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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ruining a Good Time as told by Spaulding

I love my Mommy beary much and I would do just about anything for her, but some times, it isn't safe near her. Two times come to mind – paying bills and balancing the checkbook. She can get beary grumpy if things go wrong.

Now, don't get me wrong. We're beary brave and beary helpful. One time, Teddy and I helped balance the checkbook for her. Mommy laughed and took our picture.
Why? We used a scale and everything!

But, we're not crazy. If we help pay bills, we have to give away our money. Would you do that, if you didn't have to?

So, anyways, today Mommy balanced the checkbook her way and I stayed away, claiming a little alone time with my Lady! (hubba hubba)

When she was done, she wasn't grumpy, and suggested we make banana-nut muffins together. (I let her help me.)

It must have been easy to balance the checkbook, or she wouldn't wanna bake, too.

So, we were having a good ole time. I added the dry ingredients and let her add the wet ingredients. (If I get goop on me, she insists on giving me a b-a-t-h, and I'm allergic to that.) And what happened? An egg squirted a little when she opened it up and landed right in front of my paw.

Mommy checked my paw to make sure nothing landed on it, and then she said, "Oh, well. It really doesn't matter. I'll be giving you a bath soon, anyway."

What a mean thing to say! Ruined the whole mood. I told Daddy, because I thought she should be spanked for such disrespectful words, but Daddy just chuckled. What's wrong with grown-ups?

Even a nice warm muffin didn't make me feel better.


Sullivan McPig said...

The humans must be getting in a Spring cleaning mood. There's bathing of poor defenceless animals all around. Sofar I have escaped any bathing, but I'm fearing for my life.

Marlowe said...

Hammie the hamster got a sponge bath-- it didn't seem so bad. But I hope Mom doesn't get any big ideas!fo

Beanie Mouse said...

Worry. My owner put me in the washing machine!!!!! It was terrifying!!!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

Axlerod was around way back, when Mommy was little. (He's almost 45, but prefers saying he will celebrate his 6th anniversary of his 39th birthday.) He got the washing machine too, and still shivers thinking about it.

His bravery protects us. He'd have a lot more fur still, if he wasn't machine washed. If you want a close up of what his fur looks like now, look at our banner at the top of the page. The red background is Axlerod's fur.

Mommy wants us to live forever, so no washer for us. Now, if we can just convince her into no b-a-t-h either.