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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Christmas Eve

Spaulding: T'was the night before Christmas... Teddy: And all through the house.... Spaulding: Not a creature was stirring... Teddy: Not even a MOUSE!!!! Spaulding: Well, that sure s'plains how our holiday season is going! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: Mice are stirring! Spaulding: And we simply aren't ready for Christmas yet! Teddy: Mommy and Daddy are having all sorts of problems, so we all agreed... Spaulding: ...and Teddy bmailed Santa to let him know too... Teddy: ...that we would postpone Christmas and have it next week some time! Spaulding: First, Daddy is still doing the treatment, but now it makes him sick all week long! Teddy: It used to make him beary sick for the first few days of the week, but at the end of the week, he'd feel better and could actually go out one day a week for a little while. Spaulding: Now it wipes him out all week long! Teddy: Plus, Mommy and Daddy had to get a new health insurance, which is difficult to or-gan-eyez to make sure Daddy can keep getting the treatment he needs to get better! Spaulding: Their old insurance ran out on November 15th, so Daddy ordered a month worth of drugs on the 14th, plus he already had two weeks left, so they thought they would be fine for getting his next batch in time to keep going! Teddy: Beary weird! The drugs make Daddy sicker and it would have been nice to take a couple of weeks off from taking the drugs, but Mommy kept fighting the insurance company to get his drugs! Spaulding: Yeah, but their big fear was that if he took the time off he'd have to start all over and he's almost half way through! Teddy (with a small smile): They laughed about that. Spaulding: Mommy cried several times fighting the insurance company! Teddy: It scared us, but the insurance company kept changing the list of things she had to do for Daddy to get the drugs! Spaulding: We now know what "jumping through hoops" means! Teddy: The insurance company made Mommy feel so, so , soooooooo... Spaulding: ICKY and angry and confused! Teddy: Two days ago, they changed their story AGAIN and said they needed more stuff!!!! Spaulding: Daddy needed his drugs for Christmas Day! Isn't that a stinky way to celebrate Christmas? Teddy: Mommy was so angry and confused and sad that she did something she wished she had done much earlier! Spaulding: She called a lawyer! Teddy: Daddy's drugs came today! Spaulding: She's going to wait until after the holidays before calling the lawyer about getting their insurance cards sent too! Teddy: The same insurance company has promised the insurance cards went out on the 3rd and despite Mommy telling them seven times that they haven't arrived, they still haven't come in. Spaulding: They just don't care! Teddy: They SHOULD care! This is our Mommy and Daddy and neither feel well enough to be treated like this!!! Spaulding: BUT, the crying is over and still, even through all this, Mommy has been helping us decorate for Christmas! Teddy: Christmas season hasn't always been nice to Mommy and Daddy! Spaulding: Last year, Daddy was too tired to do anything.... Teddy: ...and we didn't even know he was sick yet! We just thought he was sad! Spaulding: ...and Mommy was dizzy--for two months, counting Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and she bearly got to go to her family's get-together, and came home early, not feeling well! Teddy: But, Mommy likes to prepare early for Christmas presents, and they assumed Daddy would be working before Christmas! Spaulding: Daddy likes to have Christmas decorations on his desk at work, so Mommy bought him an 18 inch Christmas tree plus the tiny little decorations for it. Teddy: It ended up being our only Christmas tree last year, but Daddy gave it to us as a Christmas present. It's the perfect size for us! Spaulding: And, on their vacation a year ago last summer, Mommy bought a Christmas decoration for the big tree! Teddy: That was our first vacation together, where we got to know each other like bwuders! Spaulding: I remember! Teddy: Mommy buys Christmas tree decorations as souvenirs. Spaulding: This decoration was a little stuffed Teddy Bear angel holding a gold star. Teddy: His name is Kris and he was the only decoration out last year! Spaulding: So Mommy decided to make up for it this year! Teddy: She's still in pain though and Daddy is too sick still to help, so we decided to condense it all to this one room! Spaulding: This room used to be Daddy's study, so it has many bookcases! Teddy: Back when Mommy and Daddy first knew what was wrong with Daddy, they changed this room into our living room and computer room, because it's close to the bathroom and stairs are tiresome if you are sick! Spaulding: We helped Mommy though. We co-lab-or-eighted together and decided to decorate each shelf of the bookcases with gold garland, and each side of the bookcases with red, green or red and green garland, which hides the electrical cords for the Christmas village! Teddy: We wanted to help Mommy move all those books downstairs, but the books weigh more then we do, so we couldn't! Spaulding: But, Mommy was smart! She only took down bags of books when she was headed to the kitchen or basement anyway! Teddy: But, since our decorations are in the basement, she had to go down often! Spaulding: On one shelf, we now have Mommy's Na-tiv-ity scene.... Teddy: That's Jesus in a manger with Mary and Joseph on either side, plus the donkey Mary rode, plus the cow that lived in the stable Spaulding: A stable is like a barn! Teddy: and the shepards and sheep and the wise men with their gifts and their camel. Spaulding: ...and Mommy made it all by herself years ago... Teddy: ...before we were born... Spaulding: ...out of stained glass! Teddy: With the florescent light on the ceiling, it seems lit up all the time!!! Both: It's Beeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuutiful!!!! Spaulding: We also have a small village with four buildings, but we only had three free shelves to work with, so Mommy came up with a beary good idea! Teddy: She put the church above the books, the shall-lay (challet) and Santa's workshop two shelves below the church and added Santa and Frosty next to them, and then put the last house on the shelf below that and then added all of our Christmas Teddy Bears... Spaulding: They're little figurines of Teddy Bears dressed up like Santa with two little Teddy Cubs trying to reach the gifts. Mommy won them at a gathering of online friends called "The AOL Disabled Support Chat Reunion" a couple of years ago, so this is the first time we've seen them out for Christmas! Teddy: Now it looks like a fantasy village in the Alps, chalk full... Spaulding: "Chalk Full!" Nicely descriptive, even though I don't know what it means! :::::::::::::::::Both look at Mommy in hopes of learning what it means, but Mommy just shrugs her shoulders and agrees, even if we don't know its origins, it's still a good