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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

A Funny Sunday Morning!

Teddy: Stooges are cool! Spaulding (shaking head in agreement): Uh, hunh! Teddy: And we still break out in a good ole fashion rough house session. Spaulding: And I always win! Teddy: Win? When have you ever won? (Mommy explanation time, as the two fight it out--Like their mother, the two teddy bears don't remember if or when they lose, but remember well every single win. Might be inherited...maybe just good upbringing. LOL) ::::::::::::::teddy bears return huffing and puffing::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Now, where were we? Teddy: Telling about The Three Stooges? Spaulding: Oh, yeah. It was doubly fun to watch this week! Teddy: The show was great and Mommy was equally as funny! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: We better tell about Mommy first, or we might forget. Teddy: "It's true. It's true." Both: kehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Every weekend, Mommy goes out and buys the Sunday paper... Teddy: That's where Mommy and Daddy look for jobs. Spaulding: One of the places anyway. Teddy: Daddy asked her if she was going to the store before he took his nap. Spaulding: The only symptom we can see for the way Daddy is sick is that he is really tired all the time and sleeps a lot! ::::::::::::::::::::::::Mommy explains to them:::::::::::::::::: Teddy: OK, Mommy says that for MOST people sleeping 8-9 hours a night isn't a lot, but taking a one and a half to three hour nap is long! Spaulding: But our Daddy used to sleep only 4-5 hours a night and took only a 35-45 minute nap, so it IS sleeping a lot for him now! Teddy: But out of all the ways we have seen Mommy and Daddy sick.... Spaulding: Mommy's disability is chronic pain and we've seen Mommy and Daddy with the usual assortments of colds and flus and allergies and sinus headaches and all the other stuff people get wrong with them all the time.... Teddy: We think sleeping a lot is a GOOD thing! Spaulding: We're Teddy Bears! We do three things very well--hug, sit and NAP!!!! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: So Daddy asked Mommy if she was going to the store, and she remembered she wanted to get the paper, so she said, "Yes." Spaulding: Daddy asked her to pick up some more bread and some kinda herb supplement that is good for getting him to feel better. Teddy: And, just because Mommy loves us, she also knew to buy more hotdogs and all the ingredients to go on them.... Spaulding: And enough coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee to keep Daddy, Teddy and me happy for a week.... Teddy: And snacks would be nice.... Spaulding: And NeHis are necessary.... Teddy: Particularly, grape, orange and cream.... Spaulding: And, smart as she is, Mommy remembered everything Daddy and we asked for... Teddy: ...all before The Three Stooges came on! Spaulding: BUT, she forgot to get the paper! Teddy: And our weather wasn't very cooperative on Sunday. Spaulding: Rain showers throughout the day! Teddy: AND, to add to that, poor Mommy! Spaulding: She finally made herself a winter's cap by crocheting... Teddy: She already made one for Spaulding, and me, and Valentine, and Daddy.... Spaulding: and made Daddy a scarf too, plus made two more caps and scarves for people for Christmas BUT... Teddy: She has been wanting to make herself a cap and scarf and pocketbook before it gets cold! Spaulding: But she tried out her cap the night before and it too was too big! Teddy: She had to try three times before that before making the right size for Daddy... Spaulding: The pattern is wrong! Teddy: She had to make each of ours' over 5-6 times, but thought that was because she wasn't good at dividing up the stitches enough to make it work right the other times! Spaulding: It was the books fault, not hers! Teddy: Anyway, last Saturday night she discovered her cap was too big, and so spent most of Sunday... Spaulding: In between rain storms and trips to the store... Teddy: And Monday night... Spaulding: It's hard to unfinish a crochet piece... Teddy: ...undoing the stitches to get the yarn back! Spaulding: So, she laughed with us as we watched the Stooges, and right afterwards, she saw the sun, so knew the rain would stop for a while. Teddy: The newspaper stand is only two blocks from here. Spaulding: We're not used to seeing Mommy move so fast, but she got dressed and left to get the paper beary quickly! Teddy: Beary, beary quickly, to make sure another shower didn't hit! Spaulding: About a minute after she left.... Teddy: Maybe two minutes.... Spaulding: It started to pour.... Teddy: Looked like a waterfall more then a shower.... Spaulding: Mommy says she was exactly halfway between our house and the newspaper stand! Teddy: She said that when she walked by the cigarette stand.... Spaulding: She knew she was going to be soaked, so saw no purpose in running... Teddy: As if Mommy runs anywhere! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: The woman, who runs the cigarettes stand, looked at her in sympathy and shook her head! Teddy: Mommy just shrugged her shoudlers as if to say, "Oh, well, it happened." Spaulding: She didn't take an umbrella!!! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: Fortunately, the guy at the newsstand had plastic bags for the paper, so it stayed dry. Spaulding: By the time Mommy was walking home, even after she put her glasses and watch in her pockets, she knew they were soaked! Teddy: Being a grown up, she usually jumps over puddles. Spaulding: The only difference between puddles and the rest of the place was how deep the water was. Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: But that day, Mommy... Spaulding: Just for a couple of minutes.... Teddy: Turned into a Teddy Bear wearing a magical swimsuit! Spaulding: When she came to a puddle, she slapped her foot hard into it... Teddy: see how far she could spray it, of course! Spaulding: But, when she came into the house, she became a grown up again! Teddy: She took her soaked sandels off on the porch... Spaulding: They're ruined! Teddy: And took her soaked clothes off inside the front door... Spaulding: So they wouldn't drip all over the house! Teddy: She looked like a drowned rat! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: She needed a towel to dry off and that was AFTER her clothes were off!!! Both: kehehehehehe Both (whispering loudly): SHE WON'T SAY IT BUT SHE REALLY LIKED THE TRIP! Teddy: It was beary funny! ::::::::::::::Both look back at Mom to make sure she is smiling--she is!!!::::::::::: Both: kehehehehehehehehehehehe kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe kehehehehehehehehehe ::::::::::::::feet kicking up in the air as they laugh so hard they are rolling around on the floor:::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::calming down a while later:::::::::::::::::::: Both: kehehehehe---drowned rat! kehehehehehehehehehehehe ::::::::::::::laughter starts up again for another five minutes:::::::::::: Spaulding: Anyway.... Teddy: We decided that The Three Stooges is almost as good as RASSLIN'!!! Click here to go visit a Stooges Web site. Spaulding: Almost! Teddy: They're as atheletic as rass'lers! Spaulding: In one scene, they are trying to get out of a hotel they can't pay for without being caught! Teddy: Curly gets Moe on his shoulders and Larry is hugging around his waist with his feet wrapped around Curly too. Spaulding: And then they put a blanket around them so it looks like Moe is a beary tall man! Teddy: Would have worked too if the guard didn't pull the blanket off! Spaulding: And, upon further investigation, we found out that "pick two"... Teddy: ...two fingers to poke your eyes.... Spaulding: only done with two fingers sticking out... Teddy: so there is no real choice as to which two will poke your eyes! Spaulding: So not like we loose anything since we have to do it with paws and Mommy and Daddy only have two choices too. Both: kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: And they are quite a bit like Teddy Bears too! Spaulding: We think they might be Teddy Bears in disguise! Teddy: They ask good questions of each others and give good answers, just like Teddy Bears! Spaulding: Like this... Curly: What's that monkey got that I ain't got? Moe: a longer tail! Teddy: Or like this... Moe: Did you send the girl's a wire? Curly: No, I sent them a telegram--collect! Spaulding: And they get in situations that they solve like Teddy Bears. Teddy: Like, while they were away at war, their fiances' got kicked out of their house, so they couldn't get married unto they had some place for them all to live. Spaulding: Teddy Bears like to live in big groups too! Teddy: They couldn't find a job to make money for a place to live so they made a house in a vacant lot... Spaulding: Well, they set up the lot as if it were a house with different rooms marked off, but it was still outside---not actually IN a house! Teddy: Yeah, a pretend house like we have...but ours is in a real house! Spaulding: And they had no money for food, so Larry climbed up a tree to steal some eggs out of a nest... Teddy: And we thought the only ones who would find a nest that big would be Teddy Bears! It was huge! About half the size of Larry! Spaulding: And when he tried to get one of the eggs he slipped and the egg fell down on Moe! Teddy: Splat! Right on his head!!!! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: So, Moe, smart guy that he is.... Teddy: smart as a Teddy Bear.... Spaulding: Told Larry to tilt the nest so he could catch the eggs! Teddy: OK, so Moe catches eggs like Mommy does--Mommy can't catch beary well! Spaulding: Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! ..... Teddy: SPLAT!!!!! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: So next they decide to shoot a chicken in the tree!!!! Teddy: Mommy can tell you, only old tough chickens live in trees!!!! Spaulding: So they're like Teddy Bears to have something to eat no matter what! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Of course, they have to fight on who gets the shot gun! Spaulding: The shot gun goes off just in time to kill a goose flying by! Teddy: The true luck of a Teddy Bear! Spaulding: Anyway, ends up they make a house. Teddy: It turns out just like one we would make! One room is the living room, dining room and kitchen. Spaulding: The bedroom is bearly big enough to hold the two three-tiered bunk beds... Teddy: Boys on one side; girls on the other... Spaulding: And, of course, while the three new wives go into the bathroom to get ready for bed, the boys have trouble climbing up to the top bunk and the bunk beds come crashing down...end of movie! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: And they ended the movie this week.... Spaulding: unlike last week! Teddy: And the kids really like The Three Stooges! Spaulding: And our wives politely smiled! Teddy: Mommy thinks The Three Stooges are really liked by guys and kids more then women! Spaulding: Yeah, but Mommy used to not like RASSLIN' too and I did hear her giggling a couple of times! Teddy: And Valentine giggled too and even when I wasn't tickling her!! Spaulding: I might have heard Lady laughing once, but she said it was a yawn! She was still smiling though! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Teddy: But the important part is the kids really liked it. Spaulding: Sure makes it easier to give up RASSLIN'! Teddy: And they'll really like it more if Mommy keeps coming back from trips soakin' wet like that day. Both: kehehehehehehehe :::::::::Both look at Mommy as if pleading for her to do it again, but only get a smile and her head shaking "no.":::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Looked like a "maybe" to me! Teddy: Me too! Spaulding: OK, time to go, so... Until next time....

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