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Monday, February 02, 2004

Super Bowl--ads and game

Teddy: We did watch the Superbowl, although, we apparently missed something because we didn't watch the halftime show! Spaulding: They're so dumb, thinking everyone loves hip hop and that other loud, lacking-much-soul soul music! Teddy: At least last year they seemed semi-aware that there were a variety of generations watching the halftime show and included Aerosmith for the older folks, InSync for the bubble gum music set, and some others for in-between! Spaulding: But this year, they put on the halftime show for as small a generational set as they could muster-- Teddy: Valley girls and preteens! Spaulding: And, even doing that, they screwed up and put on a striptease! Teddy: I doubt thirteen year old girls... Spaulding: ...the group most interested in that obnoxious halftime show... Teddy: ...enjoyed P Diddy's girls doing a strip or Janet Jackson exposing her little pasty! Spaulding: And, dumber still, Justin Timberlake thought we'd buy his lie as he stood there with defiance in his eyes! Teddy: Teddy Bears can be innocent and gullible, but even we aren't THAT gullible! Spaulding: But, as we said, we missed the halftime show because we didn't like the garbage passing for music! Teddy: BUT, we did watch the Superbowl! Spaulding: For the first one and a half quarters, the only interesting stuff happening were the commercials! Teddy: We agree with John Laraquette, who said that TV shows are just there to give breaks between commericials... Spaulding: ...and the Superbowl shows that in it's finest glory! Teddy: For $2.6 million per minute, you'd think they'd do better for commericials! Spaulding: I liked some of the commercials a whole bunch! Teddy: Me too, but got nervous with that first set of commericials! Never did find out what the name of that red car was in the first commericial passed it being a Ford! That was a waste of money! Spaulding: I also hate when they talk about a drug in a commercial, tell everyone to ask their doctor about it, but never tell what it's for! Teddy: Like the cialis ad? Spaulding: Yup! Teddy: The Florida orange juice commercial and constant commercials for the All-Star Survivors show were hardly noticable too, but I just didn't like the AOL high-speed commercials, just too nerdy! Spaulding: Daddy liked them! They made him laugh! Teddy: I liked the husband watching the game as he put the clothes in the dryer and accidentally put his McDonald's hamburger in also! Spaulding: I didn't know peoples could smell food on each other! Teddy: The smell on his wife made him kiss her beary well!!! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Which was your favorite commercial?! Teddy: I liked a few of them! Spaulding: OK, then what were your favorite three?! Teddy: Well, obviously I liked the bears who found the leftovers in the cabin and went out to buy some Pepsi to go with them! Spaulding: I think the ID looked beary much like the grizzily! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: I looooooooooved the Clydsdale donkey! He reminded me of Teddy Bears--we can convince anyone of doing whatever we want them to do! Both: HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Hmmmmmmm, I can think of a few others I liked beary much too! Spaulding: But, you can only choose one more! Teddy: Then I have to go with the quarterback who touched the beary soft towel that was really some Charmins' toilet paper and he got so distracted the play was ruined! Spaulding: Because of the Charmins' bear in the commercial?! Teddy: Of course! Do you think the bear did that on purpose?! Spaulding: Of course! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: At least the bear uses toilet paper instead of...well, you know! Spaulding (whispering so Valentine doesn't hear): INSTEAD OF USING RABBIT FUR?! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe (Mommy note: This is in reference to one of their favorite jokes, one they try not to tell since Teddy has married a rabbit. It goes like this-- a bear was walking in the woods and came across a rabbit. "Mr. Bunny," the bear asked, "when you 'go' in the woods, does it stick to your fur?" "No," the rabbit replied. "Good," answered the bear, right before he 'went.' When done, the bear grabbed the rabbit and used him as toilet paper.) Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe ::::::::::Both go into a long fit of laughter, lasting several mintues before they are settled down enough to continue.:::::::::::::: Teddy: So what were your three favorite commercials?! Spaulding: I really liked the three you said, but, so we can add a couple more to our list of favorites, I'll pick others! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Obviously, I liked the one with the Muppets and what's her name! Teddy: Jessica Simpson?! Spaulding (shrugging his shoulders): OK! I also liked Bill Parcell, Warren Sapp, and all those other football players singing, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow," but that was just from the NFL, so I'm not sure if it cost $2.6 million! Teddy: With so many famous people in it, it might have cost them that much anyway! Spaulding: Yeah, but all those people were employed by the NFL, so it might still have been cheap for them! Teddy: That's true, now what's your third choice?! Spaulding: Yeah, that's a tough one! There were a couple of commercials that really hit home with their points like the one for AIG at the end that said, "This game is almost over, but your life isn't," and went on to talk about their retirement plans. Teddy: Is that your third choice? Spaulding (with a sly smile): Nope! And then there is the commercial for a Pepsi contest, where you can win free downloaded music and the background music was "I Fought the Law and The Law Won!" All those kids who got arrested for pirating music online telling about the contest! Teddy: So many young kids with criminal backgrounds for stealing music! It's shocking! Is THAT your third choice? Spaulding (with the same sly smile): Nope! But I know what Mommy thought was the commercial that everyone would remember for a while! Teddy: James Marshall Hendrix deciding Pepsi or Coke, and becoming famous because the Pepsi machine was in front of a pawn shop with an electric guitar in the window, instead of the pawn shop with the accordian in the window! Spaulding: Yeah, "Foxy Lady" doesn't sound as good on an accordian! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: But your THIRD choice?! Spaulding (with a huge smile): OK! Drum roll please! Teddy: dididididididididididididididididi-BLAM! And the winner of Spaulding's THIRD choice is-- Spaulding: Homer Simpson getting groceries at the MiniMart--$25! Both hairs cut--$20 and, as he sits at Moe's drinking a Duff's, "Getting home early to spend time with his family--.... Getting home early to spend time with his family--... Getting home early to spend time with his family--" And then Homer saying, "OK! I heard you already, geesh," then going out the door to go home to his family--priceless! Teddy: "Visa! Don't leave home without it!" Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Should we tell runners ups?! Teddy: Mommy wrote down every decent or special commercial made for the Superbowl, but it would take forever to mention all the good ones! Spaulding: Then we aren't going to mention the one with all the kids sucking on bars of soap like Paul Heyman after losing to Cena? Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: We liked that one, except it teetered on that line of decency that so many commercials crossed on that day! Spaulding: I have yet to see a full picture of the car it was promoting, BUT the little bit I did see almost makes you wanna say, "Holy Shhhh!" Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Didn't it feel like Janet Jackson wasn't the only one crossing the line of decency during the Superbowl?! Spaulding: We got more and more upset with all of Bud Light's commercials. The first one just hit the line itself with the two men and their dogs. Teddy: The first guy told his dog to fetch and the dog brought back a cold Bud Light, but the second guy told his dog "Bud Light" and the dog bit the frst guy in his privates, which made him toss his Bud Light! Spaulding: It did make us all laugh, but part of that was because the first guy was all snobby. Teddy: But, each following commercial got grosser and grosser, if "grosser" is even a word! Spaulding: If it isn't, it should be! Teddy: Sedgwick, the Entertainer, getting a bikini wax was funny! Spaulding: That was just on the line too! Teddy: The first one that passed that line was the horse who passed gas, causing a the woman holding the candle to get burnt. Spaulding: I like potty humor, but that was gross! Teddy: The one that simply creeped me out was the chimp hitting on the girlfirend as his Daddy left the room! Spaulding; That could be the only thing that made the gassy horse seem less gross! Teddy: Were there any other gross or just plain mean commercials? Spaulding: The old man and woman fighting for the bag of Lay's Potato Chips was both--gross because the old lady held on to the man's dentures and just plain mean when he'd all but step on her to get to the potato chips! Whatever became of sharing anyway?! Teddy: I dunno! Spaulding: Which ones do you remember, but weren't so good anyway?! Teddy: The heavy set waitress giving a broken hearted man a Pepsi to get over his break up and the guy cooling off under his kilt by standing over a steam vent--both silly and didn't make the wanted point for Pepsi or Sierra Mist! Spaulding: I did like 7 Up's slam dunk hoop on the back of the van he was driving! Teddy: Sure didn't stop anyone from trying to get nothing but hoop! Spaulding: I like the 7 Up commercials! Teddy: Me too, but it's getting towards where we should talk about the game too! Spaulding: Well, it was beary, beary boring for the first one and a half quarters like we said before! Teddy: Sure got interesting quickly after that! Spaulding: Well, even that first touchdown by the Pat's didn't make it much more interesting for some reason. Teddy: That missed field goal was surprising though! Spaulding: I bet the Panther's kicker is still kicking himself after that one! Not like it was a beary long one or anything! Teddy: I thought the Pat's touchdown would be the first and last one in the first half. There was only three minutes left, after all! Spaulding: Obviously, Panthers disagree with you with their answer and still one minute left! Teddy: Then there was no doubt it was an exciting game, since, by the time the half was over the score was 10-14 with the Patriots ahead! Spaulding: For a minute there, I thought the Panthers brought their bought-off refs, until they were the ones who were cheated out of a complete, when the refs called it incomplete! Teddy: And they knew they were wrong but refused to use the loop hole to correct their mistake... Spaulding: ...they didn't want to set it up so others could use the loop hole in the future! Teddy: No fair just closing the loop hole for the future... Spaulding:..Not like this wasn't the LAST GAME OF THE SEASON, so they had enough time to change that rule! Teddy: Duh, now! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: The refs also missed a Pat's player punching DeHolmmes in the stomach after he passed off an 85 yard touchdown... Teddy: ...the longest pass ever in the Superbowl! Spaulding: They keep stats for EVERYTHING! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: I bet the Panthers could kick themselves twice for trying two point conversions twice instead of the simple extra point! Spaulding: The Patriots got theirs the one time they tried, when... Teddy: the fourth quarter with a little under three minutes to spare... Spaulding: the score became 22-29 and the Pats were STILL winning! Teddy: Mommy thought that was the end of the game! Spaulding: I have to admit that I was impressed with the Carolina Panthers when, with just a little over one minute to go, they scored a touchdown and didn't go for the two point conversion! Teddy: That made the socre even, but New England kicked, and made, a 32 yard goal with four second left in the game. Spaulding: It was over with a win of 29-32! Teddy: Pretty good considering how boring it started! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Of course, that means that the Eagles are only the third best team in the NFL. Teddy: Mommy still doesn't think it matters and considers them chokers! Spaulding: We tried for two weeks to convince her that it's just a game, but haven't gotten beary far! Teddy: Peoples! Can't live with them... Spaulding: Can't shoot them! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Well, that was our SuperBowl! No more football until next August, unless... Spaulding: UNLESS, we start watching Arena Ball... Teddy: ...inside football, with Jon Bon Jovi the guy who bought a franchise for Philadelphia this year! Spaulding: Next weekend The Philadelphia Souls play against New Orleans something another. Teddy: We'll find out next weekend, since Daddy can't give up on anything remotely like football after all this! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Soooooooo, until next time...

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