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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Spaulding: Now that we found an easier way to make our web den... Ding: ...and Country Mouse, our good online people buddy, has taught us how to upload photos to be clear and using little space... Teddy: ...we may have gotten a bit too caught up in making our web den! Valentine: Is that possible?! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Axlerod: What we're trying to say is, although we have still been going on several adventures, we haven't had time to keep our journal up to date, fix up our web den, do all the chores need doin' and take care of Mommy and Daddy! Spaulding: So, to get up to date, BUT still show off one of our favorite adventures... Lady: ...The First Annual Teddy Bear Ball at the Philadelphia Flower Show... Spaulding: ...we're going to tell about all our latest adventures as quickly as possible! Dee (feeling kind of embarrassed mentioning this): Ummmm, but please remember that we DO love talking! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: The first adventure we had after the Ball was also one of our favorite things to do-- Valentine: Rass'l-main-ee-a XX! Axlerod: "XX" means "20" in Roman Numerials! The Rest of the Family: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that's why they kept showing two x's, but saying, "20!" Lady: Aren't we going to mention the St. Patty's Day parade we went to in Philly, before going to Wrestlemania? Spaulding: OK. We went, but it was rather boring, so we left early! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: To be fair, it did have Irish dancers and Irish music, but there is but so many curly haired lasses dancing to River Dance and simply walking as a big group electricians... Valentine: ...the electrians' union sponsored the parade... Teddy (nodding in agreement): ...and other large groups of dressed-in-green groups meandering around in a beary slow walk, anyone can take! Ding: Soooooooo, we went early to New York City to try to meet the Rass'lers and get autographs... Dee: ...they have a brunch for special fans... Ding: ...and who could be more special then the T. Bear family? All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Rikishi stopped by to ask if his pants... Valentine (rolling her little eyes): ...if you can call them pants... All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy (still smiling): ...if his pants made him look fat! Spaulding: I told him that the extreme size of his bottom and all those dimples on it made him look fat! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Lady: Thankfully, he was joking to begin with, so we still have Spaulding in one piece! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Ding: Dee and I were the ones who talked honestly with Kurt Angle! Dee: He's right that someone who lies, cheats, and steals shouldn't be a hero... Ding: ...but Eddie Guerroro's past as a drug abuser and homeless guy shouldn't be counted against him... Dee: ...AND, most importantly, sucker punching him and cheating him, made Kurt no better then Eddie! Ding: He looked like he was listening, but I don't think he really was! Spaulding (wrapping his arm around Lady as they both beam with pride): Aren't our kids just so smart and grown up--in a kid kinda way?! :::::::::Dee and Ding blush, but also seem to appreciate the compliment.::::::::::::::: Axlerod: I tried talking to The Undertaker, but he was so bent on beating up his brother, there was no talking to him. ::::::::::::::after reflecting a moment:::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: Then again, he beat up his brother beary well and his brother did deserved it! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Valentine: Teddy and I met Mick Foley, and tried to talk him into retiring again for the sake of his family! Teddy: We like him a lot, but saw a video called "Behind the Mat" and saw how scared his wife and two kids were to see him get so hurt! After he saw what they looked like he retired, but I guess he likes rass'lin' a whole bunch, cuz he came back! Valentine: I'm pretty sure, since he and The Rock lost their match, neither will rass'le much more. :::::::::::::::::All nod in agreement.::::::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: How about, to shorten this up, if we just run down who won and lost?! Just the oes we cared about! :::::::::::::::::All nod in agreement.::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: John Cena beat the Big Show to win the United States Championship. All: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Lady: Evolution defeated the The Rock and Mick Foley, who were called