description::::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: C h a l k f u l l of snowmen, Santas and Christmas trees candles and ADORABLE... Spaulding: us.... Both (agreeing): Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: Teddy Bear Santa and cubs!!!!! Spaulding: We also have a couple of stuffed angels above the bookcases and a stuffed snowmommy with her two kids, and we made Mommy put at least one decoration in each corner, so you can't look anywhere without being reminded of the season AND... Teddy: Wait a minute! Which is your favorite decoration?! Spaulding: I can't decide between the Na-tiv-ity scene or the Teddy Bear figurines! You?! Teddy: Oh, wow, that makes it harder! I really like the glitter ball with the Mommy and kitten kitty cats, where the little kitten broke a Christmas tree ball and afraid Mommy might be angry, but the Mommy kitty cat isn't angry! I was going to say that or our beary special Christmas tree just for us. But, now I like your choices just as much! I don't know which I like! Both: I like them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::Both look at each other, surprised to say the exact same thing at the exact same time:::::::::::::::::: Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: All those decorations have been up for about a week, but today.... Teddy: Today we helped Mommy decorate the Christmas tree!!!! It's the first time I've ever seen such a BIG tree!!! Spaulding: Mommy made us a great deal! She got to put on all the birds! Teddy: We have three red feathered birds, one ceramic robin and a bluebird on her nest with three eggs! Spaulding: BUT....she let us decide where everything else went!!!! Teddy: We kept choosing the decorations that fit our personalities! Spaulding: The girls put on the beary pretty glass decorations with roses on them and blown glass decorations and angels. Teddy: The kids put on the carousel animals, both horseys and other animals and butterflies, Spaulding: Axlerod put the Santa chef with his new batch of cookies and the other unique decorations. Teddy: And we put on Mommy's stained glass decorations and the stuffed critter decorations... Spaulding: Kris, theTeddy angel with the star, and the girl porcupine next to him so he won't get lonely. Teddy: Wellllllll, we did have them face us at eye level so we could talk to them during the holiday! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: We make beary good decorators! Teddy: I'm glad we're postponing Christmas, or we couldn't enjoy the decorations long enough! Spaulding: Mommy says that her tra-dish-shun was always to have the decorations done the weekend after Thanskgiving! Teddy: Wow! Then we NEED to delay Christmas to enjoy the decorations and holidays for longer!!!! Spaulding: We're about to bring out our whole family to enjoy the lit decorations and TV specials for the holidays, so we'll stay until OUR holidays are over! Teddy: We HAVE to turn on all the lights before they come out! They haven't seen it all lit up yet! Spaulding: Axlerod, as the oldest in our family, will help Mommy put the angel on top of the tree too! Teddy: Well then let's get going!!!! Spaulding: Sooooooooo, until next time.... Both: And from all of us, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to every one not postponing Christmas! And, "God bless us every one!" Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!

Friday, December 12, 2003

New Housemates!

Teddy: With peoples, Teddy Bears, stuffed doggies, bunnies, a raccoon and a Jersey Devil, dolls, Grover, the Philly Phanatic, and a couple of Christmas ornaments that are also stuffed animals, we have a rather large collection of creatures in this house. Spaulding: We don't all live together though. Teddy: Nah, like the dolls, Grover, the Philly Phantatic, and the Jersey Devil live on the first floor, and all the Need-to-Be-Adopted Teddies and Rocky Raccoon live in the basement. Spaulding: And, to make it easier on Mommy and Daddy--not having to deal with the stairs so often--we live on the second floor. Teddy: With all of us under one roof though, you would think it must be impossible to add to our group. Spaulding: Certainly, we didn't think the group could get any larger, even if Mommy can hear all those stuffed animals in the stores calling her and asking her to take them home, but we just can't take on any more! Teddy: And then we heard a sound! Spaulding: It came from the wall right next to Mommy's chair. Teddy: Our house is a rowhome, so we have neighbors on either sides of those walls... Spaulding: ...but with finances going whacky around here in the last few years, Mommy and Daddy know they need to "point" the outside bricks, but can't afford to do that. Teddy: Mommy says that "pointing" means to put more goop between the bricks as wind, rain and snow slowly steals what was in there. Spaulding: You would think it would be called "gooping" or "stuffing," but, once again, people decide to use a strange word that doesn't belong and forces it to belong! :::::::::Both shrug their shoulders as a sign of giving up trying to understand peoples' language:::::::::::: Teddy: Anyway, at first Mommy thought it was the outside wall falling apart, but the noise kept up for too long for it to be that! Spaulding: Daddy's sofa is farther away from the wall then Mommy's chair, so, when the noise first started happening, even with the TV off, Daddy couldn't here it but Mommy could. Teddy: Daddy thought it was "the neighbors getting frisky," whatever that means?! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Both shrug their shoulders::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: At first we only heard the sound at night when it was raining or snowing out, but when it happened on a sunny day, Mommy knew it wasn't the goop falling out of the bricks and knew the neighbors were working, so not getting frisky. Teddy: We found out what it was before they did though, but, because we didn't know about such things, we couldn't tell Mommy and Daddy who it was. Spaulding: We heard him singing our bestest work song one night. Both: ~~Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work we go!~~~ :::::::::::::::::::::Both get carried away and after singing, whistling and dancing to the song for a few minutes, Mommy reminds them about finishing the story again::::::::::::: Teddy: Sorry, sometimes bears just want to have funn-un!!~~~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Off on another frolicing binge as they sing their theme song adapted from Cyndi Lauper's Song, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!", Mommy again must quiet them to continue. Looking very sheepish, they know better then to say they are sorry, since they weren't sorry at all:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Well, anyway, when we heard him whistling when Mommy and Daddy were napping, we climbed off our sofa quietly, climbed down off the desk our sofa sits on, and peeked behind the bookcase next to Mommy's chair. Teddy: He was beary small! Spaulding: Even Dee and Dign towered over him! Teddy: He was dark brown and furry. Spaulding: Almost the color of dark chocolate. Teddy: He had whiskers sticking way out on either side of his pointy little nose, not to be confused with putting goop between bricks! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: And we're pretty sure he has had way too much coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee because he was quick and perky! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: The problem was, we didn't know what he was, never having seen anything like him before! Spaulding: We scared him terribly and he would have run away, hadn't it been that the kids were on the other side of the bookcase! Teddy: Lady and Valentine were more scared of him then he was of us, and they jumped so high they landed on top of our sofa all the way up on top of Mommy's desk before they even got their first screech out! Spaulding: We don't understand why, other then Mommy since telling us what it was and how it particularly scares womenz! Teddy: We did that which comes naturally to Teddy Bears--we smiled and said, "Hi, don't be scared, we won't hurt you." Spaulding: Because he moves so fast anyway, it was hard to tell if he was moving that fast out of fear or just because he likes to move fast. Teddy: We asked him his name and he said, "Mickey Mouse." Spaulding: Of course, being stuffed animals, we KNOW Mickey Mouse and he was no Mickey Mouse! Teddy: BUT, he said just because there is one famous "Mickey Mouse" doesn't mean that no one else can ever be named "Mickey Mouse" again. In fact, he was Mickey Mouse IV, so, named after his father, his father's father and his grandfather's father. Spaulding: Apparently, being named Mickey Mouse is kinda like being named Teddy Bear. There are more then one Teddy Bears! Teddy (feeling strangely defensive): Yes, but none like me! Spaulding (with a great big smile of understanding): Exactly! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: We found out from Mickey that he used to live outside all the time, but when the snow came, he was so short that he needed to find some place to live that was warmer and snow free! Spaulding: He told us where the hole was that he came in, but since everything is so much bigger to him then even to us, we have no idea what huge caverneous system he was talking about?! Teddy: It hs something to do with our walls. Apparently, there is some space between our room walls and the brick walls between the neighbors. Spaulding: He's a jumpy little guy, so he couldn't talk long. Teddy: We think he said something about making a home for his family, but he doesn't speak English nor Teddy Bear beary well, so it was hard to understand him. Spaulding: Since we've met him, we've seen him about once a day, but he is always scurrying from one place to the next. Teddy: We didn't even realize that we forgot to ask him what he was, until the first time Daddy saw him! Spaulding: Since Daddy is always tired and falling asleep, we were quite surprised to see him jump so fast that first time! Teddy: He didn't jump up on the sofa and scream like Lady and Valentine did, but Mickey did startle him! Spaulding: He did something wierd right away. He moved his box of crackers off the floor. It wasn't until Mommy came back upstairs, before we found out why he did that. Teddy: Even Mommy didn't act like Valentine and Lady did though! Spaulding: Well, she didn't actually see him until later. Teddy: But when Daddy told Mommy that they've probably been unwittingly feeding a mouse, Mommy got all jitterly, like Mickey! Spaulding: The way she was acting, you'd think a roach fell out of her menu again, like when Mommy and Daddy were dating! Teddy: Ah, now, roaches are disgusting creatures! They give me the HeeBeeGeeBee's too! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Both shudder::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: At first she told Daddy that he shouldn't have told her that there was a mouse in our house, but a few minutes later, she changed her mind. Teddy: As if Mickey understood the conversation and realized he might not be in any danger with the peoples, he decided to run across the floor right in front of the TV! Spaulding: Now we have enough trouble figuring out how people are, but the reaction from Mommy is nothing short of impossible to understand by anyone--human, stuffed or animal! Teddy: She said, "awwwwwwwwwww," as if she were seeing a Teddy Bear.... Spaulding: ...BUT her feet went up into the chair with the rest of her body?! Teddy: They decided that Mickey was still a baby mouse, and even sorta cute! Spaulding: BUT, Mommy wasn't at all sure she wanted to share the house with a mouse! Teddy: They spoke of "getting rid of it," until we told them that his name was Mickey. Spaulding: Mommy once told me of a story from when Mommy and Daddy were first married. They bought a couple of live lobsters, and, out of a joke, Mommy decided to name her's George! Teddy: Apparently, people should never name dinner, because once it has a name, it's that much harder to kill! Spaulding: Their immediate reaction was to KILL MICKEY!!!!! Teddy: And we always thought they were nice peoples?! Spaulding: They ARE nice peoples! Instantly, Mommy stopped wanting to kill Mickey. Teddy: But she didn't want Mickey to stay either! Spaulding: I dunno. Until the next thing happened, I think I was watching something develop in her mind about keping Mickey as a free range pet! Teddy: Yeah, I caught that too, but she didn't like the idea of having free range mouse poopies either! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: She put a cracker in a pretty steep bowl that first night. Teddy: And was surprised to find the bowl in the same position without a cracker the next morning! Spaulding (in his loud whisper): NICE OF MICKEY TO SHARE WITH US! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: She came back from the store upset that the only two choices for getting rid of mice were to poison them or trap them! Spaulding: There are traps to catch mice and then you can release outside, but they cost money and Mommy and Daddy are trying to keep as much money as they can right now. Teddy: She did come home from shopping for getting rid of Mickey with nothing! Spaulding: I think they sorta decided to let Mickey live until they could figure out how to get rid of him without killing him, until Daddy heard him in Daddy's bedroom! Teddy: I think they were leaning towards getting rid of him by then, but know what happened! You tell the story. I wasn't there and it was beary funny! Spaulding: Peoples have a weekly event called "Trash Night," where they gather up all their trash from the last week and take it to the curb so it can be collected. Teddy: Our trash night is Tuesday night, and it was the Tuesday night right after our special Thanksgiving, so had more then the usual amount of trash. Spaulding: Yeah, it was just a few days ago. Anyway, Daddy had enough energy that night to make a chicken stir fry for dinner! Teddy: It had