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Sunday, April 04, 2004


Teddy: As you know, we had a big celebration when Daddy stopped taking the treatment that would make him sicker to make him better. Spaulding: But, on that beary weekend another amazing thing happened that our Beary Buddies enjoyed, while we celebrated something different! Teddy: It is called the Spring Eknox. Spaulding: Even if we didn't go, we were most excited to hear about it, and all our Beary Buddies told us what happened on our magical message board! Teddy: We don't want you to miss the fun, so, instead of telling you about us, we want to show the different messages our Beary Buddies wrote about their fun! Spaulding: So you understand what is happening, the planning started right after our fancy Teddy Bear Ball, so that's the party they are also writing about on this message. From: VeryBestestBabyBear Sent: 3/14/2004 4:27 PM Whut a lovely party! The girls all looked so pretty! Of course, I though Buns looked prettiest, 'specially when she was in my arms! It was good to see old frends and new frends too. We met Christopher's family. Now Paddy Penguin thinks he wants to be a policepen and Sammy thinks it wuld be fun to be a horsey. We just stopped writing to hug, becoz Mama is cold. She burned too much herbs today and had to open all the windows. Peoples! Anyhows, t'other bears forgot to mention the chocolate flowers, flowers whut bears eat, and flowers made of honey too. I danced with Buns (not on my buns, Spaulding!) in the tall flowers and we hugged close and spun around and around and the stars spun wif us and the moon smiled at us and the smells of many flowers made us dizzy. Then Rocky danced with us too. Then others joined in and soon we wuz all dancing 'round a circle and stars dancing too and lights like silver and gold were all round us. And we sent the lights home to our peoples. We were all beary happy and full of hugs. Yes, Elfis made the little bears sleep with the flowers! Gnomes do lots of magics and especially with plants and stones, so it just comes nat'rally and he doesn't think about it. He takes green sparkle dust from his cap and sprinkles it round and flowers go to sleep. so they grows at nite. But by using the yellow dust, he made everyone think the sun wuz back again and so the bears woke up with the flowers. Elfis was rather embearassed and just kept saying, o dear, o dear, o dear! but he is ok now! So, when is the next party? Next Sat a day is called the Spring Eknox and Mama saided daytime and nitetime will be the same time. I thnk thats what she saided. But, our furrys, specially Rocky and Peabody, want to watch closly and see if it is so. But it means that spring time is here again! Weell we must go now. Hugs and hugs, BabyBear From: Teddy and Spaulding Sent: 3/15/2004 12:25 PM Beary Buddies, Finally, Mommy has done enough chores that we can start working on our journal! We're so far behind, we have two entries to catch up on (the Fabulous Teddy Bear Ball at the Flower Show AND the biggest Rass'lin show of the year--Wrestlemania XX!) We'd love to join you all for an =nox party, but two beary special things are happening here on that day, that we must decline to have our own special celebration! The first day of Spring has become bearry special to us, since Valentine joined our family, because it is the only time of the year where her voice means something beary important (verses a good hopeful message)! The only thing she can say in peoples' voice is "Hi, Bunny, hop along with me! Boingboingboingboingboingboing Hoppy Spring Time! Boingboingboingboingboingboing", so we must celebrate the first day of the year that it is absolutely true, of course. AND, as important that is, the other reason might be the mostest important thing that ever happens in our whole, long lives--Daddy's last day on treatment is Friday, so he will probably feel pretty good for the first time in, not only the 24 weeks of treatment, but the two years before he knew why he felt bad all the time! The first day of Spring will be the first day we meet the new, healthy Daddy in a few years!!!!! We didn't know how sick he was before, but if our calculations are right, Uncle Teddy, Aunt Valentine and the kids have never known a healthy Daddy! Lady and I were only one years old, the last time he was healthy! We don't know how we will celebrate, but it must be a beary big, happy celebration somehow, even if he doesn't feel perfectly good! I hope you aren't upset that we can't spend time with all of you for the Spring =nox, but I hope you all don't give up on getting together just because we can't come! I don't