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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

A Little Extra

Teddy: After we publish our Blog we peak at other's blogs! Spaulding: Found this link on another Blog... Teddy: ...the one above... Spaulding: ..and tried it! Teddy: It's to figure out where your accent says you are from in the USA. Spaulding: It's for people, but since we speak like Mommy and Daddy, we did it with Mommy. Teddy: Strangely, some of the answers didn't apply! Spaulding: Like when we write, sometimes we say, "Y'all," but in real life we say, "You guys!" Teddy: That wasn't an option! Spaulding: Anyway, we ended up being only 50% Northerners! Teddy: Didn't even qualify as "Yankees" and we've never even visited the South! Spaulding: Have some fun and try it out! Teddy: Meanwhile, we have to get back to catching up on this Blog! Spaulding: So, until next time...

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