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Friday, March 05, 2004

The Terrible Accident!

Spaulding: My biggest fear in life almost happened! Teddy: It was an accident! I thought I lost my bwuder! Spaulding: Well, it wasn't THAT bad! Teddy: You don't know! You didn't see! You were unconscious! I thought you were DEAD! Spaulding: I was unconscious?! I remember sitting on Mommy's lap as she leaned over and then the next thing I remember was being scooped up and having Mommy quickly check me over as she wrapped my paws in face clothes! I WAS WET! Teddy: That's the part you missed! As Mommy leaned over, you accidentally hit Daddy's cup with your feet and you and the cup fell to the floor! The cup splattered most of the way across the room! I yelled, "His paws! His paws! Don't let his beans get wet!!!" Spaulding: Oh, I vaguely remember that! Then Mommy grabbed me, even before I was fully on the floor... Teddy: ...she was sooooo fast, I thought she had become the Road Runner... Spaulding: ...come to think of it, as she threw me across the floor, I had a moment to think that it couldn't be Mommy, because she doesn't move THAT fast! Teddy: I couldn't believe it was Mommy either, because she DID throw you across the floor! Spaulding: Right before she grabbed me, my face was about to hit in a puddle of soda! I put my paws out to stop the fall, but my beans got wet, so I'm beary glad she did grab me and throw me before they got wetter! Teddy: Yeah, but WHY did she THROW you?! :::::::::::Both look sheepishly up at Mommy, not wanting to sound ungrateful, but not knowing why she didn't simply just pick him up?!:::::::::::::: Mommy (willing to speak out loud, to try to defend herself this time): I don't know! All I thought was "soda...wet...beans...puffy paws...must stop!" I threw Spaulding before I bothered finding out if I was wet from the soda too. The only dry spot I saw was across the room, so I made sure Spaulding got into the dry spot as quickly as possible! ::::::::Both consider her words carefully, yet, even still a bit hyper from the accident, they are able to stay awake, as they decide Mommy did the right thing under the circumstances. Then, thinking of the possible alternatives, they stand up on Mommy's lap and give her a hug!:::::::::: Spaulding: I remember my neck crunching into something that wasn't soft, but wasn't real hard either, and that was the last thing I remember until I was in Mommy's arms! Teddy: Mommy threw you against Daddy's leather notebook holder. It's not as hard as the table, but with paper inside, it's still not soft! That's when I thought I lost you! I saw you ram into it so hard that your entire head rammed into your left shoulder, and then you fell into a heap, (Teddy is trying to hold back tears) like a rag doll! You didn't move, even when I called to you! You didn't answer! And Mommy quickly ran out of the room to grab towels, but I didn't know why she didn't pick you up right away! Spaulding: What was Daddy doing? Teddy: He was doing two things at once! He grabbed me to hug me as he picked up his cup, so no more soda could puddle out! I think he was afraid what was left, might get all the way over to you! He moved beary quickly too, but Daddy is more like that then Mommy! ::::::::::::Both smile sheepishly, knowing, if they were talking about anything other then almost getting their beans wet, it would have been a full fledged laugh.:::::::::::::: Spaulding: How long was Mommy gone? Teddy: The bathroom is just the next room, so no more then two seconds! Spaulding (with a mischievous smile): Mommy getting to the bathroom, grabbing a hand towel and grabbing me in two seconds?! Did Axlerod do his magical time thingy?! Both (relieved that they can laugh again): Kehehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Wow! If Ax had been in the room, he could have stopped this all from happening! Spaulding: It still turned out all right anyway! Teddy (nodding in agreement): Mommy didn't slow down after she grabbed you with that hand towel! Spaulding: That's when I woke up! I remember she wiped me down all over, then sat me down in the chair as she took off my clothes... Teddy: ...your clothes were wet, and she didn't want that wetness to hit your body... Spaulding: ...then, without ever leaving me, she checked my paws to see if any of them were wet, while she ran back into the bathroom for a few washclothes and hand towels! Teddy: Your hand-paws WERE wet, so she had to act quickly! She wrapped your paws up in faceclothes as she dropped the handtowels onto the puddle! Spaulding: And then she said something to Daddy that I will never forget and will love her forever for saying... Teddy: ...and I loved Daddy's answer too! Spaulding: she dried my paws as thoroughly as possible, while rubbing the puddle with a handtowel below her bare foot, she said to Daddy as she laughed, "Gee, I guess this shows where my priorities are, huh?" Teddy: Doesn't it feel good when you are more important then a soggy carpet?! Spaulding (nodding in agreement): And don't you like Daddy's reaction? Teddy (smiling with his best "I'm loved" smile): Yeah, he said, "Of course, that's how it's supposed to be!" Spaulding (in his loudest whisper): YOU KNOW, THE REST WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED, IF WE HADN'T WATCHED "THE APPRENTICE" THE NIGHT BEFORE! Teddy (with his wry smile and his very best whisper too): OOOOOOOOOHHHH, THEN IT WAS ALL OMAROSA'S FAULT? Spaulding (matching Teddy's expression, but dropping the whisper): Well, not ALL her fault! I did learn the technique when Mommy accidentally knocked me out of bed one night! She guilts easily! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Mommy AND Daddy like to take beary good care of us, but Omorosa on "The Apprentice," that show about those young peoples trying to win a job with Donald Trump, sure knew how to milk an accident for all its worth! Spaulding: I don't know too many people who haven't been beamed in the head by a small chunk of drywall or plaster! Teddy: Well, we also don't know too many people either--but Mommy and Daddy both said they've had that happen to them, and it is no big deal! Spaulding: But, Omarosa got hit by a small chunk and milked it for all its worth... Teddy: ...waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy past its warrantee! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: She got out of all sorts of work milking that accident, AND got so much attention, even if no one else believed it! Teddy: She did take it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too far when she called it "a concussion" to Mr. Trump though! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: That's when we found out that he got to watch all the tapes of what everyone has been up to during the series. Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Are you saying you've been acting a bit like her lately? Spaulding (sheepishly): At first I wasn't! I was beary, beary scared! You know how scary it is that our beans can get wet and then grow beary big! My one paw is much bigger then the others! Teddy: Your limp is bearily noticable! Spaulding: It doesn't exactly hurt so much as it feels like I bearly have enough fur to cover my beans! Your beans are in your tush! How scary would it be if they puffed up! Teddy (shivering at the thought): Yeah, I was beary scared for you! Spaulding: So those first hugs and cuddling I got from Mommy were beary, beary needed! But then.....then I remembered Omarosa and the chunk of drywall, and watching her have too big a headache to help fix up the apartment, but not so bad that it stopped her from playing basketball with the neighborhood kids! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Teddy nods as he listens:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding (meekly): I'm not sure when it went from needing Mommy's attention to simply wanting Mommy's attention. Teddy: Did you need your head wrapped up? Spaulding (trying to be honest): I liked Mommy rubbing my head! She made it feel better! I dunno about needing it wrapped though! I know I liked it when she took me into the bedroom, bandaged my head and tucked me in all by myself. She took such care of me and it felt great! But then she left and I was all by myself! I didn't like that! Teddy: When she came back in here, she grabbed Pez for you! Spaulding: We should tell who Pez is again! Teddy: For Christmas, Santa gave us a plush Pez Dispenser that's also a Teddy Bear. Pez lifts up his head whenever we want a piece of candy, but he's also here to keep us company when one of us is left all alone while Mommy and Daddy do things around the house and our family is still in the bedroom. Spaulding: We've adopted him as a member of the family, but he's kinda like a pet for us! He doesn't talk at all, but he seems to like Axlerod the best, but still likes staying with us to keep us from being lonely. Teddy: Then Pez did stop you from feeling lonely? Spaulding (sighing): Yes, but I was booooooooooooooored! Teddy (suppressing a giggle): Yes, we could hear you moaning all the way in here! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding (in his beary best Omarosa voice): But I was being a real trooper, not complaining too much! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Teddy: Mommy smiled when she saw us all climbing off the desk! She knew where we were going! Spaulding: Wow! You were all going to make the hike to the bed without Mommy's help? You guys really love me! Teddy: Of course we do, although it sure was easier when Mommy took us all! Spaulding: Why did you all stand at the bottom of the bed? Teddy: We were afraid that if we walked near you, our steps would make your head hurt more! Spaulding (grabbing his head like he does whenever he wants attention now..... :::::::::::Both stop in mid-conversation, after reading what Mommy just typed, look at Mommy, then look at Spaulding with his paw still rubbing the little knot on his head. They break into a full fledge laughing fit, as they realize what Spaulding has been doing, without even realizing it. Spaulding takes his paw from his head and sits on it to remind himself to stop doing that as a sheepish smile comes on his face, followed by another laughing fit from the two of them.:::::::::::: Spaulding (now trying to control his laughter): Seriously! There still is a little knot on my head where I banged my head, and when you came to visit me yesterday, it was big and did hurt a little when anything moved, but just a little! Guess I like the attention! I really, really like the attention everyone gave me after getting hurt too! ::::::::::::::Teddy quietly smiles and nods in agreement.::::::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: Mommy was so sweet to keep checking on me for the last couple of days. You guys came in and actually read to me and kept me comfortable while you all hung next to me and even napped with me! Daddy wants to hold me with you while Mommy goes downstairs to make lunch or dinner and he's beary, beary sick himself! Teddy: He was just as scared for you as I was when you got tossed! That's why he grabbed me! He wanted to save you, but there just isn't enough room for two people and a Teddy Bear to occupy the same spot, so he grabbed me to make sure I stayed all right! I'm Daddy's beary own Teddy Bear, but you were the Teddy Bear they both fell in love with enough to have this family continue to grow! You are beary loved always by every one in this family--stuffed or people! Spaulding: I really do know that, but occasionally, just occasionally, it's beary nice getting such loving attention from my family! I sure wish Omarosa gets that from her family, because she certainly can't expect to get it from people who are competing against her or from her potential boss! Teddy: You know how we act when we want our coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee and Mommy and Daddy forget to give us some for a while?! Spaulding (shyly looking down at his paws): Ummmmmmmmmmmm, do you mean when we act like I've been acting the last couple of days?! Teddy (with a wide smile and a twinkle in his eyes): Yeah, like we are about to die any second from lack of coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding (Now mirroring Teddy's smile as he boldly looks at his brother): Yeah?! Teddy: Isn't it the same thing? Don't you think we all like a little extra attention every once in a while?! Spaulding: Yeah?! Teddy: Don't you think it would be much easier to just ask for what we want? :::::::::As Spaulding thinks this over, Teddy looks at Mommy for an answer.:::::::::::::: Teddy: If we simply asked for some cuddling time, or a much needed hug, or for a cup of coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee or a story, would you give it to us? ::::::::::::::::With a big smile, Mommy barely needs to nod.::::::::::::::::::::: Spaulding: That's beary true, BUT...isn't it more fun to pretend we are actors annd do a grand theatrical I've been doing the last couple of days?! Teddy (after being awaken from thinking about Spaulding's question): Good point! ::::::::::::As if on cue, both turn around, look at Mommy, melt down into their seats with shoulders hunched over, and faces drawn and downwards...:::::::::: Both (in quiet little voices, sounding very much like they may pass out at any moment form the strain of talking): :::::::::::::::And finally, as if out of their last moment of effort, they dramatically swoon as if stuck in a small tornado, before falling down, as if in a coma. Mommy laughs and ask, if, just maybe, they might like a mug of coffee. Both jump up as if sprung out of a jack-in-the-box with huge smiles on their faces.:::::::::::::::::: Both (while handing Mommy their coffee mugs): Yes, please! Both: Kehehehehehehehehehe Spaulding: Well, it's coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee time, so gotta go! Teddy: Until next time... Both: Kehehehehehehehehe

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