know what has become of Brownie, Holly, Mawson and his family and Radar and his family (hoping they went for vacation), but the rest of us still had fun, so we hope just because we can't come, that you all don't give up on having a celebration! Well, gotta go dictate to Mommy! Pen in Pawlingly Yours, Spaulding From: CountryMouse22 Sent: 3/15/2004 2:23 PM Dear BabyBear and Everyone, We have things going on here too, on the =nocks! It's Cat'r's birthday! Plus some kind of little special =nocks thing. We will see if we can sneak out in the evening. :-) Plotting... Teddy, who now needs another nap. From: CountryMouse22 Sent: 3/15/2004 2:24 PM Eek! Everyone is yelling at me! They said I didn't say, "Hooray for Spaulding's and Teddy's Daddy!!!" They are all very happy about this! Forgetfully yours, Mousie From: mawsonbear Sent: 3/15/2004 9:29 PM Dear Teddy We are very pleased to heer about your Daddy. All the hugs and napergys and People-mudicine are working. Now stay close coz yor Daddy wont be yoosed to feeling better. And he may still need bears close by. Fellow bears wot a grand party yoo had. We have been looking at all wot you did. Scotland was away on a big advenchure. I woz away too on a small wun. And tthe other bears here,, Well well they played so much in the hole house by themselves they forgot about the brite box. We will come back to tell of the places we went too. Hugs Mawson From: VeryBestestBabyBear Sent: 3/16/2004 6:29 PM Helllo Bearfriends!! O such wonderful happy news from Spaudling and Teddy! How happy yoo all must bee!! And Mawson is home from the minding place and Scotland from the little Orkland place! Mama saided that when it is spring here, it is autum in Ostralia, because it is upside down from Abearica. So, I was pondering, for the eknox, praps some of us can go to Mawsons howse and watch it become autum and some of Mawsons fambly can come here and watch it become spring wif us. then, we can splain whut both are like for everybody! and no body will miss either one. Do the strailyin bears like that? Hugs, BabyBear PS - Mama just saided we can haf strawberrry jam!!! From: mawsonbear Sent: 3/19/2004 5:26 AM We are getting our baskets redy, Babybear, to visit the noxes. Are noxes like boxes? Is that wot to look out for when we get close. Scotland asked coz he is a navigator. He most likes being it and wants to navig again. This time to find the noxes. He says he needs directions and sygns. HUgs Mawson From: Spaulding and Teddy Sent: 3/19/2004 5:42 PM Horray, horray! So many cool things happening! Hope you all enjoy the cross-world-=nox! Don't forget to tell us how it is. We wanna know too! Horray, Mawson and Scot are back! Didn't know you lefted for some place, so feared you were sick! Did you go to summer vacation, or, as they call it in Canabeara, "holiday?" You missed a wonderful Teddy Bear Ball, but, even if Mommy hasn't had time to update the pictures with me yet, we have told about it on our Journal page in our web den! Speaking of updating pictures, CMouse, can we borrow your photo of your delightfully, debon-eared, decked-out Teddy Bear group picture for our journal page? We can make it link to your site too, if you want?! Now that we had to add The Attic room, we are considering revamping our whole den! We want it to be a regular home, with different rooms and stuff. but, if we keep up with all these ideas, it will ended up being a mansion, instead of a den. kehehehehehehe We bought Daddy a present to sell-e-brate his victory, but he is sell-e-brating in true Teddy Bear fashion--he's napping like a bear in winter. Kehehehehehehe (HE'S CHEATING BY SKIPPING THE BEARY LAST DAY OF TREATMENT, SO DON'T TELL ANYONE! SHHHHHHHH) I think, I think our real Daddy is coming home! We've had sick Daddy for so long, we can't wait to see real Daddy again! Teddy peaks deeply into Daddy's eye to see if anyone is in there and finally reported to us all this afternoon that he might have seen a wee light in there! Well, just stopped in to catch up, so gonna go check out the other posts! Whirling and twirling, hopping and jumping, glad and Happy, Excittedyly Yours, Spaulding PS we just added a guestbook to our contact page, so drop on by our den, even if it's not all the way built yet! From: VeryBestestBabyBear Sent: 3/19/2004 11:21 PM Eknoxes are more like walls than boxes, Mawson. Or like long ropes. On one side of it is dark and on the other is light. Eknoxes make there be the same amount of dark as there is light. Then, after spring eknox, light gets bigger and after autumm eknox, dark gets bigger, till they go upside down and are the same amount again. So Scotland shuld look