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Monday, January 26, 2004

Teddy's Birthday!

Teddy: Two days ago, was the anniversary of THE most important date in all of history... Spaulding: ...if you happen to be a fan of Teddy or Daddy! Teddy: Two days ago, Daddy and I became a whoooooooole year older! Spaulding: January 24th is Teddy and Daddy's birthdays! Teddy: Mommy remembers why she bought me, but not exactly when, other then just a little while after Daddy's birthday, so we have chosen to celebrate my birthday on the same day as Daddy's! I'm almost as old as Daddy! Spaulding: Wellllllllllll, Daddy turned 57 and Teddy turned 2, so they're almost the same age! Teddy (looking at his big brother with pure joy in his eyes): AND, I'm catching up to being your age too! Spaulding: That's true! Three days ago, I was three times as old as you and now I'm only two times as old as you! Eventually, we'll be the same age! ::::::::::::Both nod their heads in agreement, marveling at this scientific fact.:::::::::::::: Teddy: With so much going on around here all the time, sometimes we can make a great deal out of celebrating birthdays, and sometimes they are just quiet little celebrations! Spaulding: Now that the holidays have been over for a while... Teddy: ...and, although it's snowed occasionally, it's not always good snow.... Spaulding: ...and, with Daddy being so sick so often, we need good excuses to have some fun... Teddy: ...and because my big brother is the bestest brother in the whoooooooooole world... Spaulding (taking the time needed for the blush to run its course): ...and because I came up with the great idea--we decided to celebrate Daddy and Teddy's birthday by renting Dunkin Donuts for four hours in the middle of the night on January 24th/25th from midnight to 4 a.m.! Teddy: Because we drink so much Dunkin Donut coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee... Spaulding: "We" meaning Daddy, Teddy, me, Lady, Valentine, and Axlerod... Teddy: ...the kids are too young to drink coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee, so they drink NiHi... Spaulding: ...we used to drink mainly Starbuck's Sumatra, but, for some reason, Daddy's treatment is making his tummy beary sensative, so now we drink the milder Dunkin Donuts for the first part of the week and have one mug of Sumatra at the end of the week... Teddy: Anyway, because we drink so much Dunkin Donut coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee... Spaulding: ...just for us, and just for this one time, Dunkin Donut broke their rule of not ever renting out the place for parties and special occasions, to let us have our party there in the middle of the night! Teddy: They're usually open 24 hours a day, so to close up for that brief time was beary special! Spaulding: They also gave us free reign of the place, since they do their daily clean up at 4 a.m., and that means they cover up the donuts, dough and extra stuff... Teddy: frosting, fillings and jimmies... Spaulding: ...and then they just hose the whole place down, watching all the dirt, grease and spilled jam swirl down the big drain in the middle of the floor! Teddy: They were even nice enough to let me do the squirting, since it was my birthday! Spaulding: Now I didn't get this BRILLIANT idea until two days before his birthday, so, although we invited all of our Beary Buddies online to come... Teddy: well as Petey, the pigeon, Sammy, the squirrel, all of their families, our neighbors downstairs and the Need-to-Be-Adopted Bears in the basement... Spaulding: ...the only ones who saw the post were Babybear and his big family and Mawson and his big family! Teddy: ONLY! That makes for a beary big group! Spaulding: For a change though, because it was his birthday too, we also invited Daddy... Teddy: ...and Mommy! Spaulding: ...but he didn't feel up to it, so we've promised something special when he feels better! Teddy: We're hoping for a vacation, but it depends on what's happening then! Spaulding: BUT, we did have a beary good time! Teddy: Spaulding forgot that The Royal Rumble was in Philly, and the announcers on Smackdown! said it was supposed to be on Saturday night, Januray 24th, which was the same day as my birthday party! Spaulding: I thought it was supposed to be on January 25th, but since we promised to take the kids, I couldn't break my promise, so we went before Teddy's party, planning to have Axlerod stop time, in between, so we could nap and enjoy some time with Mommy and Daddy! Teddy: We did go the whole mile to the Wachovia Center, but no one was there for The Royal Rumble! Spaulding: It WAS on Sunday, January 25th, so we went back last night, but still had time to enjoy Teddy's party, nap and visit with Mommy and Daddy! Teddy: Because Daddy feels better towards the end of the week, Spaulding, Mommy and Daddy decided to celebrate our birthdays on Sunday, in hopes that Daddy could truly enjoy it and think of something he'd like to have for dinner! I didn't find out until Sunday morning, when everyone, except Daddy, showed me the card we would give him and what we made for him! I just thought the party was my birthday present! Spaulding (in his usual loud whisper): MOMMY HELPED ME MAKE TEDDY'S PRESENT THE NIGHT BEFORE HIS BRITHDAY, AND THEN HELPED ME MAKE DADDY'S PRESENT! DADDY AND TEDDY WERE RIGHT NEXT TO US, BUT THEY THOUGHT WE WERE MAKING A PRESENT FOR THE OTHER ONE! ::::::::Teddy is startled by this secret, but grins with delight when he realizes how nicely he was fooled.:::::::::::: Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: They MADE me a beary handsome bracelet that says "TEDDY" on it, and my birthday card had The Rock on it! How cool is