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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Valentine's Carrots as told by Teddy

After Spaulding, Phil and I worked so hard on the garden for our gals, the Chief Garden Gal - my wife Valentine - and I went out for a stroll/inspection.

Val need to inspected her carrots.
 "These aren't carrots. They're tomatoes. How did tomatoes get in my carrots?"
 "I need carrots."

I found her a pot to grow the carrots.

She wanted to supervise, so I called my brothers out for assistance. Phil has a strange idea of how to assist.

We discovered it was a better idea than when he tries to help.

He thought the potting soil bag was a sliding board.

Spaulding had to save him from helping.

Valentine showed us how to add perilite, since the last of the soil didn't have the right mixture to suit her preferences.

She had to mix in the fertilizer, too.

She ran out of carrot strips, so she added carrot seeds to the other half of the container.

Since her original carrots were now tomatoes, she wanted us to move the tomato container, so her carrot could have the best spot in the garden. My brothers were willing. (Tired, but willing.) I talked her out of that idea.

Instead of hauling two containers, we pushed the carrots next to the tomatoes. Better yet, Phil helped in his best way.

My brothers rested, while Valentine inspected. It needed one more thing.

Valentine watered. She's very brave. We let Mommy water, for fear if we get close to water, Mommy will want to give us a b-a-t-h. But, Valentine made sure it was watered properly the first time. We gave her plenty of room.

She and I admired it, while my brothers found a good place to hide rest.

When Valentine is happy, we're all happy.

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The Read-a-Writer said...

This is such a cute story. Great job!