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Monday, October 27, 2003

Going out for some fun!

Spaulding: With Daddy sick and Mommy busy, we don't have as much time to go out and have fun. Teddy: We are busy taking care of them, you know. Spaulding: Not to say we never get to play though! Teddy: Daddy can't win at computer Pinochle or Jewel Mines without me. Spaulding: And Mommy and I like to play Wordstalk and Jewel Mine too. (Here's the link to a great selection of games. Click here.) Teddy: But, since the weather is slowly going colder and colder, we had to go out for the day, and, boy, oh, boy did we pick a good day to have fun! Spaulding: Mommy is helping me write my book, which also needs illustrations, so a few weeks ago, we went to the park a block away and Mommy took pictures of me with Petey the Pidgeon and his family. Teddy: While they were there, Spaulding made friends with some squirrels too. Spaulding: Before we left, I promised to bring my family back to spend some time with them all. Teddy: We left early this morning, not wanting to miss The Three Stooges. Spaulding: And we used Axlerod's magical time thingy, to avoid being seen by mean people who want to dissect us to see how stuffed animals can be alive. Teddy: It's a lot of fun just traveling a whole block by foot... Spaulding: ...or, in Axlerod's case, many foots.... Both: Kehehehehehehe Teddy: ...climbing up and down curbs, getting around piles of leaves, not stepping on any of those black globs of gum all over the sidewalk, and climbing those tall rows of steps to get in the center of the park. Spaulding: Well, we didn't have to climb them, because Petey and his family came to help us out and flew us over to their part of the park! Teddy: That was cool, all flying together. They even gave us a little ride, where we could see some of the other places Mommy has taken us our other outings. Spaulding: We learned all about the life of a squirrel by Sammy, the Squirrel. He's the squirrel I met when Mommy was taking pictures, but I forgot to ask him his name. Teddy: We had an enjoyable game of Hide and Seek with everybody, but they definitely had the advantage since the pigeons could fly away and the squirrels climb trees quicker then we do. Spaulding: We can climb pretty well, but since Axlerod needs all four paws to walk, he can't climb well at all. Teddy: ...and the kids think they climb high, but since they are only five inches tall, they think getting past the root sticking out of the ground is beary high! Spaulding (in his loud whisper): WE WON'T TELL THEM OTHERWISE! Teddy: After playing for a while, we all got tired and out of breath. Spaulding: We all laid on our backs in the opening and watched clouds go by. Teddy: I bet there aren't too many peoples who have seen pigeons, squirrels AND stuffed animals all in a long row, lying on their backs looking up at the clouds. Spaulding: One of the cool parts about Fall is that there are lots of big fluffy clouds going by. Teddy: It didn't take long before we could see a cartoon whale walking or that alien from the Bugs Bunny cartoon riding a chariot. Spaulding: We all got to giggling at the different things we could each discover in the clouds. Teddy: The advantage of being a stuffed animal is that we never fully grow up, so never lose our ability to find different things in the clouds.... Spaulding: ...but still amazingly, the kids could pick out more enjoyable things from those clouds then we could. Teddy: I liked it when the alien seemed to leave that chariot and then the chariot turned into a large Ski-Doo just waiting to be driven over some large waves in the ocean! Spaulding: That's why it's so beary great to have Axlerod as one of our buddies, as well as, part of our family! Teddy: I really, really like Mommy's Daddy for giving Axlerod to her when she was young, and I've never even met Mommy's Daddy! Spaulding: I've heard him on the phone when Mommy talks to him, and from what she tells others, her Daddy is almost as cool as a stuffed animal. Teddy: That and Axlerod really likes him, even if he forgot to take him out of the bag when he gave Ax to Mommy. Spaulding: Anyway, when Axlerod saw us all getting excited about that cloud that looked like a Ski-Doo, he did something we didn't even know he could do. Teddy: He flew us all up into the clouds and made us magical... Spaulding: ...and invisible, so we couldn't even tell they were there... Teddy: so we could play in the clouds!!! Spaulding: He flew all of us up there, including the pigeons and squirrels!!! Teddy: Paulie, Petey the Pigeon's brother, said that pigeons can only fly up to the clouds when the clouds are beary low... Spaulding: on rainy days or foggy days! Teddy: Yeah, foggy days are really cloudy days where the clouds land on the earth, so anyone, including those of us who can't naturally fly, can get up to the clouds on those days! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: Even when they can fly up to the clouds, they can't walk on them like when Axlerod takes us up there! Teddy: We DID ride on the Ski-Doo, but couldn't ride long, since clouds keep changing their form all the time. Spaulding: We ended up playing Hide and Seek up in the clouds, and since there are so many nooks and crannies in the clouds... Teddy: ...even more then English Muffins! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: Dee and Ding had the advantage over us because they are only 5 inches tall! Teddy: You haven't lived until you play Hide and Seek up in the clouds with a bunch of pigeons, squirrels and stuffed animals! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: And then Dee peaked down to the ground, while she was hiding, and saw the block party a block away from home, but two blocks from where the park was. Teddy: They had a pony and a smaller version of a covered wagon, so naturally the kids wanted to go on a pony ride. Spaulding: Yeah! Yeah! The KIDS wanted a pony ride, not US! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: It was close to The Three Stooges time, so Axlerod gave us a choice--we could start at the park and hike over or he could take us all over there from the clouds. Spaulding: Now, there are people who would do mean things to stuffed animals, if they ever knew we were real, but it's nothing compared to how much city people hate pigeons! Teddy: Spaulding's first book tells about the hatred city people have for pigeons. It has something to do with where pigeons go to the bathroom. Spaulding: Welllll, really it has to do with the concept that they DON'T go to the bathroom, but do...ummmm, errr....GO! Both: kehehehehehehe Teddy: And people seem to be grossed out by that, so hate pigeons. Spaulding: It's not like it wouldn't be worse if they held it all in! ::::::::::::::Both shrug their shoulders:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: And for some reason, some people don't like squirrels either! Spaulding: Listening to Mommy's Daddy, I kinda understand. Squirrels like to dig holes in people's yards to hide their winter nuts, but they don't cover the holes well AND they like to eat out of the bird feeder. Teddy: Easy food! I understand that! Spaulding: Yeah, but people find that's annoying for some reason. People are strange creatures. Teddy: Anyway, since Axlerod would have to drop us all off at the same place and the people at the block party would be upset at that many pigeons and squirrels showing up at the same time, we decided to all be dropped off at the park and hike over! Spaulding: Scary to cross streets where cars can go by at any time! Teddy: But Axlerod protects us with his magical time power... Spaulding: ...and froze time so, even though it took us an hour to get there, we got there AND rode Penny, the pony three times each and went home all in time not to miss any of the Three Stooges. Teddy: We even attached the little covered wagon to Penny and took a ride around the whole park without any of the people knowing we borrowed their pony and wagon! Both: kehehehehehehe Spaulding: Well, Mommy needs me to help her make dinner, so I gotta go! Teddy: Sooooooooo, until next time....

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