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Monday, September 19, 2011

Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day

Bob T. Bear reminded us today is International Talk-Like a Pirate Day. Argh, my maties!

We know little about pirates past Johnny Depp's Captain Sparrow. But we tried it.

Lately, Mommy has assisted Spaulding in baking pies. Now, if you remember anything about pie-baking, you know you have to slit the top. Ever see the slits people make for pie tops? Boring! So, Spaulding took over and started inventing his own piecrust art.

What does that have to do with Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day? Well, that explains why we'll be late on bringing our own slant to the day. Spaulding made a pirate to top our pie and Mommy has been kind enough to take photos of all of his artwork. But (there's always a "but"), we need both Daddy and Mommy's help to upload them. Spaulding's computer (although Mommy thinks it's hers) won't accept the camera's memory card, so we must wait for Daddy to upload it onto Teddy and Phil's (although Daddy thinks it's his) computer, and then transfer it to Spaulding's computer. (Daddy has had insomnia for a while, so it's best to ask him, when he's not in a mood.) And then, Mommy has to work on the images in the photo software program, because…well, have you ever seen a photo of something tan on tan? It just doesn't show up well, so we have to enhance the photos so you can understand what you're seeing.

(Did we mention Spaulding has been doing piecrust art for a while now? We have several photos of his artwork, but, honest, today he made a pirate on the piecrust.)

So, since there's no way of doing this today, we'll tell a pirate joke, instead.

Phil dressed up as a pirate for Halloween (his birthday, too), last year. A lady answered the door and told him how cute he looked. (Do people not understand pirates are fierce, not cute?) Then she asked him, "Where are your buccaneers?"

"Under my bucking hat!"


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh, me beads!

DILLY said...

Be cheeky!!


Claire MW said...

Dearest Teddy Bears,
Thank yous for visiting our blog! Mumsy sez I can type the answer to you (I am a goat) if I behave. Mumsy sez she laffin too hard over the buccaneers joke. I not get it, but I be just a goat. I liked your story you told us in your comment 'bout your reptiles collectshun. I sez to Mumsy maybe I make a reptiles collectshun too, but she make bad face and say "Not today, Lucky Nickel" so I not do right now. Mumsy sez you needs to know about bad sheep disease called 'scrapie' that makes sheeps die. Bad news. If you wants bring sheep or goats over border from USA to Canada, they haz to be from a Scrapie-free certified farm, which meenz you haz to be in scrapie program for 2 yeers minimum. Mumsy not in scrapie program becuz she just have little hobby farm, not big humungus farm. If not certified scrapie-free, you haz to spay all yours female sheep and goats. Spay sheep or goat costs neerly $400 each. I knows, coz I was spayed. Mumsy have 21 goats and 32 sheep. Be vewwwy 'spensive to have all females spayed. All males and females needs have ear tattoos, have test for brucellosis and tuberculosis (Mumsy helps me spell that) too. Be also 'spensive. Then, Mumsy need livestock trailer big 'nuff to carry 21 goats, 32 sheeps, 6 llamas, plus baby llama. And 2 mini donkeys and chickens. So, be not easy. Mumsy pick me (cuz I be favrit' goat) and 1 sheep. Mumsy be sad, sheep not survive spay operayshun. Be diff'cult for her. Moving in gen'ral be very 'spensive when going 2000 miles. She get U-Haul truck plus U-haul trayler, have big man drive that, plus Mumsy drive Jetta wif me in back seat. I be good goat, wear "Depends" and not make messes on seat. We put chickenz in trunk, take to friend in New Yoik, now dey live wiv her, give her lots eggs. OK, so dat be why Mumsy not bring all animals - becuz not be from Scrapie certified farm. Oh, uvver opshun be to leave all animals on anuvver farm in US wot be scrapie certified, then bring 2 yeers later. Mumsy not reeely like that opshun. Mumsy be vewwwy vewwy sad becuz she leaves all sheep on new farm, but since she left, 7 of sheeps be killed by coyote attacks. She feel vewwy bad. So, be long story, but now you know why not all animals come to Canada wif us, and now you know be diff'cult to take ruminants across border. Dog, cat and rabbit be OK, just need raybees and feline leukemia shots (for cat). Sheep, goats, llamas be vewy complicated. Mumsy sez even your Mum probably not be able to get around government requirements. Be very strict. Pooo. She be sad about all her sheeps and goats and llamas but she not have lots choices. Hope we 'splained everything for you, if not, you can ask kwestchuns on our blog! We hopes you come back! Likes visitors! xox
***Lucky Nickel***

Claire MW said...

OH wait! Mumsy forgot to make me say also that she like crazy peeple becuz they be like her, and you is welcome anytime to comment, and also she sez she is Mum to stuffed animals too and she sleeps wif a stuffed kangaroo named Lurvig. xox

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

HULLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for yor messidge, yes I think Pant ALien wud be gratye in yor story!! But remember that he cayme to us wiv a book abowt himself, so I don't noe if he has copyrite worrys?

I am looking forward to reeding the compleet story! Ar eny of the BEars spys???

The Teddy Bear Family said...

As long as Pant Alien isn't a Disney copyright, chances are good, his writer won't mind. We'll let the publisher figure out all that stuff.

Spies? They would come in handy. American People had to throw their stuffed animals in the trash, so it's how we manage to live without them. A spy or two would have helped greatly. People are sneaky.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey! Yu all ok?
I just manidged to post sum fotoes ov my garden! Come see, if yu hav a minit!!

Nose hugs!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Boo! Hehe! Did I make yu jump?
Hope yu all ar over yor colds thare, and that yu had a good Thanksgiving!