the other WWE shows as he was channel surfing, and quickly changed the channel when he saw that they were leading off... Spaulding: And they were so proud of themselves for doing so... Teddy: with the whole Brock tortures Zack storyline! Spaulding: Mean and nasty to the core! Teddy: Unh, huh! Spaulding: So we won't be watching Smackdown! anymore! Teddy: We don't know what we can watch instead though! Spaulding: It was the one show every week our whole family watched together. Teddy: And then we'd make it into another adventure by camping out in the living room after the show and staying around for the next night's TV too! Spaulding: We did watch something this last weekend that was a lot of fun!!! Teddy: It was called The Three Stooges Marathon! Spaulding: They are very funny guys! Teddy: I think they might secretly be Teddy Bears because they often saw the world like we do! Spaulding: And they'd keep beating each other up without hurting each other! Teddy: We've already learned, "pick two fingers." Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Of course, we have to play, "pick two paws!" Both: kehehehehehe Teddy: And we found out that they also are on every Sunday at 11 a.m.! Spaulding: which we watched, but since they are all odd length movies, they ended up simply not finishing showing the last one... Teddy: which baffled us for a good half hour!!! Spaulding: We will probably still end up watching them! Teddy: They're funny and we can rough house watching them! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And I have to change my web page to cross off WWE references. Teddy: Baffling AND sad! Spaulding: I hate changes! Teddy: Mommy says change always happens! Spaulding: I still hate it! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: Any way, Mommy's not done looking for a job, so don't know when we can update again! Spaulding: And Mommy and Daddy came home without shopping because Daddy wasn't feeling good. Teddy: Daddy's sick now too and it might take a long time before he feels better. Spaulding: So they need to go out tomorrow to go grocery shopping. Teddy: They didn't buy us any cases of hotdogs, but Daddy says there is still 100 cases in the freezer, so we should be OK until tomorrow. They did stop by the hotdog cart and bring us back a few hotdogs in big rolls! Spaulding: And I think I saw something in my e-mail from Mawson about his version of football! Teddy: And I think there is a new Teddy Bear in our e-group The Joy of Teddy Bears (click here to visit.) Spaulding: And so much catching up to do... Teddy: we will catch up eventually, we promise! Spaulding: which we have to do because we also went to the Eagles opening football game last night... Teddy: The Eagles (click here for The Philadelphia Eagles page) have a new stadium and it was the first night of Monday Night Football... Spaulding and so much cool stuff happened... Teddy: like a big light show, and Rah-key, Rah-key, Rah-key (Rocky—AKA Sylvester Stallone, a local favorite ever since the series of Rocky movies) and big jets flew by from Vermont... Spaulding: scared us too, but we were happy to find out it scared Mommy and Daddy until we figured out what the sound was... Teddy: we live less then a mile from the stadium, so Mommy and Daddy heard the jets too... Spaulding: Whoops! Didn't we just tell you everything about the game? Teddy: No, you didn't mention that the Eagles lost 17-0! Spaulding: I don't remember that part! And didn't mention we sat in one of those super boxes, because of Axelrod's time abilities. Teddy: OK, NOW we told all about it except, the hotdogs are better at the new stadium! Spaulding: OK, so now we told all, but we got to go, so will tell more whenever we can, so, until then...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

What's RASSLIN'?

