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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beary Good Week

Whoa! What a week we're having!

Okay, so our lilac bush started blooming last week.

Here's Mommy in her annual lilac bush pose.

But here are our honeys in our annual lilac-bouquet for our honey's pose. From left to right are Lee, Valentine, and Lady. (This is Lee's beary first bouquet, so she's beary, beary excited.) They love bouquets from their always-consider hubbies – us!

And, as you might guess, our garden has a teddy bear, children's garden theme. We have several little bear figurines around the garden, but Mommy has been trying to find teddy bear statues for our garden on Ebay for five years. Our garden is only 16 feet by 16 feet (about 4 meters by 4 meters), so they couldn't be too big, but big enough.

You'd think that would be easy to find on Ebay, but most garden bears are black bears, not teddies. Finally, we found two that go together. Mommy got so excited that she placed three max bids on them. She kept changing her mind how high she would go to pay for them. It ends up that she didn't even have to pay as much as her first bid was. Great deal! We won!

Here are our new garden family members. Guess what they like to play? And, they're between Teddy and Spaulding's height, so they are perfect!
And, as if this wasn't exciting enough, guess what we got in the mail? That's right! We, The Teddy Bear Family of Philadelphia, PA, got something all for us, with our own names on it, in the mail!

And, and, and, it is allllll the way from Australia! The Melbourne Zoo! And, and, and from a new friend, Berrie Penguin from, a stuffed animal community we joined online.

And, and, and, it's a postcard to us with a picture of giraffes – a mommy and baby giraffe – because Berrie askeded all the Stuffies which animals they like the bestest and our wives said "giraffes." (We said "elephants," but everybuddy knows wives are always right, so we knew then that we were wrong, and Berrie musta known wives are right all the time, too.) Thank you, Berrie! We're mostest excited. We don't get mail often and it's "beary pretty." (Our wives' words, we think it's cool!)

 So three great surprises this week – and it's only Wednesday! Beary good week!


Marlowe said...

I love getting mail!

DILLY said...

Garden look be fun!
Dilly like get mail, too.
Dilly be exslent at hide an seek!
Bears never abol find!