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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Impasse

As Mommy admitted in public, she gave most of us a b-a-t-h. Some things are hard to forgive, but we've come up with a fair plan. We're going to tell everyone Mommy's deepest, darkest secrets in public. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the expose'.

-Mommy cries when she listens to the end of The 1812 Overture, and she knows it's not an American composition.

- Mommy belches. (No, not burps – belches!)

- The Philadelphia International Airport calls us, on occasion, to ask us to keep the noise down. We have to wake Mommy up to stop snoring.

- Mommy squeezes too hard, sometimes, when she hugs us.

- Mommy has killed an air plant – twice!

- Mommy is too scared to watch The Wizard of Oz. (This is a true scandal, since that means we cannot watch it.)

- Mommy doesn't like Elvis, Gone with the Wind, Titanic, or liver.

- Mommy likes Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Angel. (Yes, they were beary good TV shows, but we've rented the entire series, twice – at least – and Mommy still misses Buffy and her friends.)

- Mommy couldn't garden beary well, until the Garden Gals took over for her.

- Mommy has been seen eating raw batter for muffins. (We should be eating it!)

- Mommy has big feet.

This didn't make us feel better, so if there is anything else you can think of that you would like to know about Mommy….

Mommy Note: Don't ask. I think this is more than fair, considering people need to take a bath more than once a year.

Silent Teddy Bear Family by Mommy

It has been very quiet here the last few days. I gave just about everyone a bath. (They look and smell much better.) Since Lee is new, she didn't need one, so she is the only Stuffy talking to me.

Unfortunately, her sentences usually start with "Phil says to tell you..." or "Teddy says to tell you...."

I asked if we could go back to their blog when they are finished being angry with me. I had to give them a plate full of hotdogs, before they nodded their heads.
Lee informed me that meant "yes."

We will be back, as soon as they're done being angry. ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beary Good Week

Whoa! What a week we're having!

Okay, so our lilac bush started blooming last week.

Here's Mommy in her annual lilac bush pose.

But here are our honeys in our annual lilac-bouquet for our honey's pose. From left to right are Lee, Valentine, and Lady. (This is Lee's beary first bouquet, so she's beary, beary excited.) They love bouquets from their always-consider hubbies – us!

And, as you might guess, our garden has a teddy bear, children's garden theme. We have several little bear figurines around the garden, but Mommy has been trying to find teddy bear statues for our garden on Ebay for five years. Our garden is only 16 feet by 16 feet (about 4 meters by 4 meters), so they couldn't be too big, but big enough.

You'd think that would be easy to find on Ebay, but most garden bears are black bears, not teddies. Finally, we found two that go together. Mommy got so excited that she placed three max bids on them. She kept changing her mind how high she would go to pay for them. It ends up that she didn't even have to pay as much as her first bid was. Great deal! We won!

Here are our new garden family members. Guess what they like to play? And, they're between Teddy and Spaulding's height, so they are perfect!
And, as if this wasn't exciting enough, guess what we got in the mail? That's right! We, The Teddy Bear Family of Philadelphia, PA, got something all for us, with our own names on it, in the mail!

And, and, and, it is allllll the way from Australia! The Melbourne Zoo! And, and, and from a new friend, Berrie Penguin from, a stuffed animal community we joined online.

And, and, and, it's a postcard to us with a picture of giraffes – a mommy and baby giraffe – because Berrie askeded all the Stuffies which animals they like the bestest and our wives said "giraffes." (We said "elephants," but everybuddy knows wives are always right, so we knew then that we were wrong, and Berrie musta known wives are right all the time, too.) Thank you, Berrie! We're mostest excited. We don't get mail often and it's "beary pretty." (Our wives' words, we think it's cool!)

 So three great surprises this week – and it's only Wednesday! Beary good week!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ruining a Good Time as told by Spaulding

I love my Mommy beary much and I would do just about anything for her, but some times, it isn't safe near her. Two times come to mind – paying bills and balancing the checkbook. She can get beary grumpy if things go wrong.

Now, don't get me wrong. We're beary brave and beary helpful. One time, Teddy and I helped balance the checkbook for her. Mommy laughed and took our picture.
Why? We used a scale and everything!

But, we're not crazy. If we help pay bills, we have to give away our money. Would you do that, if you didn't have to?

So, anyways, today Mommy balanced the checkbook her way and I stayed away, claiming a little alone time with my Lady! (hubba hubba)

When she was done, she wasn't grumpy, and suggested we make banana-nut muffins together. (I let her help me.)

It must have been easy to balance the checkbook, or she wouldn't wanna bake, too.

So, we were having a good ole time. I added the dry ingredients and let her add the wet ingredients. (If I get goop on me, she insists on giving me a b-a-t-h, and I'm allergic to that.) And what happened? An egg squirted a little when she opened it up and landed right in front of my paw.

