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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

At first, we were disappointed when we woke up this morning. No Easter Baskets! But Valentine felt something crunchy under her and pulled out a note from her distant relative, the East Bunny! It said we had to work for our loot. We had to go to the garden and search for eggs.
 We've heard young Peoples have to do this sometimes, but it was the first time we had to do it. We weren't sure if it was a good thing or bad thing. It's called "an Easter Egg Hunt."

Were we bad last year? It felt like it when Mommy and Daddy made us put on our bunny ears, until our honeys told us we looked cute. So off we went to the backyard.
We're ready.

Axlerod got excited. This is what an excited basset hound looks like. He's with his two buddies, Pez, the plush Pez Dispenser, and Christmas, the polar bear Pez dispenser. (We googled him and his name is Christmas.) Pez and Christmas were bummed when they found out the basket is for the eggs.

That's not fake grass from an Easter Basket. That's Valentine with her daughter Tine finding an egg in our chives. We've already had some fresh chives in homemade pizza. Yummer! Some of these eggs have candy in them, too. Yummer! Better yet, some have money, and some have both – money and candy!!! We weren't bad!

Phil and Lee found their first egg together.

Spaulding found an egg under the Rosemary. Lady found a purple flower on the Rosemary. Can you see it? It's above the egg and right above Spaulding's head.
Valentine thought the Tradescantia was blooming bluish purple flowers already. Teddy knew it was an egg.

Garlic? Not the smell Ding and Tee expected on Easter, but the garlic chives are growing well already.

Dee wanted to visit Fuzzy Wuzzy, our pet teddy bear topiary. Her Mommy and she were rewarded with an egg.

Finding an egg on the lavender requires lightweights. Axlerod inhaled the aroma while his buddies collected the egg.

"What's with pungent smelling eggs?" asked Tee.
"Our green onions made it through the winter," laughed his Mommy, Valentine.
"Be careful, Ding," Lady said. "There's rose cane all around to keep the squirrels from digging in this container."
"It worked, Mommy! The two pea seedlings are growing."
"Two? We sowed 17!"
"More room for the vines to grow," Ding laughed, as he grabbed the egg.

Teddy's a good Daddy. He gave no hints where the egg was. Tine figured it out, eventually.

Spaulding helped his daughter find the egg in the marjoram. He also felt like he was sitting on something.

Guess what he was sitting on.

The little girls took their Aunt Lee to the clematis. They found this egg and some buds. Clem will be blooming soon.

Lee's nephews took her to a dark part of the garden, but she liked the log.

Valentine showed Tee what wasn't growing with the Hens and Chicks.

"Hens make baby Chicks, not eggs," she explained. Tee looked at her to see if she was kidding. She wasn't, but he didn't understand that those plants were called Hens and Chicks.

Uncle Phil decided climbing was as fun as collecting eggs. Tee and Ding agree.

Pez and Christmas discover an egg in the Bee Balm. Axlerod loves Bee Balm. It smells like basil, but grows tall and has red mop head flowers later in the year.

Pez and Christmas bring the egg up so Axlerod can see it.

Tine and Dee take Uncle Phil to see the egg they found. They like to climb, too, but the only tall plants are the climbing roses. Too thorny!

Axlerod wanted a picture of him with his grandkids. Pez and Christmas joined in. Buddies forever.

Lady wanted a picture with her stuffed animal Daddy, too. Christmas and Pez found the egg in the watering can.

Valentine saw something orange in her old carrot container. She was sad that it was only an egg. Teddy comforted her, but didn't let Mommy take that picture.

But Mommy did catch this picture of Spaulding and Lady snuggling. No, he didn't like being interrupted. Can you tell?

Phil and Lee have only been married since Christmas. They didn't care if Mommy took their picture.

When Teddy comforted Valentine, he noticed a special egg. It was bigger, shinier, and lavender. Mommy explained that the Easter Bunny likes to hide one special egg with the best loot inside. He called his brothers over.
The Easter Bunny is a wise guy, hiding the egg in the Prickly Pear Cactus.

We're wiser! All the eggs had sugar-free candy (Mommy and Daddy can't eat sugar, so we can't. Does that seem fair?), change, or both. This one had four whole quarters, plus candy. Jackpot!

Here we are with all our eggs. We'd show you what was in the eggs, but we hide away from Mommy and Daddy, so they wouldn't take all our loot. We meant to save them some candy, but it was one coin in the bank, one candy in the mouth. We didn't know there were more coins than candy. We did manage to give them one piece of candy each though.

Hope you get to your candy before your parents find it, too.

And, after our Easter Egg Hunt we made a trip to the living room. We all watched church service on Webcast. (Mommy and Daddy can't sit in church too long either.) Even better than loot in Easter eggs – today we celebrate that Jesus rose again from the dead – and that's in People World, not Teddy Bear World!

Happy Easter – all year long!


Marlowe said...

That was quite the Easter egg hunt! You're lucky you have so much help!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

We needed more eggs. Well...we like the money and candy. Kehehehehehe

Sullivan McPig said...

What a fun hunt!

Teddy and Nibs said...

love the pix!!!