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Friday, May 14, 2010

Exploring as told by the Garden Gals

Mommy is slow. We're fast. We're beary, beary fast, so Mommy couldn't catch us planting our garden; however, we slowed down enough for her to take pictures of us exploring it. This is the first year for Lee in our garden. She was adopted for Phil on Christmas, so we've been introducing her to everything gardening. Now, Daddy took the great pictures, but some of these were taken by Mommy, too. It's been a few weeks since these pictures were taken, but, like we said, "Mommy is slow."
Daddy found us climbing the Clematis. Can you see all three of us?
Here's a closer look. Lady is in the leaves below Valentine.
Daddy checked the photos to see if Lady could be seen, and found out it was hard, so he took our pictures individually. Here's Lady.
And Valentine.
And Lee. (We told you Daddy took the great pictures!)
Our Tradescantia is blooming. Isn't it beautiful? Isn't it more beautiful with such lovely Garden Gals in the middle? Here's Lady relaxing.
Valentine was playing with the leaves.
Lee tickled her toes.
We found our chives blooming, so we took a sniff. The flowers are pretty, but smell oniony.
We had to smell something better, so chose these bellflowers, next. The aroma is light, but pretty. Much nicer than chive flowers. Valentine is sitting on another plant that will flower later in the year – foxglove.
We felt like someone was watching, so we climbed into the next container. Who's this? We have a new garden protector. She's a little bear, who likes to play hide n' seek, too. She's a bit shy, so hasn't told us her name yet. But, where is Valentine?
Being a bunny, Valentine's mind is always on carrots. This is our carrot container, but the seeds were sown the week before, so we didn't expect carrots yet. BUT, Valentine is attentive.
Can you see what she saw?
Sorry. Our camera doesn't do really close, close-ups, so the picture is blurry. Still, those little green blurs are the carrots coming in. Valentine is bouncy with excitement.
We fed the birds, too. Most of our birds are house wrens. There are other birds, who think they're hiding from us. They did hide from us, but Mommy took a picture of them. They're the pigeons on the fences. Three of them on our neighbor's fences, so they don't think they can be seen. They're a little too big to hide.

More pictures coming. Keep checking back.

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Marlowe said...

Mom still really loves your clematis flowers.