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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Big, Real Life, Announcement!

Our family has been talking about this for quite some time. Not online, of course. Well, not "of course," cuz grown ups don't like to tell people this stuff until they figure it all out.

Anyways – big announcement! We're moving to Lindale, Cumbria, England in two weeks! It's in "The Lake District" of England, so close to good fresh water and saltwater fishing spots, since it's close to Morecambe Bay. If you don't know England well, it's in the northwest, below Scotland.

It is a little warmer than where we live now, although it does rain more often, and can snow occasionally. Of course, that makes it a better place for a garden, and they don't get hurricanes too often.

At first, we'll stay in The Lymeherst, but we'll be looking around for a "lovely little cottage." (Mommy's words.)

We have to learn how to talk metric, figure out money, and learn the difference between pants, knickers, and trousers. We're not even sure we can say "breeches" over there. Do we have to complain about the Prime Minister all the time, or are we s'pose to complain about the Queen. (We don't know either, so we can't even guess what to complain about!) And, Mommy already isn't the bestest driver in the world, so, look out England – she's gonna have to remember to drive on the wrong side of the road!

Isn't this exciting? Whad'da ya think?


Marlowe said...

Wow! What a move!! I hope your Mom and Dad take you on the plane with them! It would be scary to fly as baggage so far!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

We wish! Did you see the tag at the bottom of the post? Kinda why we can't move to England. We hear it's illegal to do April Fool pranks after noon. kehehehehe

Buttons the Bear said...

At first I thought oh Wow! how exciting! Then I looked at the date of your post and the tag and figured it had to be a joke. Kind of fun to dream though, eh?

The Teddy Bear Family said...

To make it feel real, we had to research and learn about the area. It was fun pretending. We wouldn't mind living there. Be fun to meet some of our online friends. It's a nice dream, but this is where we're needed.

That...and Mommy and Daddy get seasick fishing on big waters anyway. Kehehehehe

Beanie Mouse said...

American Pants are English Knickers, and English Trousers are american Pants. You may complain about the Queen and the Prime Minister in Equal Measure!! and I almost believed it until I read the other comments.

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

April Fool's! Relatives of Daddy played April Fools on me once, too... but I was not Amused!!! I'll tell you about it later. It was Traumatic... and they took pictures!!!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

Yeah, some grown-ups don't understand how important we are.