Spaulding: Our Internet buddy, Mawson, is from Down Under. Teddy: We’re pretty sure he’s from Australia, but it might be New Zealand. Spaulding: We do know he’s about as far away as a bear can get compared to where we live! Teddy: But, he’s asked us a question that we want to answer, but need Mommy’s help to answer. Spaulding: He wants to know what RASSLIN’ is… Teddy: And how it compares to Australian football! Spaulding: That’s why we need Mommy’s help! First, we’re a bit prejudice about RASSLIN’ so hate to acknowledge it’s anything less then what we want it to be… Teddy: And secondly, Mommy says that Australian football is closer to soccer then American football, except it’s even more violent, uses a ball more shaped like a big football then a soccer ball, and hands are used more then feet. Spaulding: Apparently, elbows and knees are used like rass’lers use them! Teddy: So, I’ll start and when we say something that Mommy needs to s’plain fuller, we’ll put our paws on our ears and sing loudly! Spaulding: That way our beliefs stay, but Mawson can understand better! Teddy: It’s just like wres-sel-ling! (wrestling!) ::::::::::::::looks up at Mommy, and realizes it is already time to sing:::::: Spaulding and Teddy (using their beary loud and happy voices to sing): ~~~It’s been a long time~~~getting from there to here~~~It’s been a long line….. (Hint: probably best if Mawson doesn’t read what Mommy writes also, but maybe Mawson’s Daddy might be interested in reading it.) Mommy: Although some of the “wrestlers” (Yes, I’ve always known the word is “wrestling,” but since it is so different from real wrestling, we all say “rasslin’” in a southerner’s accent to differentiate) were originally Roman-Greco wrestlers, Kurt Angle actually winning the gold metal in wrestling at the Olympics a few years ago, rasslin’ is closer to Strong Man Competitions, but with more tossing then hitting. ::::::::::::::::::::::pulling paws away from ears:::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: It’s OK to keep telling? (Mommy shakes her head yes.) Spaulding: Most of the rass’lers are men, but there are a couple of divas of rasslin! Teddy: They are pretty but they only have two ….ummmm, two…ummmm, well, if they wore a bra, they only need two cups! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: We prefer eight ourselves! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Teddy: But they are people so it’s not their fault! Spaulding: And all the rass’lers flip one another in the air, or clotheslines one another… Teddy: like we think they do in your country’s version of football. Spaulding: And push the opponent into the rope… Teddy: they fight in a ring, like boxing… Spaulding: And then put their foot straight out, so the opponent runs right into it! Teddy: And each rass’ler has his specialty! Like Brock Lesnar picks up his opponent over his shoulders and then flings them so their whole body stays parallel with the floor, but it turns them 180 degrees from their original position by the time they hit the floor and that’s called an F5! And he’s no slouch either! He’s around 325 pounds with a neck any cobra would be proud of and yet he has F5’ed The Big Show who is five foot tall 700 pounds! :::::::::::::::::::both realize Mommy wants to say something so plug their ears again:::::: Mommy: Actually, Big Show is supposedly seven feet tall and 500 pounds, but we made a joke out of it because when we first started watching every time they’d talk about him they’d always say, “Big Show, who is seven foot tall 500 pounds….” It just got so funny, that we kept up the tradition, however, since the teddy bears are so small, they can’t comprehend someone so big that they inverted the numbers! Also, having seen Big Show on one of the late night talk shows, I learned he was only 450 pounds, having lost 50 pounds—can’t tell! AND, having rented some of the videos of championship shows of the past, we learned that they use to say Big Show was seven foot two and 500 pounds! They stopped telling how tall he is for a while and now suddenly, he has regained those two inches again! LOL No matter! It is true that Brock can truly pick up Big Show and flip him like pizza dough! Spaulding: And Big Show spits and howlers, grabs his opponent by the neck, lifts him up above his head, and even sometimes inverts them so it goes Big Show’s feet, Big Show’s head, opponent’s head, opponent’s feet and the two have to be at least two stories high, and THEN, crashes the opponent to the ground!!! Teddy: Or Mysterio gets his opponent down on his knees leaning against the ropes and facing the audience, when he runs to the other side of the ring, bounces off the rope, comes flying back, grabs the bottom rope with one hand, the second rope with the