the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection All: Booooooooooooooo! Dee: The ladies gowns were a bit too tight but... Ding: Torrie Wilson and Sable won. All: Eh. Teddy: One we didn't like was Chavo Guerrero winning the Cruiserweight Championship. All: Boooooooooooooo! Lady: But one we DID like was Goldberg smashing Brock Lesnar! All: Kehehehehehehehehehe Axlerod: But, we don't like that Brock left right afterwards to try to play in the NFL! Spaulding: BUT, we also think he's too old, at 26, to get a position, so will be back this Fall. Lady: Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi kept the WWE Tag Team Championship! All: Yay. Ding: One I liked was that Eddie Guerrero cheated Kurt Angle to keep the WWE Championship! OK, so even if Guerrero lies, cheats and steals, since Kurt was so nasty to him, I'm still glad Eddie remains the champion! All: Yaaaaaaaaay! Dee: One that was a bit too creepy for me, but I still liked was The Undertaker beating his brother, Kane! All: Yaay?! Axlerod: And, of course, Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels to win the World Heavyweight Championship! All: Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Teddy: Of course, we wish that Chris would come back to Smackdown!, but he won't! Valentine: That's what happened next! Wrestlemania XX was titled "Where It All Begins Again"... Ding: ...which really means that Vince MacMahon changed everything around and some who used to be on RAW, are now on Smackdown!... Dee: ...and vica versa! Spaulding: Some of that we like, but others...we don't! But, to catch up, we have to not go into such detail about rass'lin! Teddy: Can we tell the beary good news then?! :::::::Everyone smiles and nods in agreement, knowing that, out of all of them, it's really necessary that Teddy tell the news!::::::::: Teddy (actually standing up to make this important announcement): Daddy -- OUR Daddy -- is O-fish-earl-lee off his treatment! No more drugs to make him sicker! :::::::::::Dancing and frolicking starts and last a good half hour, before they all settle down again!::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: I guess I should tell the not so good news though... :::::::::::::::::::::::All look doown forlorn.:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Axlerod: The treatment worked, BUT, since he was sick for so long and taking all those key-moe-thair-rap-pee drugs, it will take some time for his body to get rid of all the effects of the drug AND some time for him to regain his strength back! Spaulding: We know that. He knows that. He forgets that, and keeps getting frustrated that he's not back to normal! ::::::::::::::::::All nod in solemn agreement.:::::::::::::::::: Valentine: Still, he's not as sick as he used to be, so Teddy isn't working as hard as he used to and can actually sleep with us more often. Lady: Daddy would be sick day and night, so Teddy slept, quite often, out on the sofa, during those hours when Daddy could sleep. but we never knew if Daddy could sleep at night, so Teddy had to take care of him then too. Valentine: We were all so beary happy when Daddy's treatment was finally over, we decided to celebrate by having a family picnic at The Lakes. Teddy: We even gave up a party with our beary friends to celebrate the e-quo-knocks on the upper and lower part of the earth! Hope they had a good time! Dee (feeling pleased to be included in the grown-up conversation): The Lakes is what every one around here calls Roosevelt Park, because it has a big pond in it with geese and ducks and fish... Ding: ...and LOTS and LOTS of goosey poo along the shore line! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: But, the weather didn't cooperate! It was supposed to be the first day when the temperature hit 70 degrees and sunny, but it decided to rain instead! Teddy: We waited for a whole week for a good day for a picnic, but it was either clear and cold or warm and rainy! Beary frustration! Axlerod: It worked out well though! Daddy still wasn't feeling up to something as adventurous as a picnic, but had the strength to go out for lunch with Mommy. Valentine: And, for the half day Mommy and Daddy went for their celebration, it was sunny and warm enough that we did go to The Lakes and have our picnic! Dee (looking directly at her brother, Ding): And SOMEHOW, we don't know hoooow, Petey the pigeon and Sammy the squirrel and their families found out and joined us! Ding (not embarrassed in the least): I just climbed out onto the window air conditioner, like Daddy does when he visits Petey, and shouted to the world what why and where we were celebrating! Spaulding (not sure if Lady would be angry with him for doing something that Ding would copy and could get hurt doing): Ummmmmmmm, Ding, you shouldn't climb up on an outside, second-story air conditioner without an adult with you! ::::::::Spaulding gets the courage to glance at Lady, who is simply nodding in agreement with him. Now feeling more confident, he continues.::::::::::: Spaulding: On the other hand, good idea telling our outdoor buddies about our plans, it made for a great big celebration! Dee: I knew pigeons ate pizza, but I always thought they got it out of the trash! I was shocked to see them fly in with brand new boxes of pizza! Teddy: Beary useful, since we forgot about the food part of picnicking! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Lady: I didn't! We did bring a few cases of hotdogs with all the fixings! Spaulding: And, even if we forgot about food, we did bring charcoal for the grill, although there was no reason to grill the pizzas! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Valnetine: I didn't know that you could grill acorns and chestnuts! Teddy: Well, if you eat nothing but nuts, you're bound to find different ways of cooking them! Although, you're right! Sammy and his family sure taught us a few new ways to eat nuts! All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe Axlerod: But, remember, our goal here is to catch up on this journal, so we should move on to the next adventure! Ding: Well, the next adventure was near The Lakes, anyway! Dee (bursting at the seams wanting to tell this part): We got to see our stadium... Ding: ...the Vet -- Veteran's Stadium... Dee (showing the word with her arms): IMPLODE! Axlerod: "Implode" is the opposite of "explode." Instead of exploding outwards, if imploded properly, the building comes down in on itself, causing much less destruction to neighboring buildings. Spaulding: Of course, this being Philadelphia, the city of "how cheap can we go?", we have actually seen one of the few implosions that didn't bring down the entire building! Teddy: The Dominos Sugar tower! Dee (looking at the older Teddy Bears as if they had lost thier minds): ANYway, it was soooooooooo cool--the building was obviously round, and they set a whole bunch of dynamite all around, so it boomed, boomed, boomed, boomed, boomed, boomed, one second intervols, section by section, about 30 or more sections... Ding: ...and it had about four to six towers, and the towers took a little longer to fall down then the seating sections, so they looked like they were going to not fall down, but would fall down about three sections later--Boom! So cool!!! Spaulding: It wasn't much fun for people though, because they kept everyone far enough away that they could hardly see it... Teddy: ...unless, you bought a seat for $10 at the Holiday Inn next door to watch, like we did! Lady: ...and Axlerod's magical time thingy came in handy too! We were there to watch, but Mommy had trouble sleeping the night before, and would have been woken by the noise, if it weren't for Spaulding! Spaulding: I came back in time to wake Mommy up and let her think it was by accident. She woke up one minute before the implosion, so we all got to watch it together on TV too! Dee: AND, they had some cameras mounted inside too, so we got to watch it over and over again, from the inside AND out! Axlerod: It still struck me as sorta humorous... Spaulding: ...probably more so, had it not been that Mommy was born and raised over there... Axlerod: ...that all the dirt and smoke went over to New Jersey! Teddy: Anyway, some other stuff has happened in Mommy and Daddy world, that causes them both to be beary busy, AND so, giving them less time to help us do stuff like keep up with our journal and give us new ideas on where to go for our next adventure, so, the only new thing we've done since the implosion is have Mommy go to the library and get us some cool books to read. Lady: It's hopefully going to be a new tradition with us. We are also planning on reviewing them and starting a room in our web den to find our reviews. Valentine: She also borrowed a few videos to watch, which was fun too! Spaulding: That's where we found "Behind the Mat," the video about the behind-the-scenes of rass'lin! Teddy: As soon as she doesn't have a gazillion errands to do, Mommy is going to take us to the library to pick out our own books, and hopefully take pictures of that adventure. Spaulding: She has to get permission from the library to do that, of course. Axlerod: But, that's still in the future, and we have, finally caught up with our journal! So, it's now o-fish-earl-lee time to say it-- Dee and Ding: Until next time... All: Kehehehehehehehehehehehehe

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