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Saturday, February 20, 2010

We're Back!

Well, we can understand html, but Mommy couldn't. Mommy types for us (all this time later, and they still haven't made paw-friendly keyboards!), and it just got too complicated to try making our new blog on our beary own website, so we decided to come back to blogging, where we started - here on Blogger.

Now, we were Bloggers way back when Blogger was its own company, but, since we last posteded, it's been bought by Google. So what? Well the whole thingy has changed on us, and we're having problems (Mommy again, not us) figuring out what to do, so give us some time to get orgamized.

For now we gotta tell all our buddies we moved back and then we gotta tell ya what's new and improved (besides this is prettier.) So, if'n you get bored while we (Mommy - seirously, we're Internet Savvy, so Mommy is holding us back, but we love her anyway) reorgaminize, check out our other pages (if'n you can find them.) Somewhere we have a list of fellow stuffy bloggers, (one missing in action - horrible, just horrible!), so you can check out their stuff too.

BUT, important thing to know - we're back! Mommy is gonna let us blog again. (We'll tell more of what happened the next time we write. We were NOT bad boys, like some might think.) seeing ya more often again! Yippee!!!!