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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Spaulding: Now that we found an easier way to make our web den... Ding: ...and Country Mouse, our good online people buddy, has taught us how to upload photos to be clear and using little space... Teddy: ...we may have gotten a bit too caught up in making our web den! Valentine: Is that possible?! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Axlerod: What we're trying to say is, although we have still been going on several adventures, we haven't had time to keep our journal up to date, fix up our web den, do all the chores need doin' and take care of Mommy and Daddy! Spaulding: So, to get up to date, BUT still show off one of our favorite adventures... Lady: ...The First Annual Teddy Bear Ball at the Philadelphia Flower Show... Spaulding: ...we're going to tell about all our latest adventures as quickly as possible! Dee (feeling kind of embarrassed mentioning this): Ummmm, but please remember that we DO love talking! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: The first adventure we had after the Ball was also one of our favorite things to do-- Valentine: Rass'l-main-ee-a XX! Axlerod: "XX" means "20" in Roman Numerials! The Rest of the Family: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that's why they kept showing two x's, but saying, "20!" Lady: Aren't we going to mention the St. Patty's Day parade we went to in Philly, before going to Wrestlemania? Spaulding: OK. We went, but it was rather boring, so we left early! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: To be fair, it did have Irish dancers and Irish music, but there is but so many curly haired lasses dancing to River Dance and simply walking as a big group electricians... Valentine: ...the electrians' union sponsored the parade... Teddy (nodding in agreement): ...and other large groups of dressed-in-green groups meandering around in a beary slow walk, anyone can take! Ding: Soooooooo, we went early to New York City to try to meet the Rass'lers and get autographs... Dee: ...they have a brunch for special fans... Ding: ...and who could be more special then the T. Bear family? All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Rikishi stopped by to ask if his pants... Valentine (rolling her little eyes): ...if you can call them pants... All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy (still smiling): ...if his pants made him look fat! Spaulding: I told him that the extreme size of his bottom and all those dimples on it made him look fat! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Lady: Thankfully, he was joking to begin with, so we still have Spaulding in one piece! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Ding: Dee and I were the ones who talked honestly with Kurt Angle! Dee: He's right that someone who lies, cheats, and steals shouldn't be a hero... Ding: ...but Eddie Guerroro's past as a drug abuser and homeless guy shouldn't be counted against him... Dee: ...AND, most importantly, sucker punching him and cheating him, made Kurt no better then Eddie! Ding: He looked like he was listening, but I don't think he really was! Spaulding (wrapping his arm around Lady as they both beam with pride): Aren't our kids just so smart and grown up--in a kid kinda way?! :::::::::Dee and Ding blush, but also seem to appreciate the compliment.::::::::::::::: Axlerod: I tried talking to The Undertaker, but he was so bent on beating up his brother, there was no talking to him. ::::::::::::::after reflecting a moment:::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: Then again, he beat up his brother beary well and his brother did deserved it! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Valentine: Teddy and I met Mick Foley, and tried to talk him into retiring again for the sake of his family! Teddy: We like him a lot, but saw a video called "Behind the Mat" and saw how scared his wife and two kids were to see him get so hurt! After he saw what they looked like he retired, but I guess he likes rass'lin' a whole bunch, cuz he came back! Valentine: I'm pretty sure, since he and The Rock lost their match, neither will rass'le much more. :::::::::::::::::All nod in agreement.::::::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: How about, to shorten this up, if we just run down who won and lost?! Just the oes we cared about! :::::::::::::::::All nod in agreement.::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: John Cena beat the Big Show to win the United States Championship. All: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Lady: Evolution defeated the The Rock and Mick Foley, who were called the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection All: Booooooooooooooo! Dee: The ladies gowns were a bit too tight but... Ding: Torrie Wilson and Sable won. All: Eh. Teddy: One we didn't like was Chavo Guerrero winning the Cruiserweight Championship. All: Boooooooooooooo! Lady: But one we DID like was Goldberg smashing Brock Lesnar! All: Kehehehehehehehehehe Axlerod: But, we don't like that Brock left right afterwards to try to play in the NFL! Spaulding: BUT, we also think he's too old, at 26, to get a position, so will be back this Fall. Lady: Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi kept the WWE Tag Team Championship! All: Yay. Ding: One I liked was that Eddie Guerrero cheated Kurt Angle to keep the WWE Championship! OK, so even if Guerrero lies, cheats and steals, since Kurt was so nasty to him, I'm still glad Eddie remains the champion! All: Yaaaaaaaaay! Dee: One that was a bit too creepy for me, but I still liked was The Undertaker beating his brother, Kane! All: Yaay?! Axlerod: And, of course, Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels to win the World Heavyweight Championship! All: Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Teddy: Of course, we wish that Chris would come back to Smackdown!, but he won't! Valentine: That's what happened next! Wrestlemania XX was titled "Where It All Begins Again"... Ding: ...which really means that Vince MacMahon changed everything around and some who used to be on RAW, are now on Smackdown!... Dee: ...and vica versa! Spaulding: Some of that we like, but others...we don't! But, to catch up, we have to not go into such detail about rass'lin! Teddy: Can we tell the beary good news then?! :::::::Everyone smiles and nods in agreement, knowing that, out of all of them, it's really necessary that Teddy tell the news!::::::::: Teddy (actually standing up to make this important announcement): Daddy -- OUR Daddy -- is O-fish-earl-lee off his treatment! No more drugs to make him sicker! :::::::::::Dancing and frolicking starts and last a good half hour, before they all settle down again!::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: I guess I should tell the not so good news though... :::::::::::::::::::::::All look doown forlorn.:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: The treatment worked, BUT, since he was sick for so long and taking all those key-moe-thair-rap-pee drugs, it will take some time for his body to get rid of all the effects of the drug AND some time for him to regain his strength back! Spaulding: We know that. He knows that. He forgets that, and keeps getting frustrated that he's not back to normal! ::::::::::::::::::All nod in solemn agreement.:::::::::::::::::: Valentine: Still, he's not as sick as he used to be, so Teddy isn't working as hard as he used to and can actually sleep with us more often. Lady: Daddy would be sick day and night, so Teddy slept, quite often, out on the sofa, during those hours when Daddy could sleep. but we never knew if Daddy could sleep at night, so Teddy had to take care of him then too. Valentine: We were all so beary happy when Daddy's treatment was finally over, we decided to celebrate by having a family picnic at The Lakes. Teddy: We even gave up a party with our beary friends to celebrate the e-quo-knocks on the upper and lower part of the earth! Hope they had a good time! Dee (feeling pleased to be included in the grown-up conversation): The Lakes is what every one around here calls Roosevelt Park, because it has a big pond in it with geese and ducks and fish... Ding: ...and LOTS and LOTS of goosey poo along the shore line! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: But, the weather didn't cooperate! It was supposed to be the first day when the temperature hit 70 degrees and sunny, but it decided to rain instead! Teddy: We waited for a whole week for a good day for a picnic, but it was either clear and cold or warm and rainy! Beary frustration! Axlerod: It worked out well though! Daddy still wasn't feeling up to something as adventurous as a picnic, but had the strength to go out for lunch with Mommy. Valentine: And, for the half day Mommy and Daddy went for their celebration, it was sunny and warm enough that we did go to The Lakes and have our picnic! Dee (looking directly at her brother, Ding): And SOMEHOW, we don't know hoooow, Petey the pigeon and Sammy the squirrel and their families found out and joined us! Ding (not embarrassed in the least): I just climbed out onto the window air conditioner, like Daddy does when he visits Petey, and shouted to the world what why and where we were celebrating! Spaulding (not sure if Lady would be angry with him for doing something that Ding would copy and could get hurt doing): Ummmmmmmm, Ding, you shouldn't climb up on an outside, second-story air conditioner without an adult with you! ::::::::Spaulding gets the courage to glance at Lady, who is simply nodding in agreement with him. Now feeling more confident, he continues.::::::::::: Spaulding: On the other hand, good idea telling our outdoor buddies about our plans, it made for a great big celebration! Dee: I knew pigeons ate pizza, but I always thought they got it out of the trash! I was shocked to see them fly in with brand new boxes of pizza! Teddy: Beary useful, since we forgot about the food part of picnicking! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Lady: I didn't! We did bring a few cases of hotdogs with all the fixings! Spaulding: And, even if we forgot about food, we did bring charcoal for the grill, although there was no reason to grill the pizzas! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Valnetine: I didn't know that you could grill acorns and chestnuts! Teddy: Well, if you eat nothing but nuts, you're bound to find different ways of cooking them! Although, you're right! Sammy and his family sure taught us a few new ways to eat nuts! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Axlerod: But, remember, our goal here is to catch up on this journal, so we should move on to the next adventure! Ding: Well, the next adventure was near The Lakes, anyway! Dee (bursting at the seams wanting to tell this part): We got to see our stadium... Ding: ...the Vet -- Veteran's Stadium... Dee (showing the word with her arms): IMPLODE! Axlerod: "Implode" is the opposite of "explode." Instead of exploding outwards, if imploded properly, the building comes down in on itself, causing much less destruction to neighboring buildings. Spaulding: Of course, this being Philadelphia, the city of "how cheap can we go?", we have actually seen one of the few implosions that didn't bring down the entire building! Teddy: The Dominos Sugar tower! Dee (looking at the older Teddy Bears as if they had lost thier minds): ANYway, it was soooooooooo cool--the building was obviously round, and they set a whole bunch of dynamite all around, so it boomed, boomed, boomed, boomed, boomed, boomed, one second intervols, section by section, about 30 or more sections... Ding: ...and it had about four to six towers, and the towers took a little longer to fall down then the seating sections, so they looked like they were going to not fall down, but would fall down about three sections later--Boom! So cool!!! Spaulding: It wasn't much fun for people though, because they kept everyone far enough away that they could hardly see it... Teddy: ...unless, you bought a seat for $10 at the Holiday Inn next door to watch, like we did! Lady: ...and Axlerod's magical time thingy came in handy too! We were there to watch, but Mommy had trouble sleeping the night before, and would have been woken by the noise, if it weren't for Spaulding! Spaulding: I came back in time to wake Mommy up and let her think it was by accident. She woke up one minute before the implosion, so we all got to watch it together on TV too! Dee: AND, they had some cameras mounted inside too, so we got to watch it over and over again, from the inside AND out! Axlerod: It still struck me as sorta humorous... Spaulding: ...probably more so, had it not been that Mommy was born and raised over there... Axlerod: ...that all the dirt and smoke went over to New Jersey! Teddy: Anyway, some other stuff has happened in Mommy and Daddy world, that causes them both to be beary busy, AND so, giving them less time to help us do stuff like keep up with our journal and give us new ideas on where to go for our next adventure, so, the only new thing we've done since the implosion is have Mommy go to the library and get us some cool books to read. Lady: It's hopefully going to be a new tradition with us. We are also planning on reviewing them and starting a room in our web den to find our reviews. Valentine: She also borrowed a few videos to watch, which was fun too! Spaulding: That's where we found "Behind the Mat," the video about the behind-the-scenes of rass'lin! Teddy: As soon as she doesn't have a gazillion errands to do, Mommy is going to take us to the library to pick out our own books, and hopefully take pictures of that adventure. Spaulding: She has to get permission from the library to do that, of course. Axlerod: But, that's still in the future, and we have, finally caught up with our journal! So, it's now o-fish-earl-lee time to say it-- Dee and Ding: Until next time... All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Thursday, March 11, 2004

The First Annual Teddy Bear Ball at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Teddy: Sometimes, living in Philadelphia is a beary good thing! In the middle of March, right before the first crocuses pop up, Philadelphia holds the beary biggest and oldest Flower Show in the whooooooooole world! Spaulding: This year was their 175th show, so you know it's beary old and beary big! Teddy: It's one of those things Mommy and Daddy have always wanted to go see, but, between their allergies and the cost... Spaulding: cost $22-$26 per person! Are they kidding? Only rich people can afford such things!!!! Teddy: Ummmm, or beary special Teddy Bears! Spaulding: Kehehehehehe And beary special Teddy Bears don't have to pay anything, we are all just cordially invited! :::::::::Both stand taller and smile broadly, knowing exactly how special they are.::::::::: Teddy: Once again, our Mommy and Daddy spoiled us wonderfully! Spaulding: They called The Philadelphia Hord-a-cult-u-earl Society... Teddy: ...the group of peoples, who created and hosted the Flower Show ... Spaulding: include a beary special Black Tie and Tails Flower Show Teddy Bear Ball for us and all of our friends! Teddy: Mommy said that they weren't going to do it, until she convinced them to visit our message board's photo albums. Spaulding: Remember? Peoples just have the hardest time believing that stuffed animals are real! Kids know, but some grown ups forget. Once they see us really writing to one another, of course they have to believe again! Teddy (knodding in agreement): I was so pleased to have an op-pour-tuna-T to get all decked out in a tux with tails! I didn't get the opportunity at the Grand Race last year at Mawson's house, because I was dressed to race! Spaulding (turning around to twitch hia little tail): I already have a tail, but I'm glad that Lady, Valentine and several of the Need-To-Be-Adopted Teddy Bear like to sew, or it would be difficult to make such grand outfits in so little time! Teddy (head held high and posing as if in a tuxedo ad): We did look so sauve and debon-ear, didn't we? Spaulding (matching Teddy's pose): We certainly did, and the gals were just sooooooo... ::::::::::::Lacking the words to describe his feelings, Spaulding pats his heart with his paw and then makes a very dramatical swoon. Teddy nods in agreement as he catches his brother with an equally dramatical flare. The family, still here to tell about the Ball, has been patiently waiting for a moment to join in. Dee, impatient with the grown ups theatrics, and still feeling mighty important in her beautiful lacy gown, is the first to break into the conversation.:::::::::::::: Dee: I have never seen so many beautiful stuffed animals in allllllllll my life! The guys were ever so handsome in their tuxes and uniforms, and the gals were elegant past what seems even possible! Surely, even Di and Charles' wedding paled in comparison! Ding (speaking to Dee): I