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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So, What Happened? And, What's Happening?

No doubt, you've noticed we haven't been around for a beary long time – even on our other blog. And, now, here we are on this old one. What's going on?

Well, as you know, Mommy is our typist. True! They still haven't made paw-friendly keyboards, so we need her fingers to type for us. But, Mommy got sidetracked. She found a social network for writers, and she's a writer. Now, we didn't mind, since she was writing stories about us anyway, but she only has so much time, so didn't have time to do both. Ends up, there are some beary mean people on that site, and she decided to fight them. But, those mean people run the site. They don't own it, but what they say is more important that the truth and her fighting got her banned from the site. Good – it was making her not like our usual nice Mommy and she's glad. And, she now has time to help us again.

Of course, it's been months since we came back, and we still haven't written much, so we bet you're wondering why. Well, we switched blogs again for a reason. We have our own domain (URL), and our old blogging platform wouldn't let us put our blog on it. (We tried to use Word Press, but it was too hard to teach Mommy how to use it. We're Internet Savvy. She's NOT!) So, we went back to our original blog, but it's been seven years, and Blogger was sold to Google somewhere in there, making this all new, too. (Again, we're Internet Savvy. Mommy is NOT!) So, it's taken us some time to teach Mommy how to use this thing, now.

She finally figured it out, only to want to do the obvious thing – add our wonderful faces to the top of our blog. Well, guess what now. Good thing we're Computer Savvy, too, because we'll have to help Daddy work on Spaulding's (Mommy's – no Spaulding's, but Mommy decided, suddenly it's hers) computer, because it lost the drivers required to make the photo just right, or even use the DVD drive needed to reinstall the photo program. We're photoless, unless we use old photos we already place on the Net. Of course, Phil has joined our family, and most of our old photos are from back when we didn't have our little brother, so that's not fair to him. So, yet another delay.
But, we are back – minus these little problems – and we're going to try some new things on here, now. Instead of only telling about our always-exciting lives, we want to tell some stories, so, Mommy can write. First, we want to add the long story Mommy told on that beary mean site. Most people there liked it, of course, so we know you will.

Then, we want to try something different. We're asking our fellow bloggers to go on an adventure with us online. We'll even give you the privilege of being a co-writer on our blog with us. (Mommy says that's "giving them privileges," but we all know it's a privilege, too.) In People World, it's called "Role Playing," like Dungeons and Dragons. We are our characters though, and, in Teddy Bear World, it's beary real (except we get to stay home at the same time.) We all join together for a common quest (like going off to visit someone like Puff the Magic Dragon or a centaur, or some mystical creature to play with or finding something important, like Winnie the Pooh did when he discovered The East Pole – but we can figure out the quest together) and each of us tells what happens with us as we go along.I know it sounds weird, but we just came back from one, although it was Spaulding's adventure, even though he came up with a pretend name. (We'd show you, but are having problems seeing it ourselves anymore. Beary weird!) If'n you still don't understand what we're talking about, here's Wiki's description. Okay, so lots of it is boring technical stuff, but check out the beary violent example.

This brings us to a problem that we couldn't deal with, after all. Teddy Bears are nonviolent and role-playing tends to be beary violent. So, that's where you come in. Our fellow bloggers and friends aren't violent either, so if we come up with an adventure together, we can skip the violence and just enjoy ourselves. And, we're not prejudice, so you don't have to be a stuffed animal to play. Warm-blooded animals and People are invited to join us. And, People can pretend to be any thing you want, just as long as it's nonviolent, can move on its own, and communicate. (Yes, you can use your hairbrush, if your hairbrush can walk and communicate. I hope your hairbrush has arms, though. It's got to be tough exploring without even arms. And, yes, we're telepathic, so your hairbrush doesn't have to be able to speak. Kehehehehehe)

Interested? Let us know. And don't think we're experts, cuz we're not, so we'll have to figure this out together. The only rules we've figured out, so far, is the characters cannot be all-powerful, they cannot be violent, and it's really nice to pay attention to each other or else the story gets too weird. And, we're expecting beary weird, twists, and turns, unexpectedly, since our telepathy only goes but so far.But, finally, don't dessert us (but feel free to leave us desserts. Yummers!) We'll still tell what's new in our lives occasionally. We figure, we'll have different rooms on our den (our blog is our new Teddy Bear Web Den) to do different things in – sorta like our old den, but with more interaction and variety. And, we do want more interaction. (That's computer talk for letting others play directly with us.) How's that sound? We'd even like to open it up to our buddies. If you've had anything you want to share, let us know and you can be a guest blogger on our blog.

Of all the things, we've discovered in the last year, we've discovered having friends is the bestest thing! (Okay, maybe second bestest, but you don't really know how wonderful our family is.) We've missed everyone.

And, feel free to let us know what you'd like to join in doing with us. We have more plans, but don't wanna scare you off by telling them all. Kehehehehehe

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Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Hi, Spaulding!

My Mommy and I and Daddy ALL enjoyed your comments. Your Mommy has a delightful way of writing and we are Very Happy to meet you!

E-mail me at if you'd like.