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Friday, November 28, 2003

Giving of Thanks Day

Teddy: We had the bestest Thanksgiving EVER! Spaulding: Better then the beary first Thanksgiving with Indians and Pilgrims! Teddy: Wellllll, I dunno 'bout that. That happened right before we were born. Spaulding: But, it was the grandest Teddy Bear Giving of Thanks Day EVER! Teddy: Beary Buddies went to BabyBear's house early... Spaulding: bring the food and supplies... Teddy: and the special shoes and belts to kick off and loosen... Spaulding: ...and to check out the cool Teddy Bear forts and hiding places... Teddy: ...and napping places... Spaulding: ...before flying out to see Philadelphia's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Teddy: There were enough of us to hold down the Teddy Bear balloon! Spaulding: And the Teddy Bear balloon is HUGE! Teddy: ...about the same size as The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade's Kermit T. Frog's balloon! Spaulding: AND we saw Kermit T. Frog two times that day LIVE! Teddy and three more times on TV. Spaulding: We saw him as we were looking for our Teddy Bear balloon to get started. Teddy: We saw him singing at the Macy's Parade. Spaulding: Axlerod, Proffessor Furred and all the other older, wiser stuffed animals worked overtime with the Magical Time Thingy so we went to three parades in three locations all happening at the same time... Teddy: PLUS, when we went back to BabyBear's house, we continued using the Magical Time Thingy to watch all the other parades across the country and STILL had plenty of time to play, take naps and eat! Spaulding: What was beary, beary cool though was at the end of the parade... Teddy: Santa's beary own sleigh... Spaulding: ...was a monster size Teddy Bear! Teddy: HUMONGOUS! Spaulding: It made Mawson and Rumples look dinky! Teddy: And they are beary, beary big! Spaulding: was smaller then our Teddy Bear balloon! Teddy: I really hate the end of the parades. I wanted them to go on forever! Spaulding: And we want to play in the bands, make the floats... Teddy: dance in front of the Art Musuem, and sing beary loud... Spaulding: ...and judge all the floats and bands... Teddy: ...and buy up all of the balloons and cotton candy and souveniers... Spaulding: ...and just enjoy ourselves forever and ever. Teddy: ...But, also, I'm glad it was over so we could go give thanks with our beary buddies! Spaulding: After Santa flew by on his sleigh... Teddy: ...with the beary, beary big bear... Spaulding: ...we knew it was over so went back to Babybear's house... Teddy: Where we could meet Elfis better, and kwaala's and Snoopy.... Spaulding: We saw Snoopy in several of the parades too! He was one of the big balloons in the New York Parade! Teddy: After our need-to-rest-after-the-parades' nap, we started exploring all the forts and tents and hiding place Babybear's family made for us to play in. Spaulding: Ding and Amy were busy flying around in her chair, so didn't have much time to play Hide N Seek with us! Teddy: We all had to practice putting on the shoes to kick them off so we knew we were relaxed. Spaulding: And the guy bears had to learn to wear belts, so they could learn how to loosen them after dinner! Teddy: Wellllllll, except for Sigmund and Axlerod, who were busy in that huge corner cave up near the ceiling comparing notes on their different S-spear-a-mints! Spaulding: When beary buddies woke up from their naps, it was time for dinner! Teddy: With over 300 bears and stuffed animals friends there, I sure was glad that we all brought our magical flying vehicles! Can you imagine trying to fit that many ground-bound bears around that table?! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Since Snoopy came to pick up our edible plates and almond sliverware, I was shocked how many there were when they were all sitting on the table together! Teddy: The china and sliverware were yummy, but WOW, what a dinner! Spaudling: Everything a bear might dream to eat and then some! Teddy: I don't think even Mommy could have eaten all that chocolate by herself, even if she ate it nonstop until the end of the year! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And I think every single pumpkin grown in the state of New Jersey was used for alllllllllll those pies! Teddy: Rumples brought some too! Spaulding: I wonder where he found the pumpkins since it is only Spring in Ozzieland?! Teddy: Probably Australia's version of T.B. Max! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Remember when Ding confused himself with Scotland the Brave and bravely popped one of those hot peppers in melted chocolate and then popped the whole thing in his mouth?! Teddy: Did you see how wide Amy's eyes got?! Spaulding: Not nearly as wide as Ding's! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: I've never seen that boy move so quickly to calm the burn! Teddy: I think he has a blister on his tongue, but he won't let us see! Spaulding: Lady keeps giving him ice cubes to suck on. I don't think he will confuse himself with Scotland the Brace again! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Teddy: I dunno! Amy seemed to like him! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: And that turkey! It was taller then me! Did you get to eat everything? Teddy: Yes, but eventually I had to take that belt off! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Spaulding: It was so nice and cozy on that blanket with Lady after dinner. Teddy: I think beary buddies took naps! Spaulding: Remember the phone ringing? Teddy: Bearly?! Spaulding: We were all snoring so loudly that the Philadelphia International Airport called to ask us to quiet the racket. Apparently, they thought all those jets were too quiet to hear above our snoring! Both: Kehehehehehehehe Teddy: I really hated having to leave! Spaulding: At least we didn't have to eat two Thanksgiving meals on the same day! Teddy: Yeah. Mommy was too sick to go shopping in time to get a turkey and thaw it out for Thanksgiving. Spaulding: At least she was feeling better on Thanksgiving Day! Teddy: Daddy still wasn't feeling too good though! Spaulding: They decided to postpone their celebration by a week and have their Giving of Thanks Day next Thirstday! Teddy: Well, with their brilliant idea, you sure can't feel sorry for them! Spaulding: I'm just so excited! Teddy: Since all the parades and fun happened on the normal Thanksgiving Day, Mommy has asked if we would be kind enough to make a Teddy Bear parade on their special Thanksgiving Day! Spaulding: It's bearly light out the day after the normal Thanksgiving Day, and Lady and Valentine have already made the costumes. Teddy: Ding and Dee have made lots and lots of musical instruments for the bands to use! Spaulding: We're in charge of making the floats and balloons! Teddy: I'm sure glad the Need-to-Be-Adopted bears in the basement and our neighbors downstairs will help! Spaulding: And good ole' Axlerod is helping us or-gan-eyez it all! Teddy: We had a great time on our Giving of Thanks Day get-together. Spaulding: And we took good care of Mommy and Daddy that whole day too! Teddy: But now we have to get ready for our private Thanksgiving Day parade for next week. Spaulding: Sooooooooo, until next time....

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