have never seen you look so grown up and pretty. There was more then one boy trying to get the courage to ask you to dance! Dee (blushing, but also having the confidence to know her brother was right): I must have danced with 20 different boys, and even then, we spent quite a long time playing Hide N' Seek together! Ding: Didn't you notice how many boys were chasing you while playing Hide N' Seek? Spaulding (confused by the angst he harbored at the thought of so many boys chasing his little girl): OK! OK NOW! I mean. ummm, err. uh-hum, we've gotten ahead of ourselves already! Lady (smiling quietly at her husband's overprotective reaction, but only because she knows that Dee truly is too young to think of boys in that way): Yes, we are ahead of ourselves, but....ummmmm, isn't anyone going to talk about the gals' outfits some more? ::::::::No one will laugh at that moment, knowing that Lady's feelings would be hurt, but they all had to quietly smile, knowing, since she designed many of the outfits, that she wanted her recognition. One other, out of the group, understood that the most, having created some of the outfits on her own too.::::::::::::: Valentine: I truly think we out did ourselves this time, Lady! The guys all looked like gazillionaires in thier suits, and the gals all looked like they belonged in a huge southern mansion during the biggest ball of the year! Velvet material and ribbons, lace, little silk flowers and satin bows, all adorning the most lush, soft and feminent satin and silk in the whoooooooole world! What you made... Lady (so beary please to be complemented by one with equal abilities to herself, had to share the praise): ...what WE made... Valentine (now a bit embarrassed to be included, but trying to overcome her shyness): ...what WE made, was just, ...just, ...just gorgous! The only thing that could possibly top what we made were the flowers themselves! Lady: And, at the Ball, you took some of those flowers and DID teach us how to add them to our gowns so they were the beary, beary prettiest things in the whoooooooooooooooole wide world!!! ::::::::Knowing how important it was to give the ladies their complements, but not knowing how to describe the beauty itself, everyone else listened intently to the two wives, agreeing with nods all along, and, once satisfied that what they said described how they felt, they knew it was now fine to continue describing the night.::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: We did get to the Convention Center by our helioplaneship boxcar, and they had valet parking inside the building 'specially for stuffed animals! Teddy: Once they drove our vehicle away, a horse drawn carriage, of sorts pulled up to take us to the center of the Ball! Spaulding: The carriage was huge, and looked quite a bit like a pumpkin, except it was all silver! Valentine: It was drawn by horses, but the horses looked strange...something mousey about them, but I couldn't quite put my paw on it! Lady: The coachman looked beary mousey, but he was supposed to, since he was a stuffed mouse! Axlerod: Inside we found a beary, tiny high heeled shoe made of glass... Lady: I'd so love to sew the same pair of shoes out of glass, in my size, but Mommy told me that you just can't sew glass!!! Beary disappointing! ::::::::::::Ding and Dee both have their mouths opened in amused shock, but aren't quite sure if they are being teased.::::::::::: Ding (the bolder of the two): Are you all saying that you didn't recognize that carriage at all?! ::::::::::::::Axlerod sneaks a wink towards Ding and Dee, while the four other grown ups are confused, realizing that they are supposed to be knowing something at the moment, but totally unaware of what it could be. Not wanting to give themselves away, any more then they already have, they try to pretend to know what the kids are saying.::::::::::::: Teddy (with a false knowing smile): Sure we do, but, go ahead, you want to think you are the ONLY ones who know...tell everyone! :::::::The other three grown ups murmur and smile to agree with Teddy's game. Axlerod hides his face behind his ears as his whole body shakes in quiet laughter.:::::::::: Ding: Pumpkin carriage? Mouse horses? Glass slipper? Ring a bell? ::::::::::::The grown ups are so lost, they can't even pretend to know now, and look blankly at Ding and Dee.:::::::::: Dee (breaking out in her beary bestest mousey voice, starts to sing): ~Cinderella, Cinderella, ...dadada Cinderella?!~ ::::::Another awkward moment passes, before the light above their heads lights up.::::::: Teddy, Valentine, Spaulding and Lady: Oooooooooooooh, Cin-der-rel-la's carr-iage! Duh, now! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: I wonder what became of Cinderella?! Dee: She married her Prince Charming and didn't need the carriage again! Probably bought a minivan when the children came. All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Valentine: When we got to the middle of the Teddy Bear Ball we were greeted by many, many well dressed stuffed animals! Lady (while thinking of Holly, Sophie, Buns, Hope and BerryAnn's gowns): All the gals were dropped dead gorgeous! Dee: "Dropped dead gorgeous!" Rather a strange compliment! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Ding: Jingles looked so pretty, I was expecting to see a halo over her head! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Ding: Now, don't get me wrong--Hope looked like she belonged with the flowers themselves in her Spring Fairy gown, and, if Martin didn't look so serious, I'm sure I would have checked out Sophie some more... All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding (not at all sure if he wants his young son noticing women so much, but also glad he does, like only a father could be, decides to change the topic and finds a great moment): Speaking of being startled by Martin, did anyone else notice Uncle Teddy's reaction when he saw Martin in his uniform? Valentine (rather embarassed she even noticed): I noticed how handsome he was in his policebear's uniform! Teddy (shocked first that Spaulding mentioned anything about the incident, and then surprised to hear his wife's reaction): Wait a minute now, was anyone else expecting to see a cop at the Ball? Spaulding: Yeah! All of us, since we read the message on our message board! I did think it was funny that you tried to hide when you first saw him! What did you think you ever did illegally?! Teddy (blushing as he rubs his paw in a circle on the floor): I dunno! I just felt guilty, and I don't know why. It was reflexs... Ding (smiling, as he thinks he still is one of the grown ups): Maybe guilty for all the times you pinned Daddy in a Rass'lin hold?! :::::::::Spaulding holds a questioning look on his face towards his son, as Teddy, behind Spaulding's back, smiles widely and nods his head in a very strong "YES!"::::::::::::: All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding (as he looks from one to the next in his family): When did Teddy ever pin ME in a rass'lin hold? I ALWAYS pin him! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Dee (feeling a bit uncomfortable laughing at her father, but not wanting to offend Uncle Teddy either): Uncle Teddy didn't hide long before he walked right over to Mr. Martin and shook his paw! Spaulding (trying to save face again): ...And asked him lots and lots and lots of questions about being a policebear! