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Monday, October 13, 2003

The Beary Beginning of Our Lives!

Teddy: Ya know? We keep telling about our adventures and the fun we have, but we've never talked about day-by-day life! Spaulding: Well, kinda hard to talk about day-by-day life when day-by-day life keeps changing! Teddy: "It's true. It's true." Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: How about if we tell how it's changed and how it's the same! Teddy: Good idea! First, the stuff that doesn't change! Spaulding: We were adopted... Teddy: Three years apart, but we were adopted by the same people! Spaulding: That's true. Oh, and unlike people, we aren't born from one Mommy and then adopted by another. Teddy: Nah! All stuffed animals are born at a factory by people smart enough to know the world needs plenty of Teddy Bears! Spaulding: And all stuffed animals are eventually sold to people, who either plan to keep the Teddy Bear... Teddy: like Spauld and Beareh, and me... Spaulding: Or the buyer plans to give the Teddy Bear to someone they really like... Teddy: Axlerod was bought by Mommy's Daddy to give to Mommy because he's a particularly good Daddy... Spaulding: ...or like Ding and Dee were bought by Mommy so Lady and I could have children together because Mommy is a particularly good Mommy. Teddy: ...BUT, stuffed animals aren't born until that bag or box we were put in at the factory is opened up by our new Mommies and Daddies! Spaulding: We quickly lose memories of what it was like before being born, sorta like people lose their memories of what it was like before they were born. Teddy: In our case, we were both born out of a box and the first people we met was Mommy! Spaulding: In my case, my box also had Lady in it, as well as a doll Mommy ended up naming after the women who sent us all to Mommy, Gilly. And it also had a bunch of fudge, so we had something to eat on our trip... :::::::::::::::::::::Pauses to listen to Mommy:::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Ut-oh! I just found out that the fudge was also supposed to be given to Mommy. Gilly, Lady and I were supposed to STARVE on that trip. :::::::::::::::::::Pauses to listen to Mommy again:::::::::::::: Teddy: Wow! That's something I didn't know before! It seems that Teddy Bears never have to eat, and can actually survive without food for forever! I thought we would starve to death if we didn't eat every two hours! Both: kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: ...and that box also had little candles and a bracelet Mommy has only removed from her wrist since that day, and other cute little gifts that her friend Gilly sent to her to cheer her up! Teddy: Why did Mommy need to be cheered up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back then? kehehehehehe Spaulding: I'm only three years older then you! Watch it, buddy! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Mommy wasn't always in pain! She had something called a gallstone attack... Teddy: Mean ole gallstones! I'll beat them up if they ever attack again! Spaulding: They won't. The doctor removed the place where gallstones live so they can't hurt Mommy again. Teddy: Well, then why is Mommy still hurting? Spaulding: Mommy changed the medical language to English, so we could both understand what doctors say, but she says that when the gallstone went through a tiny little duct in her--like a small tube--it hurt the duct so much that the whole area reaked out and tightened up to try to stop the pain. Problem is, even after the gallstones' home was removed those muscles at the end of some of those ducts forgot how to relax and they have been tightening up and loosening then tightening up again ever since! That's what hurts her! Teddy: Ohhhhhhh, now I get it! That's why she kept going back to doctors again and again, to talk them into going back into that area and cutting the muscles to force them to relax! Spaulding: They have a name for her problem, but like usual, doctors have to make it be really big, hard to say words! It's called Bill-R-Ree Dis-cun-knee-shaw (billary dyskinesia). Teddy: kehehehehehehe Whenever I heard Mommy say those words I thought she was talking about a couple of people she knew--Bill and Rhea Des Kenesha! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: She may know them, but she sure hates them! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Anyway, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back then, Gilly and Mommy just thought this would take a while to go away, so Gilly gave Lady and me to Mommy to cheer her up before she got better! Now we're pretty sure Mommy isn't going to get better... Teddy: ....well, until doctors find a sure fired way to stop those cut up muscles from tightening up all the time! It could happen! Spaulding: Yeah. Not too many people have that problem, but still, they have come up with better treatments even in the four years since Mommy has had it! Teddy: Yeah, but Mommy's body has to always be different then other peoples' bodies and not react the way most do! Spaulding: But, then again, if Mommy was like most people, we wouldn't have our own Blog journal, our own adventures, our own friends online, and would probably have been mere decorations for the house! Teddy: Ha! If Mommy and Daddy weren't different then most, I'd have been adopted by someone else and who knows what my life would be like?! Spaulding: I sure am glad that the reason you were adopted changed, even if Daddy doesn't like the changes so much! Teddy: He says that out of all the changes he's gone through, that I came to be who I am was the best part of the changes! Spaulding: Why not tell how you came to be you?! Teddy: Don't mind if I do! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: One of Mommy's hairbrained schemes to help bring money into our home was to buy Teddy Bears, dress them up and then try to sell them to be adopted by other people for 2-3 times the amount of money it took her to buy and dress the bear. By the time I came along, she had already bought a dozen beary big bears! They're 25 inches tall and they're sitting down at that height! Spaulding: She kept them separate from all of us, so she wouldn't get attached to them and keep them for herself. Being Mommy though, she did keep them warm in towels, while she was making them clothes. Teddy: She feels sorry for bare bears... Spaulding: As if we weren't born bare or like walking around in our furry birthday suits! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: But you have to admit, we look GOOD in our specially made outfits! Spaulding: "It's true! It's true." Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: As she finished up her fourth bear, Daddy asked her to make him a smaller one dressed as a computer techie, like him, so he could keep it on his desk at work and hopefully get some orders from coworkers so Mommy could make some money doing this. Spaulding: I remember that conversation! It had to be full-fledge computer nerd, complete with kaki pants, chambrey shirt with sleeves rolled up, the famous pocket protector hecessary for any true nerd, glasses hanging around his neck and, of course, docksider shoes with no socks! She was so happy to find a 12 inch tall bear on free, except for shipping. It only cost $4 to buy you! Teddy: But back then, I wasn't me, I was just another Teddy Bear that she planned to give to someone else and never see again. She did make me a little chair out of a Kleenex box, so I wouldn't have to sit on the cold floor in wintertime, and she padded the chair with scraps of material. Spaulding: I never met you back then. That's when I used to stay upstairs with Axlerod, Lady and the kids most of the time, unless Mommy felt particularly bad and brought me downstairs to hug her for hours on hours. Teddy: She's afraid we'd get jealous if we ever met the bears she plans to sell, so she tries to avoid us meeting each other. Spaulding: Ha! Now we've had big bear parties in the basement with all those nameless bears she wants to sell and even had them all come to the shore with us on the last day for a big party. We're glad Mommy likes them enough to try to find good homes for them! Teddy: The pair of pants she was making for me had four pockets just like real kakis, and the shirt had a collar, buttons and cuffs on the sleeves. The pants didn't fit very well.... Spaulding: Your ample tush was forever showing in those pants! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: Yeah, it made her make me some suspenders to try to keep them up, but that didn't work beary well either. It took her four months to make that outfit for me, and since she couldn't make docksiders, she bought me a pair of sneakers! Hanging around each other for that long, she didn't want to consider me hers, so she called me "Uncle Teddy," considering me as your brother, therefore your kid's uncle. Daddy was supposed to name me, but by the time she was ready to hand me over, I was already considering myself Uncle Teddy! Spaulding: But you did get your pocket protector made of leather! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: Lucky for us... Spaulding: ...not so lucky for Daddy... Teddy: Daddy lost his job before my shirt was finished. Spaulding: They both decided to go away for a week for a vacation before he had to look for another job. Teddy: It wasn't such a bad idea, since he wasn't getting paid enough to live on in that job AND Mommy's disability backpay came in! Spaulding: I was definitely going with them on their vacation, since Mommy can't sleep without me, but you only went because Mommy was almost done making your shirt! ::::::::::::::::::::::Pausing to listen to Mommy::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: That's what I always thought! Mommy wanted you to have some company AND she wanted Daddy to get to know me, so making my shirt was just an excuse! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: That was our first vacation together and where we got to know Mommy and Daddy better! Teddy: We have pictures from that vacation of us fishing and climbing up that big mountain... Spaulding: ...and on the fence overlooking the view of the valley and next to those flowers we picked for Mommy... Teddy: ...and on the log in the middle of the woods and on the chair in front of our cottage! Both: It was a grand, grand adventure! Spaulding: And being put together in that bag in the back seat of the car we really got to know each other and truly became brothers and bestest buddies! Teddy: We were only gone for five days, but by the time we got home, we all knew I was part of the family and would never be stuck sitting on Daddy's desk at work overnight! Spaulding: Yeah, we really hit the jackpot for bestest peoples to become our Mommy and Daddy. Teddy: We coldn't have done better if they were only 6 years old! Spaulding: We always go on vacation with them, get to eat whatever we want whenever we want... Teddy: Get to be with them most of the time--day and night! Spaulding: And best of all, I don't know who loves whom the most--we loving Mommy and Daddy or Mommy and Daddy loving us?! Teddy: Whom? Spaulding: You know Mommy and Daddy--gotta talk right most the time, or, at least, know what speaking coreectly is supposed to be. Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: Oh well, we were going to tell beary buddies all about our typical day, but didn't get far! Spaulding: Well, we started at a good spot and will eventually tell the rest. Teddy: True! That's why we update our Teddy Bear Journal to tell all... Spaulding: ...but not all at once! Both: kehehehehehehehe Teddy: I've been working overtime lately hugging Daddy extra hugs and being there for him if he needs me night or day, so while he sleeps, I'm gonna go take a nap. Spaulding: OK! So until next time....

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