other as he flies through the two ropes and then spins around and slams his legs against the poor exhausted opponent’s face! Spaulding: And Chris Benoit cannot win until he stands up, makes the thumbs up gesture, then rakes the thumb with clenched fist across his throat as if to say he is ripping the neck off! Doesn’t matter how close he gets or his opponent gets to winning, no one wins until he does that!!! Teddy: But it’s not just about rasslin! Spaulding: OK, for Teddy, Daddy and me it IS about the rasslin’! Teddy: Yeah, but not for Mommy! She likes to laugh while she watches the rough stuff. I dunno why. :::::::::::::::::::::More closed ears and loud singing:::::::::::::::::::::: Mommy: Because I know no one can get hurt simply by climbing on top of your opponent while he’s down and grabbing your hands together around your opponent’s face, once more cause such anguishing pain that it causes the opponent to tap out! In truth if you watch closely (and we also watched a program that explained the secrets of how they rassle) you can see how they do all the moves without seriously hurting each other—granted some genuinely get cut on the head causing much blood, but still a superficial wound! Still, it is a magnificent display of coordination that would make synchronize swimmers jealous! Much like watching supposed shoot outs in Wild West towns! But, teddy bears are magical creatures, who are completely innocent and remain completely innocent, so don’t let them know we know this stuff! Spaulding: Mommy says she likes to watch it because it’s like a soap opera but with more action. For instance, Brock and Kurt fought for the title belt…. Teddy: There’s a variety of title belts so many people can fight over title belts at any given time…. Spaulding: at THE Main Event, which only happens once a year, so they can charge really big bucks for Pay-Per-View…? Teddy: All the championship fights are held at pay-per-view events, but we don’t have cable TV so have to catch on to what happened at the Pay-Per-View by checking out the web site or watching the next Thursday night show…. Spaulding: and Brock won by F5ing Kurt, but also broke Kurt’s neck! Teddy: Well that made Kurt need surgery on his neck and he had to stay in the hospital for a long time! Spaulding: Kurt has his own team, with two other rass’lers helping him at all his fights… Teddy: But he only got one visitor in that hospital…. Both: Brock Lesnar!!!! Spaulding: His team didn’t even come to visit him. Teddy: Four months later, he finally returned to Smackdown! :::::::::::::::::::::::::ears closed again:::::::::::::::::::: Mommy: Amazingly, despite laprascopic surgery on his neck--like they use to remove gallstones, leaving 3-5 little scars where instruments are pushed into the skin, instead of cutting the patient wide open--Kurt has absolutely NO scars around his neck! I had my gall bladder removed laprascopically and have the short scars to prove it. On the other hand, a few years ago, Chris Benoit did have his neck messed up by wrestling and really has returned to wrestle again, however this has made him a good spokesman for telling fans to not try their stunts at home! ::::::::::::::::::::::ears opened again:::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: So Brock and Kurt ended up as best friends, however, we already wrote in this journal how suddenly Brock became a bad guy and claims that he was acting friendly towards Kurt to fool him! We’re not buying that story though! They really were friends! Teddy: And there is a storyline going on between Zack Gowen and the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince MacMahon… Spaulding: And another one between Vince and his daughter, Stephanie, who is the General Manager of Smackdown! Teddy: And one between Chris Benoit and Eddie Gurerro…. Spaulding: And a few others! Teddy: Now that’s why Mommy likes to watch, but we like to watch the fights and then DO fight at home! Spaulding: And Mommy is so nice she let’s us fight in the house! Teddy: So, Mawson, that’s what rasslin is like! Spaulding: If you can s’plain Australian football, Mommy says she’ll copy and paste it onto this blog, so everyone can understand! Teddy: But, now it’s getting close to time to get ready to eat, play Jeopardy! (we won again last night) and get ready for…. Both: RASLIN!!!!! Spaulding: So, we gotta go. But…. Teddy: Until next time…

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Evening Walk

Teddy: As if the weather knew the holiday weekend was over, we went from summer hot weather to autumn weather in two days! Spaulding: But it also comes with rain! Yuck! Teddy: But it also kinda woke Mommy up a little bit. Spaulding: Mommy hates exercising but likes to take long walks. Teddy: But she also hates sweating, so gives up long walks for the summer! Spaulding: It stopped raining for a couple of hours last night and Mommy ventured out of the air-conditioned room to discover that it wasn’t hot out there! Teddy: She got spunky and decided to go for a walk after Jeopardy! Spaulding: Jeopardy! That tough to play, need our thinking caps on and magical backpack to win, game is having championship championship weeks. Teddy: That’s when they bring back all the biggest champions of the past and have them play against each other for $1,000,000!!!! Spaulding: If we’re not eating while it’s on, Mommy keeps score. Teddy: If we are eating, I keep score! Spaulding: When Mommy keeps score we win between $6,000=$132,000! (Mommy explaining stuff the bears don’t think is important! Mommy, Daddy, Teddy and Spaulding all play on the same team, so it doesn’t matter who gets the right question nor when they get it—no buzzers to ring in—and, when there is a Jeopardy! or Double Jeopardy! question to answer, we always make the same bet—we bet gutsy or the lowest amount we can, apart from nothing, and chose how much we lose or win by the best number….yeah, we cheat, but in an organized way! LOL) Teddy: And if I keep score, we win $6,000,000,000-$8,000,000,000! Spaulding: Teddy keeps score better, but we love Mommy so let her keep score anyway! Teddy: The other rule we keep is that we have to win at least one of the first round games to get into the semifinals and one of the semifinals to get to the finals! Spaulding: Then we just have to win the finals! Teddy: Un huh! But we had lost the night before last night, so Mommy (not me! I KNOW we’re GOOD!) got worried that we’d lose every night. We were in second place out of the four playing, so had to bet it all or bet nothing and hope no one else got it right either and bet enough to make us win! Spaulding: And, like always, we did both!!!! Teddy: The final category was “Pulitzer Prize Winning Authors.” Mommy laughed and said, “Gee, I know one! John Kennedy wrote Profiles of Courage. That’s it! That’s all I know, and I don’t even know anything about the book, just that his father helped get him that prize because he knew many of the members of the committee!” Spaulding: And guess what the final answer was about? Teddy: Actually, the only one who read it was Daddy, and he remembered the reference that Alex Trebec gave being in it, so he just burst out laughing and we all knew that “What is Profiles in Courage?" was the final question! Spaulding: AND, the woman in first place had the right answer…. Teddy: Everyone had the right answer… Spaulding: BUT she didn’t bet anything so we won!!!! Teddy: Made us sing Spaulding’s favorite song—We are the Champions by Queen! Spaulding: Cool, huh? Teddy: But doubly cool is Mommy inviting us to go with her on her walk! Spaulding: She hides us in her backpack so no one knows we are alive and nearby, but it still has that…. Teddy (in a loud whisper): Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! WE DON’T WANT MOMMY TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Spaulding (also in a loud whisper): BUT IT STILL HAS THAT TRAP DOOR IN THE BOTTOM, SO WE CAN GET OUT AND DO WHAT WE WANT TO DO WHENEVER WE WANT TO!!! Teddy: Mommy lets us peek out the top when no one is around, but living in a big city, even after dark, someone is usually around. Spaulding: She telepathed her secret to us as she took us downstairs and put us in the backpack. Teddy: She didn’t want Daddy to know. It was a surprise! Spaulding: She wanted to go by Pop’s Italian Water Ice…. Teddy: Italian Water Ice is fruit juice, real fruit juice with no added water, frozen then ground up…. Spaulding: Looks like a snow cone but it’s made from 100% juice… Teddy: Because she and Daddy try to go there a couple of times during the summer, but both were sick so often they only went once, and they love it with pretzels and Daddy was craving a pretzel, but pretzels make him sick, but Mommy thought maybe just one pretzel along with some Pop’s Italian Water Ice would be OK because they both love it… Spaulding: So she wanted to surprise him by getting a couple of mango water ices! Teddy: I asked the important question—no, she’d use her own money. Spaulding: We like money a lot, but don’t like to spend it! We got our money from being allowed to steal it from Mommy or Daddy… Teddy: We ask permission to steal what is left over after they order dinner to be delivered… Spaulding: Or by winning it playing poker! Teddy: We’re both good at poker, especially since we hate spending our money! Spaulding: So we went south, despite Pop’s being northeast of us. Teddy: But Mommy said she was mostly going for the exercise, so we knew how she was going to get there. Spaulding: And on the way there, we got