chicken and carrots and celery and broccilli and pineapples!!! I love pineapples in my dinner! Even better then a hotdog stir fry without pineapples! Spaulding: But, stir fries require lots of cutting up on vegetables and chicken and stuff, so the kitchen was beary messy afterwards! Teddy: Mommy and Daddy tend to try to be the first one to take out the trash so the other one won't have to do it! Spaulding: Like usual, neither one of them felt too good after dinner, so Mommy decided to gather up the trash in one trip and take it out in another. Teddy: Since she wasn't actually going to put on a coat and take the trash out, she decided to take you downstairs with her! Spaulding: She likes to put me in her shirt with my head and arms popping out of the top, so I can see everything she sees without getting in the way much! I can help her beary well that way! Teddy: Mommy calls you her little back seat cook, when you go down to help her with dinner, sit on the counter and keep telling her what to do. When she puts you in her shirt, you can actually control what she does, so you don't always have to tell her what to do! Spaulding: So, before we went down, Daddy asked for some coffee. She had to clear out the sink to get the water for the coffee, and she caught something move out of the corner of her eye. Teddy: When she looked over to the counter left of the sink, she saw the end of a scallion that Daddy used in his stir fry. Spaulding: It was behind a can, but it wasn't until she heard noise, like something falling off the counter that she realized there was no scallions in dinner! Teddy: She looked behind that same can again, but there was nothing there that she could have mistaken for that scallion. Spaulding: She leaned over, even further, so we could see the floor next to the counter, and saw something run across the back doorway to the corner. Teddy: They are quick little creatures! Spaulding: She saw it run under some plastic bags leftover from shopping that day, and picked up the bag. The mouse ran across the bottom of the counters on the outside wall and zoomed out of the kitchen! Two things happened then, exactly at the same time! Teddy: Oh, tell Mommy's reaction first! Spaulding: Well, gotta tell what she saw first to give her that reaction! Teddy: Go on! Tell the story! Spaulding: It was like watching a Road Runner cartoon. You know how the Road Runner looks like a dust bowl zooming across the desert, until the camera stops his actions enough to show what it really is and to name him?! Teddy (suppressing a giggle): Yeah?! Spaulding: Seeing the mouse was just like that! At first, he was just a blur speeding by, but Mommy mentally stopped him in mid stride, so his front feet were past his head and his back feet were out straight behind him! In that moment, she realized this mouse was bigger then Mickey AND he was light grey! We had more then one mouse in the house! Teddy: That's bad because it means they can get together and make more mice! Spaulding: BUT, Mommy's reaction is something I'll always remember! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: She screamed for a good two seconds, but hit four different octaves, and, if any neighbors heard her.... Teddy: And we could easily hear her upstairs too! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: ...they would have thought she was a boy going through the voice change all in two seconds! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Both are laughing so hard that they are rolling around on the floor, holding on to their aching sides. Just as they start to settle down, they need Mommy to lift them back up on her lap to finish telling the story, but when they look at her, they burst out laughing again. Finally, several minutes later...:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: The moment Mommy realized the noise she had just made, even she burst out laughing! Teddy: Her beary best, funniest laugh! It was good to hear it again! Spaulding: She did clean up enough to get the trash basket ready to be thrown out, but she was too nervous with the mouse around to move the basket! Teddy: When Daddy went down later to take the trash out, the mouse did run out from behind the basket too! Spaulding: Mommy started worrying about their bread... Teddy: When she was feeding the mouse, she did discover it liked crackers and bread, but not peanutbutter or raw vegetables. Spaulding (with a silly grin): Not like Mommy would get carried away trying to take care of Mickey or anything! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: The first thing she did the next day was run... Spaulding: Mommy run?! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: ..was WALK to the store and buy mouse traps! Spaulding: We prefer pretending that these traps just catch the mice, so Mommy or Daddy can take them outside. Teddy: We hate to think of what might become of Mickey! Spaulding: Daddy almost hurt his fingers more then once trying to set up the traps and, despite it saying that no bait was needed... Teddy: As if that doll house size piece of plastic swiss cheese could fool anything! Spaulding: ...put crackers on them, and set them carefully in the corner of the kitchen where both Mommy and Daddy saw and one along the bottom of the cabinets that it ran down when it was caught. Teddy: That evening, Daddy found the traps still set, minus the crackers! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding (trying to keep serious): Mommy and Daddy didn't find that amusing! Teddy: Daddy read the directions on the traps and discovered it had a more sensitive setting. Spaulding: It was already so sensitive that he had to set them after putting them where he wanted them, or they would snap before he set them down! Teddy: The following morning, the crackers were gone again, but the traps stayed set! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Both muffle a Ho Ho Ho::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Daddy was NOT happy! He threw out the traps and kept the package to complain to the manufacturer. Teddy: He also told Mommy that he would get the mouse traps next time. Spaulding: He's becoming an expert on mouse traps! Teddy: Since he's sick though, it might be a while. Spaulding: We haven't seen either mouse since that first night, but I can't think of them leaving this nice warm house to face the cold, yucky weather outside! Teddy: I think they know we are the enemy now. I feel beary badly for them, but then again, I don't want mouse poopy all over the house either! Spaulding: I wonder if they could stay if they learned to use the potty?! :::::::::::::::Both look up at Mommy, who shakes her head in a stern NO::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: I just think Mommy doesn't like sharing her kitchen counters with a wild creature! Spaulding: She shares it with me?! Teddy: You're not wild! Spaulding: I can try! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: Oh, well, back to getting ready for Christmas! Spaulding: Sooooooooo, until next time....

