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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Setting Up the Nativity Scene

Merry Christmas, everyone! We're Phil and Lee's kids, Luke and Leia. We joined the Teddy Bear Family last Easter, but, you know, Grandma has been sluffing on keeping up with our blog ever since she decided to write a novel about our family. To make up for that, (after she gave us lots of hotdogs and coffee), she's letting us tell about how we set up the nativity set.

This is the space we had to work with and that's us with our cousins. From left to right: Ding, Luke, Tee, Dee, Leia and Tine. (We're in the front row with Tee.)

First, we had to roll out the snow. The guys rolled it out, while the gals held it in place.

The guys brought in the stable. I, Luke, was in charge of the star.

Ding and Tee helped me place the star. My sister, Leia, thought she was the manager.

I was.


Was. Just like you were the manager while we gals brought in the crèche.

The what?

The crèche. That's what they call it when it's Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manager - a crèche.

Yeah, but all you did was look at Jesus.

He's a baby. Someone has to watch him, before Mary and Joseph get in place.

Yeah, okay, well anyway.

Yeah, anyway, next we brought in all the animals.

You didn't bring in the animals. You kept watching Jesus.

Well, yeah. He's like a baby doll. Tine and Dee have baby dolls, but I don't.

You're so little, they treat you like a baby doll, sometimes.

You too.

Nah anh.

Ah hanh. And I saw you riding the donkey.

Yup. I'm on the donkey. I rode the camel too, and the bull.

I rode the sheep, before I noticed we forgot something.

The Christmas tree. I remembered the Christmas tree first.

But only cuz I was helping Tine and Dee set up the lights.

I helped you with the lights on the tree, too.

Yup. You were good. They had us do it, cuz we were the right size for the decorations.

That and we could climb the tree.

Still can't believe gingerbread men we couldn't eat.

What's up with that?

I know, right? It was a good idea to hide the wires in the snow.

Thank you. And thanks for cutting the fake snow into the right sizes.

I think we did good, don’t you?

Yup. So this is Leia and Luke signing off after success with the nativity set. On to the Christmas tree next.

I hear our parents want to do that.

Yeah, but they'll need our help, won't they?



Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Great teamwork!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

Good teamwork, when we helped our parents on the tree, too. hohoho

Unknown said...

Love the stories and the photos! Hopefully this time I'll be able to post a comment.


Unknown said...

Great stories and the photo's are wonderful. I'm enjoying the reading a whole lot.