Mommy checked my paw to make sure nothing landed on it, and then she said, "Oh, well. It really doesn't matter. I'll be giving you a bath soon, anyway."

What a mean thing to say! Ruined the whole mood. I told Daddy, because I thought she should be spanked for such disrespectful words, but Daddy just chuckled. What's wrong with grown-ups?

Even a nice warm muffin didn't make me feel better.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tee and Tine

Today is Tee and Tine's 7th birthday. We've been busy celebrating, so thought we'd bring out an old story that Mommy and Tee wrote, again. It was written for Tee and Tine's 6th birthday.
Dee and Ding are in the back and Tine and Tee are in the front.

Happy Birthday, Tine and Tee
by Tee and Mommy

After another day exploring and mapping the woods around the park, Tee and Ding have one more thing to do before going home.

"Would you help me gather a bouquet for Tine?" Tee asked.

"What if they see you?" Ding asked, always ready to protect his cousin.

"Then they see me. Today's Tine's birthday too, and she likes bouquets as much as our mommies do. She doesn't get her own personal bouquet often," Tee answered.

"OK. Just making sure. Not many flowers this early in the season," Ding said as he scrutinized the ground of the woods.

"The trees are flowering. Do you think their branches will be OK in a vase?"

"I'm pretty sure we picked flowering tree branches during some spring," Ding said.

"Yeah, down the shore?"

"Oh yeah, our vacation a couple of springs ago," Ding said.

Both boys were already walking towards the nearest flowering tree, a weeping cherry.

"This will look nice hanging down out of the vase. She likes pink!" Tee said.

"Don't all girls?" said Ding.

They chuckled and cut branches with the scissors Ding carried on his back, behind his backpack, whenever they went exploring.

The next flowering tree wasn't drooping at all.

"I should get them. I'm her brother. Can I borrow your scissors?" Tee asked.

"Just let the branches drop when you cut them. I'll collect them down here," said Ding.

After searching, climbing and cutting, the boys inspected their collection.

"Is this enough to make a full bouquet in Grandma's pink vase?"

"I think so, let's go. Don't want to be late for dinner," Ding said.

The two small stuffed animals ran back to the family boxcar, next to the hotel. They were about to climb in when Tee stopped.

"Wait! Got to trim the bottom leaves and flowers off, or it won't look like a proper bouquet," he said. They laid the flowers on the ground, spreading them out to grab each branch easily, taking one at a time to pull off the flowers and leaf buds off the bottom half of each branch, and then putting the finished branches in a pile on the front seat of their box. The Garden Gals had taught them, at a very young age, that flowers and leaves in the vase's water made the bouquet wilt quicker.

A pile of flower petals surrounded them, just as the three bullies came out of the hotel from an afternoon swim. The bullies harassed Tee about picking flowers, but they were ignored. The bullies kept chiding the boys, trying to get some reaction. When the bottoms of the branches were cleared, the two cousins gathered them together, wrapped them in an old paper napkin from the floor of their vehicle, and then placed the bouquet carefully in the back.

"Come on," said Tee, "that hot wind is going to wilt the bouquet." Ding smiled at the bullies as the two cousins leapt into their boxcar.

The boys flew their vehicle home, anxious to see if Tine would like their gift.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Life, as We Know It, is Over!

We are huge Eagles' fans – Philadelphia Eagles. American football. All our lives (and longer), Donavan McNabb has been the quarterback for our team. They traded him! McNabb! Donavan McNabb! Now what do we do?

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

At first, we were disappointed when we woke up this morning. No Easter Baskets! But Valentine felt something crunchy under her and pulled out a note from her distant relative, the East Bunny! It said we had to work for our loot. We had to go to the garden and search for eggs.
 We've heard young Peoples have to do this sometimes, but it was the first time we had to do it. We weren't sure if it was a good thing or bad thing. It's called "an Easter Egg Hunt."

Were we bad last year? It felt like it when Mommy and Daddy made us put on our bunny ears, until our honeys told us we looked cute. So off we went to the backyard.
We're ready.

Axlerod got excited. This is what an excited basset hound looks like. He's with his two buddies, Pez, the plush Pez Dispenser, and Christmas, the polar bear Pez dispenser. (We googled him and his name is Christmas.) Pez and Christmas were bummed when they found out the basket is for the eggs.

That's not fake grass from an Easter Basket. That's Valentine with her daughter Tine finding an egg in our chives. We've already had some fresh chives in homemade pizza. Yummer! Some of these eggs have candy in them, too. Yummer! Better yet, some have money, and some have both – money and candy!!! We weren't bad!

Phil and Lee found their first egg together.

Spaulding found an egg under the Rosemary. Lady found a purple flower on the Rosemary. Can you see it? It's above the egg and right above Spaulding's head.
Valentine thought the Tradescantia was blooming bluish purple flowers already. Teddy knew it was an egg.

Garlic? Not the smell Ding and Tee expected on Easter, but the garlic chives are growing well already.

Dee wanted to visit Fuzzy Wuzzy, our pet teddy bear topiary. Her Mommy and she were rewarded with an egg.

Finding an egg on the lavender requires lightweights. Axlerod inhaled the aroma while his buddies collected the egg.

"What's with pungent smelling eggs?" asked Tee.
"Our green onions made it through the winter," laughed his Mommy, Valentine.
"Be careful, Ding," Lady said. "There's rose cane all around to keep the squirrels from digging in this container."
"It worked, Mommy! The two pea seedlings are growing."
"Two? We sowed 17!"
"More room for the vines to grow," Ding laughed, as he grabbed the egg.

Teddy's a good Daddy. He gave no hints where the egg was. Tine figured it out, eventually.

Spaulding helped his daughter find the egg in the marjoram. He also felt like he was sitting on something.

Guess what he was sitting on.

The little girls took their Aunt Lee to the clematis. They found this egg and some buds. Clem will be blooming soon.

Lee's nephews took her to a dark part of the garden, but she liked the log.

Valentine showed Tee what wasn't growing with the Hens and Chicks.

"Hens make baby Chicks, not eggs," she explained. Tee looked at her to see if she was kidding. She wasn't, but he didn't understand that those plants were called Hens and Chicks.

Uncle Phil decided climbing was as fun as collecting eggs. Tee and Ding agree.

Pez and Christmas discover an egg in the Bee Balm. Axlerod loves Bee Balm. It smells like basil, but grows tall and has red mop head flowers later in the year.

Pez and Christmas bring the egg up so Axlerod can see it.

Tine and Dee take Uncle Phil to see the egg they found. They like to climb, too, but the only tall plants are the climbing roses. Too thorny!

Axlerod wanted a picture of him with his grandkids. Pez and Christmas joined in. Buddies forever.

Lady wanted a picture with her stuffed animal Daddy, too. Christmas and Pez found the egg in the watering can.

Valentine saw something orange in her old carrot container. She was sad that it was only an egg. Teddy comforted her, but didn't let Mommy take that picture.

But Mommy did catch this picture of Spaulding and Lady snuggling. No, he didn't like being interrupted. Can you tell?

Phil and Lee have only been married since Christmas. They didn't care if Mommy took their picture.

When Teddy comforted Valentine, he noticed a special egg. It was bigger, shinier, and lavender. Mommy explained that the Easter Bunny likes to hide one special egg with the best loot inside. He called his brothers over.
The Easter Bunny is a wise guy, hiding the egg in the Prickly Pear Cactus.

We're wiser! All the eggs had sugar-free candy (Mommy and Daddy can't eat sugar, so we can't. Does that seem fair?), change, or both. This one had four whole quarters, plus candy. Jackpot!

Here we are with all our eggs. We'd show you what was in the eggs, but we hide away from Mommy and Daddy, so they wouldn't take all our loot. We meant to save them some candy, but it was one coin in the bank, one candy in the mouth. We didn't know there were more coins than candy. We did manage to give them one piece of candy each though.

Hope you get to your candy before your parents find it, too.

And, after our Easter Egg Hunt we made a trip to the living room. We all watched church service on Webcast. (Mommy and Daddy can't sit in church too long either.) Even better than loot in Easter eggs – today we celebrate that Jesus rose again from the dead – and that's in People World, not Teddy Bear World!

Happy Easter – all year long!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Bunny Sighting

Valentine T. Bear, wife of Teddy

As you know, bunnies have lots of family. I just heard from distant relatives. The Easter Bunny is coming. Time to go to bed. Now!!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Big, Real Life, Announcement!

Our family has been talking about this for quite some time. Not online, of course. Well, not "of course," cuz grown ups don't like to tell people this stuff until they figure it all out.

Anyways – big announcement! We're moving to Lindale, Cumbria, England in two weeks! It's in "The Lake District" of England, so close to good fresh water and saltwater fishing spots, since it's close to Morecambe Bay. If you don't know England well, it's in the northwest, below Scotland.

It is a little warmer than where we live now, although it does rain more often, and can snow occasionally. Of course, that makes it a better place for a garden, and they don't get hurricanes too often.

At first, we'll stay in The Lymeherst, but we'll be looking around for a "lovely little cottage." (Mommy's words.)

We have to learn how to talk metric, figure out money, and learn the difference between pants, knickers, and trousers. We're not even sure we can say "breeches" over there. Do we have to complain about the Prime Minister all the time, or are we s'pose to complain about the Queen. (We don't know either, so we can't even guess what to complain about!) And, Mommy already isn't the bestest driver in the world, so, look out England – she's gonna have to remember to drive on the wrong side of the road!

Isn't this exciting? Whad'da ya think?