Saturday, December 06, 2003


Teddy: It snowed yesterday! Spaulding: Not the little try-to-catch-snowflakes-on-the-tip of-your-muzzle snow... Teddy: We aren't like people. We can't catch them on our tongues, because our tongues are sewn into our mouths, so we catch them on our nose to try to turn our noses white! Spaulding: Well, actually, Axlerod does have his tongue on the outside! Teddy: Yes, but he's a bassett hound, so his tongue is touching the ground underneath his large muzzle! Spaulding: "It's true. It's true!" Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: What we're trying to say is that last week we had snow too, but it didn't stick to the ground, so we could only have fun as it came down! Spaulding: ....but YESTERDAY's Snow.... Teddy: Yesterday's snow was high enough to do anything you want to do in snow.... Spaulding: ...except fall through and get stuck deep in it! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: We all enjoyed last year's snow! Spaulding: We all got out our special magical can't-get-wet-or-cold snowsuits on... Teddy: Lady made them all out of the same magical material that she made our swimsuits from... Spaulding: She made them all last year, and since Valentine didn't join our family until Valentine's Day, Lady made her one too! Teddy: Valentine did get to play in snow last year, and we have the picture of the snow bear, snow dog and snow bunny in front of the igloo to prove it! Spaulding: That's what we did in the snow last year--made snow sculptures and ... Teddy: ...AND fell back into the snow to make snow angels by doing jumping jacks lying down! Spaulding: Welllll, not exactly snow angels all the time. Axlerod, Lady and Dee have their big floppy ears and all their paws are in the front, so theirs looked more like snow moths with beary, beary big antennae! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: And Valentine's ears stick up and has all her paws in the front too, so hers looked like a snow butterfly with beary, beary, beary BIG bottom wings and beary cute little top wings! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: And Ding, you and I can wiggle our ears in the snow, so they look like Teddy Bear angels, instead of angels that look like peoples! Teddy: Do all real angels look like people? ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Both look up at Mommy and listen intently as she answers:::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Some times Mommy uses words we don't know well, but she says that angels are different species from animals and peoples. Teddy: The best she can s'plain "species" is that all animals with gills are in the species called "fish." All animals that live on land and have six legs are in the species called "insects." Spaulding: She started saying that all warm blooded animals were call mammels, but then Teddy Bears break that rule by having no blood! Teddy: It sounds com-plick-kate-ted, but we did understand that angels aren't animals or peoples, but they must look close enough to people that their appearance didn't need to be s'plained when they appeared to peoples in the Bible... Spaulding: ...but then she got into the angels described in Revelation... Teddy: ...the last book in the Bible.... Spaulding: ...and they seemed to have several faces, one like a lion, one like a calf, one like a man and one like an eagle.... Teddy: ...but they are called "beast", so they might not be angels... Spaulding: And they had a whole lot of eyes, and it's all so beary confusing! (Note from Mommy: Read Revelation 4 for the reference. I don't claim to understand it fully, or even close to fully, but it was seen by John, so it really looked metaphorically like that.) Teddy: Anyway, we will play and let Mommy figure out the tough things to figure out! Spaulding: We still like angels! Teddy: No matter what they look like they all love God, so gotta be good creatures! Spaulding: And fun to make in the snow! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: BUT, living in the city, not close to any hills not crowded with traffic, we never knew last year about anything but making things in the snow! Spaulding: This year, now knowing all of our beary buddies we've met online, we were invited over to Babybear's house when the snow came to play in the snow. Teddy: Before we left, Mommy gave us a lid to the pasta boiling pot, after she took off the top handle. Spaulding: I didn't know how that would help us make snow bears, but I didn't want to hurt Mommy's feelings so we thanked her and left in our helioplaneship boxcar all bundled up in our magical snow suits! Teddy: Mommy had a knowing smile on her face, as if she knew we didn't know why she gave us the lid, but knew we would enjoy it! Spaulding: Wow! You should see how Babybear and his family plays in the snow! It's just so, so, so....soooo.... Both: COOL!!!!! Teddy: Since we had our Thanksgiving late and had put on that beary big parade two days ago, we were beary tired yesterday! Spaulding: Mommy says that something in turkey makes every body beary tired too, plus we worked beary hard for Thanksgiving! Teddy: By the time we got to Babybear's house, beary buddies from all over the world were already playing in the snow! Spaulding: I'm not sure if it was the little snowflakes hitting our face on the drive over, or the brisk winter air, but we weren't tired when we got there, that's for sure! Teddy: I think it's what we saw! Spaulding: There were bears sliding down a beary big mountain in Babybear's neighborhood!!!!! Teddy: It was the mostest amazing thing I've ever seen!!! Spaulding: Any of us have ever seen! ::::::::::::Both have eyes wide open and nodding their heads in agreement::::::::::: Teddy: We've slipped in snow before, but never thought to slip on purpose for long ways!!!! Spaulding: AND, at the bottom of the mountain was a huge lake frozen over, where other bears were running up to, and then intentionally jumping on to slide for as long as they could! (Since this was an early snowstorm for this area, and it was in the 50s two weeks early, Mommy needs to mention some things now. 1.) The "mountain" was a pile of snow dumped there as a plow went by. 2.) The "lake" was a puddle in the gutter that froze over slightly. It was perfect for the weight of Teddy Bears, but if any child going by had seen it and decided to try it out, it would have broken under the pressure of one little booted foot. Please keep in mind the size of Teddy Bears to keep their descriptions of things in perspective. If you are little, most things are "beary big!" HoHoHo) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Teddy and Spaulding were quietly watching Mommy as she typed before they said anything. Once she stopped typing, they knew they could go back to describing their day::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Dee and Ding were the first to react to what we saw! Teddy: We were just so shocked we didn't realize that we were all sitting still in our hovering helioplaneship boxcar still! Spaulding: It was beary funny watching the two little ones trying to climb the mountain! Teddy: They didn't seem to think it was funny though! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: They'd climb up a few steps and then slip and fall back down! Teddy: Amy was waiting for Ding though so came flying over in her personal flying chair! Spaulding: She told us to dig out heal into the snow for traction to get up the mountain... Teddy: ...or, easier still, use our helioplaneship boxcar! Spaulding: We watched several other bears trying to climb the mountain too, but they had already enjoyed the trip down! Teddy: So, we invited them all into our magical vehicle, and ended up letting that be the way up for beary buddies for the rest of the day! Spaulding: Bears were swooshing down the mountains in so many ways! Teddy: Some went on their bellies. Others sat on their furry tails. Spaulding: Some were using boxes, like our helioplaneship boxcar! Teddy: A couple used Christmas decorations--Teddy Bear size sleds that used to hang on a wall and had "Seasons Greetings," "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas" written on them! Spaulding: AND SOME, some used pot lids with the handles taken off! Teddy: Mommy knew! She knew how most kids enjoy the snow besides making things in it!!! Spaulding: When we asked her why she never told us about these things before, she reminded us of where we lived and the lack of safe sledding places! Teddy: I thought that was beary nice... Spaulding: ...and beary smart... Teddy: ...of her! Spaulding: Since there are seven of us, we made a rule that at least one had to go down in the helioplaneship boxcar, so we could give rides back up! Teddy: With the amount of bears, we ended up pulling a train load of sleds, boxes, and furried bottom bears back up the mountain each trip to get beary buddies back up! Spaulding: Our snow suits kept us warm, except for our ears and noses! Teddy: Mommy says part of the whole experience is to get cold noses and ears while sledding! Spaulding: You can smell the snow better with a cold nose! Teddy: And eskimo kissing is a fun way to warm your nose back up! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: By the end of the day, Ding and Amy had discovered how to slide her chair clear across the lake! Teddy: Dee, Holly, Brownie, Elfis, Kwalla, and the rest of their beary small members of their family, plus, Tiny Bear and Brownie Bear, caboose and her family... Spaulding: Good to see them too! It's been a while! Teddy: Scotland, Angus, Kwoolas and some of the smallest of the Need-to-Be-Adopted Bears from the basement had all worked together to make a tiny little igloo at the foot of the mountain! Spaulding: Every single one of them fit in it together, but when the rest of us were invited to visit, we had to go one at a time. Teddy: I had to lean over to get in, but I fit, and Valentine's ears got cold rubbing along the top of the entrance, but she fit better then I did! Spaulding: I felt like Luke Skywalker visiting Yoda! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: The big stuffies, like Rumples and Mawson had to shimmy on their backs to get in, and even then, once in they couldn't sit up! Spaulding: It certainly taught us how talented and able even the littlest stuffy can be! Teddy: It was fun to see Proffessor Sigmund Furred and Axlerod step away from the roaring bonfire they made for beary buddy, who needed to warm up, and take a few slides down the mountain and over the lake! Spaulding: Axlerod had sled before, back when he was just a pup and Mommy was much shorter! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: He tried to tell us about the S-spear-a-mint he and the Proffessor did with snow that day. Spaulding: He said that snow has the same magical abilities as pixie dust and shimmering confetti, but I didn't understand what magical abilities he was talking about! Teddy: Something about making diamonds in the air when you throw some up into the air, but when it lands, it instantly turms back to its original substance! Spaulding: Wow! Does that mean we can be rich for the little time when it glitters in the sun? Teddy: Yup! Lots and lots of real diamonds floating down, but when it lands they all disappear! Spaulding: Cool! Do people know this? Teddy: Only beary young people or those who never outgrew their memories of being young! Spaulding: Does Mommy know? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Both look back at Mommy as she nods her head with a smile reserved for secret knowledge the young keep:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: All: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: Axlerod and Proffessor Furred learned something from another S-spear-a-mint that day. They call it "The Tiredness Factor." Spaulding: Yeah, but they had to compare notes earlier today to make sure it did work right! Teddy: Before or after their naps?! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: That S-spear-a-mint I did understand! Teddy: They thee-or-eyezed that fresh air and snow wakes beary buddies up, no matter how tired you are! Spaulding: BUT, the moment you go back into your warm house the magical wake up air stops working and you become tireder then before you went out! Teddy: When we were out playing, it was as if we could play in the snow forever and ever! Spaulding: I'm glad we have Mommy and Daddy or we'd really hate having to leave even more! Teddy: Yeah, missing them makes going home fun! Spaulding: BUT, we did leave and did come back into this nice warm, keeps-your-nose warm, house, and poof!!!! Teddy: It was definitely nappy time! The Tiredness Factor! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: I'm glad Axlerod could freeze time! Teddy: Mommy and Daddy need us beary much, but don't know we're gone as long as we are because of Axlerod's abilities! Spaulding: After all these years, Axlerod can even freeze time while he's asleep! Teddy: Beary, beary good, since we slept at least a whole day since we were out in all that fun! Spaulding: Mommy has a little of that magic too! Teddy: She is helping us catch up with our Teddy Bear Journal, even though it seems to be much later in the month then it is! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: But, we have caught up quite a bit today. Teddy: Sooooooooo, until next time...