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: I had to find out why bears even need police, and got interested in becoming a policebear! Valentine (some what afraid of the answer): Do you? Teddy (taking his wife's paw into his and kissing it gently): And be away from you, my Honeybun? Never! All: Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Lady: And Honeybun, err, ummm, Aunt Valentine was brilliant when she wandered away, giving Uncle Teddy time with Martin, as she gathered some flowers to add to her dress! Teddy: She looked just like a flower when she came back! She is always the most beautiful gal in the world for me, but she found a way even to make perfection that much prettier! All: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Valentine (blushing with pride towards her husband): All the gals seemed to like it, so we all gathered more flowers and made every gal there that much prettier--some times with a whole flower dress, and some times with a cor-sodge! Spaulding (while looking at Lady as if she still wore the gown, says whiskfully, as if caught in a dream): Yes, perfection made better! :::::::::::::::::::Lady blushes!::::::::::::::::::::: All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe Axlerod (as he remembers all the sights, and smells and sounds of the night): It was one of the bestest nights ever though! ::::::::::::startled back into their original conversation, they all look at Axlerod, fade into their own memories and seem to come back from them at the same time, knodding in wholehearted agreement with Axlerod!:::::::::::::::::: Dee (as she holds out her dress and swings softly to imaginary music): I don't know who Strauss was, but I bet he was a Teddy Bear! He wrote such pretty music to dance to for our Ball! ::::::::::Spaulding and Lady join in and start dancing. Teddy and Valentine, without prompting, grab each other tighter and start dancing. Axlerod grabs Dee with one paw and Dng with the other, as the three of them rock softly back and forth in a circle, then swirl slowly like a small pile of autumn leaves caught in a gentle breeze.::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding and Lady (still swaying to the imaginary music): I could have danced all night! Teddy and Valentine: We almost DID dance all night! Dee: The floor of dancers was so pretty, it looked like something right out of Fantasia! Axlerod: The magic flowing from so many sources, it might well have been right out of Fantasia! I never noticed how many special powers so many there had until that night! Lady: Babybear's family seem to have a lot of magic... Axlerod: ...not so much like a lot of magic, but much magic for the beary place we were that night! They have a great amount of Gardening Magic! Spaulding: Sure wish we could borrow some for Mommy! She doesn't seem to have much gardening ability! Axlerod (having known Mommy the longest): She's getting better! When she was young, she was so bad at gardening that killed air plants! Ding: What's an air plant? Valentine: A plant that only needs air to survive and grow! Ding: Then how can you kill an air plant? :::::::::::All look up at Mommy for an answer, but only see her shrugging her shoulders as she smiles!::::::::::::: Axlerod: Yeah, but remember last summer? Out of all the flower and herb seeds she planted, only two grew, BUT by the end of the summer, we had lots of basil and dill weed and lots of impatients, because she kept watering the weeds, which ended up being the same plants she had grown the year before! We had enough basil to use the sause on our hotdogs and on their pasta three times each!!!! And, still, even though they didn't start flowering until September, the front pots finally looked like flower pots! That seems much better then killing air plants to me! ::::::All look at Mommy with sympathetic smiles, as they quietly nod in agreement.::::::: Teddy (trying to get away from this moment of embarassment they thought Mommy might have--but didn't since she knows she will keep trying): Babybear's family used elfin dust to bring in the moon and stars, and even brought in an early summer evening breeze! We might have been in a convention center, but we were also outside with all those flowers! Valentine: Boy, oh boy, didn't Babybear's brother, Teddy, get his wish when he said all he wanted to do was dance around in the flowers with Buns?! Lady: They were a beary cute couple! So were the other Teddy and BerryAnn and Holly and Brownie and Christopher and Hope... Dee: many cute couples dancing! Even some of the Need-to-be-Adopted bears made cute couples, whiich is never what my mind thinks of when I think Adoptees! Spaulding: Did you see Sophie and Martin too? Great dancers! All of them! Ding (who was never too keen on the dancing part, once Jingles pleaded that she couldn't dance, so wouldn't dance with him, but who really enjoys watching magic at work): What made the dancing so cool was the elfin magic that made beary buddies so light that everyone really was dancing on the tops of the flowers--circling around from one plant to the next, like some kind of musical chairs game without the music ever stopping! Dee (who was so happy to be asked to dance by so many boy bears, but was still under the impression they were just dancing with a kid sister, but understanding her brother's opinion of dancing, gladly opened the door to the next part of the adventure--the part her brother, started and loved): Speaking of being on top of flowers, that Hide N' Seek was so beary fun too! Ding (feeling important now): Well, all the grown ups were dancing and eating hotdogs, but all the little guys needed some fun too, besides eating chocolate and honey flowers! With that many displays and flowers, Hide N' Seek seemed like the bestest kind of fun to have! Axlerod (with his old, wise smile): Well, for the young'ns it was! We older stuffies found this cool treehouse in one of the displays, flew up to it and spent most of our night hypothesizing on how that lovely smell from the orchids is made, and how best to use the different pixie dusts for gardening. Elfis taught us so much, it's a shame he had the need to get back to his beloved flowers so quickly! Ding (not quite sure what to do or how to react when his grandfather gets in these moods, listens carefully, and then jumps right back into his tale!): Yes, the treehouse was a great place to hide, but apparently everyone thought so, since I was found up there quickly, but it took quite some time to find out we had a problem that we couldn't handle without grown ups finding out! Dee (jumping to the defense of her brother): It wasn't your fault! There were so many little ones, we just didn't know them all! Ding (feeling both defensive and guilty): I knew Kwalla, and I knew most of the other lost little stuffies! Dee: Yeah, but there were so many of us! And, we didn't know how powerful Elfis was! We didn't know he was putting plants to sleep for the night! Lady: It's all right, Ding! No one got hurt and you didn't do anyting wrong! :::::::::Unaware how scared he was until that moment, Dings eyes mist over as he buries his head into his Mommy's arms.::::::::: Dee (feeling the strong need to explain now): Elfis didn't do anything wrong either! Nothing bad happened, we just all got scared because we thought something bad did happen, that's all! ::::::::The back of Ding's head nods in agreement, as he slowly gets the courage to come out from his Mommy's chest.::::::::::: Dee: I don't know how many games of Hide N' Seek we had played, before we noticed that some of the little ones didn't return when the game was over. At first we wandered around ourselves, searching for them, and when we were far enough away from the dancing grown ups, we even called out their names to find them, but... Ding (with panic still in his voice): ...But no one answered! No one came out from their hiding places! They were all so little! I was afraid one of the carp in the pond had eaten them, or that they were even bearnapped! I was one of the oldest little ones, so it was my responsibility! Spaulding (softly patting his son on the shoulder and then rubbing his shoulders to relieve the tension): No, Ding, all parents know that WE are responsible for our kids! We never gave you our responsibility, and had we known you took it yourself, we would have let you know then that you can't take it! Teddy: Even Babybear and Elfis weren't ever angry with you, nor did they ever think it was your fault! Valentine: Poor Elfis! Teddy: When the kids came to tell us what was wrong, I just happened to be facing Elfis, and saw something flash in his eyes--a thought, but I didn't really notice it until later! Spaulding: We all walked around at first, calling out, but no answers came! Teddy: We quickly grabbed all of our vehicles to fly around the area to go faster and see higher up! Valentine: Most of the flowers were taller even then Babybear! Axlerod: Obviously, we older stuffies heard the commotion and came down to find out what was wrong! When I heard, I immediately started looking for Elfis! Spaulding: Why? I was on the other side of the display, so don't know exactly what happened! Axlerod: Elfis might not be as old as I am, but he has a wise old spirit about him, and knows so much about gardening. He was with us for a while in the treehouse, but left, because he said that he needed to put the flowers to sleep for the night! Lady: What does that mean? Axlerod: The whole idea startled me too, but I remember Mommy talking about some plants she saw in one of her walks called a Morning Glory! It's called