that?! Spaulding: And we gave Daddy a special magical key chain that we made and it had "Daddy" on it! Teddy: It's special because Spaulding made it all by himself! Spaulding: It's magical, because it unlocks napergy even if we aren't right next to Daddy AND it gives out our love every time he looks at it! Teddy: Mommy's presents weren't as magical, but still, Daddy liked them! Spaulding: And she's STILL waiting for the gift certificate to come, that took her 16 months of reading advertisements online to get enough points to get! Teddy: But Daddy knows it's coming, and, he might even feel better by the time it gets her, so he can enjoy spending it! Spaulding: But, back to the birthday party! Teddy: Snoopy brought the lampshade, but we all took turns wearing it to play Marco Polo! Spaulding: Axlerod, Proffessor Sigmund Furred, and Rocky tried to s'plain how Teddy and I aren't really catching up in age, but their lecture was spoiled when Scotland, the Brave, flicked a jimmy at Jingles, but it landed on Rocky's horn, making everyone, including Rocky (whew!) laugh! Teddy: I'm glad he laughed, cuz you don't wanna make a rhino angry! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: There was a HUGE vat of grape jam that the beary little stuffies... Teddy: Dee, Ding, Krismis, Kwalla and Koowla, Tiny Red, Scotland the brave, and Amy were skating on, just using their soft paws and feet for skates... Spaulding: ...but Rumples wanted to join in too... Teddy: ...and most of us didn't know what would happen next, or we would have stopped him... Spaulding (with a gleam of mischief in his eyes): ...maybe... Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: ...but when Rumple climbed onto the skating rink, it became a swimming pool of grape jam! Spaulding: Everyone fell in!!! Teddy: I thought it would take all the stuffed doggies weeks to clean up all those who fell in! Spaulding: I thought Rumples was going to eat his way out of that vat! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Again, Axlerod, Proffessor Furred and Rocky tried to s'plain about water mall-lick-cools, hyper, hyper, hyper...something in other, that stops small stuff from falling in, but not big stuff!!! Spaulding: I thought I understood for a moment, until I remembered it was grape jam, not water!!!! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Jingles was there, and so beary pretty too, but she showed us how nice she was too! Spaulding: After getting permission from all of the Mommies... Teddy: ...and all the Mommies joined in the fun too... Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: She started a make-over party in the kitchen! Teddy: She brought the powdered sugar, strawberry jam, blueberry and grape dough, and green frosting together, to show all the gals how to use them as make-up! Spaulding: I didn't think Lady could look any better then she always is! Teddy: And Valentine was so, so, so BEARY Beautiful! Spaulding: BUT, the kids ended up putting too much on and looked like clowns! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Boy, it's good to be able to laugh out loud now! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: We didn't want to hurt their feelings or embarass them, so we smiled with the only smile a loving parent can give, then showed them how the stainless steel cabinet doors can be used like mirrors! Teddy: Thankfully, they took it well, immediately coming up with skits in their new clown faces, like how many clowns fit onto a donut! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: They were beary good clowns too! Teddy: Ever notice how quickly time flies when you're having fun?! Spaulding (nodding in solemn agreement): You'd think it would be even more time, since Axlerod, Rumples and the older stuffies can stop or slow down time too! Teddy: Maybe, we just all became keenly aware of the need for a nap that ended the party! Spaulding: Between falling into the vat of grape jam and finger...ummmm, PAW painting with different color frosting on the walls, you'd think you would have had a bigger challenge in cleaning up! Teddy (with a sheepish grin): Stuffed doggies aren't the only ones who like to lick up sweet things! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Beary Buddies had to wait for you to clean up, but I'm glad we invited them over for a nap before heading home! Teddy: After the problems we had from celebrating the New Year all around the world, we discovered that it's beary important to be well rested before flying home after a big night out! Spaulding: I'm glad Mom put all her sewing material down in the basement! It made great beds for Beary Buddies! Teddy: I can't believe we all fit in the basement! Spaulding: It was so crowded that Dusty, Frosty, and Pinky ended up having one of the bestest places to nap... Teddy: ...on top of the clothes in the dryer right after the dryer finished drying them! Spaulding: So nice and beary warm! We should try that after going out and playing in the snow! Teddy: But the clothes Mommy made us, and the magical clothes Valentine and Lady made us, are so beary warm, I'm never cold after coming in out of the snow! Spaulding: True, but it's still a great place to nap! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Anyway, we did get to go see The Royal Rumble last night, and we'll have to tell about that in our next journal entry! Spaulding: Some of it was good, and some was beary bad! Teddy: Yeah, but...(he puts his paw to his mouth and blushes) Whoops! Almost told what happened already! Guess it's nap time! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Soooooooo, until next time...

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