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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Tough Times for the Little Guys!

Spaulding: Well, we discovered something Thursday night that we didn't know about ourselves. Teddy: It's embarrassing! Spaulding: Beary embarrassing! Teddy: If push comes to shove... Spaulding (shrugging shoulders): Whatever that means... Teddy (also shrugging shoulders): I dunno either--how about...IF there is nothing but really lousy TV on Thursday nights...? Spaulding: we are FORCED... Teddy: Yeah! Yeah! FORCED!!!! Spaulding: watch rasslin'! Teddy: Daddy said that it's expected, because it was over beary first time having our con-vick-shauns come back to haunt us! It's tough to face them when it affects us personally. Spaulding: we had to ask what that meant too! Teddy: Daddy said that most people have a set of mor-als that they say they live by, but really they only live by them when it is con-veen-ient! Spaulding: He used Rasslin' as an example for us and told us that we really did mean well when we decided to give it up... Teddy: ...and that's a good thing... Spaulding: BUT, we tried watching something else instead and there is nothing on! Teddy: Well, that show Survivor started again and there was also Extreme Makeovers, but we really hate "reality TV." Spaulding: We are more realistic then "reality TV." Teddy: Wait! We ARE realistic, aren't we? Spaulding: Oh yeah! Let's just say that "reality TV" never puts normal people in normal situations--is that better? Teddy: Yeah...but we don't watch "reality TV!" It's just so ... so ... so ... aaarrgghhhh! Spaulding: Yeah, that's it! It's just so ARGH! Teddy: So, as Daddy s'plained it, stuck with either watching nothing or Rasslin', we came face-to-face with our con-vic-tions! We had to decide if we would do the right thing and watch nothing, or cheat and watch rasslin'! Spaulding: Daddy went on to s'plain that cheating is also called sinning and there is no one on earth now who doesn't sin... Teddy: ...but that led into the concept of "are Teddy Bears in the same fallen state as the rest of the earth, or are we unique?" Spaulding: ...and, although we obviously believe in Jesus as the Savior, not so sure if we wanted to go down that road people have to travel because they belong to the real world and not to Teddy Bear world, so we kinda dropped that one all together... Teddy:...and as Daddy s'plains it, we "took the path most traveled on..." and did what most do... Spaulding: --we did what we FELT like doing and watched Smackdown! Teddy: Maybe if Vincent McMahon never find out it will be OK! Spaulding (in his loudest whisper): SO DON'T TELL VINCE MCMAHON!!! Teddy: Strangely, even though we watched it, I didn't get into it like I used to! Spaulding: We rough housed?! Teddy: Oh, I had fun, but not as much fun as I used to. Spaulding: Come to think of it, neither did I. (Mommy pauses to "s'plain" a possible reason.) Teddy: Hmmmmm, Mommy said something that might s'plain it! Spaulding: She says that feeling guilty while doing something you KNOW is wrong makes the joy of doing that thing less. Teddy: Yeah, sounds right! ::::::::::::::::::Both pause for a moment to think about that, and, as most stuffed animals are apt to do, they fall asleep from thinking so hard:::::::::::::::::::: Both: ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (Mommy shakes them to wake them up!) Spaulding: Oh! Where were we? Oh yeah, but I can't think to long on that idea! Teddy: We can tell the rest of what Mommy said! Spaulding: Like what? I forgot! Teddy: She says that most people end up doing what is wrong anyway, because it is still fun enough to not stop doing... Spaulding: Oh, yeah! AND because they keep doing what they know is wrong, their con-shunce gets hardened and they forget they are doing something wrong, or try to rash-shuan-o-lize... Teddy: Such big words Mommy and Daddy use! They s'plain the words to us, but hard for Teddy Bears to say! Spaulding: un hunh, ...rash-shun-o-lize it in themselves so it doesn't bother them so much! Teddy: BUT, good news for Teddy Bears--sorta! We are very honest, so don't lie beary well.... Spaulding: We can lie, but purposely make it obvious that we are lying.... Teddy: if we have grape jam... Spaulding: Thanks, Caboose, for teaching us about grape jam! Also good without hotdogs! if we have grape jam all over our face, and our paw is in the grape jam jar and Mommy asks what we're doing, we won't pull out our paw and try to wipe the jam off... Spaulding:, we'll make sure we get a BIG paw full of it, stick the paw into our mouths and say... Both (talking like they have a big wad of jam