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Friday, December 02, 2011

Pie Crust Art - as dictated by Spaulding

I baked pies for a few months. Mommy helped, since fruit juice stains bear fur. Anyone, who has ever baked a pie, knows slits have to be made in the crust or the steam has no way of escaping. The first few pies, I slit like normal, but that got boring and I'm a very artistic bear. I decided to make art on the pie crusts. Here are my temporary works of art.
First, I did a self-portrait on a blueberry pie, but this represents all the bears in the family.

Well, if you're making a self-portrait, it's just polite to draw family members next, so I drew a doggy on the next strawberry-rhubarb pie to represent my wife Lady, my daughter Dee, and Lady's dad Axlerod. (Okay, not so much Axlerod, because he's a basset hound, and I was drawing spaniels, but we must keep the in-laws happy too, so I included him.)

I know. Pie art is hard to see, so I've drawn the outline on it, so you can see it better.

Well, if you know anything about Teddy's wife, Valentine, you know she likes to be included. (I'm not saying she's pushy. I'm not stupid.) So, this peach pie has a bunny rabbit on it.
Again. Sometimes hard to see, so here's the outline.

Then our baseball team, The Phillies, were doing very well, so I drew a Phillies logo on the strawberry pie.

That upset the two cats in the family - Tee, Teddy and Valentine's son, and Lee, Phil's wife - so I drew a cat on the peach piecrust.

And, that's hard to see, so here is the outline again.

Which left one more family member, who needed her portrait done. I know we haven't introduced her, but we have a stick pony in the family now. Do you remember the horsey's with a stick, instead of a body? Kids used to climb on the stick and gallop around on their ponies. Santa gave us our own pony last year, but she became part of the family. Her name is Nelly, as in "Whoa, Nelly!" Here's her portrait. (To make up for forgetting her so long, I wrote her name on top of the strawberry pie, too. She liked it.) I think it came out clear enough. What do you think? If you can't see it very well, maybe I'll outline another time. She's looking left, if that helps.

About this time, Bob T. Bear alerted us it was Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day. I made a pirate to celebrate, but Mommy couldn't help me post, so it's a bit late. Yeah, this one really does need to be outlined.

Here's the outline, but I think his beard came out right, so I didn't fill in all those lines, too.

And, what goes better with pie than a cup of coffee? Mommy doesn't drink coffee, so she forgets how much we need coffee. This was a gentle hint about our need. Do you think it's the perfect artwork for our first apple pie of the year?

I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled with pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I mean I love pumpkin pie, but no piecrust on top to draw on. Oh well. We're done making pies until Christmas. Hope you liked my artwork. I hope the new medium catches on.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day

Bob T. Bear reminded us today is International Talk-Like a Pirate Day. Argh, my maties!

We know little about pirates past Johnny Depp's Captain Sparrow. But we tried it.

Lately, Mommy has assisted Spaulding in baking pies. Now, if you remember anything about pie-baking, you know you have to slit the top. Ever see the slits people make for pie tops? Boring! So, Spaulding took over and started inventing his own piecrust art.

What does that have to do with Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day? Well, that explains why we'll be late on bringing our own slant to the day. Spaulding made a pirate to top our pie and Mommy has been kind enough to take photos of all of his artwork. But (there's always a "but"), we need both Daddy and Mommy's help to upload them. Spaulding's computer (although Mommy thinks it's hers) won't accept the camera's memory card, so we must wait for Daddy to upload it onto Teddy and Phil's (although Daddy thinks it's his) computer, and then transfer it to Spaulding's computer. (Daddy has had insomnia for a while, so it's best to ask him, when he's not in a mood.) And then, Mommy has to work on the images in the photo software program, because…well, have you ever seen a photo of something tan on tan? It just doesn't show up well, so we have to enhance the photos so you can understand what you're seeing.

(Did we mention Spaulding has been doing piecrust art for a while now? We have several photos of his artwork, but, honest, today he made a pirate on the piecrust.)

So, since there's no way of doing this today, we'll tell a pirate joke, instead.

Phil dressed up as a pirate for Halloween (his birthday, too), last year. A lady answered the door and told him how cute he looked. (Do people not understand pirates are fierce, not cute?) Then she asked him, "Where are your buccaneers?"

"Under my bucking hat!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Teddy Bear Brothers' Most Excellent Adventure

Okay, as you know our typist (Mommy) has been too busy writing to help us type. Well, finally, she's listening to us and is combining her writing with our stories. Now the bad news is that she's doing this on that site that caused her so many problems last year. The good news is, so far, she's still on it.

With that, we're going to add the links, so you can read everything, including comments from folks reading them. (They don't know it's real, and Mommy is playing along. Grown-ups are weird that way.) If, some time in the future, she can't go back again, we'll just put it all up on here. Being Internet Savvy Teddy Bears, we know Google will think someone is stealing writing. They don't know any better. It really is us dictating one of our adventures to Mommy.

Now it's something called "an epic," which means it's a long story. That means it will be told in parts for a while, so come back and check to see if the next part is up yet. So far, we're averaging an update every 6 daysish. So, here are the links. Hope you enjoy it as much as we are.

(Good thing about Teddy Bear World. We can spend time in People World, and then slip right back into the Teddy Bear World whenever we want. We really are telling the story as it happens, so wish us luck. And, if you're a stuffed animal and want to join us, just let us know. We'd love to run into some of our buddies while we're having our most excellent adventure.)

Part 6    New March 20th
Part 7     New March 30th
Part 8     New March 31st 
Part 9    New April 3rd
Part 10   New April 9th (hold your stuffies close.)
Part 11 New April 14th
Part 12  New April 20th
Part 13 New April 22nd
Part 14  New May 2nd (Phil wants it understood, he's just pretending, despite what the story says.)
Part 15 New May 13th
Part 16 New May 15th
Part 17 New May 17th
Part 18 New June 6th
Part 19 New June 9th
Part 20 New June 16th
Part 21 New June 18th
We interupt this story for a special video of our garden.

Part 22 New June 23rd
Part 23  New June 30th
We missed it, but Mommy and Daddy had their own adventure in the garden on June 30th.
Part 24  New July 2nd
Our adventure isn't over, but, you know how we've been telling you that Mommy is too busy to type for us on our blog? You know how we keep saying she's going to write books about our adventures? (Well, we're telling, but she's typing.) We're finally doing it! Yippee! But, it takes place in a park near our home and Mommy doesn't know the area we like to hang in, so she came down to look at it with us a couple of days last spring. She wrote about her misguided (hey, she didn't listen to us) adventures in search of where we hang out and took us and the camera with her.
It's a two parter, and we're adding it here so the parts to our epic adventure don't get lost in blogging order. (We can't change the dates for this entry.)
Part 1 of In Search of a Novel Setting
Part 2 of In Search of a Novel Setting

(As we write this, we're in search of another prompt that helps us tell more of our epic adventure. Sometimes prompt givers don't give prompts that help. Don't give up though.)
Part 25 New July 16th
Part 26 New July 19th
Part 27 New July 22nd
Part 28 - The Finale New July 25th

It feels good to be home! (Now, how do we talk Mommy into writing for us some more?)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mommy's been Busy, But...

We found a great post, even if the author missed the point.

So? Who's been vacationing in Australia or The Ritz-Carlton? (-o:3