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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garden Tea Party by Tine and Dee

The rest of our family got to have their own time in the garden, so Grandma let just the two of us - The Garden Girls - have fun all by ourselves.
Well, there are so many living in our garden, there really isn't any "all by ourselves," but we didn't get stuck with boys, or even have to be watched by our mommies, so we did what we wanted to do.

So, first we had a garden tea party with our good friend, Dandy. Dandy has brothers, too, but they didn't want to play, so they just watched. Here we are together. That's Tine, Baby Doll, Dandy with her pet Snail, and Doll Baby in front of Dee. (Doll Baby can't sit up by herself yet.) We had a lovely party with lots of hotdogs, teacakes, and coffee. (We're Abearicans, so drink coffee, not tea.)

Now, of course, Dandy loves our babies, so she volunteered to babysit after our coffee klatch. She also volunteered her brother's chair for a bassinet. Tehehehehehe

We wandered over to the other coffee cup on the table to see what is growing. This is a campula, which will be full of blue cup-shaped flowers later in the summer.

While sitting high on the coffee cup, we noticed how tall our rosemary has grown. Also, the English Lamb's Ear is blooming beautifully. We went for a climb. (It felt strange not to bring our babies.)

We heard a friendly voice we haven't heard for a while. Chief Gnome, our oldest gnome, called us over.

While visiting, another old friend stopped by, Fuzzy Wuzzy. Fuzzy Wuzzy is our topiary teddy bear. He laughed and told us he needs some help. We give him a trim every year, but he needs some more work. He looks like he's wearing a dress, and his head is becoming unstuffed. Topiaries need help like that occasionally. (When we came in, our brothers volunteered to help him this summer. They don't think it's funny that a boy looks like he's wearing a dress. What's wrong with dresses?)

While visiting Fuzzy Wuzzy, we thought we saw some buds on the Butterfly Bush, so we climbed over. We like climbing, too.

Chief Gnome reminded us to visit his brothers, so we found Jerzey Gnome. We adopted him (or he adopted us), when we were on vacation at the Jersey Shore. Now, like any good gardener from New Jersey, he protects our tomato plants.

But, he has help. Tine visited another guardian. He's so fierce; he has his own sign, "Watch Out for Bears." (The sign is hidden by snap pea leaves.) Of course, we watch out for bears! Half of our family is bears.

Near the tomatoes, we climbed down to visit our newest members – Mama and Baby Bear. Baby Bear was sad we didn't bring our babies, so we climbed back up to check on our kids, and brought them down to visit, too. (Grandma had a Pepsi break, so forgot to take a few pictures. She's like that some times.)

Sunny invited us into her favorite hiding place. It feels like a fort.
We heard another young bear call us up to the Basil. Here's another Mama Bear with her cub in a log. They protect our basil.

Since we had climbed so high, we climbed over to our shelves next to our basil. Our brothers visited Mrs. Turtle and her children a while ago, but she hid from them. They came out and spent some time with us. We're special.

On the way down, we stopped off to visit Chief Gnomes' other brother, Sleepy Gnome. He's a'posed to protect the beans. He was sleeping when we visited, but the beans look good, so he must be doing something right.

Once we visiteded everyone, we inspected the garden, but those pictures are gonna be posted another day. That's it for today!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Nightmare by Spaulding T. Bear

Nightmares are strange things. Most the time, when you tell someone about it, it sounds so funny; you're not sure why it scared you. Of course, as a teddy bear linked to Mommy's mind, it's often hard to tell who had the nightmare. Both of us know it's scary, until we talk it over. Two nights ago, our nightmare was so bad; neither of us thinks it is funny.

Mommy and Daddy were walking home with me in my special traveling bag. It was beary late and they were tired and lost. Now, everybody knows that Daddies don't like to stop for directions, so Daddy kept walking past a diner, and Mommy stopped in to ask the cashier how to get home. My traveling bag was heavy, because there was a laptop in it with me, so she set it down against her leg, as she often does. All of a sudden, she forgot where we lived, and I couldn't tell her, because stuffed animals can't be heard talking in public. Daddy came in to get her, so she went to pick up my bag. It was gone!

Sheer terror! Our biggest fear is being bearnapped and I was bearnapped!

Daddy and Mommy ran out into the parking lot, and saw this 12-year-old kid trying to look innocent. Do you know the look? The "who me?" look that gives it away immediately? Yeah! That look!

He started to run away, but Mommy caught him by the collar. His buddies were a few feet behind him and looked like deer caught in the headlights. The boy gave Mommy attitude because she insisted on getting her teddy bear and laptop back. He had one of his friends bring a bag out behind one of the parked cars. (That's why this dream was so scary. In most dreams, the scenery and people switch around, but this made sense from beginning to end.)

When his friend handed him the bag, he pulled out a different teddy bear and laptop, and thrust it at Mommy. (Scary thing – the bear looked just like my good friend Marlowe! I'm glad this was a dream, or he would have been bearnapped, too!)

"That's not my teddy bear or my laptop!" she yelled.

He said that he had already gotten rid of hers, so he was giving her those instead.

"I need my bear! I want my laptop!" she yelled.

(Hurray, Mommy, but you should have experienced the thoughts she was having. Something about "how can I live without Spaulding?" And, "what do I do if I can't type on his blog anymore?" Seriously? You'd think scarier thoughts would be flooding her mind besides this blog, wouldn't you? I'm bearnapped, never to return! How could either of us live after that? How did this blog get into her dream….errr, my dream? Okay. Maybe some of the dream didn't make sense.)

One of the boy's friends gave her my traveling bag with me safely in it – and the laptop was there, too. (Kinda weird, since we haven't used a laptop since I was young.)

She grabbed my bag and let the boy go. He ran away across the parking lot with his friends, and then threw a rotten apple, hitting Mommy in the side of the head.

Mommy and Daddy were so tired that they planned to let him go, until he did that. Daddy was so tired, he still wanted to let those kids get away, but Mommy was beary angry. She went back into the diner and reported the crime to a woman police officer. (The woman was actress Shohreh Aghdashloo.) The policewoman was upset that Mommy was reporting a solved crime, and Daddy was upset, because he was tired.

Mommy decided she had enough of this nightmare, so woke up. We grabbed each other and cried.

We've had other nightmares before, but Mommy has never cried over one. We’ve been afraid to go to sleep ever since. I may never go out on another adventure in our traveling bag again. Some nightmares stick with you for a long time.