in their mouths): "I donno, Mowmmy, whut duu you tink wme arme du-enn?" kehehehehehehehehehe Then we will offer our paw to her so she can lick some too! kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: BUT, being so honest like that, we can honestly say that we will probably watch Smackdown! IF nothing else is on, and not bother coming up with some excuse. Spaulding: It's not a good thing we are watching it, but we... Teddy: ...our whole family... Spaulding: are watching it again! Still, as soon as Mommy has time to help me, I will fix my web den up and change that whole Smackdown! part... Teddy: You also need to update your links! We have some new friends that we want to link our den to their den. Spaulding: Yes, I'm so behind with Mommy being so busy and all! Did you know she worked on a bunch of cover letters and request letters yesterday to send out? Teddy: We both watched her print them out and stuff all those envelopes! Spaulding: Over *****20***** letters in one day!!! BORING! Teddy: Worse part is, despite all that work, she doesn't think she will get any work out of those jobs. Spaulding: She is pretty frustrated! She says that the "Work-at-home" web site that she spent money to visit is probably a scam! Teddy: It would be so good if she could work at home, but it doesn't look good! She has changed her mind and decided to apply for a couple of poor paying jobs that are away from home and will probably be hired Monday! Spaulding: At first, at least, we probably won't miss her though. She wants that midnight-4 a.m., part-time job doing data-entry at UPS to see if she CAN work. If she can then she'll get another job at that store around the corner and work her way back to good money by looking for real jobs in the want ads! Teddy: Yeah, but, if she can't work out of the house--which is why she took disability in the first place, she really thinks she can't work--we have big problems then! Spaulding: For a little while anyway. Daddy DID find out that his sickness will be curable instead of kron-nick! Teddy: Whew! That's good news, still we need to see God doing something soon or we have big big problems! Spaulding: And, I really, really like the way we live now---with Mommy and Daddy with us all day and all night! Teddy: Me too! (Mommy interrupts to explain something to them.) Spaulding: Mommy keeps telling us to stop worrying about it, God is taking care of us all. Teddy: How are we supposed to stop worrying? Is that even possible? Spaulding: Naaaahhhh! Mommy is beary good at worrying too, so knows how to pro-duck-teve-lee worry! Instead of running the same thought over and over in our little stuffing minds, all we need to do is tell God the problem and let God worry about it! Teddy: God worries? Spaulding: That's the good part! Since he's in complete control of everything, he doesn't need to worry. He worked out our problems way before the universe started and is just watching to make sure everything works out as he plans! Teddy: Cool! Does that mean we can still do what we are planning to do? Spaulding: Yup! Sounds like many of our Internet stuffed animal friends are already gearing up to come on Tuesday night (or Chooseday night, like we all choose it to be) to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania to smell and eat chocolate and to have fun at the amusement park! Teddy: Do you know if they are going to come with us to watch RASSLIN' down the street from here on Chooseday night also? Spaulding: I dunno yet. We decided to do this blog now, so I haven't checked our b-mail yet! Teddy: They might be beary sweet and don't have the personalities to watch all that violence! Spaulding: That is probably a good thing. I suspect violence is just not something common for stuffed animals to like! Teddy: Yeah, that is a good thing! Dee: I can't wait for Chooseday! (I forgot to mention...since they all came out to watch rasslin' the other night and tomorrow is The Three Stooges, the entire stuffed animal family is listening to Teddy and Spaulding as they update their journal. They are all baffled by the series of events with Smackdown!, so haven't had much to say--just listening.) Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. Ding: Is it Chooseday yet? Spaulding: No. (Mommy pauses the conversation to remind Spaulding that kids will keep asking until they get a "yes.") All: kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: We PROMISE to tell you when it's Chooseday! Spaulding: But, for now, I still have to catch up on my b-mail, and Mommy wants to surf the Net a bit so.... Teddy: Sooooooooo...until next time....

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