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Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden Guys

We haven't been on much lately, because we've been busy opening the garden for the season. Of course, that means we're behind with our pictures, too, so expect our stories to be a bit behind.

This one is from back in mid April, when we weeded for our gals. A few years ago, weeding wasn't that hard, since we garden on containers.

The weeds have finally found our containers. This use to be a pretty flower last year. Phil worked on that one, while Daddy planted onion sets in the background.

Spaulding and Teddy got the big weeds and dumped them into an empty pail. No weeds for our composter.

Then Phil pulled out the remaining weeds.

He was confused by these weeds. They smelled so good. Do weeds smell good?

Our dill sprouted all over, so we kept the ones in the basil grill.

And transplanted more into a black container.

It's growing all over the place. Here's some behind last year's scallions.

More photos of how the garden is growing to come.


Marlowe said...

It looks like you guys are very good helping bears. Mom will let me go outside, but she says I must only watch so I don't get my paws dirty. I think you look like you're having fun!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

That's why we wear clothes. We don't mind if clothes get a b-a-t-h. And she makes sure we never go in soil if it's muddy. We won't help watering for fear of Mommy getting ideas. kehehehehe