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Friday, November 28, 2003

Giving of Thanks Day

Teddy: We had the bestest Thanksgiving EVER! Spaulding: Better then the beary first Thanksgiving with Indians and Pilgrims! Teddy: Wellllll, I dunno 'bout that. That happened right before we were born. Spaulding: But, it was the grandest Teddy Bear Giving of Thanks Day EVER! Teddy: Beary Buddies went to BabyBear's house early... Spaulding: bring the food and supplies... Teddy: and the special shoes and belts to kick off and loosen... Spaulding: ...and to check out the cool Teddy Bear forts and hiding places... Teddy: ...and napping places... Spaulding: ...before flying out to see Philadelphia's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Teddy: There were enough of us to hold down the Teddy Bear balloon! Spaulding: And the Teddy Bear balloon is HUGE! Teddy: ...about the same size as The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade's Kermit T. Frog's balloon! Spaulding: AND we saw Kermit T. Frog two times that day LIVE! Teddy and three more times on TV. Spaulding: We saw him as we were looking for our Teddy Bear balloon to get started. Teddy: We saw him singing at the Macy's Parade. Spaulding: Axlerod, Proffessor Furred and all the other older, wiser stuffed animals worked overtime with the Magical Time Thingy so we went to three parades in three locations all happening at the same time... Teddy: PLUS, when we went back to BabyBear's house, we continued using the Magical Time Thingy to watch all the other parades across the country and STILL had plenty of time to play, take naps and eat! Spaulding: What was beary, beary cool though was at the end of the parade... Teddy: Santa's beary own sleigh... Spaulding: ...was a monster size Teddy Bear! Teddy: HUMONGOUS! Spaulding: It made Mawson and Rumples look dinky! Teddy: And they are beary, beary big! Spaulding: was smaller then our Teddy Bear balloon! Teddy: I really hate the end of the parades. I wanted them to go on forever! Spaulding: And we want to play in the bands, make the floats... Teddy: dance in front of the Art Musuem, and sing beary loud... Spaulding: ...and judge all the floats and bands... Teddy: ...and buy up all of the balloons and cotton candy and souveniers... Spaulding: ...and just enjoy ourselves forever and ever. Teddy: ...But, also, I'm glad it was over so we could go give thanks with our beary buddies! Spaulding: After Santa flew by on his sleigh... Teddy: ...with the beary, beary big bear... Spaulding: ...we knew it was over so went back to Babybear's house... Teddy: Where we could meet Elfis better, and kwaala's and Snoopy.... Spaulding: We saw Snoopy in several of the parades too! He was one of the big balloons in the New York Parade! Teddy: After our need-to-rest-after-the-parades' nap, we started exploring all the forts and tents and hiding place Babybear's family made for us to play in. Spaulding: Ding and Amy were busy flying around in her chair, so didn't have much time to play Hide N Seek with us! Teddy: We all had to practice putting on the shoes to kick them off so we knew we were relaxed. Spaulding: And the guy bears had to learn to wear belts, so they could learn how to loosen them after dinner! Teddy: Wellllllll, except for Sigmund and Axlerod, who were busy in that huge corner cave up near the ceiling comparing notes on their different S-spear-a-mints! Spaulding: When beary buddies woke up from their naps, it was time for dinner! Teddy: With over 300 bears and stuffed animals friends there, I sure was glad that we all brought our magical flying vehicles! Can you imagine trying to fit that many ground-bound bears around that table?! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Since Snoopy came to pick up our edible plates and almond sliverware, I was shocked how many there were when they were all sitting on the table together! Teddy: The china and sliverware were yummy, but WOW, what a dinner! Spaudling: Everything a bear might dream to eat and then some! Teddy: I don't think even Mommy could have eaten all that chocolate by herself, even if she ate it nonstop until the end of the year! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And I think every single pumpkin grown in the state of New Jersey was used for alllllllllll those pies! Teddy: Rumples brought some too! Spaulding: I wonder where he found the pumpkins since it is only Spring in Ozzieland?! Teddy: Probably Australia's version of T.B. Max! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Remember when Ding confused himself with Scotland the Brave and bravely popped one of those hot peppers in melted chocolate and then popped the whole thing in his mouth?! Teddy: Did you see how wide Amy's eyes got?! Spaulding: Not nearly as wide as Ding's! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: I've never seen that boy move so quickly to calm the burn! Teddy: I think he has a blister on his tongue, but he won't let us see! Spaulding: Lady keeps giving him ice cubes to suck on. I don't think he will confuse himself with Scotland the Brace again! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Teddy: I dunno! Amy seemed to like him! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And that turkey! It was taller then me! Did you get to eat everything? Teddy: Yes, but eventually I had to take that belt off! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: It was so nice and cozy on that blanket with Lady after dinner. Teddy: I think beary buddies took naps! Spaulding: Remember the phone ringing? Teddy: Bearly?! Spaulding: We were all snoring so loudly that the Philadelphia International Airport called to ask us to quiet the racket. Apparently, they thought all those jets were too quiet to hear above our snoring! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Teddy: I really hated having to leave! Spaulding: At least we didn't have to eat two Thanksgiving meals on the same day! Teddy: Yeah. Mommy was too sick to go shopping in time to get a turkey and thaw it out for Thanksgiving. Spaulding: At least she was feeling better on Thanksgiving Day! Teddy: Daddy still wasn't feeling too good though! Spaulding: They decided to postpone their celebration by a week and have their Giving of Thanks Day next Thirstday! Teddy: Well, with their brilliant idea, you sure can't feel sorry for them! Spaulding: I'm just so excited! Teddy: Since all the parades and fun happened on the normal Thanksgiving Day, Mommy has asked if we would be kind enough to make a Teddy Bear parade on their special Thanksgiving Day! Spaulding: It's bearly light out the day after the normal Thanksgiving Day, and Lady and Valentine have already made the costumes. Teddy: Ding and Dee have made lots and lots of musical instruments for the bands to use! Spaulding: We're in charge of making the floats and balloons! Teddy: I'm sure glad the Need-to-Be-Adopted bears in the basement and our neighbors downstairs will help! Spaulding: And good ole' Axlerod is helping us or-gan-eyez it all! Teddy: We had a great time on our Giving of Thanks Day get-together. Spaulding: And we took good care of Mommy and Daddy that whole day too! Teddy: But now we have to get ready for our private Thanksgiving Day parade for next week. Spaulding: Sooooooooo, until next time....

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Holiday Preparations

Spaulding: We've been beary, beary busy preparing for the holiday season.... Teddy: ...and we're not even close to being done! Spaulding: It would probably help to let you understand a bit about Teddy Bears.... Axlerod: ...actually, all stuffed animals. Teddy: Didn't we 'splain that before? Spaulding: I thought we did?! Axlerod: 'Splain what? Teddy: Well, if we 'splain it now, we can figure out if we 'splained it before! Spaulding: Alright! All stuffed animals come under the heading of "Teddy Bears," like all equines, including Sheltand Ponies, and Klidesdales, and donkeys come under the heading of "horses." Axlerod: Equines! Good word! (The whole family is out here to help with the Blog this time.) :::::::::::::::::::::::::All nod their heads in solemn agreement:::::::::::::::::: Teddy: So, when we say "Teddy Bears," we mean all stuffed animals! Spaulding: Ah! I don't think we 'splained it like that before, although we did say that Teddy Bear World includes all stuffed animals. Teddy: Which gets back to what we wanted you to understand! Dee: Who's "you?" Teddy: Whoever reads our journal is "you." Ding: Who reads our journal? Spaulding: Well, we know some of our beary buddies from our e-group read it. (Click here to go to the e-group.) Teddy: And I bring Daddy to read it sometimes.... Axlerod: ...And, since it's on the Internet for all to see, chances are good that others are reading it. Spaulding: So, "You" is whoever reads it! ::::::::::::::::::::::::Dee and Ding have that little lightbulb over their heads going off as they understand:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: So, YOU, most Teddy Bears--all stuffed animals--live in two worlds at the same time! Spaulding: Obviously, we live int he Peoples' World, where we are loved by people and love people back. Teddy: Then we live in Teddy Bear World, where we can go where ever we want, whenever we want, and rarely get hurt doing so. Valentine: Just in case you just became alarmed to know that we can, on a rare occasion, get hurt, it's time to 'splain that too! Lady: We have a strict law for Teddy Bear World that encompasses every thing we do, BUT the most importnat law is "we must get back into the exact position we were put in by our parents." Axlerod: We try beary hard to follow that law, but anyone who has ever owned a stuffed animal has seen us not make it! Spaulding: It's really obvious when we don't make it, but it seems every time we haven't made it, our peoples just think they misplaced us for a moment, and, when they find us, they just think they put us where they found us! Axlerod: But, the law is our most important law because of the possible consequences of our actions! Ding: You can tell Axlerod is old and wise by the words he knows! Con-sigh-quinches! Big, noble word! ::::::::::::::::Again, all nod in solemn agreement:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: When Mommy was little, she wasn't the only one in her family with a favorite stuffed animal. My family back then was also a kitty cat that we called Andy, because his Daddy (Mommy's brother) dressed him up in Raggedy Andy's clothes. There was also a cat named for the material he was made from--Cordoroy--who belonged to Mommy's other brother. Later on, when Mommy's third brother was born, Grover joined our family as her younger brother's favorite stuffed animal. After Grover joined our family, we ended up moving around from place to place every year for a few years. Because Andy and Cordoroy were always sneaking around the house, they didn't always make it back to where they were supposed to be. I'm not sure what happened to them. They might still be with their Daddies, because their Daddies grew up and moved away during those moving years. BUT, they also might have gotten lost in the moves, sorta like The Jersey Devil got lost from his Mommy all those centuries ago! ::::::::::::::::::::::::All are thinking deeply about Axlerod's words:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: All: ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Mommy wakes them up again. She does it beary softly, knowing that what Axlerod just said probably gave them bad dreams.) Spaulding: Ax, how did you and Grover end up with Mommy? Axlerod: Stuffed animals given to children have three possible outcomes. Most children actually outgrow their stuffed animals. They forget about Teddy Bear World and stop being able to communicate directly with their stuffed animals. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::There is a pause while the older stuffed animals cuddle the younger ones, because the younger ones are shivering in fear::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: Don't worry. Mommy and Daddy ARE grown ups and still refuse to outgrow us, so we don't have to worry about that. Axlerod: That's right. We all belong in the third group, and are beary lucky for that. The first group I was talking about, ends up in one of two places--they either live on a shelf or on the bed when it's made, but either way, they are treasured forever, if not hugged and loved like they used to be. Or, the second alternative, that scares most stuffed animals the most is that they are sold, given away or stored until the Mommy and Daddy have children of their own to give the animal to. Spaulding (shivering a little): What becomes of those stuffed animals? Axlerod: Well, you know Rocky Racoon and the blue caterpillar down in the basement with the Need-to-Be-Adopted Teddy Bears?! Spaulding (a bit confused): Yeah?! Axlerod: Mommy bought them at flea markets, so they used to belong to children! Teddy: Ohhhhhhhhhhh, that was good that they were bought then! (pausing to think just a little) BUT, how did you and Grover end up with Mommy? Axlerod: We're the third possible outcome. I went with Mommy to college and stayed with her after she rented her first apartment, but I was like the first group of stuffed animals, but with a twist. I spent my days all alone on her bed, but, when it was bed time, she'd hug me and give me my own fluffy pillow to sleep on right next to her bed. Dee: Oh, she still loved you, but didn't treat you as real as she does now?! Axlerod: No, I've always been real to Mommy, but with only one stuffed animal left--she used to have so many on her bed when she was a child that the last ones in the row, had to fall off the bed some time during the night--and because she was always busy doing grown up things like working and chores, she just didn't have as much time to play with me. That, and it's easier to play with two stuffed animals then one, so they can talk to each other like Spaulding and Teddy do. Ding: And Grover? Axlerod: Unlike Mommy, her brothers all did grow up and forgot about Teddy Bear World. Her youger brother--Grover's Daddy--is 11 years younger then Mommy, so Mommy thought that when he left for college, he just left Grover behind, because, well....errrrr..... Teddy: Because boy peoples have to act really tough and can't be seen with a stuffed animal. Daddy 'splained that to me! Axlerod: Oh, yeah, Mommy 'splained that to me way back when, but I didn't understand it, so forgot! Teddy: That's all right. I didn't understand it either and Daddy's not like that. Spaulding: Neither is Mawson's Daddy or Brownie and Holly's Daddy! Lady: I just think some peoples are comfortable enough to not worry so much what others think of them. :::::::::::::::::::::All nod their heads in solemn agreement:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: After Mommy's brother was done college, he got a job that made him work 80-100 hours per week, so he had no time for Grover. Spaulding: Mommy says he's a chef! Valentine: Why is it that all of the boys in Mommy's family love to cook, but Mommy....well, she can cook, but doesn't even like to?! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehe Axlerod: Somewhere between the younger brother getting new jobs with less hours and getting cats and then dogs....Mommy got comfortable having Grover around and, well, just kept him. Teddy: Shouldn't she ask her brother if he wants Grover back? ::::::::::::::::::::::::They all turn around and look at Mommy, who simply asks, "Do you want Grover to leave?:::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: Nevermind! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehe Dee: But, Grandpa, aren't you going to tell us about that most important rule--"always end up back in the position you are left in?"! Axlerod: Oh. Right. I forgot. I don't know what became of Andy and Cordoroy, but they might have been permanently lost because they weren't found where they were left AND their Daddies were that age where they were forgetting about them. We all know what happened to the Jersey Devil, because he wasn't where he was supposed to be! :::::::::::::::::::::::All shiver as they remember the 200 years the Jersey Devil roamed The Pine Barrens alone, because his Mommy got hurt and her parents forgot to pick him up too. After a long time waiting for her return, he got hungry and went to get something to eat, only to not return back in time when his Mommy's parents went to find him.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: And then there is that Teddy Bear that Mawson knows, who roamed away and ended up being attacked by dogs, getting his legs chewed off, but, fortunate for him, his parents loved him enough to take him to a Teddy Bear Hospital that sewed on new legs for him! ::::::::::::::::::::Another chill hits them all::::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: Ut-oh! We got sidetracked again! Spaulding: Well, sorta. We wanted to tell about the two worlds Teddy Bears live in (some of us live in three, but that's a story for another time), but ended up telling the most important rule for Teddy Bear World! Teddy: The reason we wanted to tell You, was to tell how we've been busy. Dee: Our two worlds are connected! Ding: Yeah, like our favorite store, T.B. Max (Teddy Bears to the Max), is found in the peoples' store, T.J.Max! Spaulding: And, when it gets cold in peoples' world, it's cold in Teddy Bear World. Teddy: That's one of the ways we've become busy! We all had to put on our winter clothes! Axlerod Well, those who have winter clothes put them on. I'm keeping my favorite T-Shirt! Ding: And we used to have winter clothes, but Mommy made them out of her old clothes, so when she washed them, they fell apart! Lady: And it's just not cold enough for me to put on my fur coat yet, but I will when it gets cold! Dee: And, soon, Mommy is going to get out our Santa Claus caps! Teddy: We LOVE our Santa Claus caps! Axlerod (in his beary best Eeyore voice): for joy. For joy. All: Kehehehehehehehehehehe Valentine: Axlerod finds it undignified, but we insist, to get him in the Christmas spirit! Spaulding: And, Mommy helped us make a Teddy Bear size Christmas tree that's in the Peoples' World. Teddy: We can put it right behind the sofa she made us, which is right next to where the BIG Christmas tree Mommy and Daddy is going to set up will be. Spaulding: Mommy and Daddy were sick last Christmas, so never put up the big tree. Since Teddy and Valentine are less then 2 years old, they've never seen the house all decked out! Teddy: I just can't believe you can decorate a tree 4 FEET TALL!!!!!! Spaulding: And, all the stuffed animals in our group are getting together for Giving of Thanks Day, and we've promised to make canned pears with cream cheese and walnuts on top! Lady: AND, we're bringing the hot dogs! Valentine: AND we're bringing all the edible china and the edible almond sliverware! Dee: Plus, grandma says we can help decorate the house this year! Ding: She says she wants to bring out as much as possible, to make up for last year! Axlerod: I love watching the kids get this excited about Christmas! Spaulding: Who you calling kids?! Axlerod: All of us! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: And we figured out what to give Mommy and Daddy for Christmas! Spaulding (in his usually incredibly loud whisper): WE CAN'T TELL SINCE MOMMY HELPS US WRITE THIS AND DADDY READS IT SOMETIMES, BUT IT'S, WELL, IT'S JUST GRAND!!!! Dee: Am I allowed to mention that I heard grandma tell grandpa that they got us a present too? Ding (looking up in the air and whistling with an "I-already-know" expression): NO, we known NOTHING about it! Spaulding (looking at Mommy): We know where it is, but won't peak to see what it is! :::::::::::::::::::::::Dee and Ding frown, but then smile again::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: Well, we have to get ready for Giving of Thanks Day, sooo.... Spaulding: Why don't you say it, Axlerod? Axlerod: Sooooooooo, until next time....

Saturday, November 15, 2003

The Last Hurrah!

Teddy: Yesterday, we woke up to an unnerving racket outside! Spaulding: It had been beary windy for a whole day, rattling the windows and making it sound like the windows were going to come crashing in at any moment. Teddy: But that was only part of the racket! Spaulding: It had also been raining hard throughout the night, but the rain was ending when we woke up. Teddy: But that was only part of the racket! Spaulding: Five of our neighbors have dogs that they let out into their beary small backyards where they bark constantly for half an hour each time they are let out. Teddy: They're let out all at different times and they're let out four times a day! Spaulding: But that was only part of the racket! Both: kehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: The LOUD racket came from a large bunch of birds.... Spaulding: ....pigeons, starlings and sparrows.... Teddy: ...AND a rather big group of squirrels! Spaulding: In the whole time we've lived here we have only seen three squirrels at one time, and usually there are only two squirrels in this neighborhood! Teddy: Betcha didn't even know squrrels made any sounds! Spaulding: They make a sound that almost sounds like a chicken clucking... Teddy: ...but it is more of a woody sound then a bird sound, if you know what I mean. Spalding: One of those noises you hear every day, but don't know it's from a squirrel. Teddy: We forgot to mention that Mommy and Daddy changed our home around a bit. Spaulding: We have run of the whole house, but Mommy bought us a basket to sleep in, and then bought Axlerod his own basket, because the first basket bearly fit us all. Teddy: We used to sleep near Mommy's bed on the floor, but when cold weather comes, Daddy pulls out the hue-mitt-o-fiver to stop the inside air from being so dry. Spaulding: With moisture in the air, their skin doesn't itch so much, and thier noses don't clog up as much. Teddy: But, the thingy that was sitting where the hue-mitt-o-fiver goes had to go somewhere, so Daddy put it where our bed used to be, and put our bed on top of it! Spaulding: And Mommy cleared a spot on the chest of drawers next to our bed for Axlerod's bed, so we can still all be together at night... Teddy: Well, the nights I don't have to stay up to keep Daddy company when he is feeling particularly yucky! Spaulding: And when Valentine doesn't stay out in the living room on our specially-made-by-Mommy-just-for-us-to-sit-on-and-watch-rasslin'-and-The-Three-Stooges sofa waiting for Daddy to go to bed leaving you and her with some alone time together. Teddy (blushing and then recovering): And now, with our new house, we can see the things Mommy has bought us through the years as decorations on our beary own shelf! Spaulding: Well, it's really the window sill, because now we have easy access to the window so we can visit with Petey the Pigeon outside on the air-conditioner, without having to climb up the chest of drawers to get to him. Teddy: Mommy and Daddy let us "steal"... Spaulding:'s not really stealing, since we ask if we can have it before we take it... Teddy: ...leftover money from when they order dinner to be delivered! Spaulding: And they buy us all 3 dozen hotdogs too when they buy dinner to come to the house! Teddy: Beary cool deal! Spaulding: And sometimes, when Mommy is emptying her pants pockets, she puts the change... Teddy: ...including bills.... Spaulding: ...into the piggy bank she bought us! Teddy: We all know it's really Mommy and Daddy's emergency money... Spaulding: Like if they can't get to the bank but need to get some groceries... Teddy: Or there is more month then deposits in the bank... Spaulding: ...whatever a bank is?! Teddy: I think it's the name of the tree that grows money. Spaulding: Oh! That sounds right! Anyway, we're working with Mommy to raise the amount in our piggy bank hoping that we have enough to buy Daddy a good Christmas present! Teddy: You KNOW we love Mommy and Daddy if we're willing to spend OUR money on them! Both: kehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: AND, last year when Mommy made all the wreathes for her family for Christmas, she made us a beary special potted flower! Teddy: The terra cotta pot fits in our paw, and the moss is real and the little dried purple flowers in it are real! Spaulding: Just the right size for us, but way too small for peoples. Teddy: Actually Spaulding gave it to Lady for last Christmas, but we all can enjoy it on our beary own shelf! Spaulding: Mommy kept it for us, but we rarely saw it because it was way up on the chest of drawers! Teddy: So, anyway, when all that racket woke us up, we sauntered... Spaulding: "Sauntered!" Good word! Teddy: Un hunh,...we SAUNTERED over to the air-conditioner and peeked through the Ben Eashtion Blind and saw Petey the Pigeon and a couple of his friends. Spaulding: We were about to ask him what all the noise was about, but then noticed behind him all the other birds in the yard! Teddy: It looked like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds! Spaulding: All along the top of the chain linked fence and in each chain link were birds upon birds upon birds. Teddy: They were also on the picnic table and all along the flower containers. Spaulding: Then Sammy, the squirrel, climbed up next to Petey and asked us to come on out! Teddy: We had to know what was going on first. Spaulding: We had watched The Birds right before going to bed one night, so got beary nervous with all those birds, even if we recognized many of them were Petey's family, and therefore friends! Teddy: He told us that they were celebrating The Last Hurrah! Spaulding: Yeah. We didn't know either, so we asked! Teddy: There is this moment of time in autumn when the weather changes so drastically... Spaulding: ...and it has to be after Indian Summer, that short few days after the first frost where the weather turns nice and almost summer like again... Teddy: ...that tells all God's creature that winter is almost here! Spaulding: There are many, many signs to point to that moment, but usually peoples are running around so busy with their lives that they don't notice... Teddy: ...and stuffed animals have already given into the idea of staying near home to wait out the cold, cold winter... Spaulding: ...BUT animals KNOW when that moment comes! Teddy: AND they know it without even having to notice all the signs! Spaulding: It's that moment when squirrels stop storing up for the winter... Teddy: And, migrating birds give up migrating... Spaulding: And birds that don't migrate have fixed up their nest well enough to be prepared for winter... Teddy: And the winds blow and the rain pours out of the sky as if it's being dumped out of a beary big bucket... Spaulding: And all of the creatures that don't hibernate and don't fly away hunker in their well prepared homes or under big, now bear, trees waiting out the storm... Teddy: And finally the storm is over but the winds keep hollering... Spaulding: And they're all too small to go out in the wind, or it will blow them far, far away... Teddy: And they wait and wait and wait for the wind to calm down.... Spaulding: And there is a shiver in the air, hinting at the coldness of winter beginning to settle in.... Teddy: Then FINALLY, the wind calms down and the temperature rises.... Spaulding: Not back to summertime temperatures, but rising into the low fifties... Teddy: After having dipped down into the upper twenties and lower thirties.... Spaulding: And it feels like the whole earth has decided to take one last little nap before becoming truly serious about bringing on winter. Teddy: And in THAT short moment... Spaulding: ...all the little creatures gather to have one last hurrah!!! Teddy: Hurrah that all the preparation for winter is done! Spaulding: Hurrah that the bad weather is over for now! Teddy: Hurrah that they made it through the storm! Spauding: Hurrah that the beary same storm blew all sorts of nuts and last lingering berries and garbage full of pizza crust and the end of hoagie rolls and unclean garbage cans fall over and open up to reveal brand new, ready to eat, maggots! Both: YYYYYYUKE! YUKEY! Teddy: But birds like to eat them! Both: Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Spaulding: And just a beary big HURRAH for the moment in time when all God's creature know what is to come and have set themselves for the task of living through, yet another winter! Teddy: If you are a people, you might remember a particular brisk autumn morning when it seemed like all the birds on earth decided to have one beary large synphony of sound! Spaulding: That IS their The Last Hurrah! Teddy: That's the racket that woke us up yesterday! Spaulding: Petey and Sammy invited us all to join them! Teddy: We snuck out the window with them before Axlerod even woke up enough to use his Magical Time thingy! Spaulding: We almost forgot to ask what to do! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Teddy: It's a party like the animal's version of a Harvest Celebration! Spaulding: Because we were invited, all the animals in our neighborhood decided to center the party in our back yard! Teddy: Because we can't fly without our helioplaneship boxcar, and because we can't climb as easily and quickly as squirrels... Spaulding: ...I didn't know there were that many squirrels around here! There must have been fifty! Teddy: While Petey took each of us, on a separate trip flying down to the ground... Spaulding: ...and for extra fun, he did that by taking us once around the park! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Teddy: the other pigeons and squirrels all went off to bring in their special after-the-wind-died-down finds for our banquet! Spaulding: Wellllllll, since we don't appreciate stale bread, fermented berries and maggots as much as they do... Both: YUKEY!!!!! Teddy: We snuck back into the house and got a few dozen hotdogs roasted with all the trimmings.... Spaulding: ...raw onions, baked beans, relish, sauercraut, cheese, mustard, catsup, and mayo.... Teddy: ...and enough NiHi to pour some in a pail Mommy left outside to use it as a beary cool birdbath for our friends! Spaulding: Even after they finished eating the creatures were kind enough to think of other creatures who could benefit from their treasury of food and left a whole pizza crust right next to an ant hill, and a bunch of raisins on the vine still.... Teddy: I think they were still considered grapes... Both: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Next to a bee hive near our roof! Teddy: It looked like the ants and bees had already hibernated for the winter until right after we were done eating and they all showed up for the leftovers. Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Then we found out who the entertainment was! Teddy: Everybody! Spaulding: Uh hunh! Teddy: The main event at a Last Hurrah is the singing! Spaulding: Every body sings at once. Teddy: They harmonize beary well, but not like people do, so I don't think people can hear the harmony. Spaulding: Probably sounds like what we heard at first, when we woke up--a racket! Teddy: The squirrels were all singing about the stash of nuts they collected--each one singing about their beary bestest nut collection! Spaulding: The pigeons were singing about the stale bread they collected for their secret nest... Teddy: And how good they are in making nest so secret, few peoples have ever seen one! Spaulding: The starlings were singing about their secret worm garden where they drop all the extra worms they collect during the summer. Teddy: And the sparrows were singing the joys of their maggot collection hidden in their beary secret nests! Both: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And they sang for the joy of singing... Teddy: And for the joy of preparing for the winter... Spaulding: And for the joy of conquering winter.... Teddy: Or just surviving it, hopefully! Spaulding: And they sang beary, beary loud... Teddy: And beary, beary joyously.... Spaulding: ...but mostly they sang so all the other animals would know where their secret stash was.... Teddy: So, together they would all have enough to eat, even if their personal secret stash ran out before the winter ran out! Spaulding: And we felt inspired... Teddy: And we sang our hums.... Spaulding: We sang of our jobs... Both: ~~~~Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go~~~~ Teddy:: And we sang of our Jeopardy! winnings... Both: ~~~~~~~~~~~We are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers because we are the champions--oftheworld!!~~~~ Spaulding: And we sang of our food... Both: ~~~~Momma's little baby likes hotdogs, hotdogs, Momma's little baby likes hotdogs NOW!~~~~~~ Teddy: And we sang of our Star Trek shows.... Teddy: ~~~~~~~~~~~It's been a long road~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spaulding: ~~~~~~~~~~Getting from there to here~~~~~~~~~ Teddy: ~~~~~~~~~~~It's been a long time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spaulding: ~~~~~~~~~~But my time is finally near~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teddy: And, now we have so many new hums from our buddy, Mawson's Hum Page that we had to memorize just one and we chosed BabyBear's hum, The Teddy Bear Blues! Spaulding: ~~~~~~~~~My people been gone the long day through~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teddy: ~~~~~~~~I fell on the floor and don't know what to do~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Both: ~~~~~~I got The Teddy Bear Blues, oh, yeah, got the Teddy Bear Blues~~~~~ Spaulding: When we sang that, all the pigeons and squirrels stopped their singing. Teddy: That's because we are such good singers! Spaulding: That's what I thought too, but actually they never thought falling without peoples around could be a problem. Teddy: And they didn't know how good peoples could be to others... Spaulding: As long as the others are their Teddy Bears! Teddy: They told us how they were chased by people... Spaulding: And how peoples would scare them by stamping their feet... Teddy: And how, sometimes they'd even be shot at with something called a "sling shot"... Spaulding: ...or an air gun.... Teddy: I still don't get how air can hurt! Spaulding: Me either but I saw that bear patch of skin on Sammys thigh where he got hit by air! Teddy: But peoples aren't all bad! Spaulding: When we told them that all the food they were eating... Teddy: ...except for the worms..... Spaulding: ...were from people directly or indirectly! Teddy: They didn't understand until we told them what pizza looks like before it's thrown away and what whole hoagies are like! Spaulding: Kehehehe Remember when Petey thought maggots