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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decorating the Christmas Tree as told by Dee, Tine and Leia

We kids were a'posed to decorate the tree all by our lonesome, but our daddies and uncles like to do it as much as we do, so we let them join in…a little.

And, we kids were a'posed to do this post together, but it's Thursday Night Football and our Philadelphia Eagles won last week (for a change), so the guys have hope of seeing another win this year. (Very depressing year. Before the season started and even into the first month, everyone was talking like our team was going to the Super Bowl, but after that we lost EIGHT games in a row. EIGHT! That hasn't happened since 1968. We feared they'd never win again, but they won last week, so maybe they can do it again. Eh. It's only football. Why are the guys yelling at us, Grandma?) So, just we girls are telling the story of how we decorated the Christmas tree.

Our dads brought it up and straightened it before we woke up, so that was a nice surprise. like snow on Christmas Day.

To celebrate, we had the decorator picture in front of the tree. Santa and Sandy Paws, their elves (Penguin, Polar Bear, and Reindeer), and Grandpa Axlerod and the family buddies--Pez and Christmas--directed operations from Grandpa Ax's sofa. They're to the right of the tree on the windowsill and radiator. (Big sofa, so it can't fit on just the windowsill.)

We were responsible for the garland.

Uncle Phil, Luke and Leia's daddy, felt nervous with his kids climbing the tree without him. (We're not even one year old yet, so Daddy's a bit protective.) Tine and Tee were doing well, until Uncle Phil got tangled in the garland.

If you look carefully toward the top of the tree, you'll notice Leia and Luke are ready to help him though. (We're up on the upper left side of the tree, near the flash bulb lighting the window. No decorations yet. That's us. I'm the white bunny. My brother is the brown bear.)

Now most people have decorations for their trees. We're stuffies, so our decorations are different sometimes. It's a little scary to meet live decorations, so our dads introduced us to our relatives--the Christmas Tree Ornament Family. They spend the rest of their lives in their Box World and come out to celebrate Christmas with us.

Can you put live ornaments on your tree? Neither could we, so we let our daddies coordinate that one. It's harder than you think. Big-Bottom Mouse is married to Big-Bottom Bear, so they have to be together. And Angela, the Angel Polar Bear, is married to Scarfie, the Polar Bear. (They're right above Uncle Phil--both white, so you can see them better.) Everyone is married to someone, even Mrs. Porcupine (married to Cat Bell.)

Side story by Tine, Teddy's daughter:

Can you see the bunny rabbit on the floor under the table? She trained Daddy not to butt heads. Before I was born, when Daddy was young, he was a tough guy. If he liked you, he'd butt your head with his head. The bunny's name is Bertha. Bertha is a cast-iron doorstopper. Daddy met her and butted her head. She's cast-iron. Now Daddy is particular about whose head he butts. Whenever Daddy gets into butting heads, Bertha calls up, "Come on down here, Big Boy."

Daddy gets real quiet then. (Bertha is married to Jake, the Snake, our door cozy. His job is to keep the draft out in winter, while Bertha keeps the wind from shutting our door in the spring and fall.)

Okay, back to the tree.

We do have more decorations on our tree, besides relatives. Grandma Lynn (our daddies' mommy, and the one who types for us) used to make stained glass. She made the carousel horse in the window. She also made some tree decorations. So this is Ding and Tee guiding Luke (who is over the decoration and right next to Grandpa John's eagle, which is above the sequined butterfly for the Garden Gals, and to the right of a teddy bear coming out of a box that Uncle Spaulding and Grandma made a couple of years ago) how to dangle it just right--in front of the lights so it glows through it.

Every one of our decorations means something. This is us putting up other important decorations. Tine, the polar bear, put up a decoration our daddies gave our mommies when we were little. It's a mommy teddy bear reading a book to her cubs to remember when we were little. Meanwhile Leia is on Tine's head checking out a stained glass decoration next to the stuffed cat. This one has a mirror in it.

(Leia says) I can see myself in it. Can you see me?

Grandpa Axlerod puts the angel on the top of the tree (and then he lies down again.) So, here is the family photo with our mommies and all, in front of the fully decorated tree.

Merry Christmas. We're ready for our presents now. Santa and Sandy had to get the entire staff to read our list. It took them a month, but we should get everything we want, including the jackhammer, bulldozer, and complete new wardrobe for us and our dolls.

(Note from Grandma/Mommy/Lynn: Don't worry. They don't really get everything they want, but they like what they get enough that they never notice.)


Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

That is quite the decorating endeavour! It looks like everyone helped out and no-one fell down or got injured - which is beary important!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

Wellllll, two of us did go down, but we prefer calling it "jumping." (Grandma needs pillows back there though.) lol