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Thursday, October 09, 2003

The Hershey Adventure!

Spaulding: I feel kinda badly having so much fun when Mommy and Daddy are going through rough times. Teddy: Yeah, but Mommy says that you only get to be young once... Spaulding: Even though, in our world, we get to be young for centuries, and even when we get old, we still are young... Teddy:, enjoy it while it lasts! Spaulding: I don't know what's scarier--that Mommy says this convoluted saying, or that we understand it! Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: But, we did have some serious fun with our Beary Buddies, when we all went to Hershey last week! Teddy: We didn't get a chance to borrow Mommy's typing ability until now, even though we got to go to Hershey a week ago last Chooseday! Spaulding: We want to tell all about our fun, before we forget it all, and we can always s'plain all the bad things happening to Mommy and Daddy another time. Teddy: When stuff is going hard, it makes the fun times even more fun!!!! Spaulding: And, for us, even something as simple as eating dinner is lots and lots of fun!!! Teddy: But, we're gonna tell you all about Hershey, not about eating! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Something is still wrong with Mommy's 'puter, but we found out that if we bmail beary buddies and include our favorite message board ... Teddy: The Joy of Teddy Bears... Spaulding: one of the bmail addresses, we can continue to write each other without going onto the message board!!! (We still can't type in our message board itself!) Teddy: That way, we could tell where and when to meet... Spaulding: And Axlerod could tell other stuffed animals... Teddy: He had a hunch that older Teddy Bears and stuffed doggies have a natural knack for doing the magical time thingy... Spaulding: to do the magical time thingy, that each group of stuffed animals could get there without his help! Teddy: And, because it would be beary dangerous for peoples to know how to do the magical time thingy, he had it written in secret code, so Mommy could type it out without knowing what she wrote and only other stuffed animals knew how to break the code! Spaulding (in his very loud whisper): DON'T TELL ANY PEOPLE THIS, AND IF YOU ARE A PEOPLE, DON'T READ WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY BUT...THE CODE IS EASY TO DEE-SIGH-FURR! YOU JUST HIGHLIGHT THE WHOLE IN-CODE MESSAGE WITH YOUR POINTER, THEN CHANGE THE FONT FROM WINGDINGS TO ANY NORMAL, ALPHABETICAL FONT AND IT CHANGES IT INTO NORMAL WORDS!!! Teddy (in his very louder whisper): BUT, DON'T TELL ANY PEOPLE THAT, BECAUSE USING THE MAGICAL TIME THINGY IN PEOPLES' WORLD COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS FOR PEOPLE!!! THINK OF THE HARM THAT COULD HAPPEN IF PEOPLE LEARNED HOW TO DO IT!!! Spaulding: So, several of the other stuffed animals learned how to do it, even if they had to work extra hard at it, like poor Rumples needing to keep his ears perked constantly! Teddy: And that's doubly hard, if you remember Rumples and his family are from Down-Under, so had to travel an extra day to get to Hershey! Spaulding: By the time everyone got to The Grinder's Gourmet Coffee Shop, we had already had 26 mugs of coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee! Teddy: One of our dear Beary Buddies was worried about how much coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee and HOTDOGS we eat, but I think he forgot that since Teddy Bears don't need food at all, so absolutely nothing happens to us if we eat a whole lot, or even if we eat just a little! Spaulding: Yeah, as if we would ever eat a little!!! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: As we thought, Proffessor Sigmund Furred, Rumples, Radar and Axlerod hit it off immediately! Spaulding: Being older stuffed animals makes them know more and think more, so they finally found others that they could talk about the same stuff... hashing out results of espearaments, and digging into the deeper levels of phil-loss-affees about being bears and how to take care of our peoples! Spaulding: They hardly got past, "Hello" before they were getting into those deeper talks! The rest of us just had to laugh at them, although, we do know how important their dis-kuver-rees are! Teddy: If the kids didn't want to go on a ride, or didn't want to do something, the rest of us could go because those smarter plushes were so busy learning from each other, they rarely went on rides themselves! Spaulding: Sometimes it was the 'tweeners who didn't want to go on rides! Teddy: Good word, "'tweeners!" 