that, because it closes up--sleeps--for the night, then opens up again the next morning in all its glory. Many flowers do that, and it ends up that Elfis is the type of creature that does just that with his magic! Teddy (still confused): Yeah?! Axlerod: Well, think about it! What other type of creature likes to sleep often too?! Teddy: All creatures do! Axlerod: Not all! Sometimes Mommy hates to have to take naps or go to bed at night because she gets in the middle of something she really wants to do! Spaulding (smiling sheepishly at Mommy, before responding): Ummmmmmmm, you mean like right now, as she sits there typing away, but wants to find out about our Ball too much to go take a nap?! :::::::::All sheepishly look at Mommy, who cocks her head and smirks, as if saying, "Oh, well! I'm caught!"::::::::::: All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehe Axlerod: Ex-act-ly! So, what type of creatures DO like to take naps and sleep whenever possible?! ::::::::::Mommy must nudge them all awake after they ponder a little too hard, but realize that their very action gave away the answer::::::::::::::: All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehe Ding: OK, so stuffed animals like to sleep, but what does that have to do with the lost little ones? Axlerod: Elfis' magic is powerfull! Think how high the flowers were. What better place to hide then in the middle of a tall flower?! :::::::::::A series of hesitations hit the rest of the family as they feel like the answer is right there before them, they almost grasp it, but not quite, all being innocent enough and naive enough to not quite grasp any concept that could even just be used to be sneaky:::::::::::::::: Axlerod (being so much older and having lived in Peoples World for several decades, isn't as naive, so does understand): When Elfis put the flowers to sleep, he also put the babies in the flowers to sleep! That's why none of the lost ones even knew they were the cause of any commotion! ::::::::::Finally, the light flicks on and stay on in their innocent minds::::::::::::::::::::: All: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Now we get it! Ding: I thought they were just being brave when they all came back into their family's arms! They slept through everything and didn't even notice there was a problem! Thank God, I didn't hurt them at all! Lady (exasperated by her son's inability to forgive himself for something he didn't even do): If they did know they were lost and did get scared, you still wouldn't have hurt them! ::::::::::::::Ding tries hard to leave the guilt behind, knowing he did nothing wrong, but not yet feeling it. He gives everyone a quiet little smile, knowing they would understand his dilemma.::::::::::::::::::: Dee (giving her brother an affectionate pat): How's Elfis doing? Axlerod: He felt as guilty as Ding is feeling, but we also talked to him. Since he is older then Ding, he seems to be taking less time to get rid of that fake guilt then Ding is! Ding: Fake guilt? It's real! Axlerod: I don't mean fake, like unreal, but like there are two kinds of guilt--the first one comes from committing a sin, and is very real. We are guilty of that type and should feel guilty for it. But, the second kind just comes from a feeling, not based in doing anything wrong, or committing any kind of sin. That's fake guilt, and can just be ignored, because it's undeserved. Spaulding: Yeah, like sometimes if Mommy stubs her toe, I say that I'm sorry! Ding (still confused): Why? Spaulding: I feel like I caused it, even if I was on the other side of the room! Ding: That's silly! Axlerod: No, that's fake guilt! Doesn't feel silly at all. Feels beary real, however when you look it over and discover you did nothing wrong, then you know it's fake, and just ignore it until it leaves on its own! Spaulding: If I dwell on it, it will stay with me, and I remain with that yucky feeling. Ding: But, if we start ignoring it, it leaves?! ::::::::::::All the grown ups smile as they realize he understands!::::::::::::::::: Ding (with a big relieved smile): Cool, then...gee, the Teddy Bear Ball at the Flower Shower was just fantastic, wasn't it? Not only the real flowers, but the chocolate flowers and the honey flowers! Yummy! What else could stuffed animals want? ::::::::::The two married couples grab each other and start dancing again.::::::::::::::::: Teddy (singing in his beary best Teddy Bear voice): ~I could have danced all night, could have danced all night....~ :::::::::Dee grabs her brother's paw and her gradnfather's paw and starts dancing together to Teddy's singing.:::::::::::::::: Ding (to the reader as he continues to dance): It was a fantastic night. Until next time... ::::::::::::::::::::::All continue to dance until they fall asleep.::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Friday, March 05, 2004

The Terrible Accident!

Spaulding: My biggest fear in life almost happened! Teddy: It was an accident! I thought I lost my bwuder! Spaulding: Well, it wasn't THAT bad! Teddy: You don't know! You didn't see! You were unconscious! I thought you were DEAD! Spaulding: I was unconscious?! I remember sitting on Mommy's lap as she leaned over and then the next thing I remember was being scooped up and having Mommy quickly check me over as she wrapped my paws in face clothes! I WAS WET! Teddy: That's the part you missed! As Mommy leaned over, you accidentally hit Daddy's cup with your feet and you and the cup fell to the floor! The cup splattered most of the way across the room! I yelled, "His paws! His paws! Don't let his beans get wet!!!" Spaulding: Oh, I vaguely remember that! Then Mommy grabbed me, even before I was fully on the floor... Teddy: ...she was sooooo fast, I thought she had become the Road Runner... Spaulding: ...come to think of it, as she threw me across the floor, I had a moment to think that it couldn't be Mommy, because she doesn't move THAT fast! Teddy: I couldn't believe it was Mommy either, because she DID throw you across the floor! Spaulding: Right before she grabbed me, my face was about to hit in a puddle of soda! I put my paws out to stop the fall, but my beans got wet, so I'm beary glad she did grab me and throw me before they got wetter! Teddy: Yeah, but WHY did she THROW you?! :::::::::::Both look sheepishly up at Mommy, not wanting to sound ungrateful, but not knowing why she didn't simply just pick him up?!:::::::::::::: Mommy (willing to speak out loud, to try to defend herself this time): I don't know! All I thought was "soda...wet...beans...puffy paws...must stop!" I threw Spaulding before I bothered finding out if I was wet from the soda too. The only dry spot I saw was across the room, so I made sure Spaulding got into the dry spot as quickly as possible! ::::::::Both consider her words carefully, yet, even still a bit hyper from the accident, they are able to stay awake, as they decide Mommy did the right thing under the circumstances. Then, thinking of the possible alternatives, they stand up on Mommy's lap and give her a hug!:::::::::: Spaulding: I remember my neck crunching into something that wasn't soft, but wasn't real hard either, and that was the last thing I remember until I was in Mommy's arms! Teddy: Mommy threw you against Daddy's leather notebook holder. It's not as hard as the table, but with paper inside, it's still not soft! That's when I thought I lost you! I saw you ram into it so hard that your entire head rammed into your left shoulder, and then you fell into a heap, (Teddy is trying to hold back tears) like a rag doll! You didn't move, even when I called to you! You didn't answer! And Mommy quickly ran out of the room to grab towels, but I didn't know why she didn't pick you up right away! Spaulding: What was Daddy doing? Teddy: He was doing two things at once! He grabbed me to hug me as he picked up his cup, so no more soda could puddle out! I think he was afraid what was left, might get all the way over to you! He moved beary quickly too, but Daddy is more like that then Mommy! ::::::::::::Both smile sheepishly, knowing, if they were talking about anything other then almost getting their beans wet, it would have been a full fledged laugh.:::::::::::::: Spaulding: How long was Mommy gone? Teddy: The bathroom is just the next room, so no more then two seconds! Spaulding (with a mischievous smile): Mommy getting to the bathroom, grabbing a hand towel and grabbing me in two seconds?! Did Axlerod do his magical time thingy?! Both (relieved that they can laugh again): Kehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Wow! If Ax had been in the room, he could have stopped this all from happening! Spaulding: It still turned out all right anyway! Teddy (nodding in agreement): Mommy didn't slow down after she grabbed you with that hand towel! Spaulding: That's when I woke up! I remember she wiped me down all over, then sat me down in the chair as she took off my clothes... Teddy: ...your clothes were wet, and she didn't want that wetness to hit your body... Spaulding: ...then, without ever leaving me, she checked my paws to see if any of them were wet, while she ran back into the bathroom for a few washclothes and hand towels! Teddy: Your hand-paws WERE wet, so she had to act quickly! She wrapped your paws up in faceclothes as she dropped the handtowels onto the puddle! Spaulding: And then she said something to Daddy that I will never forget and will love her forever for saying... Teddy: ...and I loved Daddy's answer too! Spaulding: she dried my paws as thoroughly as possible, while rubbing the puddle with a handtowel below her bare foot, she said to Daddy as she laughed, "Gee, I guess this shows where my priorities are, huh?" Teddy: Doesn't it feel good when you are more important then a soggy carpet?! Spaulding (nodding in agreement): And don't you like Daddy's reaction? Teddy (smiling with his best "I'm loved" smile): Yeah, he said, "Of course, that's how it's supposed to be!" Spaulding (in his loudest whisper): YOU KNOW, THE REST WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED, IF WE HADN'T WATCHED "THE APPRENTICE" THE NIGHT BEFORE! Teddy (with his wry smile and his very best whisper too): OOOOOOOOOHHHH, THEN IT WAS ALL OMAROSA'S FAULT? Spaulding (matching Teddy's expression, but dropping the whisper): Well, not ALL her fault! I did learn the technique when Mommy accidentally knocked me out of bed one night! She guilts easily! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Mommy AND Daddy like to take beary good care of us, but Omorosa on "The Apprentice," that show about those young peoples trying to win a job with Donald Trump, sure knew how to milk an accident for all its worth! Spaulding: I don't know too many people who haven't been beamed in the head by a small chunk of drywall or plaster! Teddy: Well, we also don't know too many people either--but Mommy and Daddy both said they've had that happen to them, and it is no big deal! Spaulding: But, Omarosa got hit by a small chunk and milked it for all its worth... Teddy: ...waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy past its warrantee! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: She got out of all sorts of work milking that accident, AND got so much attention, even if no one else believed it! Teddy: She did take it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too far when she called it "a concussion" to Mr. Trump though! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: That's when we found out that he got to watch all the tapes of what everyone has been up to during the series. Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Are you saying you've been acting a bit like her lately? Spaulding (sheepishly): At first I wasn't! I was beary, beary scared! You know how scary it is that our beans can get wet and then grow beary big! My one paw is much bigger then the others! Teddy: Your limp is bearily noticable! Spaulding: It doesn't exactly hurt so much as it feels like I bearly have enough fur to cover my beans! Your beans are in your tush! How scary would it be if they puffed up! Teddy (shivering at the thought): Yeah, I was beary scared for you! Spaulding: So those first hugs and cuddling I got from Mommy were beary, beary needed! But then.....then I remembered Omarosa and the chunk of drywall, and watching her have too big a headache to help fix up the apartment, but not so bad that it stopped her from playing basketball with the neighborhood kids! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Teddy nods as he listens:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding (meekly): I'm not sure when it went from needing Mommy's attention to simply wanting Mommy's attention. Teddy: Did you need your head wrapped up? Spaulding (trying to be honest): I liked Mommy rubbing my head! She made it feel better! I dunno about needing it wrapped though! I know I liked it when she took me into the bedroom, bandaged my head and tucked me in all by myself. She took such care of me and it felt great! But then she left and I was all by myself! I didn't like that! Teddy: When she came back in here, she grabbed Pez for you! Spaulding: We should tell who Pez is again! Teddy: For Christmas, Santa gave us a plush Pez Dispenser that's also a Teddy Bear. Pez lifts up his head whenever we want a piece of candy, but he's also here to keep us company when one of us is left all alone while Mommy and Daddy do things around the house and our family is still in the bedroom. Spaulding: We've adopted him as a member of the family, but he's kinda like a pet for us! He doesn't talk at all, but he seems to like Axlerod the best, but still likes staying with us to keep us from being lonely. Teddy: Then Pez did stop you from feeling lonely? Spaulding (sighing): Yes, but I was booooooooooooooored! Teddy (suppressing a giggle): Yes, we could hear you moaning all the way in here! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding (in his beary best Omarosa voice): But I was being a real trooper, not complaining too much! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Mommy smiled when she saw us all climbing off the desk! She knew where we were going! Spaulding: Wow! You were all going to make the hike to the bed without Mommy's help? You guys really love me! Teddy: Of course we do, although it sure was easier when Mommy took us all! Spaulding: Why did you all stand at the bottom of the bed? Teddy: We were afraid that if we walked near you, our steps would make your head hurt more! Spaulding (grabbing his head like he does whenever he wants attention now..... :::::::::::Both stop in mid-conversation, after reading what Mommy just typed, look at Mommy, then look at Spaulding with his paw still rubbing the little knot on his head. They break into a full fledge laughing fit, as they realize what Spaulding has been doing, without even realizing it. Spaulding takes his paw from his head and sits on it to remind himself to stop doing that as a sheepish smile comes on his face, followed by another laughing fit from the two of them.:::::::::::: Spaulding (now trying to control his laughter): Seriously! There still is a little knot on my head where I banged my head, and when you came to visit me yesterday, it was big and did hurt a little when anything moved, but just a little! Guess I like the attention! I really, really like the attention everyone gave me after getting hurt too! ::::::::::::::Teddy quietly smiles and nods in agreement.::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Mommy was so sweet to keep checking on me for the last couple of days. You guys came in and actually read to me and kept me comfortable while you all hung next to me and even napped with me! Daddy wants to hold me with you while Mommy goes downstairs to make lunch or dinner and he's beary, beary sick himself! Teddy: He was just as scared for you as I was when you got tossed! That's why he grabbed me! He wanted to save you, but there just isn't enough room for two people and a Teddy Bear to occupy the same spot, so he grabbed me to make sure I stayed all right! I'm Daddy's beary own Teddy Bear, but you were the Teddy Bear they both fell in love with enough to have this family continue to grow! You are beary loved always by every one in this family--stuffed or people! Spaulding: I really do know that, but occasionally, just occasionally, it's beary nice getting such loving attention from my family! I sure wish Omarosa gets that from her family, because she certainly can't expect to get it from people who are competing against her or from her potential boss! Teddy: You know how we act when we want our coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee and Mommy and Daddy forget to give us some for a while?! Spaulding (shyly looking down at his paws): Ummmmmmmmmmmm, do you mean when we act like I've been acting the last couple of days?! Teddy (with a wide smile and a twinkle in his eyes): Yeah, like we are about to die any second from lack of coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding (Now mirroring Teddy's smile as he boldly looks at his brother): Yeah?! Teddy: Isn't it the same thing? Don't you think we all like a little extra attention every once in a while?! Spaulding: Yeah?! Teddy: Don't you think it would be much easier to just ask for what we want? :::::::::As Spaulding thinks this over, Teddy looks at Mommy for an answer.:::::::::::::: Teddy: If we simply asked for some cuddling time, or a much needed hug, or for a cup of coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee or a story, would you give it to us? ::::::::::::::::With a big smile, Mommy barely needs to nod.::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: That's beary true, BUT...isn't it more fun to pretend we are actors annd do a grand theatrical I've been doing the last couple of days?! Teddy (after being awaken from thinking about Spaulding's question): Good point! ::::::::::::As if on cue, both turn around, look at Mommy, melt down into their seats with shoulders hunched over, and faces drawn and downwards...:::::::::: Both (in quiet little voices, sounding very much like they may pass out at any moment form the strain of talking): :::::::::::::::And finally, as if out of their last moment of effort, they dramatically swoon as if stuck in a small tornado, before falling down, as if in a coma. Mommy laughs and ask, if, just maybe, they might like a mug of coffee. Both jump up as if sprung out of a jack-in-the-box with huge smiles on their faces.:::::::::::::::::: Both (while handing Mommy their coffee mugs): Yes, please! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Well, it's coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee time, so gotta go! Teddy: Until next time... Both: Kehehehehehehehehe

Monday, March 01, 2004

Flexing Our Internet Savvy Muscles

Teddy: Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! We've finally did it! Spaulding: Almost, anyway! Teddy: Well, it won't ever be completely done,... Spaulding: ...because we want to keep up with it this time... Teddy: ...but it IS up and running! Spaulding: Do you think, maybe we should tell everyone what we're talking about now? Teddy: As much as we've been talking about it lately, don't you think everyone will know we're talking about our brand new and improved web den?! Spaulding: Yeah, you're probably right! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Since web sites shouldn't take this long to make, maybe we should s'plain why it took so long! Spaulding: We don't want people to think we are NOT Internet savvy! Teddy: That's our beary description of all we do online! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Well, it really started about four years ago, when Mommy wanted to make a small web site for her new business! Spaulding: It was a typing business... Teddy: She says it was a "Sek-it-tear-rio Services" business, because, along with typing, she also created resumes' and newsletters and corrected boo boos in peoples' term papers! Spaulding: Hoping she might get some customers from across the country, she advertised with a web site. Teddy: It was right before we were born! Spaulding: Well, right before you were born! I was already here, but didn't know much back then! Teddy (eyes widen): Wow! You're OLD! So, what happened? Spaulding: Like I said, I was here, but didn't know much back then. Mommy didn't even bring me to her computer in the basement back then! ::::::::::::::::::Teddy is shocked by this news! He imagines Mommy at a full fledged desktop computer, instead of lying back in her recliner with her laptop. He can't even imagine where a computer would fit in the basement with all those Need-to-be-Adopted Teddy Bears living there. He tries to think of Mommy working, but, finally, has to be awaken to continue.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy: Well, Mommy doesn't like to talk about that experience much, but she says it took four months to get that site up sorta right! Spaulding: Having that kind of business, Mommy relied on Microsoft's Office programs that included FrontPage, but she always hated using Frontpage, because it's sooooo hard! Teddy: Sounds like we could have made a whole bunch of money being near Mommy when she made web sites with that program! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Daddy started a beary profitable home business for us a while ago! Any time he or Mommy use bad words, they owe us twenty five cents! Teddy: Fifty cents if they say bad words about themselves, because no one says anything bad about our Mommy or Daddy! Spaulding: And only twelve and a half cents if they use another word when they mean a bad word, like when they say "Shhhhhoot!" or "Dangit!" Teddy: That's how we get enough money to go where ever we want to go! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: So, to cut down on cost, Mommy and Daddy decided to switch our Internet Provider from DSL to dial up again... Teddy: ...we liked DSL, but using the old fashion method of dialing up is always cheaper! Spaulding: Doing that though, meant that we would lose our old web den... Teddy: ...which was no big deal though, since our old IP was bad enough that, when we lost our page and asked for help to get it back, we received no response in the four months Mommy kept asking for help through e-mails! Spaulding: The only way we ever got it back was by pure accident. It just started working again one day?! Teddy: Still, it's much quicker to upload photos through DSL then through dial-ups... Spaulding: ...and our old service was nice enough to give us an extra month free, when they heard we wanted to leave... Teddy: Mommy had it in her mind to have our web site up and running before that free month was over -- on February 20th! Spaulding: She also had it in her mind to use GeoCities through Yahoo! because it's free, even if she feared it meant having to use FrontPage again! Teddy: But, we checked out all the links for GeoCities and found something called "My SiteBuilder,"... Spaulding: ...which is their own site building tool,... Teddy: ...or, so we thought! Spaulding (nodding in solemn agreement): For six weeks, we helped Mommy make a beary cool multipage web den using that program! Teddy: But, when we tried making something specifically for that program though, it told us to download another part of the program. Spaulding: When we went to download it though, it was going to cost money! Teddy: Our whole mission was to make a free web den?! Spaulding: We wrote to ask for FREE help, but they weren't beary helpful! Teddy: We now had ten days to make a web den before we had to upload using dial up! We knew we were switching services way before we did! Spaulding: This would test Mommy's patience... Teddy: ...or make us beary rich! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Still planning to use GeoCities, because it was one of the few free services Mommy found, she decided she would calmly... Teddy: ...knowing it's beary hard to understand the directions,... Spaulding: ...and also knowing we were here to help her... Teddy: ... dust off and open up her FrontPage! Spaulding: You can also upload it to use in GeoCities! Teddy: Once again she helped us make a five page web den that looked sooooooooo cool! Spaulding: With just two days left to upload it using DSL, we were making some last minute arrangements to make it look even nicer! Teddy: We were also e-mailing help people at Geocities for little questions again, but not getting helpful answers. Spaulding: And finally, at the end of that day it happened, after working on it for five whole hours that day! Teddy: We couldn't believe it! Spaulding: All we wanted was for each page to have our two pictures and our den title! Teddy: So Mommy copied it from our home page to paste it onto another page! Spaulding: And when we went back to our home page, Teddy's picture was gone! Teddy: That was bad enough, but since we hadn't done anything else with that page, we figured if we closed it without saving it and then opened it again, my picture would be back! Spaulding: BUT, when we opened it again, his picture was STILL gone! Everything was ruined! Teddy: Can't have "Spaulding and Teddy's Web Den" without Teddy! Spaulding (nodding in agreement): We were so shocked and upset that we didn't know what to do! Teddy: That was probably a more grown up reaction then Mommy's, although I understand what Mommy did next! Spaulding: Being able to read her mind, I watched as all the efforts of the last seven weeks... Teddy: ...including triyng to keep up with the housework and everything else we did... Spaulding: ...flashed through her mind like a beary quick photo projector... Teddy: ...and then she did it! Spaulding: Most embarrassing! :::::::::::::::::They both get the courage to look at Mommy to see if they are in trouble for what they've said or if she wants them to stop. Since Mommy does know it was a very bad moment, she is willing to let them continue, but certainly isn't angry with them for what they've said.::::::::::::::::::::::: Teddy (embarassed for Mommy): She went running to her bedroom to cry! Spaulding: Something about having this one fun little project that she wanted to do for us in the midst of all the hard work she does. Something about fun turning into something beary bad. Her thoughts were beary jumbled and hard to understand, like she was thinking too quickly for me! Teddy: One thing we DID understand... Spaulding: ...and got five dollars for keeping track of all the words... Teddy: ...was her language! Spaulding: Boy, oh, boy, was she upset! Teddy: We didn't know what to do! Spaulding: She did tell us that she wasn't angry with us, which made us feel better, but we were still upset that she ws upset! Teddy: ...and upset because it looked like we'd never have a web den again! Spaulding: But Daddy saved the day! Both: Yippie!!!! Teddy: Daddy saw what happened and immediately searched for free web sites that had their own building tools! Spaulding: The only reason we had our last web den was because that DSL service included an easy to make web building tool with it! Teddy: Not only did Daddy find a free web site place, but he found one with that same web building too! Spaulding: The free web site place is called Tripod, which is through a place called Lycos. Teddy: The so-easy-to-use-even-Teddy-Bears-can-use-it web site building tools is called Site Builder! Spaulding: To make our photos "web-ready" we need to use our photo organizing/fixing program called Microsoft's Pictureit! 2002... Teddy: ...which, although easier to use then FrontPage, tends to freeze up every third try at doing something! Spaulding: So, between Mommy needing to do chores and go grocery shopping... Teddy: ...and Pictureit! 2002 being a lousy program... Spaulding: ...we still didn't have our web site up by the time we lost our old DSL, although we got many of the pictures uploaded! Teddy: BUT, we finally taught Mommy how to make the pictures beary small before uploading them... Spaulding: saving them as "web-ready" pictures... Teddy: it still didn't take too long to upload the rest of our pictures AND... Spaulding: ...AND, it helps us have more space to save our pictures for our site when we do upload them! Teddy: Like, before when we uploaded the pictures, one picture would sometimes use about 345,285 k's of space,... Spaulding: ...but now the same picture only takes 90ks! Teddy: Since Tripod gives us 11 mgs to work with that means we can use lots and lots of our pictures now! Spaulding: And, what's beary weird is that they don't look any smaller?! Teddy: We were done making most of our six room web den in three days! Spaulding: We're still waiting to see if someone can help us with our Blog page though! Teddy: Now, you would think that once we are done our web den that we have finished working so beary hard on it too, right?! Spaulding: Well, we still need to accomplish one beary important part of having a web den! Teddy: We want lots Teddy Bears and people to visit us! Spaulding: We need to advertise our Web Den for Teddy Bears to find us! Teddy: We've developed a four part plan to do that! Spaulding: First, we started learning about WebRings... Teddy: ...which are rings of web sites about similar things. Spaulding: At least, that's sorta the idea behind them! Teddy: In order to do our second part of our plan,... Spaulding: start our own ring of web dens made by other Teddy Bears or stuffed animals,... Teddy: ...we have to prove to the people who give us rings that we know how to put the rings on our page! Spaulding: They're rules are that we have to join at least three webrings before they think we are smart enough to run our own! Teddy: We're Internet savvy! We can put rings on our den! Spaulding: Still, the first ring is to actually join these webring people, so that one seemed fair! Teddy: And it's also obvious that it is for new webringers, since its name is "My First Webring." Spaulding: Mommy had to work hard to understand the directions, but we were there to help her! Teddy: We got it right our first try, although we thought we didn't! Spaulding: Then we searched the directory for other rings we might want to join! Teddy: We spent hours and hours going through different possibilities and then agreeing with Mommy on which ones to try next! Spaulding: There were a few Teddy Bear Webrings, but they were full of Teddy Bear makers, not Teddy Bears, so we didn't take any of them! Teddy: BUT, we stumbled on a ring called "Adorable," Spaulding: ...we're too cool to be adorable, but Mommy still is always calling us adorable, so we figured it would make her happy! Teddy: We've also been approved to join "Once Upon a Time" Webring, which is for stoires for kids. Our lives are our stories and kids will probably like reading about us! Spaulding: As we write this, we've been approved for all three web rings, but the codes are doing weird things to our page... Teddy: ...we've contacted the ring masters though and should have it straightened out soon! Spaulding: The "My First WebRing" will bring us some visitors... Teddy: ...that's called "bringing traffic"... Spaulding (nodding in agreement): We're Internet savvy, but we don't expect everyone who reads our journal to be Internet savvy, anymore then they should expect us to understand everything about Peoples, but, my bwuder is right, it is called "bringing traffic." Teddy: That first ring is fine, but the other two aren't exactly what we want! Spaulding: "Adorable" has our good buddies at Bear Jest, so that's cool, but I don't understand how selling supplements or a the web site for a French radio station are considered adorable?! Teddy (shrugging his shoulders): I'm not sure how listing web rings or selling jewelry is adorable either? Spaulding: And then I'm really not sure how a ring made for kids to read some books online is so full of summaries for parents to buy books for their kids or detailed information about the writers of children's books only?! Teddy: Still, they are the closest we've come to rings that are similar to ours and we have to prove that we are mastering the coding! Spaulding: We can figure out which we want to drop, once we start our own webring! Teddy: And our third thing we've done is to join a Teddy Bear Search Engine! Spaulding: THE Teddy Bear Search Engine, which we've added to our den and have spotted Mawson's web den on that engine too! Teddy: We're trying to convince the engine owner to add a new choice because he doesn't cover Teddy Bears with their own dens yet! Spaulding: And finally, we will be going from search engine to search engine to promote our site! Teddy: "Promote," another word borrowed from other places that Internet Savvy bears use too! Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: You can get companies to do that for you... Teddy: ...but that cost money! Spaulding: We have money... Teddy: ...but we like spending our money on important things... Spaulding: hotdogs and coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee... Teddy: ...unless we can talk Mommy and Daddy into giving us some... Spaulding: ...or buying tickets into museums or rides and stuff... Teddy: ...unless we can talk Mommy and Daddy into giving us those things... Both: Kehehehehehehehehe Spaulding:, once we can get these webring thingies done right, we'll be tackling engine submissioning! Teddy: So, basically, our web den is done, but we're not close to being done yet! Spaulding: And still, we are forever searching for other Teddy Bear dens made by bears. Teddy: Once we get to the part where we form our own ring, we want a list of bears to contact to see if they'd be interested too! Spaulding: It's hard but we're doing it! Teddy: So, if you still don't see us much, at least you know what we're up to! Spaulding: But now that there is no rush, we can relax a little,... Teddy: ...but still vacation season is coming, so we might not relax. Spaulding: No matter how fast we go, this I know... Spaulding: Until next time... Both: Kehehehehehehehehe