to watch a few boys… Teddy: Really, really tall boys… Spaulding: playing basketball. Teddy, it was dark out, except for the light from a beary bright street light, so we asked Mommy if we could play. Spaulding: We figured they would think we were other boys in that light. Teddy: She said it was OK, so we jumped out of the backpack as she put it on the ground, grabbed the ball from one of the boys, passed it back and forth… Spaulding: until we were close to the net, and then I passed it to Teddy, who… Teddy: SLAM DUNKED it… Spaulding: Swoooooooooosh!!!! Teddy: Into the net! Spaulding: White men can’t jump, but short bears can jump beary, beary well!!!!! Teddy: The score was 15-4… Spaulding: We were winning… Teddy: Before one of the boys accidentally touched Spaulding’s shoulder! Spaulding: Their faces changed, when they realized that boys don’t have furry shoulders! Teddy: Before they could figure out what happened, we were back in Mommy’s backpack and she was casually walking down the sidewalk like nothing happened! Spaulding: It was a close one, but fun! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: Anyway, Pop’s was right up the street from that court, and Mommy was pretty disappointed to find out that it was closed! Spaulding: We volunteered to sneak in and did it before Mommy could stop us… Teddy: But it must be closed for the season already because there was no water ice in there! Spaulding: Wow! I just thought of something! For us summer is all but over, but for Mawson, our DownUnder friend, winter is all but over! Teddy: Cool! Spaulding: Anyway, back into the backpack we jumped and Mommy stopped off at the local drug store for some junk food. Teddy: We did convince her to buy one pretzel rod for her and one for Daddy. Spaulding: He liked it, but his body didn’t. Teddy: Hope it stopped his craving for a while! Spaulding: We were back home in 45 minutes and it was a wonderful walk! Teddy: It wasn’t cold enough to need the blanket Mommy wrapped us in! Spaulding: Particularly after playing Bball!! Teddy: Un huh! Spaulding: Welp time to get ready for dinner and Jeopardy! So, until next time….

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Night out!

Spaulding: Mommy didn’t feel well yesterday, so we didn’t get to update our journal, but we did decide to go to The Franklin Institute, because it looked like it might rain! Teddy: For those not from around Philadelphia… Spaulding: Or even from the United States… Teddy: The Franklin Institute is a science museum in Philadelphia named after Benjamin Franklin… Spaulding: Founding Father of the United States, statesman… Teddy: which is a nice thing to call a politician… Spaulding: an inventor, a writer and a philosopher. Teddy: He’s the guy who figured out that lightning is really electricity, so invented the lightning rod! Spaulding: He invented a metal fireplace and called it the Franklin stove. Teddy: On a trip to France, he took measurements all along the way and discovered the Atlantic Ocean current, and so found a way to make the trip much shorter…. Spaulding: Information still used by the United States Navy! Oh, and he wrote “Poor Richard’s Almanac” Teddy: And helped write the Declaration of Independence…. Spaulding: declaring the United States was free from Britain… Teddy: And the Constitution…. Spaulding: The United States’ main body of law… Teddy: And, well, if we keep telling you all about Franklin, we won’t have time to tell you about our trip to The Franklin Institute! Spaulding: Now the information we just told you about is stuff Mommy and Daddy told us. Teddy: Daddy’s brother’s birthday—January 17th, is the same date as Ben Franklin’s birthday! Spaulding: Although—Daddy’s brother wasn’t as old as Ben. Teddy: In case you aren’t good with numbers, Ben Franklin is a little over 300 years old, so he’s dead. Spaulding: Sadly, Daddy’s brother, Neil, died long ago too. He would have been as old as Mommy, but he died back when he was in his very early twenties. Teddy: We didn’t mean to sound so sad. Spaulding: And both Ben and Neil have been dead for many years, so we don’t cry over this, although we wish we could have met both. Teddy: Oh, we almost forgot to tell you…if you want to learn more about Ben Franklin, The Franklin Institute has a whole section about him. Don’t forget to check out his Armonica! It’s a really cool musical instrument that makes the same sounds as those people who play glass goblets! Click here to go visit it! Spaulding: But we didn’t go to the Franklin Institute to see Ben Franklin stuff! Teddy: Mommy told us about it a while ago when we needed new places to go see. Spaulding: She went there long, long, long (Mom stops typing the “longs’ at this point) kehehehehehe ago, when she was in grade school on a class trip. Teddy: She told us about the heart that is big enough to walk through—and we did climb through it. (What people consider “walking” is often climbing for stuffed animals.) Spaulding: And the glass ball that, if you put your hands on it, makes your hair stick straight out. The only stuffed animal in our group who had long enough fur to see it work was Lady, and even then, only her fur on her ears stuck out! Teddy: But, we picked…. Both: kehehehehehe Teddy: PICKED a good time to go! Did you know the scientific name for picking your nose? Rhinotillexonamia! Honestly!!!! Both: kehehehehehe Spaulding: Seriously though, we went to visit when a beary cool exhibit was showing—“Grossology!” Teddy: That’s really not the scientific name for it, but it shows us about why all the gross noises and smells come from our bodies! Spaulding: Sure, we fart, but they don’t stink since we are just full of stuffing! Still, it is fun to have someone pull our paw! Both: kehehehehehe Teddy: We had a lot of fun as we learned why we fart, and belch, and blow our nose, and throw up and all the other gross things people’s bodies can do. Spaulding: Our noses are always stuffed, but we don’t blow them or the poor noses flatten out without any stuffing left! Teddy: We also found out why we smell dirty feet, although our paws NEVER, ever get dirty. :::::::::Teddy peeks around to see if Mommy is getting out that Teddy Bear spray to clean him---he hates baths::::: Spaulding: Most of the stuff we looked at had fun things to do, like a pinball game, and buttons to push and fun things like that! Teddy: One of the places we went to, I secretly didn’t want to do! How boring can it be to sit in a seat in the dark and watch stars and planets and junk flying around on the ceiling above you, but then again Lady wanted to go, thinking it might be a good place to cuddle Spaulding… :::::::::::Spaulding blushes::::::::::::::: Spaulding: You KNEW why she wanted to go?! Teddy: Oh, noooooooooooooooo, Bwuder, you two are sooooooooooo subtle! Both: kehehehehehe (but I can still tell that Spaulding is a little embarrassed) Spaulding: But, didn’t you like it too? Teddy: Well :::::::::::blushing a little:::::::::: actually, Valentine suggested maybe we could do a little cuddling too, so I started liking the idea more! Spaulding: Did you two ever get to cuddling? We got so interested in watching the show all about “A Date with Mars” that we forgot to cuddle. We held each other close, but didn’t cuddle! Teddy: Same here!!! Whew, I feel better! Both: kehehehehe Teddy: To bad we didn’t go last Wednesday! It was the night that Mars was closest to the earth in several hundred years and they were letting people used their telescope to see it! Spaulding: And being on Axlerod’s magical time, we wouldn’t even have had to pay the $10 to see it! Teddy: Yeah, that was a crock, wasn’t it? Making it sound like they were doing a community service on the news, but charging $10 per person! Spaulding: As John Stossel always says, “Give me a break!” Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: Doesn’t Mommy always say that? ::::::::::::::::Both look at Mommy as she tells them how she let Mr. Stossel take her line::::::::::: All: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: We can always see it the next time it happens in a couple of hundred years! Teddy: Boy, we’ll never live that long if we keep using Axlerod’s special time abilities! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: I don’t know which the kids liked more---“A Date with Mars” or “Pulse,” that noisy but cool movie about the international language of rhythm! Teddy: You were dancing so much I was afraid your paws would fall off! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: Everyone was dancing, even Axlerod! Teddy: I like the way he dances too! Spaulding: And the kids think he’s a new ride after climbing onto his back while he was dancing. Both: kehehehehe Teddy: I sure was tired yesterday though! Spaulding: Shhhhhhhhhhh, we’re beary young and Mommy isn’t supposed to find out that something tires us out. Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: Anyway, if you ever happened to come to visit Philadelphia---well, OK The Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross House and Independence Hall should also be seen--- make sure you go to the Franklin Institute. Spaulding: It really is fun for the whole family!!! Teddy: And if your kids hate seeing “educational junk” just don’t tell them that they are learning! Spaulding (whispering loudly): WE WON’T TELL IF YOU DON’T TELL! Teddy: To find out more, check out this link! Spaulding: But Mommy is ordering delivered dinner, so we have to go to make sure she gets the order right. Teddy: So, until next time….