Friday, December 05, 2003

Our Beary Special Thanksgiving Day!

Teddy: As I said last post, since all the parades and fun happens on the normal Thanksgiving Day... Spaulding: ...and Mommy and Daddy were too sick to pepare for it... Teddy: ...Mommy has asked if we would be kind enough to make a Teddy Bear parade on their special Thanksgiving Day... Spaulding: ...which this year, is also our beary special Thanksgiving Day too! Teddy: Mommy asked us to do this on the traditional Thanksgiving Day... Spaulding: we had a week to prepare for the big parade! Teddy: OUR parade! Spaulding: We live in Phialdelphia, so know of a tradition that many others don't know. Teddy: I feel so beary sorry for those without this tradition. Spaulding: Me too. It's called "Mummers" which are people dressed up in beary fancy outfits... Teddy: ...with lots of glitter and big puffy feather plumes... Spaulding: and playing in bands that need banjoes and ding-dong-dings... :::::::::::::::::::Both look at Mommy in hopes that she knows what the word is. She does, kinda::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Zigh-la-phones. (Xylophones in the shape of handheld harps.) Teddy: But other Mummers get dressed up in girly clothes... Spaulding: Women AND MEN... (Mommy has the need to tell that the original parades were all men and women weren't allowed to be Mummers until the early 70s.) Teddy: And do silly skits, and funny dances! Spaulding: They ALL do funny dances, but the dance is called "The Mummer Strut"... Teddy: But, Mummer's Parade is on New Years Day.... Spaulding: And, we're just telling about them to let you know of the costumes that the lady bears... Teddy: ...including the bears in the basement... Spaulding: ...headed by Lady and Valentine.... Teddy: ....oooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr, Valentine and Lady.... Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe oops! It's the Christmas season, so we have to change our laugh to Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! (Kehehehehehehehe) Spaulding: that the girl bears decided to make for our beary special, our family only, Thanksgiving Day parade! Teddy: Since it's kinda hard to describe how fancy these costumes are.... Spaulding: ...and they are so fancy that the Mummer's actually call some dressed in them "Fancy Bigrades!" Teddy: ...How about Mommy put down a link to the Mummer's Web Site so you can see for yourself?! (Click here for the official Mummer's Web Site! --click on "Fancies" or "Fancies Bigrades" to see the really fancy costumes and click on "The Bands" to see what the "average" Mummer costume looks like.) Spaulding: And Dee and Ding were in charge of the bears making all the instruments and props needed for our parade! Teddy: Spaulding and I were in charge of making the floats and balloons! Spaulding: And, of course, Axlerod was the one helping us get all of it or-gan-eyezd! Teddy: And it went pretty easily since all the Need-to-Be-Adopted Bears in the basement... Spaulding: And our neighbors on the first floor--Groover, The Jersey Devil, and the three dolls: Raggety Ann, Betty Lou and Gilly--all helped with the parade and putting it on and all! Teddy: Meanwhile, Mommy and Daddy were in charge of the hard part--buying all the food, fixing up the dining room to eat and cooking all the food... Spaulding: And they can't use our edible plates and almond sliverware either! Teddy: By the time Thirstday came around again, we were all ready for our parade. Spaulding: Still, Mommy and Daddy are both disabled, so it takes a lot of effort on their part to prepare for such a feast! Teddy: The girls took over preparing for all the stuffed animals and doll's dinner though, so they didn't have to worry about that part! Spaulding: And Mommy did remember the 100 pounds of turkey hotdogs for us and all the fixins' needed to prepare them right! Teddy: And once you learned not to put the slices of cheese directly on the grill, you became quite good at grilling hotdogs too! :::::::::::::::::::Spaulding shakes his head in agreement:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Thanks for taking over for me. So many were coming back for thirds and fourths, I was afraid I wouldn't get any myself! Teddy: We do go through hotdogs quickly! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: Mommy and Daddy still weren't feeling great on our private Thanksgiving Day, so we helped them fix up the dining room and cook dinner! Teddy: It wasn't until after our parade that we found out they still weren't really feeling up to the task, but just couldn't give up on having a real Thanksgiving dinner! Spaulding: I also think Mommy was quite pleased when she was able to get her special leftover/shepard's pie dinner ready after they ate. Teddy: And, enough for sandwiches for the next three days! Spaulding: And it was the first time I saw Daddy eat solid foods so quickly after his weekly treatment! Teddy: I really wished they could use our edible food containers when she ran out of storage containers! Spaulding: It was perfect timing! Daddy prefers soups during his really sick part of the week and Mommy ended up making enough for 11 big bowls of soup from the bones! Teddy: And, unlike us, they had more bread then they needed for stuffing... Spaulding: Can you imagine having more rolls then hotdogs?! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding:, Mommy let me make some croutons for Daddy's soup! Teddy: I heard Mommy tell Daddy that the seasoning on the croutons was probably what made the soup so tasty! Spaulding: Mommy and Daddy have taught us pretty well how to season well without salt! Teddy: As Mommy and Daddy huffed and puffed from all that preparation, we gave them a wonderful parade straight across the living room floor! Spaulding: I'm so glad that Teddy Bears are almost as magical as Santa! Teddy: I could tell that magic was perfect for making the instruments to play... Spaulding: And not even the Mummers were as spiffy as we were in that parade! Teddy: You looked like Uncle Sam himself in your costume as grand marshal of the parade! Spaulding: And you looked just like that guy from the Monopoly game sitting in that Barbie convertible we borrowed from "Wheels for Bears!" And Valentine fit so perfectly next to you the way she was all dressed up! Her gown was bearutiful! Teddy: I loved how Lady's float looked like a huge Southern Belle gown straight from Gone With The Wind! Spaulding: She studied the Mummer's costumes closely to see how to do that! She's beary strong! Teddy: You don't want to make her angry, that's for sure! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: Didn't Dee and Ding look like nutcrackers in their band costumes? Teddy: Oh, I saw that immediately, but wasn't sure they were supposed to look so much like the Nutcracker! Spaulding (with a twinkle of amusement and pride in his eyes): It IS the Christmas season! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: Axlerod was quite funny as Santa Claus! Spaulding (gushing with sarcasm): Oh yes, he sure LOVES wearing the cap! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: The things we can talk him into just by saying that his grandkids would like it! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: For his sake though, I'm glad the real Santa surprised us and came to visit! Teddy (in his normal incredibly loud whisper): IT SURE COMES IN HANDY TO HAVE A MOMMY, WHO IS AN OFFICIAL SANTA CLAUS ELF THAT WRITES LETTERS FROM SANTA WITH HIS APPROVAL, FOR KIDS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD! Spaulding: We actually get to have Santa visit somewhere along the Christmas season! Teddy: I still don't get why her elfin name is "Baby Huey Elf" though?! (Mommy explains about the cartoon character of a baby chick named Huey, who is six feet tall but still in diapers. They continue to look blankly at her until she reminds them that she is a beary tall woman at five foot eleven inches, and, a bit plump, like Baby Huey! She sees the light bulbs go on over their heads.) Both: Oooooooooooooooooooooh! We get it. We get it. We get it! Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: Not only did Santa end the parade for us, by coming in his sleigh.... Teddy: Aren't you glad that part of Santa's magic is the ability to get as tall or small as those around him?! Spaulding: I'm glad he came in Teddy Bear size, or his sleigh would have filled all the living room plus part of a wall! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Teddy: He also had dinner with us... Spaulding: ...opting for turkey hotdogs over roasted turkey! Teddy: He said he had turkey the entire week before, going for the traditional Thanksgiving Day, instead of waiting that extra week! Spaulding: Yeah, the hotdogs were beary good, but so was the turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes.... Teddy: ...and sweet potatoes, and green beans,... Spaulding: ...and rolls, and cranberry sauce... Teddy: And best of all... Both: HOMEMADE APPLE PIE IN PIE TINS JUST OUR SIZE! Spaulding: Mommy didn't want too much pie lying around so she bought those individual serving size pans... Teddy: ...which was just a regular serving to her, but a whole HUGE pie to us! Spaulding: Mommy is beary beary nice! Teddy: ...especially making enough for all the stuffed animals, dolls AND Santa! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: After dinner everybody took a nap, even Mommy and Daddy! Teddy: Too bad they are too big to sleep on our floats! Spaulding: The rainbow float with the beary big fluffy clouds made of cotton balls was perfect for all of us to sleep on! Teddy: Well, it was a little crowded to fit over 100 stuffed animals, dolls and Santa on it! Both: Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Spaulding: Mommy says that now that Thanksgiving is over, we have to hustle to get all the Christmas decorations up in time. Teddy: She said that when she was healthy... Spaulding: Right before we were born... Teddy: Her tradition was to have all the decorations up by the end of Thanksgiving weekend! Spaulding: Remember last year though? Teddy: Last year was beary beary sad! Spaulding: Mommy got dizzy for a couple of months, right around Thanksgiving time and ending right after her family's traditional late Christmas get-together! Teddy: And Daddy was so beary tired and that was before we knew it was because he was sick! Spaulding: The only decoration that was put up was our Christmas tree! Teddy: It's much taller then any of us stuffed animals, but at 18 inches tall, it's beary small for a peoples' tree! Spaulding: She also brought out Chris, the Teddy Bear holding a star ornament, but just put him on top of the TV, not in a tree like he belongs! Teddy: He doesn't even know what it means when we tell him that he is a Christmas tree ornament! Spaulding: Mommy promised to go overboard this year to make up for last year! Teddy: ...BUT, since we just had our beary own Thanksgiving Day yesterday and Daddy had to take his treatment last night, we get to rest up this weekend as they recover from working to hard. Spaulding: And next week we put up all the Christmas decoration! Teddy: Then we can sing, in our beary bestest voices... Both: ~It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, evvvery where you gooooo!~ Spaulding: But it's nappy time now soooooooooo... Teddy: Sooooooooo, until next time....