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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vegetable Progress

We've been telling you that our garden is mostly for fresh veggies. We worked all day to dig out our photos from the last month. Living in the city, we can start gardening earlier than anyone around the city, so we're doing all right already. (Excuse the messy photo layout. Blogspot is a pain to get to work right.)

Our bush beans didn't sprout very fast for some reason. We also had an extra container, so started a new batch of beans a couple of weeks later.

Here's our lettuce. On the right is our Butterhead Bibb lettuce. On the right is Rare Red Romaine. (Honest! It's rare. It said so on the seed package!)
Our bulb onions are in the back, and last year's green onions are in the front.

We sowed 16 peas. One pea plant sprouted. It's doing well though.

Here is our spinach.

Here is our tomato container on the right and Valentine's carrots on the left. We didn't buy the tomatoes until the beginning of of May, but we already sewed the carrot seeds in that first photo.
We'll show more ASAP. Stay tuned.


Marlowe said...

Our vegetable garden isn't even planted yet! You're so far ahead!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

We hope you remember that peas, lettuce, and broccoli get started before the official start of gardening season. Broccoli (brussel sprouts and cabbage, too, but we're not growing those this year)can live through a few frosts even. Peas go in two weeks before the last frost. (Cover if you get frost warnings.) If you wait, it might get too hot to grow those, before they're done.

BUT, all around Philly, growing season didn't start until last weekend.