'Tweeners are those of us that are too tall to be considered children, and still young, so not one of the older group. Dee and Ding were born half a year before me, but I'm still older then them, or...I'm a 'tweener! Spaulding: If we were people, Dee and Ding would be considered children; Axlerod, Proffessor Sigmund Furred, Radar and Rumples would be "senior citizens" or grandparents... Teddy: And in Axlerod's case, he IS the grandpa of Dee and Ding.... Spaulding:...and the rest of us would be considered "grown'ups" even if we don't act so grown up! Both: Keheheheheheheehehehehehehehehe Teddy: But, since we're NOT shy, we can admit something else too! Spaulding: Yeah! WE were the ones too a'scared to go on some of those bigger roller coasters, not the kids! Teddy: Lucky for us, some of our Beary Buddies weren't scared to go, so the kids could go with them! Spaulding: Scotland the Brave lived up to his name, and even if he is small, he still bravely went on all the roller coaster rides. Teddy: Radar's buddy, No Fear, also had no fear so went on all the scary rides! Spaulding: And Holly and Brownie lived up to their brave reputation.... Teddy: They were NOT a'scared when they went through the New York City blackout and helped their Daddy!!! Spaulding: And then there were the rides beary buddies went on, like the Canyon River Rapids! (Side note: to learn more about Hershey Park, click here!) Teddy: Spaulding took pictures, and if we can ever get back on our message board, we'll add the pictures to our groups pictures. My honey, Valentine, took a picture of many of us in the raft going down the river! Spaulding: The married couples enjoyed our trip up into the Kissing Tower! Teddy: Only later did we find out it was named after Hershey Kisses, not that we were supposed to neck while enjoying it! Both: kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Yeah, but we like to kiss and the kids were so busy checking out all the rides below us that they didn't notice we were necking! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: I think Babybear, Caboose, and Ciete enjoyed the kid's rides as much as Dee and Ding! Spaulding: I think they liked the train ride the best, but it might have been the truck convoy or the dinosaur go-round or the Roller-Soaker! Teddy:, YOU liked the Roller-Soaker the best! I saw you trying to squirt beary buddies as they rode by! Spaulding: Kehehehehehe Thank God, Valentine, Lady and Dee finished all those magical swim suits or there would have been a lot of soaked stuffing! Teddy: Speaking of soaked, I'm so glad that other stuffed animal that wasn't in our group was willing to take a picture of alllllllllllllllll of us as we swam in the vat of chocolate!!! Spaulding: Yeah, but since he took our picture when we all dove to the bottom, you couldn't see anyone! Just chocolate! Teddy: We know beary buddies were there--Beareh, Brownie, Holly, Caboose, Mawson, Axlerod, Proffessor Sigmund Furred, Rumples, Radar, Ciete, you and me, Rumples, Lady and Valentine, Oora and Angus, Babybear, Dee and Ding,...did I forget any buddy? Spaulding: Scotland? Teddy: Oh, yeah, and Scotland! I bet we forgot others too! Spaulding: Me too, but can't remember who! Teddy: Wasn't it nice of Mr. Hershey to fill up all those rivers with chocolate? Truly a Teddy Bear World dream come true! Teddy: And, even after spending time at the amusement park, we still went for the factory tour! Spaulding: Miles and miles of chocolate!!!! All you can eat and still can't make a dent in the amount! Teddy: I'm glad beary buddies got a sooth-inn-nears--big ole chocolate seeds! Spaulding: Mommy says they are cacao pods and probably won't grow into cacao treesso far from the E-quat-or! Teddy: That's OK! I don't want a cacao tree! I want a tree made of chocolate! Both: kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: That's what I mean! Mommy says it probably won't grow! Teddy: Ah, bummer! But remember seeing Mr. and Mrs. Beareh join the parade and end up on the same float as the Hershey Kiss?! Spaulding: No one seemed to notice they didn't belong there! Teddy: Then obviously they DID belong there. Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And Caboose, Dee and Ding seemed to enjoy playing with Little Toni, that girl alligator the Hershey Zoo adopted from that lake in Pittsburgh! Teddy: I think all that chocolate Hershey feeds Little Toni stopped her from even thinking about eatting little Teddy Bears! Spaulding: I was a bit nervous that the kids would get bored when Lady, Mrs. Beareh and Valentine insisted we go to the garden, but when they found out they had a Children's Garden too, they really liked the idea! Teddy: I don't like girlie things much, but have to admit that the butterfly house was cool! Spaulding: It gave the Proffessor some new ideas for espearaments too! Teddy: And Axlerod jumped right in with coming up with even more espearaments too! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Having some more coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee during the Night Lights Laser Light Show was the perfect ending for a perfect day! Teddy: Yeah, the coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee helped us stay awake long enough to get home...but don't you think introducing the Night Light Show as having "funky music" was a bit much, even for Teddy Bears?! Spaulding: Nothing sillier then nerds thinking their hip!!! Teddy: And since we're children of nerds and a bit nerdish ourselves, we should know! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: It was so hard saying good bye to beary buddy! Teddy: Can't wait to find out what our next adventure is! Spaulding: I still can't believe we've met so many buddies on the Internet! Teddy: Truly, Teddy Bear World Heaven! Spaulding: Well, Mommy had promised to help us get this entry into our Blog, and she has kept her word. Teddy: Now we need to let her to proofread it and publish it, sooooooooo...until next time....

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