were people food too?! Both: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww! Kehehehehehe Teddy: But, he was surprised to find out that the can was a people's can specifically to throw out garbage, and, had it been clean properly, then there would have been no maggots! Both: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww! Kehehehehehe Spaulding: Most peoples say they hate pigeons and starlings. Some even admit to hating all city birds and squirrels! Teddy: Daddy calls squirrels "tree rats," and I don't think he means it as a good thing! Spaulding: Mommy quietly admits to liking all birds but starlings, and would like them too if they didn't squawk so much. Teddy: And the only time she hates squirrels is when they dig the dirt out of her herb pots! Spaulding: Davis, Sammy's brother, says they are just finding any available dirt to hide their nuts in, or are looking for nuts they hid last year. Teddy: Still. She did smile when she went out back to bring in the plants and found Sammy and Davis on the picnic table next to her plants. Spaulding: Sammy and Davis were glad they weren't wearing pants or they would have dirtied themselves. Both: Kehehehehehehe Teddy: But, once we told them about how peoples were good for them too, we all started singing again together some more. Spaulding: It was a grand day! Too bad they all had to finally go to fix up their homes after the storm. Teddy: I think everybody shoud have The Last Hurrah Days every so often! Spaulding: Me too, just to celebrate life! Teddy: Soooo, anyway..... Spaulding: Sooooooooo, until next time....

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The First Annual Great The Joy of Teddy Bears Invitational Only Race

Spaulding: We... Teddy: ....all our fuzzy, and not fuzzy, stuffed friends... Spaulding: ...were invited to The First Annual Great The Joy of Teddy Bears Invitational Only Race. Teddy: Kinda a baffing thought--"all invited" but "Invitational Only Race". Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: It's a flying race... Teddy: ...a flying and FALLING race.... Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And held in Professor Sigmund Furred's home. Teddy: Mostly held in their home.... Spaulding: ...also Mawson and Rumbles and their whole huge family's home... Teddy: ...but, my hand slipped off the throttle and Dee, Ding and I spent a little time flying out in the yard, after accidentally flying through the opened window. Spaulding: You weren't the only one who flew outside too! I know, for sure, we saw Snoopy and BabyBear followed you, thinking it was a shortcut. Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: It was a grand adventure--a grand race. I still get goose bumps thinking about it--see?? Spaulding (inspecting Teddy's arm): No. Sorry. Hard to see goose bumps under such fur. Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: We should start from the beginning! Spaulding: Does that include getting all dressed up before going over? Teddy: Would the gals ever talk to us again if we didn't tell of their fine outfits? Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Lady and Valentine were going to make their outfits, but with Halloween just a few days earlier, and all the sugar we ate, it was hard to keep still enough to do that. Teddy: The gals knew Mommy kept her material and nose-shins.... Spaulding: ...although we've never seen a shin with a nose... :::::::::::::Mommy stops for a moment to explain what n-o-t-i-o-n-s are::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: Ahhhhh, I get it....anyway, Mommy keeps it all down in the basement with all those need-to-be-adopted Teddy Bears... Spaulding: ...who were also invited to the invitational.... Teddy: the gals climbed down to the basement, got those other neighbors into the spirit and beary buddies got decked out for the race. Spaulding: They found the bag of spiffy looking hats Mommy made for Teddy Bears and Lady chose a straw hat with flowers around it, ... Teddy: ...but, since Valentine is so proud that she is the only girl with her own hat that Mommy made in our close family, so far, she decided to wear her red, white and blue ski cap that covered her ears to keep them warm.... Spaulding: Well, it kinda slipped off and her ears were on the outside of it when we had that banana split accident. Teddy: Shhhhhhhh, don't get ahead of the story! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Both gals chose long dresses with feather boas and beaded necklaces. Teddy: Some of the need-to-be-adopted bears wore the same kinds of outfits too. Spaulding: Unlike peoples, stuffed animals find it a compliment if they see others in the same outfit, so it was good they had matching outfits. Teddy: But you looked particularly smart that day! Spaulding (beaming a bright smile): Thank you. Lady was inspired by a board game she found in the basement with a rich man on the box and you buy property and put houses and hotels on them. ::::::::::::::::Mommy pauses for a moment to explain Monopoly :::::::::::::::: Spaulding (raising his mussle up in the air proudly): I wore something called a Top Hat, and had tails on my tail, with a black and white striped vest and matching pants. Teddy: You look like George W. Bush when you do that with your mussle in the air! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: You and the kids looked really spiffy too! Teddy (beaming with his usual sweet smile): Thank you. When my nephew and niece assumed they would be with me in the helioplaneship boxcar, no one had the meanest to tell them that I was going alone. Since it would just be them and me, we decided we should dress properly to be IN the race. Spaulding: My kids did look great in their auto mechanic coveralls with the denim and white stripes, complete with little oil splotches on them, but you really made Valentine so happy when you wore the outfit she made for you! Quite dashing! Teddy (blushing, but still holding his smile): Having read about Snoopy's encounters with the Red Baron, I had to wear the same cap and goggles to fly our helioplaneship boxcar, but the coat was Valentine's idea! Spaulding: She told Lady that she got the idea from watching a John Wayne movie, and made you the same kind of to-your-ankles-cowboys-on-a-cattle-drive light brown suede coat. You looked so good! Teddy (honestly, with no pride, but with his usual confidence): Un Hunh! But, Axlerod, despite beary buddy else dressing up, still wore his usual outfit... Both: His T shirt. Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: So you would be rested and ready, Axlerod drove us all to Down Under. Teddy: It's hard to give up driving beary buddies, but Australia is far, far away and I needed the rest. Spaulding: We were afraid we might not find the place.... Teddy: Australia is a beary big country and not as many people on the west side of it as the east side.... Spaulding: ...but we aren't people and with that many stuffed animals gathered together with all of their flying pillows and blankies and boxes and rocks, it was easy to find! Teddy: Because of the Magical Time Thingy, we all arrived at the same time! Spaulding: The spek, the spec...the spec-tate...the race watchers all started gathering in the corner of the room, but there were so many, we ended up taking up all of the floor. Teddy: All the racers lined up along the starting line where Oscar Guide Pup and Blizzard the Husky told us to, but ,since there were so many of us, some of us were over others, who were over others, who were over others.... Spaulding: I wasn't sure the race would start, with all the pillows and cushions and boxes accidentally bumping into one another and plushes falling off onto other cushions. Teddy: The kids were so excited about racing that they kept calling after you..."Daddy, Daddy, watch us." Then I was trying to settle them down and next thing I remember was banging my nose into BabyBear's DoublyUp pillow and smelling the pretty herbs! Smelled like spaghetti night at home! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: I didn't even know Ding could drive the helioplaneship boxcar until he drove down to get you. Teddy: Me either. And, we hadn't gotten back to our starting position before someone in the crowd shot off the cork gun and the "POP" sounded like a starting gun so all our flying vehicles started zooming away. Spaulding: It looked like a tornado with Teddy Bears, stuffed doggies, penguins, bunny rabbits, and hippos falling off and pillows rounding back to try to catch their stuffed animal before the animal hit the ground. Teddy: I love flipping off the sofa and doing somersaults all the way across the floor, but when Dee fell off, I immediately thought she would get hurt.... did I, because she's my little girl, but we both KNOW stuffed animals can't get hurt! Teddy: ...especially if our boxcar has a mind of its own and swooshes down to get her before she hits the group of plushes on the floor! Spaulding: You looked like you got to the front of the pack when the flying vehicles turned the corner into the hallway. Teddy: We might have been, but it was hard to tell when we realized no one told us where the course was or how far we had to fly. Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: When you all swooshed back into the room and caused a pile up at the window, it was several minutes before anyone realized that the three vehicles flew right out the window and around the yard. Teddy: We would have kept flying around the yard, if we didn't hear Amy's sweet voice calling to all of you that she couldn't see us anymore. Spaulding: You missed the part when we all realized that no one had made a finishing line! Proffessor Furred was the one who figured out that finishing lines and clotheslines were beary much alike and grabbed a clothesline and stretched it out so we could all cut up pieces to give to all the racers, so they would know when the race was over. Teddy: When I came flying back into the window, I caught what The Jersey Devil was doing out of the corner of my eye. He didn't trip on his tail, he tripped on the finish line! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Can you believe so little banana split could cover so much of Axlerod!? Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: When we racers saw the big pile of plushes gathering around Ax to clean him up with their tongues, the race almost stopped then so we could all join in! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: I think Oscar and Blizzard were beary O-fish-awl to walk away from the banana split eating contest to give each racer a finish line, but I never saw who won the race! Teddy: Well, they gave each racer a piece of the finish line and made that moment the moment where we came in to the end. Since I was the third one to receive my piece of rope, I decided I came in third. Spaulding: Yeah, but WHO WON the race?! Teddy: Oh, come now! As often as we play games together and play games with Mommy and Daddy! Who ALWAYS wins those games? Spaulding (knitting his brows in bafflement): We do?! Teddy (with a big mischief grin): And who wins if we lose?! Spaulding (a smile slowly growing on his face): I don't remember EVER losing! Teddy (bearly containing his laughing fit): EXACTLY! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::both are laughing too hard to continue this entry, so Mommy lets them down on the floor so they can literally ROFLOL (rolling on the floor laughing out loud):::::::::::::::::::::::: Mommy: Sooooooooo, until next time....kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe