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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Changes happen!

Teddy: Sorry about taking so long to update, but many things have happened in combination that we just have to go through sometimes. Spaulding: They don't make keyboards for Teddy Bear paws, so it's just much easier to tell Mommy what to type, then to type it ourselves. Teddy: And Mommy and Daddy are working very hard to find jobs! Spaulding: to keep us with plenty of hotdogs to eat and coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee and Nehis! Teddy: Since Mommy has to think up and write a bunch of cover letters to apply for all those jobs, her mind goes buggy and she needs to relax and play games in-between. Spaulding: Looking for jobs is BORING stuff, and she is kind enough to let me off the hook, so I can stay with my stuffed animal family instead, but sometimes I sitz with her to help her. I love Mommy bunches, but that is soooooooooooo BORING! Teddy: She takes a few days to do the work, so while she's doing that, we can't even think to ask her to help us update our journal. Spaulding: Although, we really miss updating our journal and talking to our Internet Teddy Bear friends! Teddy: Mommy's not done yet, but she needed some time off to jump start her brain. Spaulding (shrugging): Whatever that means?! Teddy (shrugging also): I dunno?! Spaulding: And Mommy and Daddy have to go grocery shopping today! Teddy (turning to look at Mommy): Don't forget HOTDOGS!!! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: AND, the worse thing ever has happened! We've decided to boycott Smackdown! Teddy: Yes, just terrible, and we don't know what to do for a new favorite TV show that gives us the opportunity to rough house! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: There is this new rass'ler on Smackdown! -- Zack Gowen, who only has one leg. Teddy: Now, Mommy is disabled too, so certainly not like we have a prejudice against disabled people! Spaulding: Mommy told us about a one legged softball pitcher she used to watch when she lived in Virginia and he was very good even at getting around the bases! Teddy: But, he was big, and in really good shape so he was able to play on the team as a regular player! Spaulding: Zack Gowen is about 5'10" and weighs about 140 pounds, if he had two legs! Teddy: Really big to Teddy Bears, but beary little for rass'lers! Spaulding: He's just plain scrawny! Teddy: He used to wrestle in high school, but never won a single match! Spaulding: He lost his leg to cancer when he was eight! Teddy: Now there are other rass'lers who are small, but none that are scrawny! Spaulding: Daddy says that some of the rass'lers take steroids to bulk up, but, since using that stuff can cause cancer, Zack isn't likely to take any! Teddy: That's a good thing! There was a famous football player... Spaulding: AMERICAN football--- Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: named Lyle Alzato... Spaulding: that's how it's pronounced, but none of us know how to spell his last name for sure! Teddy: who died young from doing steroids his whole football career. Spaulding: Doesn't stop many idiots from doing it though! Teddy: So we know Zack shouldn't take steroids... Spaulding: but he also shouldn't rassle! Teddy: He is quick and has some good moves, but he is also so scrawny that even we can tell that he couldn't knock over anyone he has knocked over! Spaulding: I don't think he could knock us over! Teddy: It's true! It's true! Both: kehehehehehehehe (Explanation: "It's true. It's true." is one of Kurt Angles expressions.) Teddy: But then again, Big Show couldn't knock us over! Spaulding: Any way, a couple of weeks ago, Brock Lesnar had a match with Zack Gowen! Teddy: Brock is about 6' 2" tall and 320 pounds of brawn!!! Spaulding: He's beary big and beary strong! Teddy: And Brock told Vince McMahon that he was going to break Zack's leg... Spaulding: And, apparently, he did!!! Teddy: He gave it a beary good try and sure looked like he succeeded, but we didn't find out until last Thursday that Zack was in a cast! Spaulding: And the way we found out is the beary reason we won’t watch Smackdown! again! Teddy: Brock kidnapped Zack and beat him up some more in Vince McMahon's office last Thursday. Spaulding: At the end of the show, we saw Brock with Zack in one of those luxury boxes that all concert domes have anymore. Teddy: Brock was terrorizing Zack by slapping him around, pushing him out of the wheelchair... Spaulding: And Zack had his mouth and hands taped up so he couldn't get away! Teddy: not to mention that his only leg was in a leg length cast! Spaulding: Ultimately, Brock took Zack to some stairs and pushed him out of his wheelchair and down the stairs! Teddy: It was beary, beary scary! Spaulding: Reminded me of that day when Mommy woke up and turned on TV to see that tall, tall tower in NYC falling down only to realize that the other one wasn't there anymore! Teddy: That was right before I was born, but it still is scary to me, having seen what happened after that! Wars are scary too! Spaulding: It wasn't really as scary as THAT day, but to see a people be so utterly mean to another people---I almost started crying, but Daddy was smart enough to change the channel for the rest of the show! Teddy: Mommy kept saying that even if it was fake... Spaulding: And she finally had to tell us that rasslin' is mostly fake, which disappointed us too... Teddy: but made us feel better that Zack wasn't really being hurt by Brock... Spaulding: but he really had to go down those stairs, even if he was grabbing the two railings all the way down... Teddy: but it felt like we were watching a too-close-to-home kinda terrorism! Spaulding: The type of meanness some people have always been to other people, even before they started with fanatical religious groups blowing up buildings and ships! Teddy: We're just little Teddy Bears! Spaulding: We don't understand people being mean to other people! Teddy: We live in a pretend world where the meanest thing we do is make stinky farts! Spaulding (with an angelic look on his face): Not that Teddy Bears can make stinky farts! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: We keep asking different people... Spaulding: and even different Teddy Bears... Teddy: Why people can be so mean to one another. Spaulding: Mommy told us all about Adam, Eve and God and how Adam's sin made people change to the bad, so we understand the idea.. Teddy: but we just don't understand people being mean to other people! Spaulding: Brock torturing Zack like that was something I wish I never watched! Teddy: What's really scary is that we might have talked other Teddy Bears into watching it too! Spaulding: We're beary, beary sorry, if that happened! We didn't know! Teddy: Mommy went to to e-mail them about how bad that was and found a page that supposedly guides parent on how to view their shows. Spaulding: It was just a bunch of marketing lies where they pretended to be concerned too since they are parents also! Teddy: If they were really concerned, they would know the difference between rasslin' and terrorism! Spaulding: Mommy’s upset too. She did try to send an e-mail through their website, but it said that it couldn't go through because they were doing maintenance on their web site. Teddy: Being as honest as we are, Mommy had to explain to us that it was probably that they just got so much bad e-mail because of the show that they just shut down the e-mail thingy! Spaulding: Boy, people can be just...soooo...aaarrrggghhh!!!! Teddy: Sure am glad we ended up with a couple of nice people for parents! Spaulding: meeeeeeeeeeeee TOO! Teddy: Daddy stumbled across some of the other WWE shows as he was channel surfing, and quickly changed the channel when he saw that they were leading off... Spaulding: And they were so proud of themselves for doing so... Teddy: with the whole Brock tortures Zack storyline! Spaulding: Mean and nasty to the core! Teddy: Unh, huh! Spaulding: So we won't be watching Smackdown! anymore! Teddy: We don't know what we can watch instead though! Spaulding: It was the one show every week our whole family watched together. Teddy: And then we'd make it into another adventure by camping out in the living room after the show and staying around for the next night's TV too! Spaulding: We did watch something this last weekend that was a lot of fun!!! Teddy: It was called The Three Stooges Marathon! Spaulding: They are very funny guys! Teddy: I think they might secretly be Teddy Bears because they often saw the world like we do! Spaulding: And they'd keep beating each other up without hurting each other! Teddy: We've already learned, "pick two fingers." Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Of course, we have to play, "pick two paws!" Both: kehehehehehe Teddy: And we found out that they also are on every Sunday at 11 a.m.! Spaulding: which we watched, but since they are all odd length movies, they ended up simply not finishing showing the last one... Teddy: which baffled us for a good half hour!!! Spaulding: We will probably still end up watching them! Teddy: They're funny and we can rough house watching them! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And I have to change my web page to cross off WWE references. Teddy: Baffling AND sad! Spaulding: I hate changes! Teddy: Mommy says change always happens! Spaulding: I still hate it! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: Any way, Mommy's not done looking for a job, so don't know when we can update again! Spaulding: And Mommy and Daddy came home without shopping because Daddy wasn't feeling good. Teddy: Daddy's sick now too and it might take a long time before he feels better. Spaulding: So they need to go out tomorrow to go grocery shopping. Teddy: They didn't buy us any cases of hotdogs, but Daddy says there is still 100 cases in the freezer, so we should be OK until tomorrow. They did stop by the hotdog cart and bring us back a few hotdogs in big rolls! Spaulding: And I think I saw something in my e-mail from Mawson about his version of football! Teddy: And I think there is a new Teddy Bear in our e-group The Joy of Teddy Bears (click here to visit.) Spaulding: And so much catching up to do... Teddy: we will catch up eventually, we promise! Spaulding: which we have to do because we also went to the Eagles opening football game last night... Teddy: The Eagles (click here for The Philadelphia Eagles page) have a new stadium and it was the first night of Monday Night Football... Spaulding and so much cool stuff happened... Teddy: like a big light show, and Rah-key, Rah-key, Rah-key (Rocky—AKA Sylvester Stallone, a local favorite ever since the series of Rocky movies) and big jets flew by from Vermont... Spaulding: scared us too, but we were happy to find out it scared Mommy and Daddy until we figured out what the sound was... Teddy: we live less then a mile from the stadium, so Mommy and Daddy heard the jets too... Spaulding: Whoops! Didn't we just tell you everything about the game? Teddy: No, you didn't mention that the Eagles lost 17-0! Spaulding: I don't remember that part! And didn't mention we sat in one of those super boxes, because of Axelrod's time abilities. Teddy: OK, NOW we told all about it except, the hotdogs are better at the new stadium! Spaulding: OK, so now we told all, but we got to go, so will tell more whenever we can, so, until then...

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