for a wall or rope thing with light on one side and dark on thother. And we will be there. And our fambly whut comes to yor homne will look for the same ting in Ostralya. We do not know who is all going and who is all staying, but I will stay heer to feed the strawberry jam to those who fly in. Rocky wants to see the autum eknox and Kwall wants to see Koolala, soo she will go with Rocky on the cushion. Paddy Penguin might go too as he says Ostralya is near the south pole, where penguines are, tho Paddy came from Dublin, the country of rains all the time. Scotland will haf to show us how to navigain! I cant wait to see the ekcnox and I know we will all find it. Hugs, BabyBear From: mawsonbear Sent: 3/22/2004 7:07 AM Dear Bears, Sigmund Here It is grand to see fellow bears all over the place. Mawson and I were just Napping when Rocky flew his cushion in with Kwala. Wot a fine cushion. It landed so nicely. Kooala couldnt remember wear Kwala was going to be. First he went away with Rumple's basket, then they rushed back in time when they remembered. Rumples said they didn't really go away - he just forgot to put his ears up and they didnt go anywear. But Kooala felt very important saying he had to rush back from the other nox and Kwala was so impressed. So Rumples looked about and didn't say anyting. We showd them our Nox and Rocky was most impressed. He said he never nu it was so HOT on the other side of the the curtain. Something has gone rong with our Nox curtain and all the days are hot on BOTH sides of it. And our Peoples are falling over and turning on wetcool - machines and drinking everyting and eating icrecream for lunch. It's much to hot for us bears too. But Rocky said it all felt strangely just rite for him. I must consult my notes about this. Now the Gurlz, Little Amy and Ooora and Little Vernice and Happy Hippo, they all went to the other Nox to see you. They said they was so sorry to miss the dressup ball, but they are taking their best bonnets and ribbons to the Nox. They're with Scottie on Tassled Burgundy. Scotland is looking for the rite curtain with Ropes. I expect you've seen them already. Are yoo shore you have enuf jam, Babybear? Now then Spauld and Teddy, it is the grandest thing when our People are unsick. We hope you have lots more nu fun with them. We will visit yor own den and GuessTheBook wen everyone has stopped flying about these Noxes Quite so, Sigmund From: VeryBestestBabyBear Sent: 3/22/2004 10:50 PM Ah, what a lovely hot Ek Nox in Ostralya! I took off on my cushion with Kwalla and Paddy, but befor we culd land, Paddy had to turn round and go back. He said it was far tooo hot for penguins but becoz our springnox was also broken, and it gave us snow, he was happy to go home again. Kwalla became impatient, as she was beary anxious to see Koolala again. But before we culd leave home again, Tiny Red and Snoopy decided they must come and see the Ostralya nox too. Yes, Sig, I must say the hot was good! It is a rhino thing, you see.The Ostralya nox was most impressive and it is always good to lie in the sun with the stralyan bears. Kwalla is chirping away now and it is getting hard for a rhino to heer himself think, so I will give sum Puter time to her now. While BabyBear waits patiently, as he often does. Hugs, Rocky Rhino Yes, yes, so good to be in A Stralia! We hav been seeing pichures on the storybox lately telling peoples to come to A Stralia and it always shows koolwalala bears hanging from trees. My dearest Koolala was beary busy pressing and flying and made special time to come and be there with me! We climbed a tree and did not pay much attention to the noxes, but watched the peoples and bears below as they got beary hot. I got a bit upset when peoples looked up at us and shaked their fists and said naughty things about the hot, but Koolala made me feel better when he splained that they were not really looking at us or yelling at us. This was good becoz I didn't know how to stop the hot! But, I kinda liked the hot too. Specailly with Koolala there... Hugs, Kwalla The Spring Eknox was grand! We found a wall that had dark on one side and light on the other and it even had a window! We saided goodby to our friends who flew off, then hellow again, then goodby again. This was beary tiring so we napped after that. Then, we waked up and there was Scotland and all the pretty girls! Whut a nice site to wake up to! Such pretty girls! They showed off their bonnets to our girls and talked about where to find them and how to powt just rite so peoples will buy them. Scotland told us all abowt the hot nox back home and wuz beary brave to fly from the hot to the