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Friday, October 31, 2003

Halloween Adventure!

Teddy: We like people a lot and people like us, even if they don't like us to be alive. Spaulding: We're forever trying to spend time with people, and usually spend a lot of time with OUR people, Mommy and Daddy. Teddy: But, one of our favorite kinds of people to like are kids, and, since we are Mommy and Daddy's only kids, we don't get to spend a lot of time around people kids. Spaulding: And then there is Halloween! Teddy: It's one of the few times every year where we can go out and be around a bunch of other kids... Spaulding: ...the people kind... Teddy: ...and not have to worry about big people finding out that we are alive. Spaulding: Kids already know we're alive! Teddy: We usually dress up as Teddy Bears! Spaulding: We were going to dress up like Teddy Bears again this year, until Dee said something that got our imaginations going. Teddy: As IF our imaginations aren't always going! Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Aunt Valentine is about one and a half inches taller then my kids, but the extra height is mainly in her ears. Teddy: When she first joined our family... :::::::::::::::::::::Teddy fades off with joyful reflections and a "I'm-so-in-love" sigh::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: She came fresh from the store on Valentines' Day with nothing covering her up but a beary big carrot! Teddy (sighing the same sigh again): She was absolutely beautiful and we both fell in love immediately! Spaulding (looking at Teddy with amused understanding and a sheepish grin, before getting back to telling Mommy what to write next): Now Mommy worries about us all getting cold, since we have no blood cir-cus-ing (looks at Mommy as if to ask the right word, and Mommy, without saying a word, simply types "circulating") ...cir-q-late-ing in us, so she is always quick to make us clothes for all the right occassions. Teddy: Mommy and Daddy don't sell-a-braid Valentines' Day together, because they love each other every day and don't need a special day to sell-a-braid their love, however, Spaulding and Lady sell-a-braid it... Spaulding (shrugging his shoulders): I dunno know why it's called "sell-a-braid-ing" since we never even have seen a braid to sell! Teddy (shrugging his shoulders too): I dunno, but you two have always given each other cards that Mommy helps you make on that day... :::::::::::::::::::::Spaulding blushes as he remembers his overalls-pulled-down-really-low and paws intertwined at the back of his head pose he had Mommy take of him for his Valentines card to Lady, and seeing Lady lying on her back totally nekked, except for strategically placed flowers that Mommy took of her for her card to Spaulding, and then he smiles in fond memory of their warm, loving cuddling afterwards:::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding (with that content grin still on his face): And we spend a lot of time that day just cuddling. Teddy: But Valentines' Day is a cold winter's day, so Mommy asked Dee if Valentine could wear her summer outfit until Mommy made Valentine her own outfit, and Dee was kind enough to let her new aunt wear her purple dress. Spaulding: Valentine wore the dress, even if it was a bit too tight until Mommy finished her own outfit... Teddy: she now has denim overalls with a pretty pink turtleneck top. Spaulding: Mommy's disability is chronic pain around her waistline, so she can only wear long dresses that don't cling to her waist or overalls. Teddy: Mommy's not the kind of woman to go around wearing dresses much, so is usually in overalls. Spaulding: She likes overalls, so, being her first grown-up stuffed animal (that is, I'm the first stuffed animal given to her after she was all grown up, not that I'M all grown up)... Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: ...I was the first one to have my own overalls made by Mommy, and now Valentine and I are the only ones to have overalls... Teddy: far, anyway! Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: But, all that to tell Dee's great idea on Halloween! Teddy: Yeah! She wanted to dress up in Aunt Valentine's clothes and have Aunt Valentine dress like her! Spaulding: So we all looked at one another and decided to dress up like each other. Teddy: Dee did dress up like Valentine, but because the two kids and Valentine are all roughly the same size, Aunt Valentine dressed up like Ding and Ding dressed up like Dee. Spaulding: I'm closest in size to Axlerod, so we swapped clothes. I looked so like him, I thought I would be able to do the magical time thingy, but couldn't. Teddy: Lady and I are closest in size, so I dressed up like Lady... Spaulding: ...except you kept your backpack on! Teddy: Hey, that backpack has all of our traveling money, so can't go anywhere without it! Spaulding: hmmmmmmmm, maybe we should call it "American Express" then, cause "you can't leave home without it." Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Teddy: ...and Lady dressed up like me! Spaulding: We did such a good job, Mommy and Daddy thought we WERE Axlerod and Lady when we showed them our costumes! Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Luckily, Mommy and Daddy took their nap on Halloween in the late afternoon, so we could go out when all the really little kids go out Trick or Treating! Spaulding: Axlerod only used his magical time thingy when we had to climb down steps, run over to the next house, climb up the steps and either wait for other kids to ring the door bell for us, or make our stuffed animal pyramid to ring the bell ourselves! (Our neighborhood has only rowhomes, so all the doors are beary close together.) Teddy: We were running around collecting candy for FREE with creatures like people bumble bees, and the undead, and a ballerina, and Yoda, and ghosties and goblins, and even Mickey Mouse. Spaulding: We were so happy when we saw another Raggedy Ann and devil, that we ran back home and brought the REAL Ragedy Ann, Jersey Devil, Grover and The Philly Phanatic with us and all the kids thought they were dressed up kids! Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: At first, when we saw our first undead, Dee got scared and started crying. Teddy: BUT, when the undead started crying back at her, she stopped and started smiling at the other little kid, realizing that the two of them were beary much the same inside! Spaulding: And when the little people toddler smiled and giggled back, the two of them stayed together for the rest of our adventure. Teddy: Now picture this! You open up your door and right in front of you are three stuffed doggies, three Teddy Bears, one stuffed bunny rabbit, Raggedy Ann, the Jersey Devil, Grover, The Philly Phanatic, one undead in her Mommy's arms, one princess, and one Clifford, the Big red Dog... Spaulding: us he was big, to every body else he was small... Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Now, personally, if I opened my door to that group of creatures, I think I'd do the wise thing and shut the door quickly... Spaulding: ...but people kept giving us all bunches of candy to stuff into our beary big... Teddy: big, only Raggedy Ann could carry it... Spaulding: ...plastic jack-o-lantern!!! Teddy: I don't know how people have made it for so long. They aren't too bright! Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: We Trick or Treated for THREE hours... Teddy: ...and you should have seen how many times we had to empty the jack-o-lantern to get it filled up again! Spaulding: Because Dee and that little undead toddler liked each other so much, Axlerod included her and her Mommy.... Teddy: ...although her Mommy never noticed--WHEW! Spaulding: our Teddy Bear World of magical time thingy... Teddy: And she was probably beary popular for the next week, with all that candy! Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: When we came home, we shared our candy with all those need-to-be-adopted Teddy Bears in the basement. Teddy: Still, we had enough candy to last a week, if we ate nothing but candy, Spaulding: Did you know that absolutely NO ONE handed out cups of coffee or hotdogs? Teddy: I told you that people aren't too smart! Spaulding: AND, NO ONE ever realized that we were just stuffed animals! Teddy: Well, that was because our disguises worked so well! Spaulding: We also checked in with our Beary Buddies and found out that they all went out too, and also dressed up like Teddy Bears! Teddy: Mawson dressed up like a big white Teddy Bear and not even his family recognized him... Spaulding: ...which is doubly impressive since he is a big white Teddy Bear! ::::::::::::::::::::both look at each other and shake their heads in agreement:::::::::::::::: Teddy: Now, on Chooseday, we're getting together with all of our Beary Buddies from around the world for The First Annual Great Joy of Teddy Bears Race. Spaulding: It's being held near Mawson's home in Australia and any stuffed animal with a mode of transportation can enter it. Teddy: I'm entering our helioplaneship boxcar, and Mawson is entering his big cushion, and I hear there will be flying carpets and pillows too. Spaulding: We'll let you know how it goes the next time Mommy can help us update our journal. Teddy: Sooooooooo, until next time....

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