cold. Cold is good for bears tho and we all hugged a lot. We had plenty of strawberrys jam and before too long, we all had strawberry noses! We don't think our Eknox was supposed to snow, but Mama says that March in Pennsyldelphia can do anything. It was beary nice to see Scotland and the pretty girls. And to hear all abowt the Ostrayla Noxes when Rocky and the others got home again. Hugs, BabyBear From: CountryMouse22 Sent: 3/24/2004 8:52 AM I didn't go anywhere for the noxes. I don't think the rest of us did either, but I was napping, getting ready for Cat'r's birthday! There was a lot of bright flashy light and big crashing sounds when the nox came, though! Does it always do that? I don't remember it doing that before... We haven't been getting many hugs and no kisses lately from our Peoples--they are all sneezy and coughy and say they don't want us to get it and if we did, we'd have to go into the big whirlpooly machine and then the hot-dry machine. So they smile at us and talk to us and carefully pick us up, but no kisses right now. We are trying to bear up. Teddy From: VeryBestestBabyBear Sent: 3/24/2004 6:57 PM Spaulding, we readed your blug about the flower show party and it was beary good...but...I don't haf a bruther! If I did, I wuld haf to dull him now for dancing with my Cuddle Buns! Mama wuz glad yoo wrote all about the night and she had talks to with Jingles and Elfis about it. Elfis feels better now, he told Mama all about it and she told him how much we love his magics. And Jingles now has a spechul dance, the Jingles Twirl, whut she can show Ding and anyone else next time we all meet. The rest of us are still napping over the noxs. Hugs, BabyBear From: Teddy and Spaulding Sent: 4/2/2004 12:33 PM Oh, it was beary good finding out all about the great E-qua-nox celebration from all over the world! One of Mommy's memories that I can tap into was when she was a little girl and got up early on her grandparent's farm. (They let a farmer rent the fields. They didn't actually farm on the farm. Beary odd!) She was on the second floor, and looking out the window she could see long fields of corn, that was probably a mile long! That wasn't unusual, obviously, but that morning she got up early and saw that rope you talk about, BabyBear! On the far side was dark and on the side she was in, it was light! She actually saw the end of the night that day! It was beary much like a wall, and, if she watched closely she could see the night leaving the corn fields! Of course, being a little girl, she didn't have the patience to watch it that long, but she still remembers it! I was wondering, since we did miss the adventure, could we copy and paste to our journal all the story from your rememberings that you wrote down in this message? It was grand to read about the hot and the cold and the dark and the light and the girls and the boys and the rhinos and penguins and all the opposites told of such a bear special day! We are most sorry, for boo booing about BabyBear's non-existing bwuder! We just consider everyone in our family as relatives, even if they didn't come from the same store, or even the same species! Somehow, although Axlerod is Lady's daddy, both Lady and Axlerod are both Mommy's kids. And, although Lady is Daddy's daughter too, Axlerod is his bwuder. It is wrong to do that in People's World, but beary true and normal in Teddy Bear World. kehehehehehe UnBEARably Happily Yours, Spaulding and Teddy PS Teddy joined in writing this when I had already started, so we really did mean to have it in the beginning using "I's" and towards the end, using "we's." From: VeryBestestBabyBear Sent: 4/3/2004 6:42 PM Yes, Spaulding and Teddy, yu can use the story of the Eknoxes in your jornal - that is the same as yoor blug right. How xciting to see the light and dark on the corns. Do yoo think your Mommy knew that if she stood on the xact line at light and dark she wuld haf seen teddybears dancing there? Mama once seen the line on an airplane. In the sky. She was going to the place whut rains all the time and she looked out the window and seed that line with light on one side and dark on dother. Nature is full of magics and allways has sumthing to make us smile and laff and cry too. Yor story of bear famblies made my people smile. It is beary confyoosing, she saided, unless peoples come from wes v--- um, Mama stopped me and saided we must not finish that thought. I am confyoosed. Hugs, BabyBear Teddy: That's all! That's what Beary Buddies told us about the =nox! Cool, huh? Spaulding: Never thought we could talk so little, but...until next time....

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